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  1. I thought I was an ‘expert’ in human parasites – the descriptions and the pictures show the vile depths of jewish hegemony tearing into every part of our bodies including our bowels. Great video by Beulahman.

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  February 3, 2013

    Excellent video, B’Man!

    Can anyone dispute Israel’s relationship with America as the definition of a parasite? Has anyone ever heard out of the mouth of anyone what the U.S. gains by its relationship with Israel? I’m sure if there was anything you’d hear about it endlessly.

    I propose that every dictionary from here on out show a picture and descpition of Israel for one of its definitions under the word “parasite.”

    Thank you B’Man and Digger.

  3. Joe

     /  February 3, 2013

    World jewry desperately needs to take over the Middle East before the USA dies from tic infestation. The US doesn’t have too much time left as a viable country. It’s going down.
    After doing everything they could to destroy the States, the jew tics [redundancy] need the Middle East as a place to escape to after the USA drops from exhaustion.
    Israel itself is too small for the jewish population of the US. The jews in the USA comprise alot more than 2% of the population. Another lie. I would say they make up 20 % of the US population, at least, if not more.
    They came to the US in droves starting around 1848, [ they swarmed over the South like locusts after the war- between- the- states] , then a giant surge of millions upon millions at the turn of the 19-20 th century, and more millions came over in the 1930’s, the 1940’s, then again after the fall of the Soviet Union and the “defeat” of communism. Some defeat.
    Alot of the “holocaust victims” landed in America even before* the start of the Second World War, during the war*, and continued to arrive after the war.
    After the war, many were coming here and not to Israel, so FDR’s jew handlers had him restrict some jewish immigration & send the jews to Israel ; But only just some jewish immigration, and for an extremely short duration. 3 or 4 boats of jewish immigrants were turned away. We hear that in the history books. We’re not told the complete story, as usual.
    I think that’s why Netanhayu and AIPAC want war with Iran Right Now. Iran stands in the way from a total jew take -over of the Middle East. The jews are desperate to take over the Middle East [ and also Africa] as it is very clear the US is not going to be a viable country too much longer.
    There was alot of talk amongst the jews in New York City in the 1990’s about the importance of learning to speak Chinese, and the importance of learning as much as possible about China, to make investments in China, etc.. I thought China was going to be their next “host”.
    I guess the Chinese told them to go f*ck themselves [ can’t truly say I blame the Chinese].
    I say “I guess” ’cause I haven’t come across any newspaper articles,books, or even jewish internet sites talking about China, or the importance of learning to speak Chinese since the late 90’s. If China was IT — the next host — we’d be hearing about China 24/7 in the american matrix.
    * American lend-lease ships during the 1930’s came back to the States ,after dropping the war material/supplies to England, each ship full of jewish immigrants. The lend-lease ships carried more than just supplies to England, they carried jews from Europe to the States.
    * Likewise, American ships used to transport American GI’s to England, each ship came back full of Jewish immigrants.
    Many people don’t know the above. Most people think the “poor” jews were denied entry into the US ’cause FDR turned away a few jewish immigrant ships, and they don’t know FDR’s advisors were All jews, and die-hard jew communists, too boot. What a joke.
    The poorer jews in the US will get stuck here like the rest of us “goyim”.
    The wealthier jews are already starting to leave the US. Real estate brokers who cater to the wealthy are increasingly listing more and more foreign properties, and less and less US properties.
    During the racial violence of the 60’s, the jews in New York City talked alot about the importance of buying land in Israel in case of an outright race war –in case things here got “too bad”. They never got around to mentioning, however, the black panthers were[are] on the jew communist party payroll.
    Excellent video.


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