Proactive Truthing


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean, spending time endlessly researching chemtrails or fluoridation of the water supply – when we already know they’re purpose is to destroy us.


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean, concentrating all our efforts on the finite details of WW2. When we already have a wealth of accurate information on this subject.


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean attending every Truth seminar out there to gather even more information on the symptoms of this agenda and HOW they’re killing us.


  • Being proactive with the Truth is not about just browsing hours and hours of youtube videos.


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean all we do is sit around reading heaps of books on this NWO.


  • Being proactive with the Truth goes beyond us simply flicking threads across to others within the choir.

  • Being proactive with the Truth doesn’t mean we keep attending local community events about ‘conditions’ of this agenda, when all we do is just quietly sit there and then go home.


  • Being proactive with the Truth unfortunately doesn’t mean getting engrossed ourselves in a plethora of gadgets and natural formulas just to make the conditions of this onslaught more tolerant.


  • Being proactive in the Truth does not mean devoting all of our energy into stacking up silver coins and prepping.


  • Being proactive in the Truth does not mean spending all our precious time in some local action group, such as an animal rights group, environmental group or community support.


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean just having social meet ups in order to moan about the problems going on around us.


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean wasting your time and energy writing to local MPs and involved in political campaigns


  • Being proactive with the Truth does not mean devoting all our time into guns, weaponry and gun legislation.


  • Being proactive with the Truth doesn’t mean becoming obsessed with going off-grid and engaging in survival skills, with a run for the hills mindset – there is nowhere to run anyway.


  • Being proactive with the Truth, does not entail us using all our time up with organic gardening and self-sufficiency living.




Most of these activities are wonderful things to do – within moderation. But if that is all we are collectively doing, then we’re stuffed!


These activities are just ways of coping and putting up with the tyranny. Dealing better with the symptoms, but never addressing the root cause.


These can also become subconscious methods to deal with the fear of not really being able to face this distasteful Truth.


Believing one is part of the resistance by just doing the above activities is simply cognitive dissonance. It is equivalent of others around us who deny there even is an agenda. It’s just more mind games. “I’m doing my bit”, when in fact it’s not really doing anything substantial.


This is the problem. That people are fooling themselves into thinking they are fighting back. That somehow they are part of some big Truth resistance movement. When the reality is all they are doing at the most is nibbling at the edges. They are even assisting the agenda in most cases because they are time delaying.


Each day that goes by that we actively allow these tyrants to bring in their darkness, we are complicit. They then talk in terms of ‘an awakening’ and ‘how people are waking up now’. As if it’s just going to organically happen. Yet their not doing anything to address the causative problem.




We’re almost jumping up and down with madness, why so few of us can see the simplicity of this.


When the world is nuked and the soil, air, water, food is all contaminated and toxic – what good is their yoga, their letter to their MP, their raw food diet, their silver coins, their bushcraft skills, their heaps of information on WW2 and chemtrails going to do for them!?


That is why it is essential we concentrate on exposing and stopping the culprits who intend to bring about a WW3 nuclear disaster.


That is all we have to do. Pool all our energy, skills, experiences, and resources to exposing the JCN. Shining the Light on this darkness. Then we ALL can live in a better world.


Here are some suggestive ways to be Proactive Truthers: All of this material should include a spiritual solution, focusing on the Light.

  • distribute fliers/stickers, with websites and films. Leave them in cafes, churches, libraries, waiting areas, public places, wherever.
  • likewise, but burn and distribute CDs/DVDs with various films and books.
  • attend demos – any demos just to give out leaflets of information amongst a receptive environment
  • set up a blog/website
  • phone up radio shows pretending to talk on a particular subject and then deliberately dump a website here and there.
  • design creative posters with websites and films
  • create youtube videos


These are just a handful of ideas. However please use any creative methods to productively get the word out there.


All these ways are not only addressing the root cause. But they are going to bring new blood to the Truth. New recruits. All helping to build up our Truth Army.


We just don’t have time for time-wasting half-Truth all about the symptoms and re-directed energy on how-to-cope-better methodologies.


Even though I am an advocate of the list of ‘coping methods’ listed in the beginning of this essay. I do many of them myself. I’m just saying whatever Truth activity we engage in at this stage; we always need to ask ourselves:


“Where is most of my time and energy going towards – the root cause, or am I just trying to ease the symptoms?”


* ZEOS Zionist Elite Organised Supremacist (Jews)



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