10 Reasons why Hitler was one of the Good Guys

Initially I had intended creating a piece titled “10 Myths about Hitler” but decided that there were so many, that I switched topic slightly. I understand like most of my work, these areas outlined only give a flavor and are not conclusively resourced. But that’s OK. It’s a carrot and hopefully just enough for people (even skeptics) to do their own research on these controversial areas. When people find things out for themselves, this has much more substance. All these areas are verifiable. They just take a bit of objective, independent research. There are links at the bottom of the page to help one’s research. kkk  k



1/. He never wanted to kill any Jews Whenever you hear anyone espouse (repeat) the lies about Hitler the nasty Jew-killer. Please always make a point of asking this very simple question: “Where did you get that information from?” Perhaps we all at some point have repeated this fable. Why would we not, when it’s shoved down our throats 24/7, year in year out for decades(?) There hasn’t been a man on this planet who has been demonized as much as Herr Hitler. If Hitler wanted to kill Jews, why oh why throughout all his speeches and manuscripts and his book Mein Kampf did he not mention this? Did he just forget? No, he didn’t say or write it BECAUSE HE HAD NO INTENTION OF KILLING THE JEWS. No matter what amount of destruction he had observed done by the Jews to his people; he had enough self-discipline and ethical code not to take revenge. Being a strong character, he was able to rise above the darkness, the demonic standards of the judaic mindset and show self-restraint and humility. That is why he created ‘containment work camps’ for the Jews and certainly NOT death camps. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



 2/. He cared about conditions for the Jews in the work camps Unbeknown to billions of people the Nazi camps were not death camps, nor were they places to carry out human experiments. They were simply containment camps. Something had to be done with these destructive anti-social Jews who were strangling Germany. Thanks to the Jews, Germany had lost it’s moral code and had become debased and de-cultured ….does that ring a bell? Something had to be done! And Hitler did do something – he placed all the Jews in containment camps to allow Germany to breath again. But – this is the key point in this essay/piece. He did it in a way which was ethical. The camps had decent sufficient food (bearing in mind it was war time), they had theaters, swimming pools, football pitches, post offices where inmates could communicate to the outside world, kindergartens, art and music recreation and even prostitutes. Quality sanitation within the camps was paramount and that is why the inmates clothes were regularly de-loused with zyclon B gas. There were no human gas chambers……THAT IS A BIG FAT KOSHER LIE; to which the world has had to endure for over half a century. My theory is that if there had not have been a war effort, Hitler would not have even made the Jews work. AND I bet you the containment camps would have been luxury rehabilitation centers. In order to slowly de-programme the Jews from their mind control cult. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



3/. He had compassion for other sentient beings Many historians claim he was a vegetarian. I believe this is kind of true, he was a pescotarian (he occasionally ate fish); but whether this it is or not, the point is he had a clear connection and affection for his fellow creatures. I’m not suggesting just because he may have been a veggie that therefore he was a good person; but this was a man of compassion and that he recognised the importance of compassion in society. He had so much affection for his German shepherds (picture above with his beloved dog). He banned all animal experimentation, recocnizing it to be evil. Hitler could see the connection between all life forms. It was his level of consciousness. Respect for nature, animals and human life. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



 4/. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow Europeans Numerous occasions Hitler tried to warn and assist his fellow brethren about the Jewish trap they had fallen for and who really was behind all the warmonger. He dropped fliers from planes trying in vein to prevent Germany and Britain fighting. He initially wanted to make alliances with Britain. Many occasions he gave opportunities to opposing European forces, where he could have slaughtered them. It was his internal spiritual angst for him to be fighting (defending) amongst his European brothers and sisters. He did all he could to avoid war, he was not the warmonger we all have been led to believe. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



 5/. He cared passionately about his people and German heritage  Hitler observed the degrading machinations of the Jews in Austria and Germany. It not only disgusted and angered him, but saddened him to see how these two nations were being destroyed from the inside out like a cancer – a cancer that his sleepy folksmen could not see. The exact same angst those of us who are Jew-conscious find ourselves in. He was a man who cared about society, a man who cared about culture, who cared about nature, about moral values and about building and improving as opposed to destroying and degrading. He was a man who had fought for his country, in the trenches and been hospitalized for his country. How many of our sell out politicians today can claim that? He was a true spokesman of the people, for the people who had diligently worked his way up from grass roots. From microcosmic pep talks to his fellow workman on building sites, to talks in beer houses, to speeches in basements, to town halls. As well as all the behind-the-scenes work and risks. Slung in jail, mocked and defamed. Endless tireless work to resolve the destruction of his peoples. I would also strongly suggest he cared about all peoples. Yes, including black people, despite the kosher myth he was a supremacist racist. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



6/. He was a humble man, from a humble background Can any of us name one present western politician who can claim that these days? No, today they’re all criminals, fed through the kosher criminal system. All built on materialistic gain and kudos. All content with serving the beast for their demonic and self-serving interests. Their greed and hubris having no boundaries. Hitler worked on building sites as a laborer for crying out loud. How many of these leaches under the guise of politicians do you know have that background? He was also a humble street artist, barely scraping a living together. Some days he had to decide whether to spend his meager earnings on a political book, or to eat – he opted for the former. Now that is passion in politics and a drive for social reform. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



7/. He held correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi This alone doesn’t necessarily suggest he was a good person. But more that Gandhi and Hitler were in alignment on many issues. They both recognized the evil force they were up against and both were coming from a humanitarian position. The bottom line is Gandhi would not have corresponded with a so-called evil mad dictator hell bent on wanting to kill the Jews and rule the world. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



 8/. He was a man of God Hitler was NOT an atheist – despite what the Jewish propaganda machine wants us to believe. He often made references to God and spoke in terms of a Divinity. He was somebody who could clearly make the connection between Divine law and Natural laws. He was spiritually and morally driven throughout all his political career. Read his book Mein Kampf to see his consistent reference to Christian values.


Because he was one of the good guys.



 9/. He implemented cultural and social reform Throughout Hitler’s political career, his common theme was about ‘cleaning up’. He had seen the filth the Jews had created and desperately wanted Germany to reverse these degrading trends. He banned supermarkets, because he wanted local small businesses to prosper. He banned degrading modern art, as he recognised it for what it was. He banned vivisection (animal experiments), because in his wisdom he could see how futile and unnecessary they were. He encouraged healthy youth activities and social programmes to enhance cultural pride and individual self worth, such as sports and recreational activities. He encouraged men to be men and women to be feminine. He helped develop beauty, cleanliness and pride back into the Germany people. k

Because he was one of the good guys.



