Tripping up

Handle with care...


Well, well, well – wot a palaver.

Just look at us. I bet someone out there in ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ is having a barrel of laughs over us lot. Just look ’em.

How are we going to resolve this? And more importantly how are we going to stop this happening again? What can we learn from this experience?

Perhaps a good start maybe to try and have an objective look at all the positive attributes of some of the main players in the Jew-wise movement. This list is not extensive enough, but for the sake of example, I’ve only listed a handful of some of the people I have gained enlightenment from over the years.



Daryl Bradford Smith

The French Connection. One of the foundational key figures in the TM. One of the first, to shine the light on zionism. Focuses mainly on the financial aspects of this agenda. An amazing emporium of books and audio interviews. Amazing levels of tenacity after all the beatings he’s endured. A true fighter for Truth. Quite a character.


Deanna Spingola

Wot would we do without Deanna? A good all round egg. Excellent researcher and broadcaster. She knows her stuff on WW2. Always a refined delivery and an insistence on accurate research. A huge benefactor to the Truth.


John Friend

Another all round good egg. John has achieved a lot in the last couple of years. Now doing his own broadcasts, interviewing some key players. Covers a comprehensive range of topics, but his forte being 9/11.


John Kaminski

Another brilliant writer. With an archive of skillfully presented essays. Covering a full range of topics and approaches. From the detailed specifics of this agenda, to the a poetic reflective approach; John’s covered it. Another great asset to the Truth.


Jonathon Azaziah

A serious researcher and presenter for the Truth. Jam packed intense geopolitical master class in Truth. No light stuff. Hardcore delivery leaving us with a lot to digest. A true asset to the Truth.


Lasha Darkmoon

Well finally we have someone this side of the pond. An English lass fighting the good fight. Lasha has the great ability to enhance others people’s writings, fusing art, graphics and much creative adaptions, into a beautiful presentation of Truth.


Mark Glenn

Look at what Mark has achieved with his broadcasting network. That’s come about through hard graft, tenacity, taking lots of knocks over the years and getting back up again. Running on a shoestring budget. An excellent interviewer and presenter. Being invited to meet the president of Iran. Giving many low key players such as myself a helping hand, opportunities and guidance over the years.


Wise old ManZan Overall

What an amazing character. 85 years old. What an example to us all. A real street Truther if ever I saw one. He gets right out there in people’s faces with his blatant messages on his placards. Our hero.



A great contributer to the Truth. Never claims to be anything more than a small background blogger. Yet she has helped influence and guide many of us on our journey. A beautiful skillful writer and cares passionately about the Truth.


Zion Crime Factory (this site is being redirected elsewhere for some reason??)

An excellent articulate young guy; both in his writings and when being interviewed. He holds no punches in his approach to the JCN. He has done some amazing videos and articles. He’s had his site taken down a couple of times. He is currently writing a book.


Even though I don’t necessarily resonate with all of these people’s approaches (as they may not with my approach), but I recognise their qualities and the efforts they have put in over the years.

All of these people are passionate about making this a better world. They all have tripped up in the past and made mistakes and none of them claim to know it all. All of them have taken and are taking lots of personal risks. Lots of inconvenience and disruption in their lives. I’m sure all of them would like to turn their backs on all of this – but just can’t because of their moral fiber.




The message we keep saying is we need to unify – like the Jews unify, despite their differences. I’ve said it plenty of times myself. But can we? After all we are not Jews. We are more like cats. Who’s ever herded cats together(?) We fight like cats, hang around all night to the early hours of the morning, make a lot of noise, can be attention seekers and of course are fiercely independent.

Not only that, we are damn awkward. We just won’t follow rules. And always always have to be different. Who can pin us down to set procedures, when we’ve always been like this. We never really paid attention at school, even though some of us passed exams. Because most of knew the system stunk. That what they were telling us was all bollocks. That America was not really the land of the free and the streets of London were not paved in gold and that hard graft didn’t make you rich nor happy. All bollocks. The lot. We knew in our little hearts the game was rigged, even if we couldn’t interpret it – until now.

We’re just not compliant little rule followers. That’s the reality. We are an awkward bunch of rebellious independent trouble makers – and that’s that.

I think our best approach is to just keep doing our bit, whatever angle, whatever approach works best for us. All sorts of different flavors, some sweet, some savory. Throwing all our different personalities into the mix. Just keep independently ploughing on. However if we can agree on these elementary principles, this may help us:

  • Aim to keep positive and optimistic, no matter how dark things appear. Never lose realistic hope.


  • Try and be inclusive of opposing, even diametric views. Just focus on the person’s intent. See more of the good qualities and contributions in our fellow Truthers.


  • Keep the hatred and darkness out of the equation. Both towards our adversaries and amongst ourselves. It is counterproductive. It will only eat away at us.


  • Allow people to trip up. Make clangers every now and then in their information. Accept it is normal and natural to make mistakes and all part of the learning process.


  • If we have a fall out, try and not let it fester and accumulate. It’s just not worth it. Even if we have to pull away for a period, just leave it at that. But no hard feelings. Always leave things open so that we may make up again some way down the line. Try to avoid immediately reacting, but instead responding at a later date when things have cooled down.


  • Let’s keep the focus on the bigger picture. We have a job to do. So lets do it in style. With pride in ourselves. With self worth. Let’s be ambassadors for the Truth.



Digger the Dog




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  1. Very good! I would humbly add Gilad Atzmon and Allison Weir to this Wall of the Pride.
    You mentioned the feline attributes of this movement. I submit the Mountain Lion as a prime symbol. One of Native America’s finest Chief Quannah Parker Quahaddi Band Comanche had this animal as his totem (Spirit Guide). And Quannah was among one of the greatest Chiefs of his time. He went on to become a well known and respected leader even in the post Reservation Era circa 1880- 1935 in present day Anadarko Oklahoma where he was a prominent figure. Search: ‘The Battle of the Adobe Walls’ circa 1874 against the Buffalo Hunters in present day Oklahoma on the Canadian River.

    • Good point SH. Thank you. The list is endless of the positive contributors to Truth. However I only chose a handful as prime examples, and those who have personally influenced me.

      In kindness


      • Surely! No worries my friend. Watch for others to post similar comments as they come up with even more names of honorable mention in this global fight for our very freedom and dare I say survival. Our enemy wants ‘Full spectrum dominance’ and will stop at nothing to get it. It does not mean we will allow them to have it though!!!

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  February 5, 2013

    I’m a little partial towards Dr. David Duke, myself. He’s a General in this war.


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