How to take a beating

Ichthammol Ointment, Photo Illustration


This article below by Waking Times is a classic half-Truth article. This is a trap I fell for for years. What this article is basically saying is HOW TO TAKE A GOOD BEATING FROM OUR OPPRESSORS. Don’t address the root cause of WHO is instigating all this spraying and why we are being sprayed.

No – just how to somehow side step the issues and deal with whatever the bully throws at us. This is equivalent of advising to put on creams and lotions for bullet wounds as a solution, instead of trying to prevent the bullets coming at us in the first place.

“But it’s natural health” So wot! It’s not addressing the cause of the problem.

This article talks about prevention as a cure. Yes, wonderful. But surely the prevention has to be for all of us to do what we can to prevent these maniacs spraying us in the first place.


The elite supremacist dominic-driven Jews are spraying us because it is part of their eugenics JWO agenda to destroy the world and everything in it.


How about we address this, rather than just put some ointment on.



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  1. This is at the end of the article….

    “Those who approve such chemtrail spraying, must immediately be unseated from public office or their other positions of authority, and frankly be locked up. Expose their misdeeds with the power of the pen, and urge people to get involved in unseating this person abusing their position of power. Murdering one’s own people is treason.”

    Drina Brooke who wrote this article honestly hasn’t even got a seed of an inkling of who is doing this and why. Not her fault – she knows a lot about health but hasn’t come up against the jews and evil judaism that have declared war on gentiles by stealth and power for centuries and by surreptitious means – i.e. controlling other governments and banks and armies to do their disgusting deeds. Drina knows chemtrails are happening but judging by some of the comments, the writers have no idea this is a global issue to poison and to sicken us, starve us and wipe the unusable gentiles off the planet. Chemtrails are just one of thousands of ways ‘they are controlling us’.

    At least it gets us talking and even if a few more people look up in the sky and then start to question…. that is a small progress, they might just go on to look a whole lot deeper.

    I’ve just posted similar comments on the original article site and a link back to this article.

  2. rachel

     /  January 27, 2013

    Most people are not capable of the inherent reasoning they were born with. They learn from reading and being “taught”. They have no conception of the huge-ness of the conspiracy because they BASE their reality on what they are told and read rather than what they see, try, and experience.

    Most people think logic is the “basis” of reality, when the truth is that logic is useless without absolute truth to base it upon. If that ‘truth’ is not true, then all the logic leads to more lies.

    It is extremely important to protect ourselves, NOW, however we can. Without ‘protection’ I would be dead. Really. Seriously. Dead from suffocation. The diseases they have put upon us are deadly–lyme and morgellons are epidemic. They are biological weapons created by Nazis–literally. Most people with them don’t know they have them yet, and when they get sick, it will be damn-near too late to do anything much helpful at all.

    Please protect yourself while you try to inform people. You can’t do much good if you can’t physically function. I want to pass out paper flyers and I can’t because I can’t breathe outside. I am a prisoner in my home because of illness caused by chemtrails and satanists.

    Please heed my warning, as for me it may be too late, and I am only 33 years old. I’ve been severely ill since 29.

    • Welcome to DFT.

      This is the positive side of this dark, draining work. When I stumble across intelligent people such as yourself. People who altruistically share their wisdom, built on their harsh experiences.

      We can’t thank you enough for your intent and pragmatic advice.

      Please understand, I am a huge advocate of natural health. I have been involved in natural health for over 15 years, being a natural health practitioner full time for 5 years. I truly believe in prevention. My intent in posting this short post was to highlight that we have to get at the root cause – which unfortunately is the elite supremacist Jews.

      Thank you for contributing.


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