10/. He stamped on usury This subject links in most of the points in this list and what Hitler achieved as a leader. But I thought it was essential that this topic was highlighted in isolation, as it was probably the single most important act of bravery and compassion Hitler offered to his people. Unfortunately this act alone was enough to piss off the Jewish IMF and therefore create WW2. Usury is the elite Jews most powerful and demonic weapon amongst their whole armament of destructive weapons. More powerful than their poisons and even their mind control techniques. Because it’s their use of compound interest that enables them to create a stranglehold on every industry and therefore every level of society. Nobody can escape usury – everybody is infected by it. That is why Hitler created his own independent currency as a first move when he came to power. And hey presto – that is why Germany was able to get back on it’s feet and flourish as all nations should. Hitler recognised the judaic invention of usury as unlawful, ungodly and unnatural – and as a talmudic curse which has crippled every host nation the Jews have entered into and ultimately, that which brings about their demise. Hitler freed his people of this curse. k

Because he was one of the good guys.

 k  k


 In conclusion Hitler was probably the hero of the second world war and the 21st century. A man of ethical courage, a man of spiritual perception and good intent. A spiritual soul who cared – cared about all life forms, all cultures, about goodness and Light and ultimately about Truth. k

Because he was one of the good guys.




1/. He never wanted to kill any Jews

2/. He cared about conditions for the Jews in the work camps

3/. He had compassion for other sentient beings

4/. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow Europeans

5/. He cared passionately about his people and German heritage

6/. He was a humble man, from a humble background

7/. He held correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

8/. He was a man of God

9/. He implemented cultural and social reform

10/. He stamped on usury k  k



Related info

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Mein Kampf  May I suggest when reading it, digest it slowly. It needs concentration and is certainly not a casual weekend read. http://www.hitler.org/writings/Mein_Kampf/ k

Deanna Spingola’s amazing comprehensive research Predominantly on WW1 and WW2. Deanna is a historian of Truth. She is passionate about these areas; it really is her forte. We are so grateful for her consistent efforts. http://spingola.com/ k

CODOH http://codoh.com/ kSite exposing the holohoax swindle.

Audio of a debate/discussion with John Friend and Jim Condit on Adolf Hitler http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/4/276/show_4276967.mp3 k


“Once again the conspiracy of pitiful, corrupt political creatures and financial magnets made its appearance for whom war is welcome to bolster business. The international Jewish poison of the peoples began to agitate and to corrode healthy minds. Men of letters sent out to portray decent men who desired peace calling them weaklings and traitors to denounce opposition parties as a “fifth column” in order to eliminate internal resistance to their criminal policy of war”
Adolf Hitler
Hitler’s Peace Plans
Compiled by Mark R. Elsis
Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess
A Courageous Hero For Peace
by Mark R. Elsis
Holocaust Revisionism
by Mark R. Elsis
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  1. Cameron

     /  January 16, 2013

    So true with what you said about Mein Kampf, I have been reading it for about a month now and find it difficult to go through at times. I switch between Mein Kampf and one of Miguel Serranos amazing books, “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate avatar” ( Definitely worth a read).

    • Many thanks Cameron. That reference may be of use to others who like a lighter read

    • Prodromos

       /  June 30, 2016

      i do believe every single one of them but i really need some proof for the conditions on containment camps. ( about the pools , theaters etc. ) i would be very thankful if someone responds. thanks.

      • mothman777

         /  July 1, 2016

        Check the TomatoBubble.com site They have published plenty of authentic photos.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    I have read some books actually written about Hitler during WW2 and was astonished at much of the obvious, disgusting lies told about him as well as speculation about his personal and sex life.
    I know from personal experience how important the weapons of slander and character assassination is to these ‘chosen’.

  3. aj

     /  January 16, 2013

    Good one, Digger! He certainly was. Leon Degrelle joined the SS and rose to the rank of General. He survived and his book Hitler Democrat is an excellent close up look at who Hitler actually was. A humble, multi-talented warrior/genius who was the only leader during WWII who didn’t belong in prison for war crimes.

    Hitler Democrat:www.barnesreview.org/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=80_48&products_id=564

    • Thank you aj for your wise and useful contribution

    • An Australian

       /  November 14, 2013

      Hi, I completely agree with you except for one thing. John Curtin (PM of Australia during WWII, Labor Party) had not gone to jail before, after, or during WWII. Correct me if I’m wrong. And digger that’s a very good article. My friend and I have put research into this as well and have found he was not only a good man, but a great and outstanding man.

    • Amelia

       /  December 18, 2015

      Hitler would only make himself look like a good, king-hearted man, but you may forget about the 60 million people he brutally murdered, tortured in Concentration Camps, and the ultimately horrific World War he created.
      You should always discover both sides of a tale rather than judging first. You need both opinions to create your own, and although I respect most opinions, the idea that Hitler was a ‘good’ man is just ludicrous.

      • Go away Amelia – you are a REPEATER. Your ignorance has no bounds. Go back to your television and your 2+2=5 world. This site is for people who dare to think independently, to face the harsh Truth.

        Start doing some independent reading. Face reality. Hitler did not brutality murder 60 million people you idiot. That is the jewish narrative WHICH YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO REPEAT. Had you done scrap of independent reading/research you would know this. You would know International Jews created WW1 and WW2.

        Start reading David Irving’s books and other respected independent authors. But I know my words are futile getting through your bias or brainwashing.

      • beccaaaaaa1

         /  December 22, 2015

        Ha… americans may have done the same to the japanese, but we didnt brutally murder them. youre messed up

      • OhZone

         /  January 23, 2016

        Now the number has grown from 6 million to 60 million? Wow! Amelia, you are not thinking clearly. If Hitler really wanted to kill all the Jews. Why would he bother spending the time and resources transporting them to the camps? And having done so, why would he spend, the time, money and manpower to build shelters for them – complete with beds no less.? And then why would he spend the time and money to feed them. Would anyone do all this for people he wanted to exterminate? He could have done as Eisenhower did with the German POW’s after the war – that is put them behind a fence with no shelter and very little food. Eisenhower was responsible for one and a half million deaths of German POWs -AFTER the war was over. Ask yourself just who was the Evil one?

