Where are all the people?

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Yet again I have to say. Such a shame even though she is vocal about this, she probably hasn’t got a clue that ‘they’ and ‘the government’ and ‘the royal family’ are all judaic driven.

Soon it will be like Charles Dicken’s times. Lots of people huddled together in cramped up housing units.


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  1. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Oh dear. It’s a crime whats going on over there!

  2. True. I wrote an article about this on the Health-Friends.org blog. I guess this stupid tax is going to encourage people to commit crimes and thieve off one another to survive, when the only thing we need to do TOGETHER is to bloody question this daft tax. What will the tax be for next, picking our noses and flicking it on the street? This is all done purposely to keep people living in a state of fear. And it’s not cheap to move either. The way I see it, people are scared of fighting back. They are scared of the court action, scared of losing their good credit rating, scared of losing their worldly possessions, but these things do not make us. It is our heart that is the true sword, and love is thousands of times more powerful than fear. I’d like to share one of my blogs on the illegalities of Council Tax Enforcement http://beforeitsnews.com/metaphysics/2013/02/the-illegal-and-fraudulent-practice-of-council-tax-enforcement-2441730.html

    • Yes you are so right. It all comes down to one word FEAR! That is because we are in body conscious mindset. If we can surge ourselves from this, we will overcome this engrained fear.

      Thank you for the link


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