“How dare you!”


Good on you Babs. That’s the spirit. Standing up for the victims, whilst standing up to these bullies. Just listen to that programming spewing out of that highly paid organic robot in a black occult costume. My word. 

Law. Law. He ain’t using law. These non-thinking repeaters working for the ZEOS (Jews) are not within the law – Babs is. This lost soul is hiding behind unlawful criminal judaic legislation, statutes and acts.

Just take a look at his body language. In his heart, he knows he is absolutely ridiculously wrong and corrupt. 

Ohh dear, you just couldn’t make it up. We are living in a upside down, inside out world. What would Orwell think (?)

These people are complicit in murder.

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  1. Amazing woman – but I wonder just how different the outcome would be if they weren’t able to video these events. At the moment they dare not come out with their true colours. Carry on being a ‘thorn in their side’ Babs!

  2. so what does one call a gaggle of Mass Murderers that print currency and start wars and operate a “Jewish” so-called State calling itself Israel where no actual Israelites live…?


    or 3 moves to checkmate…calling Bobby Fisher

    pass it around…BMAN gave us a heads up….

    go to the Library and see the form that requires fiction to be removed from the Reference section…where fiction doesn’t belong

    Lot’s of Fun shining light on Darkness…of mind and soul

  3. Joe

     /  February 1, 2013

    ” When a man [ or Babs ] is tired of London bobbies, the man [ or Babs ] is tired of life “.
    Something like that.

    • Good call Joe :-). Perhaps I’m tired of life, coz I’ve had my fill of the Big Smokey these days.


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