      • All good point OhZone. But, here we go again using LOGIC with these people. It’s futile.

        Thank you for commenting all the same.

      • Jasmine

         /  June 30, 2016

        Yes people seem to forget that hitler and his cohorts kept impeccable records of what they stole/looted whom they murdered and their experiments on humans. Hitler did not just kill Jewish people but millions more. He wasn’t just about hate over Jewish he was hate over anyone who was not German! If he would have won the war. Most of us today would not be alive.

      • Congratulation Jasmine – you have been awarded the most uniformed repeater idiot of the month.


  4. This is a very brave piece of writing, thank you Digger. I suspect you could write quite a large book on this subject as you are well versed. I look forward to doing some further research with those useful links you’ve given. I hope others do.

    • Thank you Spicegirl.

      Funny enough, I really don’t think I could write a book on this particular subject. It’s not how my mind works. On factual areas, I tend to be superficial. I have a sound overview, but I’m hopeless at retaining facts – just about remember my phone number.

      I prefer to just give carrots, step aside for others who are experts on these areas.

      Thank you again for contributing.

  5. Nick

     /  January 17, 2013

    An excellent synopsis of Herr Hitler’s true character and contribution to humanity. When thinking of his true destiny, Hitler saw himself as a social reformer, not a military leader, a role which was thrust upon him by The Chosen.

    What he was able to achieve in just a few short years in Germany (1932-1939) verges on miraculous. He took a people and a country which had been utterly and mercilessly devastated by the ridiculous restrictions, constraints and horridly unjust retributions by the Versailles Treaty of WWI, and with no gold in the treasury, resurrected Germany’s currency, transformed German society into one of egalitarianism, shredded class consciousness and privilege that had kept different levels and layers of German society separate and at each others throasts for centuries, and unleashed the creative Genius of the German mind, resulting in the flourishing of the arts and sciences on an unprecedented scale. (How many people know that Germany actually broadcast the 1936 Olympic Games via television cameras and projected the games throughout Germany on large screen projector television sets located in theaters around the country?)

    Hitler did his level best to awaken the rest of the West to the economic, financial, educational, artistic and cultural assault of The Chosen Ones against the civilized world. Unfortunately for us, the forces of darkness ultimately crushed — temporarily — the Germanic forces of Light. The only true goal of The All-Lies during World War II was neatly summed up by Churchill: the utter destruction and complete annihilation of Germany and the German people — for the simple reason that Hitler and Germany threatened by example to show the rest of the world that The Chosen’s usury and gold were not necessary to create a vibrant economy based on truth, beauty and justice.

  6. Stevieb

     /  April 25, 2013

    Great post….

  7. Michael

     /  May 9, 2013

    I find it funny how people want to condemn Hitler over concentration camps. The Americans did the same with the Japanese. People want to condemn Hitler for some war crimes committed by Wehrmacht soldiers. There are always going to be violence and bloodshed in war. Funnily, none of my old history books ever mentioned Americans mutilating Japanese soldiers, such as when they were tearing gold teeth out of the head of still living Japanese soldiers. (Guess they just forgot to mention it ;).)
    If I remember correctly, Hitler gave the Jews a few days to get out of Germany. “You can either leave, or we can do this the hard way.” Unfortunately, Jews wanted to do it the hard way.
    I remember reading how the concentration camps had pools, nowadays people try to claim it was only for guards and “special” prisoners (I wonder how special you had to be to end up in a concentration camps in the first place.)
    History is written by the victors. But Ultimate Judgement is administered by God alone.

    • Kalinda

       /  April 14, 2014

      Yes Hitler was Demonised in many many ways. I cannot argue with that. But honestly.. You cannot say he was a “good guy” He started the damn war… And under his comand an ENTIRE race nearly perished. Oh so above they say… its not Hilter’s intention to kill the Jews. Fine. Whatever. but WHY did he NOT do anything to stop the Jew’s slaugtering? WHY? Explain… history is indeed written by the victors. But i shudder to the thought “what if the Germans won WW2? How would they have written history?? Would they conceal the fact that they killed so many Jews? Would they make the rest of the world hate the Jews?”

      • This is a classic technique used by trolls. Initially agree with you, then try to drift off with Hitler bashing.

        [Digger’s response in bold]

        Yes Hitler was Demonised in many many ways. I cannot argue with that. Then why do you continue the demonisation yourself – shill? Idiot? Repeater?

        But honestly.. You cannot say he was a “good guy” He started the damn war… WRONG – had you done a scrap of INDEPENDENT research, you would have clearly discovered all Hitler was doing was defending himself against the jewish-controlled countries who attacked him.

        And under his comand an ENTIRE race nearly perished. PURE NONSENSE. Pure Jewish propaganda which you have chosen to repeat.

        Oh so above they say… its not Hilter’s intention to kill the Jews. Fine. Whatever. but WHY did he NOT do anything to stop the Jew’s slaugtering? WHY?
        This is classic troll delivery. Again you pretend to agree, then counter flip your comment by claiming Hitler did indeed slaughter Jews. THERE WERE NO MASS SLAUGHTER OF JEWS. This is a fable. Just check the British Red Cross records and the statistics of Jews after the war. It’s just people like you who CHOOSE to believe this fairytale.

        Explain… history is indeed written by the victors. But i shudder to the thought “what if the Germans won WW2? How would they have written history?? Would they conceal the fact that they killed so many Jews? Would they make the rest of the world hate the Jews?” More repeater nonsense. Had they won, the values of social morality would have swept across Europe and the world. They would conceal any fairytale story, because this is exactly what it is – a fairytale, a fable. They did not kill mass Jews, because it didn’t happen! It is a fat lie. Propaganda. This lie is only kept alive by people like you who wish to repeat, repeat, repeat it.

        Do some INDEPENDENT reading. Visit http://www.codoh.com and wake up.

      • Anda

         /  September 14, 2014

        I watched the film http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/ and understood from that that Germans were the nation that might have nearly perished because of the killings done by Polish, Soviets and also Americans and Brits. Typhus killed Jews in the camps not gas.

