Jabs for all


I heard that councils in Britain are now carrying out ‘pilot’ schemes to give alcoholics and drug users ‘special’ vaccines to ‘fix’ their problems. Classic problem-reaction-solution. I’m not kidding – this is the Orwelian insanity which we are now in. Of course those of us in the know, know well that this is this just their foot in the door to allow them to have their magic vaccines as a fix all, for all situations. Just so long as the sleepy apathetic goy do not notice.


I was thinking how far is this insanity going to go? Here’s some examples at their extreme:


I was late paying my electricity bill yet again. Don’t worry we have a vaccine for that.


My wife keeps losing her car keys. No problem, we have a jab for that too.


I keep getting off at the wrong bus stop. We have a special vaccine for that.


I keep snapping my hacksaw blades at work. Ohh dear, pop along to your local clinic and we’ll give you our latest ‘hacksaw blade snapping’ vaccine. 


I’m addicted to my mountain climbing hobby. Yes we have a shot for the likes of you.


I can’t seem to decide what part of the country to live in; you have anything for that? Absolutely, we have a special ‘county orientation’ vaccine for you.


My cousin keeps failing her driving test. Arrhh yes, we have a new ‘failing driving test’ vaccine.


I find I keep swearing lately doctor, anything you can do? Certainly madam, just roll your arm up, and let me give you the ‘non-cussing’ jab.


I find I’m losing interest in the television and increasing being drawn to the internet to find out what’s going on in the world and real history. Mmhhh, this is not healthy behaviour, we will need to give you a course of these vaccines to sort your affliction out.


Ohh, If it wasn’t so serious.


I’ve had to try and use irony to highlight this very serious subject as they’re blatantly killing us. Not only that it’s mass murder, but they’re openly advertising it; plus people are still oblivious. And even if they’re told about it; they still ‘chose’ to ignore it and don’t even care – just so long as they can keep consuming for more selfish sense gratification. Truly unbelievable, truly insane!







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