Top 10 Repair Projects You Should Never Pay For


All my life I’ve been a fixer.


I’ll repair your table, that wonky chair, the leaky tap and that annoyingly rubbing door. 


I’ll help heal your wounds, massage your achy back, help you with natural remedies.


I’m happy to help fix.



I like to watch others fix.


Cabinet makers, seamstresses, IT geeks, natural practitioners, and master builders.


All fixing.


Fixing, improving, mending, reconditioning, renovating – all making good. 


All making better.


You can learn a so much from other fixers.



Why do the people in this world who pretend to be fixers never fix anything?


The top fixers, those top fixers who only destroy.


Why do they only make things worse?


From worse to even worse to terrible – the situation only gets futile.


Where are all the real fixers?



Humanity has an inclination to fix, improve, enhance, develop, regenerate – we naturally fix


It is nature’s way to fix.


Animals fix – make better.


So why is it when it is the natural order for things to get fixed, that things are getting worse?



Let’s begin to fix. 


Let’s isolate the root cause, deal with it, then begin the process of repair.


Let’s tidy up, clean up and make good.


Let’s make this a better world, a safer world, a peaceful world through simple mending.




Let’s become fixers.



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