      • Indeed Anda, Please visit the page at the top of this blog titled “Amended History” for a comprehensive take on this humongous lie.

        Thanks for contributing.

      • Correction Europe as well as other countries started the war Hitler alone couldn’t because a war requires two sides and Germany was only one.

      • Jake

         /  February 26, 2016

        Digger: maybe your the brainwashed one to believe that he was a good guy

      • 🙂 well we’re all brain-washed at some level – lol

    • lynnreedcrowder

       /  May 19, 2014

      I like your comment about history being written by the victors…..same is true of America’s so -called ‘civil’ war. Also, a great film , Braveheart, opens with a similar comment: “History is written by those who have killed heroes”. It is chilling to think on that, isn’t it.

  8. Jenny Brown

     /  May 17, 2013

    i read volume 1 of Mein Kampf. Interesting book. i rather enjoyed this article. 14/88

    • Welcome to DFT Jenny,

      Thank you. Yea Mein Kampf an intense read – a book which unfortunately is not in the school curriculum.

      Thank you for contributing


  9. Nate

     /  May 27, 2013

    I wanted to find an article like this but I can’t take it seriously because of your obvious anti semitism

    • OK Natestein,
      Explain to us all your interpretation of a SEMITE please.

      Will this help you?


    • Shiry

       /  February 17, 2016

      100% Agreed! Always open to new ideas, but with more of a subtle tone of precarious claims about how Germany would be different if…, when he was responsible for the destruction of his very own Reich.
      When Hitler learned that Allied were closing in, he ordered a massive destruction of his own cities. Statue: “Nero Decree” ordering the destruction of German infrastructure to prevent their use by Allied forces as they penetrated deep within Germany.

      That is when he demonstrated his incompetency as a leader.

      He demonstrated his cowardice when he commited suicide to evade persecution and torture, which he knew he was guilty of.

      “Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.”

      As for the US Japanese concentration camps, I agree that they were horrendous, it was a terrorist act, and someone should be held accountable.

      • When Hitler learned that Allied were closing in, he ordered a massive destruction of his own cities. Statue: “Nero Decree” ordering the destruction of German infrastructure to prevent their use by Allied forces as they penetrated deep within Germany.


  10. seeker of truth

     /  June 16, 2013

    Would any of you be kind enough to point me into the direction of books related to this topic? Thanks much, also, is there a book that chronicles the history of jews in various nations so i can see for myself whether or not they are the manipulators that they may or may not be? Not trying to troll, i just want to read for myself before i believe in something.

    • Sorry for delay SOT, welcome to DFT,

      Please see my side bar for all the various links: Titled “Info on Jewish Hegemony”

      Deanna Spingola’s work is hot on Hitler info. Please see links.

      Thanks for contributing.

    • wizardpfoz

       /  June 24, 2014

      If you are after some good informative reading I recommend the following authors.

      1 “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed. After many years of research Reed had his manuscript ready for publication in 1952. His publisher was taken over by two Jewish brothers, they informed Reed his work would not see the light of day. His book spans three-thousands years of Jewish history. It finally went to press through a South African publisher in 1972. You can access it on the web for free.

      2 “Jewish History Jewish Religion: The weight of 3,000 years” author Israel Shahak. Great read.
      3 “Barbarians Inside the Gates” Author Colonel Donn de Grand Pre.

      Other capacious authors, Nesta H. Webster, Archibald Maule Ramsay, and David Pidcock. All available on the web for free. Happy reading.

  11. TRUTH

     /  July 19, 2013






  12. Julian Buitenhuis

     /  August 7, 2013

    Adolf Hitler is my hero.
    Sometimes I cry for him.

    He just wanted to make the world a better place.
    Now Obama rules and destroys the earth…

    • Ken2234

       /  March 28, 2014

      I also cry for Hitler.

      Everyone’s a hypocrite.

    • Elizabeth Bosch

       /  July 10, 2014

      I hate it when people accuse Adolf Hitler of things he didn’t do. They just believe all the lies people told through the years,.He was a great man. “He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman”, “…very normal. Not like what is written”, and “He was a wonderful boss”.- Rochus Misch (This was Adolf Hitler’s bodyguard from 1940 to 1945).My Great Grandfather was in the first World War.He was German.My Grandfather was in the first World War. I am proud to have a grandfather who believed in Hitler.Unfortunately my Grandfather died before I was born.I would have loved to know him.I didn’t know that there actually were other people who belived he was “A GREAT”.Atleast we know the truth.We don’t need to prove people right,

      • Elizabeth Bosch

         /  July 10, 2014

        I mean my GREAT grandfather was in the first world war.

      • Thank you Elizabeth. Sorry for belated response.

        I feel the Truth about this incredible man is gradually coming to the surface.

  13. Me

     /  August 20, 2013

    if you highlight the white space at the end of each paragraph it would show k k k

    • Yea, thanks. I use k as a spacer as wordpress crunches up my posts when I upload them. Sometimes I punch in extra K’s to make sure I have a spacer in them. I can’t see how many K’s I have in there. But thanks anyway.

  14. Brenda

     /  August 20, 2013

    I now believe he was a very good man. I grew up learning the Jewish lie of the holocaust only to research on my own and discover their lies. They are good at brainwashing and now my children are going to school where the Jewish ADL is behind teaching young people it is okay to be gay. That makes me sick. They are liars, communists, deceivers, haters, jealous parasites, and destroyers but they always play the victim and that is the joke. The bible said there would be mass deceptions by fake Jews and that is the truth. Hitler tried to save the world from these filthy parasites and I am so sad he couldn’t.

  15. Richard

     /  August 20, 2013

    I cannot believe how stupid you people are. I was a soldier during WW2 and I liberated three death camps. The Holocuast was real. The Jews have never done anything wrong. They are just like us, trying to eke out a living, and enjoy it. This monster took that right away from them.

    • Ha ha ha – wonderful bit of comedy. Thanks for giving us all a good laugh Richard.

      You liberated three DEATH camps 🙂 🙂 :-). Ohh dear, such humour. I’ve just got off the floor laughing. Tell us Richard did you clean out the swimming pool whilst you were there? And did you visit the theatre also whist there and have a game of football on the DEATH camps football pitch? Ohh, didn’t you know about them, didn’t happen to see them. And the post office, and the whore house. How convenient.

