Fear of the Gentiles


I don’t really want anyone to have fear of me. That’s not what I’m about. I’d hate for any child to have fear of me, likewise any adult or animal. Something deep down tells me that wouldn’t be right. It’s not conscious and in alignment with my spiritual direction. Inducing fear onto any sentient being.


But how about our enemies? Is that OK? To keep others who are consistently attacking us in fear? You know, the types who will just not listen to reason. Those ones that don’t understand the language of compassion. They don’t quite get the logic of co-existence and brotherly union. Time and time again, generation after generation they just can’t seem to get it.


What language do they understand? It seems the same as a mere dog. In fact that is insulting to a dog. Because a dog can work out the benefits of a symbiotic relationship. A dog understands and respects it’s ‘provider’. A mere dog appreciates the benefits of give n take through love. A loyal hound recognizes the limitations of fear and respect.


But our adversaries? Ha – we shake our heads. What indeed is their language? What are their codes of conduct? Snatch and grab perhaps? Fleece, pillage, destroy, usurp, plunder, rape, deceive, revenge and degenerate? Otherwise interpreted as fear, fear, fear, fear and fear.


What limitations do they have when they are locked in this mode? Entrenched in separatism? Locked into their mind prison? What hope or escape do they have?


Isn’t it about time we came up with a formula, a method of control(?) A fail-proof system that turns things around.


But fear? Can we really use this negative energy? Aren’t we supposed to use love against our enemies(?) A tough one indeed.


How about we make a compromise. How about we just keep on going. Maybe up our efforts, increase the pressure; more resistance, more exposure, more propagation of Truth.  Trying our best to keep out of fear mode – just defiant, doing what’s right. Doing what we need to do. Coming from a place of self-worth and altruism.


How about we just work on number crunching. Getting our numbers of awakened souls up the scales. We switch things around where instead of us being in fear of the Jews, fear of the prying eyes of the CCTV camera.They can wallow in their own fear. They will soon have to be looking at our prying monitors – our eyes.


Just one or two here, and then a couple here, then a few more here, then more eyes, and more eyes and more eyes – eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes. Annoying prying eyes; watching, monitoring, recording, observing.


A bit of their own medicine, stewing in their own fear. Payback time. Imprisoned in their own karmic ghetto. Nowhere to escape this time from the global prying eyes. Gentile eyes. Conscious eyes. Their own induced paranoid fear of the gentiles.


So no fear my lovelies – just keep doing what your doing. Keep talking, keep propagating, keep sharing, keep resisting, keep doing your bit. And keep monitoring.


Because we have our gentile defense weapon – our eyes



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  1. Kowtoomuch

     /  January 17, 2013

    Just KEEP ON DIGGIN’ , Mr Digger !

    B’cause you’re on the RIGHT TRACK !!!

  2. I wrote this a while back and since then I’m consciously trying to avoid using the word Gentile now.

    I feel this is a Jewish label imposed upon us. I now just say non-Jews. As we are just humans after all.

    Just thought I’d mention this as my personal reference.

  3. Dante Ardenz

     /  April 17, 2013

    The Jews hate when one has knowledge of their ways, and one does not defer to them. One must not fear them, and defy them, and their stupid followers. Speak right up about them, and their role today, and in history. Do not fear religious approbation, or public disdain. These are their weapons. They hide behind victimhood, or use social climbers to cover behind. SPEAK, write, learn. ACT. That is how we can break the chains.

  4. amerikagulag

     /  April 17, 2013

    “…Isn’t it about time we came up with a formula, a method of control(?) A fail-proof system that turns things around…..”

    There is a way: OUTLAW Judaism as a dangerous religion which preaches supremacy, racism and hatred of all others and is based upon a completely fictitious history and a false notion of ‘god’. A religion which fosters ‘terrorism’.
    Once the non-existent history of the torah and talmud, based upon it, are destroyed, the others will necessarily collapse as they are based upon the same fictitious history.
    The truth will set you free, but first it’ll really piss you off.

  5. Peter

     /  April 17, 2013

    Excellent. I’ve always said that when jews become self-conscious at being jewish, and recognized as such by Gentiles – I refer to jews as non-Gentiles – to such a degree that they know that WE know what they’re doing, how much harm they have done to the world and this dying Nation, then we will be on our way to winning. When they find it hard to hold their crooked beaks high in false pride, and even avert their eyes from our knowing ones. We will have one, so we must keep on keepin on. Peter

    • Call call Peter. Like your description of ‘them’ as non-Gentiles.

      I have a few posts I aim to post in a while defining exactly their crimes.

      Thank you for contributing.

  6. michael mazur

     /  April 18, 2013

    Good one, by choosing between the label they affix to us and the label we have decided to wear, is the difference between the name given to a dog and the dog deciding for itself what it shall be called.

  7. re terminology, although the term ‘gentile’ is in wide use, it is, from a scientific point of view, (cf information theory, numerical taxonomy) extremely inefficient to describe 99.8% of humans in terms of the remaining 0.2%. the suggested term “non-Jew” makes the same mistake. we would not describe all animals in terms of one species – “non-snakes” vs “snakes”, say.

    where we do do this is with the “human” vs “non-human” distinction, which pretends to be scientific, but in reality serves as a charter for the ruthless persecution and exploitation of the “non-human”.

    re method, the eyes metaphor is good, but to become effectively weaponized needs taking to a higher plane of organisation. in combatting and neutralizing the undue influence of a small group, the proper use in cyberspace of greatly superior numbers is “mirroring”. so where there is an ADL there should be an anti-ADL which monitors the ADL. where there is an AIPAC or a JINSA there should be an anti-AIPAC which monitors AIPAC and an anti-JINSA which monitors JINSA where there is a Netanyahu there should be an anti-Netanyahu, and so forth.

  8. Peter

     /  April 19, 2013

    Digger, I thank you for being you and being there. We have an seemingly endless task in deprograming the Gentile masses – but it can be done, and indeed is. One thing we have to do is to use language that is both expressive of the truth and cleanly accurate. When I speak of Palestinians, I always refer to them as “Semitic Palestinians,” which they are, and likewise when I refer to israelis I call them “non-Semitic israelis,” which they are. This almost always promotes a question from the listener and opens a whole avenue of new thought for the neophytes. We need to reclaim the bounds of discourse, on our terms, on terms of truth, justice and decency. Peter

    • Many thanks Peter. Good tricks you use. Yes, it’s all about delivery. Unfortunately we have to be salespeople for the BIG T.

      Thank you for contributing

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