It wasn’t the Jews

Morris dancers, picture from


I’ve just found out – it wasn’t the Jews who did 9/11




Ohh yes, it wasn’t 5 dancing israelis; it was 5 Morris dancers. All donned in their costumes. Those scalawags. I knew they couldn’t be trusted.

Intelligence now tells us that ankle bells, sticks and white handkerchiefs were found in the dust and rubble of the twin towers. You see, all the signs are there.

You only have to speak to people in the movie industry who’ll tell you that they run Hollywood.

Just look at all the symbolism out there – it’s loaded with their logos. The bells, dancing hops and handkerchief themes keep cropping up again and again.

Just check out their hidden messages in their songs -all subliminal occult messages.

Don’t be fooled by their smiles, their happy outlook, their singing and dancing. Ohh no, it’s all a cover for their international criminality.


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