      I especially like your one-liner “The Jews have never done anything wrong” Ohhhh classic – wonderful comedy material. Why don’t you set up a website titled http://www.thejewshaveneverdoneanythingwrong.com

      Thank you so much Richard for cheering us all up. Keep up the comedy routeen and please let us know when you have any stand up comedy gigs in the future. We all need a good laugh these days.

      • Richard

         /  August 21, 2013

        There is something seriously wrong with you. They were in the act of gassing the Jews in the second camp we liberated, there was a pit full of people, some dead, some dying. I talked with one man who said his wife was raped in front of him then shot and killed. How can you enjoy talking about such misery? How would you like it if it happened to you?

      • You are a Jewish troll and a lying troll at that. You are probably a 22 year and not an old man; who is a devotee fan of israHELL and your previous tribe.


        And guess what Richard, millions and millions of us from all walks of life have woken up to this sham. Hundreds of real historians are now aware of this big fat Jewish lie.

        The cats out of the bag now……and don’t you know it!

    • Djerker

       /  December 24, 2013

      Unless you were Russian, not even the Jews would claim you liberated three death camps. There were no claimed death camps in the west. You are making this up.

  16. Alysa Etcheverry

     /  August 24, 2013

    If he never meant to kill any Jews (or any of the other groups you left out), how did the 6 million deaths come about?

    • OK you fit into one of these 3 categories:
      1/. In the matrix, chosen to take the blue pill and totally ignorant of the Jewish control of the media, academia, hollywood, etc and how they have fabricated this hoax

      2/. You are a Jewish troll trying to stir up confusion

      3/. Idiot and a lazy idiot at that. That you have not bothered to INDEPENDENTLY research this material

      Start doing your homework Alysa:





      Good luck

      • anonymous

         /  November 15, 2015

        This is an interesting topic and I see a lot of good points. I plan on doing more research later but there is one thing bugging me. Just to play devils advocate – what about holocaust survivors? What about the tattoos?Surely you can’t be implying ALL jews are evil liars and “in on it”. If so i can honestly say i disagree. Out of millions of Jewish people on earth not one of them was good? Or decent enough to out the Holocaust as a falacy? Seems impossible. If you have an explanation for this I would very genuinely love to hear it. I’m all about the truth and I know there’s not a lot of it told in the history books, but I believe it’s important to question both sides of an argument with an open mind until I can reach a conclusion for myself.

      • This is an interesting topic and I see a lot of good points. I plan on doing more research later but there is one thing bugging me. Just to play devils advocate – what about holocaust survivors?

        A: What about them? They’re ALL liars and actors. Check them out and correspond the points they make with the historical facts. You will soon see what a pack lies they are when you spend the time. You just have to get over that 2+2 doesn’t add up to 5. Spend the time and if you are truly honest you cannot continue with this huge lie.

        What about the tattoos?

        A: What about the tattoos? They were just methods to tag in that era. They were work camps for criminals. These people were never to escape into society. The Jews who were not criminals were left alone in Germany.

        Surely you can’t be implying ALL jews are evil liars and “in on it”. If so i can honestly say i disagree. Out of millions of Jewish people on earth not one of them was good? Or decent enough to out the Holocaust as a falacy? Seems impossible.

        A: Yes, on the surface, to somebody new to this and not ‘jew-wise’; not having an understanding of the hive mindset of the jew you would find it hard to comprehend. I did. The screaming question with all of us who have studied the jew for more than 5 years is — Where are all the good jews? We have two so far: the deceased Benjamin Freeman And Bobby Fisher (the deceased chess player).

        This is not an explanation as such, but more a hint for you dare to look at this tribe from a completely different perspective …..that they are not of us. That is why they have been booted out of 109 countries all across the world. You don’t get it, until you get it.

        If you have an explanation for this I would very genuinely love to hear it. I’m all about the truth and I know there’s not a lot of it told in the history books, but I believe it’s important to question both sides of an argument with an open mind until I can reach a conclusion for myself.

        Begin to study this subject. It will open up all the cracks in the lies. This link may help you:

      • Kill yourself.

      • Love you too.

    • Richard

       /  August 24, 2013

      Don’t listen to him, he is knows that he is wrong, and he is just making a desperate attempt for someone stupid to believe him and take up his cause.

  17. Richard

     /  August 24, 2013

    You said in the article that if he wanted to kill jews, why did he not mention it in Mein Kempf. Did it ever occur to you that he intentionally withheld that information so that he could get the Jewish people’s votes? Once in power he could exterminate them by the hundreds of thousands.

    • Good point. But I truly believe he was a man of honor and integrity. That was not his style. Also why in all is hundreds and hundreds of meetings and private dialogue, not once were there references to this ‘theory’ of slaughtering the Jews.

      Look Richard this is a no brainer. It always gets back to the simple fact that why in war time when resources were so low would you the Germans go to the effort of tattooing people, building camps [with theaters, swimming pool, football pitches, etc] and all that fuel in the oven. Ohh come on this is ridiculous. This is not disputable unless you fit into one of these groups:

      1/. In the matrix, chosen to take the blue pill and totally ignorant of the Jewish control of the media, academia, hollywood, etc and how they have fabricated this hoax

      2/. You are a Jewish troll trying to stir up confusion

      3/. Idiot and a lazy idiot at that. That you have not bothered to INDEPENDENTLY research this material

      Start doing your homework Richard:





      Good luck

    • You are talking nonsense. If not Hitler, why didn’t Churchill, Roosevelt, or DeGaulle mention one single word about a ‘holocaust’ in their war memoirs in combination over 7,000 pages of written history about the war. Not one word! Just imagine, they all forgot to mention this little tit bit.

      • 🙂 …….maybe because it’s a big fat kosher lie perhaps.

        Thanks for commenting

  18. Richard

     /  August 24, 2013

    I am right and you know it. Just give in, you have been running away from the truth for a long time.

    • Run along troll and do your homework. You’re loosing and that’s why you have to put such desperate comments as this. You are truly laughable. The Truth is out and millions are aware of your holohoax and you damn well know it. Run along troll.

  19. Richard

     /  August 24, 2013
    • Good try troll. You saw jack shit. You are nothing but a lying kosher troll. Go and watch your hollywood fantasy movies

      • Richard

         /  August 24, 2013

        What do you mean by troll? I still have the photos that I took there.

