cultivation of the soul

Hollyhocks in a cottage garden.


“As I went on from the gardens of Lady Eve towards Norwich I mused on the connection between the soil and the soul. As flowers, fruit and grain grow out of the soil, intellect, arts, emotions, philosophy, thought, religion and so many other qualities grow out of the soul. We are ever so busy in developing all the qualities and faculties without paying attention to the cultivation of the soul. We use chemicals to increase the output of crops, and we pour much sterile information and ideas into our heads.

An organic gardener like Lady Eve uses all waste such as weeds, autumn leaves and kitchen refuse in a compost, and recycles and transforms waste into food for the soil. A seeker of spiritual wisdom can transform waste material such as anger, greed, lust, fear and pride into energy for the soul.”

~ Satish Kumar from his autobiographical book “No Destination” his pilgrimage across the spiritually ancient sites of England

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  1. aj

     /  February 1, 2013

    Thanks for the book, Digger! Love that last bit. Great job with TUT the other night!

    • Thank you aj. Glad you liked the book. Thanks too about the audio, but you how I cringe at that. But it’s just another layer.


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