Digger as Guest on The Ugly Truth – Jan 28th 2013


I absolutely hate listening to myself. Sorry for muffled sound, will have to sort out this Skype connection.

I know this is not a dynamic broadcast, but just another layer. A different twist, an alternative to the endless research-based information we are being saturated with. A moment to sit back and ponder objectively at all this.

Thank you again Mark for the opportunity to voice my thoughts – but also for the very accommodating approach towards someone who is not confident in audio presentations.

But please try to view it as someone ‘having a go’. Putting myself out and taking risks. I care so much about the Truth – my heart and soul wants this sick planet to heal.


Anybody who is in a position to help Mark with the costs of calls such as these. Please send on at least a small contribution. Many thanks.


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  1. Digger, I listened to your discussion with Mark Glenn on his site and feel that you did very well, certainly better than I think I would do in a similar situation. I hate listening to myself as well, but I think that we apparently don’t sound to others as we sound to ourselves, otherwise I think we frequently would hear exhortations like, “Please, try not to speak.”

    “Words are the vehicle of thought,” a maxim that seems self-evident but which I think few give enough thought to. Digger, it’s apparent in your careful choice of wording and delivery that you appreciate the value of articulate expression.

    I agree with Mark Glenn, that it would be a special treat for listeners of TUT’s podcasts to have you as a regular contributor. Thank you for the part you play in what is increasingly being referred to as, “the Truth Movement.”

    • I can’t tell you how much that means Michael. And for you go to the bother to send this. Very much appreciated. It is a hard, draining slog doing this. I would rather step away from it – I just can’t do that.

      It makes it all worth while when I get some level of appreciative feedback such as this.

      Thank you again for your camaraderie.

      • Digger, I think you’ll agree with me that it’s a vital part of our makeup to hear that what we do and who we are is appreciated, just as it is satisfying to the one who makes the deserved compliment or gives needed encouragement. Hang tight, my friend, for your work is very much needed and is bearing much fruit.

      • Thank you my friend – much appreciated!

  2. ToomuchnoiZ

     /  January 29, 2013

    I second that Michael, fair play DIgger for all you do. Your contribution is vital. There are many that are appreciative, even if they don’t say it 😉

  3. ToomuchnoiZ

     /  January 29, 2013



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