      • Dizzy

         /  October 20, 2014

        OMG this is what it says when I click on the link you have provided “This site has been blocked by Web Safe because it’s listed as having malicious content. It could put your personal and financial information at risk or cause damage to your files.”

      • Well we are at war – what can you expect. These corrupters of Truth will do every dirty trick in the book to suppress Truth.

        Thanks for commenting.

      • Lol

         /  March 25, 2016

        Shit i cant see the info when i click it appears it doesnt exist anymore fucking jewish power btw do u believe actually that hitler suicide or do u think he was killed i dont believe a person with his power and mindset plus of course later on ego to reach his purpose would have killed himself.

      • I don’t know now. David Irving claims he did intact commit suicide. However there are claims that recent evidence shows his body was found burn with his arms in a raised position. I had the four-series videos up by a guy called Jim. Forget his other name. Can’t trace the videos now.

      • The Link you provided for fake photographs has been taken down – surprise surprise.
        Keep up the good work Digger, there sure are many Gatekeepers here trying to prevent you from doing just that.

  20. Richard

     /  August 24, 2013

    Fair enough, I will admit that the photo was doctored. But that was only one photo, show me 5 more and I will concede defeat.

    • Show us PROOF of the so-called human gas chambers, not a room with a wooden door and not oven to de-louse clothes.

      Go away troll. I have serious work to do. We know your game to drain energy and confuse.

    • Ohh this is ridiculous Richard, this pathetic as so-called EVIDENCE. This laughable. More kosher propaganda. I have stood in front of these oven (to gas clothes) they are tiny. Are you honestly suggesting these were to gas thousands and thousands of people!? This is utter nonsense…..and you know it.

      The showers look like showers …….BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE – SHOWER ROOMS. With air vents to stop condensation.

      Look the whole gassing theme has been quashed.

      I told you before go away troll and do your homework.

      • Richard

         /  August 24, 2013

        They were gassed in small groups as not to raise to much suspicion(unsuccessfully) of the other prisoners.

      • Ha ha ha. Ohhh p-l-e-e-a-s-e Richard, you are scraping the barrel now. is that the best you can do!?

        Then where is the arial photographs of the heaps and heaps of coke needed for all these gassings? There isn’t BECAUSE THIS IS A KOSHER FAIRY TAIL

        Go on run along troll. Go and do your stand up comedy.

  21. Bud Mc

     /  August 27, 2013

    Very good . I found a good book to set the history right , Witness to History by Michael Walsh . It tells how we were told lies and how A. Hitler was really a good man .

  22. Steve

     /  September 6, 2013

    Can the man who published this send me an email? I am skeptical but I always find the truth before forming hard beliefs. I have been saying to many people that the Torah is the book of satan, in Genesis the motherfucker killed everyone. It says God is infallible, yet he became a hypocrite before the second book. I plan on learning of ghandhi as well. I found this because I searched did Hitler try to save us from the nwo. My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I believe in true communism though, I find Obama to be the new Stalin. Why is Hitler so hated when Stalin killed 5 times more people? Or Mao who killed more than both combined?

    • Welcome to DFT Steve,

      I understand this information is shocking on first hearing it. That’s because the Hitler-bashing is 24/7 throughout our lives.

      Please read the information and books and various tags on Jewish Hegemony on the side bar.

      With respect Stalin did not kill five times more people – because Hitler did not kill any people as far as we know. The holocaust is a fairy tale perpetrated by Jewish main stream media. I do not have the time to keep going back and forth with this one. All the overwhelming evidence is there, if one claims to be a true Truth researcher. Look at http://www.codoh.com Then read Mein Kampf and you will see what a true hero Hitler was.

      Happy researching

  23. Susie

     /  September 17, 2013

    You are an idiot my grandfather was a small Jewish boy who lived in one of the camps. Soldiers came and saved him but his father and step mother were killed in the gas chambers

    • Three reasons for your statement:
      2/. You are a Jew loaded with in-group thinking and cognitive dissonance
      3/. Your grandfather was another Jewish liar or fantasist – BECAUSE THERE WERE NO GASSINGS
      4/. Your just an village idiot looking for attention
      5/. You are ignorant on the Truth and just another repeater of this big fat fable

      Whatever group you fit into. You need to de-programme and do some research


  24. wazzuup

     /  September 17, 2013

    i think hitler was a good man,unfortunately the truth has been corrupted thank you Digger!!

  25. Susie

     /  September 18, 2013

    Do you really have to call me a troll? Ummm nice comeback but you just don’t have a better one. It hurts me to see that you are beng so rude as cruel to the hundreds of thousands families lost members, for all the soldiers that lost their lives fighting for freedom, you’re just going to say it was all a lie…
    I sincerely apologise to all war veterans or people affected by WWII about the blog that ‘diger’ has written.

    • Susie, I did not call you a Troll, I left a series of options after having dealt with many hundreds of these comments. You are either loaded with bias, cognitive dissonance or ignorant on this subject. You could not have ‘objectively’ looked at this subject with any of your biases. Eminent historians have proved without dispute. Just look at the evidence.

  26. Stone

     /  September 19, 2013

    The lies won’t always hide the truth – Adolf Hitler ;). Someday the world will know he was right. You know Michael Jackson and the pedophile bullshits, right ? Somewhere i read that the jews set him up, but i don’t know if this true, but i know that the jews are very nasty and sneaky people. They are not chosen by God. Maybe that’s a lie, too 🙂 Everything that coming out from jew’s mouth is a one big lie.

  27. Such a joke

     /  September 21, 2013

    Hitler was not a fucking “good man.” He didn’t give to shits about the Jews. He didn’t care, because if he did then he wouldn’t turn everyone against them, wouldn’t send them to concentration camps where they starve to death. Hitler was in charge of everyone who helped kill the Jews. And it wasn’t just Jewish people, he killed gays, gypsies, black people, people against his beliefs, animals, etc…

    Since when was killing 10 million people a good thing? Anyone who believes hitler was good man is fucked up. He was disgusting and he makes that word look nice.

    • You are a very ignorant person on the Truth of Hitler. I suggest you start reading up on the real Truth and stop REPEATING what the Jewish MSM has told you to think and repeat.

