It’s OK



Yes, you do have us almost pinned down with your jewellian  


surveillance grid


it’s OK


because we too have our surveillance 


we now have our data, our spies, our networks 


and it’s exponentially growing



You try to use your dark magic against us


every single day


your silly numerology, your occult symbolism


your satanic demonology


it’s OK


we too have our magic


we have the universal spiritual powers


we have the power of the Truth


we have the power of the Light




So we’re on your list


it’s OK


don’t worry, you’re on our list


we pretty much know who’s pulling the strings now 


and who are assisting this JWO




And you have your cameras watching us like hawks


it’s OK


we too have our cameras on you


lots and lots of them




You’re imposing your legislation under the guise of law


it’s OK


because you know what; we also have our laws


natural law, karmic law, ancient law


The Divine Law




So we say


just you bring it on


we waiting, we’re ready


many of us are itching for it to kick off


we’re up for it




it’s perfectly OK


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