our failures only hide our real nature

Just as a fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is obscured by dust, just as the embryo rests deep within the womb, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire.”
Bhagavad Gita


This verse is taken from the Bhagavad Gita, a short Sanskrit work of seven hundred verses that has fascinated and inspired mystics, physicists, psychologists, and philosophers of many countries for three thousand years. Set on a battlefield on the morning before a fierce battle, the Gita uses warfare as a metaphor for our personal struggle with the challenges of life.

The Gita’s message is simple but profound: our native state is freedom. What we want most from life is to be free of all the mental compulsions that keep us from living in peace with ourselves, with others, and with the environment. This desire for freedom is at the core of our personality, says the Gita, and our failings only hide our real nature like dust obscuring the face of a mirror.

~ Eknath Easwaran


Us vs the moneylenders


Dirty Demonic Secrets

Sent with thanks from John Kaminski


Digger as Guest on The Ugly Truth – Jan 28th 2013


I absolutely hate listening to myself. Sorry for muffled sound, will have to sort out this Skype connection.

I know this is not a dynamic broadcast, but just another layer. A different twist, an alternative to the endless research-based information we are being saturated with. A moment to sit back and ponder objectively at all this.

Thank you again Mark for the opportunity to voice my thoughts – but also for the very accommodating approach towards someone who is not confident in audio presentations.

But please try to view it as someone ‘having a go’. Putting myself out and taking risks. I care so much about the Truth – my heart and soul wants this sick planet to heal.


Anybody who is in a position to help Mark with the costs of calls such as these. Please send on at least a small contribution. Many thanks.


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Withnail and I


I know all about predictive programming. But I’m sorry, I think this has to be my favorite film. 

Please make yourself comfortable, and settle in for a beautiful stimulating and somewhat quirky journey into the English countryside – enjoy.

Paul MC`Gann and Richard E Grant In ‘Withnail And I’ 1985

Screenwriter Bruce Robinson made his directorial debut with this British comedy. Withnail (Richard E. Grant) is an unsuccessful, pill-popping actor; “I,” or Marwood (Paul McGann), is Withnail’s roommate and another equally underemployed actor. The time is 1969: Withnail is fast becoming a burned-out relic of the ’60s, while Marwood is trying to reassimilate into society. The two take a trip to the country in hopes of rejuvenating themselves, but things go from worse to even worse. Given the intimacy and insight of the screenplay and dialogue, one shouldn’t be surprised that Bruce Robinson (who adapted the film from his own novel) based Withnail & I on his own experiences. The film proves that certain “Age of Aquarius” types were just as bollixed-up in Britain as they were in America. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


“Compassion is the key to open the doors of enlightenment. When you are filled with feelings of compassion, there is no room for ego, for anger, greed or desire. These four are the cause and the source of suffering.”

~ Buddhist Monk at an English monastery

Holy Churches


“We didn’t follow the prevailing orthodoxes” Wot you mean, you told the Jews to go stick it – is that what you mean Olafur? Nuf respect!

nothing sounds more absurd

Why are so many of us missing out on a decent night's sleep?

“Dreams are real as long as they last. Can we say more of life?”
Henry Havelock Ellis


When we wake up from a dream into waking consciousness, we do not pass from unreality to reality; we pass from a lower level of reality to a higher level. And, the mystics of all religions say, there is a higher level still, compared with which this waking life of ours is as insubstantial as a dream.

Yet until we do wake up, nothing sounds more absurd than the assertion that we are dreaming, and nothing seems more solid than this world of the senses. Why should this be so? If original goodness is our real nature, why are we unable to see it? The answer is simple: because we see life not as it is but as we are. We see “through a glass darkly,” through the distorting lenses of the mind – all the layers of feeling, habit, instinct, and memory that cover the pure core of goodness deep within.

~ Eknath Eswaran

Question Time

What a brave soul this street interviewer is. In-yer-face true journalism.

Look how these the security guards and police protect these criminals. Lapdogs for their masters. Also how these criminals all stick up for each other.

Truly disgusting. Yes, this demonic pollution is truly global.

As time goes on, there will be more and more of this politician street confrontation.