      For starters there were no concentration camps! – This is Jewish propaganda. There were only labour camps/internment camps. Because jews generally don’t work. They only play the middle men. hence why the WORK camps had Arbeit Macht Frei WORK makes you free.

      As for starving to death – you again are showing your ignorance of history. The starved because of the AMERICANS bombed the railways, therefore food was no able to access the camps. The Red Cross reported the conditions inside the camps in war tim were more amenable than for the Germans outside the camps. You had better start doing some reading to get rid of your ignorance (without knowledge).

      Wrong Hitler was not in charge of everyone who helped kill the Jews. It was the International Jews who instigated this whole business in the first place. Hitler was just responding to protect his country and people from the Jews parasitic behaviour. International Jewry was strangling the German people through their USURY and demonic depravity. As they are now around the world.

      Nope – wrong again. Hitler did not kill gays, gypsies, black people nor animals. This is more kosher BS you have CHOSEN to repeat. Because you have been bias or lazy with your research.


      Who killed 10 million people? hitler certainly didn’t. It’s only International supremacist jews who kill en masse – and it’s into the multi-millions.

      You are either:
      1/. A village idiot who can only repeat repeat repeat
      2/ A paid Jewish troll
      3/. Ignorant on real history

      Go away, do some proper reading. Do your homework and only come back when you’ve got some sense in you.

      Read and absorb these truths:

      • Anne

         /  September 21, 2013
      • ha ha ha – good try troll. You are actually trying to prove your ridiculous holofraud by using kosher-owned BBC propaganda.

        You people are laughable. Anne we have you sussed, along with your whole guilt-ridden story of your father. Run along.

        The evidence is all out there – the cat is out of the bag now. AND YOU KNOW IT. You are so desperate to clink to your fable it’s laughable.

  28. wonhyung

     /  September 24, 2013

    Im just curious so dont take any offense. Is the 6 million people that died during the holocaust a lie? Cuz i find that kinda hard to believe. I dont think a whole population (Jewish People) would lie about that. Also im korean and my grandparents suffered because of japanese occupation. So we understand the jewish sentiments towards Adolph Hitler as much as Koreans hate the Japanese. And like you saying that Hilter is good, Some Westerners think that The Japanese created the rich and developed Korea today so they are a good and beneficent country(Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Kumho tires, Hankook, etc are all korean conglomerates) but that is totally wrong because all the Japs did was make woman into sex slaves and forced Koreans to become suicide bombers, did experiments on us without any painkillers, and forced us to work hard for almost no salary. Also North Korea would not exist if Japan had not taken over our country. We would be one united happy country if they just left us alone. (sorry for the long run on sentences my english is not very good) So what im saying is that you shouldn’t jump into radical conclusions about Hitler so much. Maybe he really is a good man, maybe he didnt do anything bad to the jews. But it is very unlikely. (Im not trying to offend anyone here, im just a Korean who was kind of surprised by this article. And yes i found this article while procrastinating) Also my english is bad. Srry.

  29. James

     /  September 25, 2013

    I don’t understand the topic. Did he or did he not kill 6 million jewish people because lots of sources tells me that he was he one leading it. Sorry but im a bit skeptical i will need more proof than just this specific topic.

    • Read read read

      Please see the side links as a start.


      • lynnreedcrowder

         /  May 19, 2014

        clicked on your link and it came up ‘forbidden’……not a good response. did the Jews delete it from the internet?

      • Not yet

      • Jerry

         /  May 25, 2014

        Hi Digger. Great Website. I clicked on the link and got an error also, so I did some research. I think the correct link is CODOH.com — which stands for “Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust”

      • Thank you Jerry. It is an old habit. Thank you for highlighting this.

  30. Ipconfigearth

     /  September 28, 2013

    Just as the purpose of our life is uncertain… answers are subjective….
    Similar distortion is with facts

    Thumbs up
    Thanks for this article….
    However… one fact is that most of our news or data coming to us via media radio and people is manipulative…
    just as I realized.. the g7 or g20 countries today were the war winners… indirect they have stolen… and then they talk about justice…
    Is justice fact… lets talk… reply

  31. Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition it was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter.

    His destiny however was not to drift into the awaiting oblivion, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually to become one of the most influential men who ever lived.

    Now for the first time, here is a documented account of a story many believe to be…

    Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

    Hitler was one of the Good Guys Alight.

  32. hitler believer

     /  October 26, 2013

    Thank you for this; letting people know Hitler was the best leader ever.

  33. History is written by victors.
    I believe that the US government back in WW2, gave some untrue facts about Hitler for their profits. Considering if hitler won the war, the world would be a whole different place!

    • Exactly!

      Thanks for contributing

      • Hitler Lover

         /  November 20, 2016

        Thank You digger for calrifying that Hitler was the good guy and now i understand the KOSHER propaganda. Thanks and HEIL HITLER!!

  34. “He did all he could to avoid war”

    I’m struggling then to understand his need to invade Poland. Or is that another “Jewish Lie”?

    • Indeed Iain – more kosher BS/propaganda. He never INVADED Poland, he reclaimed GERMANY which was stolen by the communists (Jewish). EVERYTHINg we have been told is lies lies lies.

      Please read ‘Mein Kammf’ and visit http://justice4germans.com/

      Thanks for contributing

      • Jake Smith

         /  November 19, 2016

        well he wanted to get a path to destroy communism…..

        thats why the allies let him get czechoslovakia and austria….

        but they realised their mistake and declared war when hitler took poland

  35. HKW

     /  October 29, 2013

    The Aryan Race

    Extracted from Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 11, Race and People

    “Every crossing between two breeds which are not quite equal results in a product which holds an intermediate place between the levels of the two parents. This means that the offspring will indeed be superior to the parent which stands in the biologically lower order of being, but not so high as the higher parent. For this reason it must eventually succumb in any struggle against the higher species. Such mating contradicts the will of Nature towards the selective improvements of life in general.
    The favourable preliminary to this improvement is not to mate individuals of higher and lower orders of being but rather to allow the complete triumph of the higher order. The stronger must dominate and not mate with the weaker, which would signify the sacrifice of its own higher nature. ”

    “This urge for the maintenance of the unmixed breed, which is a phenomenon that prevails throughout the whole of the natural world, results not only in the sharply defined outward distinction between one species and another but also in the internal similarity of characteristic qualities which are peculiar to each breed or species.”

