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  1. Joe

     /  February 2, 2013

    Rachel Corrie had more Courage — and Light — in her heart then all the “christian” soldiers in Uncle Sam’s military + all of Israel’s jewish soldiers, put together.
    I couldn’t bear to watch the whole movie/video — just the first 10 minutes –’cause I was afraid of what was to come.
    I travelled throughout Palestine/Israel and saw the maimed Palestinian children — so many of them — without legs, without arms, burn scars covering their bodies, blind, deaf etc. — all from the war being waged against them by Israel & the US. The Israelis shoot down the children first and foremost. The children are the main target.
    Still, I have the feeling the Palestinians are going to be around long after Israel and the US get flushed down the toilet bowl of history.
    May Rachel Corrie Rest -In -Peace.
    May the Holy Creator guide the Palestinian people through the hell they’ve been thrown into. The Palestinians Never did anything to harm the West. Nothing. Ever.


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