Tea up

Cup of tea


Every now and then it’s good to have a tea break. I’ve been doing some pretty intensive blogging the last few months. It’s time for me to have a deserved break. I don’t know how long for. Maybe only a few weeks, maybe longer. I’ll see how feel.


The main reasons are: (not in order of importance)

  • I have a few personal and family matters to attend.


  • I have to concentrate on earning a crust. It’s tough trying to just survive in these times.


  • I want to spend more time doing some street Truthing. This is my forte, it’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years on and off. I enjoy the eye-to-eye human interaction; even though it can get a bit confrontational at times.


  • I have to watch anything in my life that becomes an addiction. Blogging can become like that. I know this is for good, but it still gets hold of you. I don’t want anything, or any emotion controlling me.


  • I am spending an awful lot of time around WiFi and it has an effect on one’s health. I want a breather from this unnatural destructive energy. I need to spend more time in nature, around the negative ions of trees.


  • I would also like to spend some more time on spiritual reading. This I feel is my foundation. Everything is hinged off of these core spiritual principles and I would like to devote more time to absorbing this material. I want to immerse myself deeper in a plethora of various spiritual teachings.


  • I don’t want my Truthing work to go stale. Due to the nature of my blog, not being topical, not covering current affairs; there is only so much I can express from a reflective point of view, without keep repeating my thoughts. It’s not as if my blog is going down, there are hundreds of my essays still up there.  All of them still relevant due to them not being time-related.


  • In addition, I just need a break from this darkness, to regenerate and come back in so many weeks, refreshed having had some reflective time. It will be healthy for me to see where I am going with all this and reflect on the TM in general. I think we all could take a tea break from time to time. It is a sensible thing to do. This is not turning our back on the Truth. But just having a breather.


I won’t be checking my e-mails or comments for some while. So it’s probably not worth sending any.


Hope to connect up at some point down the line.


Thank you for all your support. Thank you to all those who are doing their bit for the Truth.


Be well


Love Digger


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  1. Joe

     /  February 4, 2013

    The best of luck in all of your off-line endeavors, Digger.
    I will use this an opportunity to explore all your past articles/videos.
    I just found your site about a month ago. I haven’t explored it all yet.
    Thanks for your time and work.

  2. KPRyan

     /  February 4, 2013

    Having just found you I’ll miss your great words of wisdom.

    Forunately (for me at least) there’s plenty of unread historical posts of yours that I’ll get to now.

    I really do wish you the best during your time apart from your blog.

    Stay aware of your surroundings, esp. if you are working the Streets. Stay safe and well.

    You are on the side of Righteousness and a shining light for Truth.

    Enjoy your tea-break!

    Cheers –

    • Thank you KP,

      Yea we all need a decent break from time to time. Have been scribbling away whilst not on line and have many posts to upload.


  3. Matthew/Boston

     /  February 5, 2013

    Taking a break is perfectly reasonable. I have lately felt a little overwhelmed myself lately
    reading news six and seven days a week, with Iran, talk of a collapsing dollar, chemtrails, the growing police state, Jewish subversion of Washington, DC and Europe, etc. (not to rub it in).

    Time out in the country is always healthy and worth the effort. A day out in the country helps
    to clear ones head. This can’t be overstated. You’ll know when your battery in recharged and when to get back in the fight. I’m amazed with anyone that can create and build and add to a web site on a daily basis. Your efforts are certainly appreciated here.

    Thank you Digger, and good luck.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Belated response for having been away. Feel somewhat refreshed and raring to go again. Haven’t been idle – have may more posts ready to upload.

      Thank you yet again for your words of support



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