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I received this e-mail from a wannabe commenter. I have kept their anonymity. 


I’m truly baffled by these people??? It’s like you go up the pub and there is a character in there that is abusive and disrespectful to you. You have a private party after the pub at your house and then this character wants to then come to your party. You clearly say “NO mate, because you don’t know how to behave. You don’t know how to communicate, you  have been disrespectful to me.” 

Then they still try to come and knock on your door (e-mail you) and complain that they’re not allowed in. Work that one out???

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 1:47 AM, xxxx> wrote:

Why are do you always censcor people when ever they try to post???????!

Then your no better than than mainstream ZOG sites if you censoring people!



My response

XXXX, I have explained in my contact page. I run a very simply policy – very simple.

1/. If people are respectful, sane, polite, balanced, objective, civil, intelligent/wise, constructive and sensitive – no matter what level of criticism  – then I respond
2/. If they leave a neutral comment, but not personal – I approve

3/. If they are none of number 1 – I trash their comment


It’s all about DELIVERY – Simple.


It’s called common sense and curtsey. If people don’t know how to behave, then they’ll have to learn. If people are abusive or acting as idiots, or antagonist and have no clue on how to be respectful, then they are not coming into my house.
I can’t remember your comment now XXXX, but I assure you, if you respond respectfully with a clean mature delivery, I will approve or respond.
In kindness



To which this was his latest response:

Well I  guess you can suck my dick then u fucking bitch. your blog sucks anyway

 My reply to him:

You see, you just can’t behave. You had a golden opportunity to prove yourself. Prove you are balanced, in control of your senses, have the ability to contribute in some way, but nope – you CHOSE to lower yourself – again.

Do you honestly think I’m upset about your decision.
Some of us are really trying to do our bit. Really making endless sacrifices on every level to help humanity. To work for Truth – the Light. And this is your contribution.
This darkness is trying to usurp our souls. This is THE most important part of all of this. You have to grasp this, otherwise you will just get sucked up in it’s vacuum.
I wish you well in your spiritual journey.



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  1. ownedas

     /  January 25, 2013

    I have spoken and discussed matters with Scottish Defence Secretary on two occasions. I don’t think he is keen to hear from me but I believe he did listen. His name is Jim Murphy he seems like a decent person. Could you advise if you would consider it OK to send this about Zionists and goia to him via email. I showed and explained to Jim info from a copy of Prop Master by Michael Hoffman and he asked permission to have that offering to return it. I asked him to keep it. The next time I saw him he didn’t seem too keen to listen and I felt he didn’t like any reference to Illuminati or Zionism. On first meeting Jim explained he didn’t know how to get out of going to war. Later there was a report that Scotland was pulling away from England’s military. Later there was another media report where Scottish MP’s were demonstrating by lying on the ground in protest against nuclear warfare.

    • Welcome to DFT Ownedas,

      Excuse me for being a bit thick – but I’m very tired and not exactly sure what you want to send him. Surely not this post. Or did you mean my blogsite address? Whatever you want to send, that’s OK. We have to get this gritty Truth out there – especially MPs.

      Thanks for being engaged in the fight


      • ownedas

         /  January 25, 2013

        Thanx for reply. I am tired too this horror we are in is exhausting. I have to lie down to recouperate but realise people are suffering and I have to keep going. God Bless you All for your hard work. LOL X

      • Thank you O,

        You are right, this work is draining/exhausting. But …..the Truth is squeezing out :-). A big smile. It’s coming, soon now.

        If you get a bit down, low in energy – please take a visit to my “Motivation” page at the top of this site. It may boost you.

        God bless you too buddy

  2. “Well I guess you can suck my dick then u fucking bitch. your blog sucks anyway”
    LOL! Too funny!
    Check the IP, see if it came from israel! 😉


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