    “The struggle for the daily livelihood leaves behind in the ruck everything that is weak or diseased or wavering; while the fight of the male to possess the female gives to the strongest the right, or at least, the possibility to propagate its kind. ”

    “Since the inferior always outnumber the superior, the former would always increase more rapidly if they possessed the same capacities for survival and for the procreation of their kind; and the final consequence would be that the best in quality would be forced to recede into the background. Therefore a corrective measure in favour of the better quality must INTERVENE.”

    “If Nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one”.

    “….a necessary condition for the maintenance of such ideas is the existence of certain races and certain types of men. For example, anyone who sincerely wishes that the pacifist idea should prevail in this world ought to do all he is capable of doing to help the Germans conquer the world; …”

    “All the great civilizations of the past became decadent because the originally creative race died out, as a result of contamination of the blood. ”

    “….in order to preserve a certain culture, the type of manhood that creates such a culture must be preserved. But such a preservation goes hand-in-hand with the inexorable law that it is the strongest and the best who must triumph and that they have the right to endure.”

    “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist. ”

    Adolf Hitler

    How was Poland Invaded? Prelude – Operation Himmler

    The IV Partition of Poland;

    Who Started World War II? by V. Suvorov 1/4

    Soviet and German friends – Poland 1939

    WWII War Crimes and Atrocities Against Poland Committed by Germans, Soviets, and Ukranians


  36. Morgan

     /  November 1, 2013

    Have you ever been to a concentration camp yourself?

    • I presume you mean a German concentration camp. The answer is no; simple because they didn’t exist! They are a fable/hoax/lie/propaganda. They only exist on Jewish-controlled hollywood fictional presentations.

      Although I did go to Dachau labour camp where ZERO Jews were gassed. Had you done sufficient research, you would not have posed such a question.

      Begin your research with this:

  37. Trailer 1

    Trailer 2

    All 24 Parts here with Part 25 coming soon.

  38. DontbeIgnorant

     /  November 11, 2013

    Hi there Digger,

    Thanks for the article. I never really cared much about history until I grew older. It was simply just “boring” to me, as you may understand. Now it’s getting more interesting because of the strange times we seem to be living in now. I’d like to ask you a couple of questions and get your opinion…since you seem a lot more knowledgeable on the subjects than I am.

    First, what is your opinions on FEMA Camps? Are these for real? And if they are, what will they be used for? Fighting terrorism? Or for putting innocent americans in there? I try not to fear the worst but I know it’s possible that evil does run this world.

    My next question is, WHY did they lie to us about Hitler? What was the point in demonzing him? Was it to make the Jews look good? And right now I hear that Jews are running the world, so is it true that they plan to do a “Real” holocaust this time with americans?

    Sorry if I sound ignorant on this, I kinda am. I heard that Hitler was a good guy before but I never really looked into it. To me, I never believe anything I hear. So I have no opinons on that, but I would not be surprised if he was a good guy. He looked kinda evil to me though. lol probably all in my mind since they always demonized him. But if you could answer those 2 questions I had about the Fema Camps and what your opinion is about Living in America (Some say most of us will be dead or captured and put into camps within the next few years) I’d appreciate it. I am hoping the Fema Camps are a lie too. But there is a LOT of evidence that they are for real. I just hope they are used for a good purpose and not a bad one.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Don,

      Sorry for belated response, but hardly blogging at all lately, and only get on line these days once every few days.

      As for the fema camps, I’m not too knowledgeable about. But from everything I’ve looked at and people I respect in the industry. They are definitely real and ready to go. I would take them seriously. Yes, they are designed for Americans and any dissidents/trouble-makers. ONLY SO LONG AS WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

      We should not be fearing them, we should turn things upside down and ensure they are in fear of us – awakening. That’s all we need to do.

      As for the second question. When you research any aspect of this agenda, you will soon see that all we need to do to seek the Truth is invert EVERYTHING what we have been told. Yes, the Hitler demonization is more kosher BS. He was def’ one of the good guys. Please research http://www.codoh.com and the work of Deanna Spingola http://www.spingola.com

      My site has been hacked and they have removed a huge wealth of knowledge on this stuff, but hey – it’s all out there if one really wants to seek the Truth.

      You say sorry for being ignorant. Well as you know the word ignorance really only means without knowledge, and we are all without knowledge on many topics. Thank you for your humbleness and openness. You will reach the pure unadulterated Truth Don if you keep these qualities.

      To find out the real character of Hitler, who he really was, read Mein Kampf.

      The best


    • everywhere

       /  March 8, 2014

      Well the world would have been a different place had Hitler been alive.This has all been a cover up and a lie..beware of the longest running propaganda in history.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  July 20, 2015

        Imagine the world if the jews never existed.

      • Important to imagine (eye-magic)

      • Bob McDonald

         /  July 21, 2015

        Imagine what it will be like when we lock them all up ,Deprogram their children ,destroy their ungodly idols and generally give them what they deserve for a few years No compassion !
        It can never be underestimated what Damage to Humanity they have caused . and that should never be forgotten certainly I never will .

      • Indeed Bob. Hope you well sir.

  39. DontbeIgnorant

     /  November 11, 2013

    Also…here’s a more silly Q, but I had to ask….If you use the letter “K” as your spacers, then why are there 3 K’s next to each other, like this…KKK and then all of the other K’s go down in rows of 3. Also why the letter “K” ? Sorry I have to ask.

    • Yes, fair question. I deno why I use K; I think it was because I used to describe the Jews as khazars when I first started the site. Just habit. It is easier on the keyboard too. But I can use any letter. You chose and I’ll use it. It does read KKK, but it could equally read ppp, or uuu. It’s no odds to me. Please don’t read into this, we have far more important issues on our hands than worrying about the spacings on a blogger’s blogsite.

  40. Roy Tharp

     /  December 7, 2013

    If Hitler and the Nazis wanted to kill the Jews, they could have easily done so, because they had plenty of ammunition. So clearly, they had no intention of killing the Jews. This is obvious common sense stuff.

  41. Roy Tharp

     /  December 7, 2013

    I’ll try to answer the question above regarding Fema camps. Yes I believe they are real. The DHS has also purchased over a billion rounds of hollow points. Clearly they are afraid of civil unrest. I think the Jews are worried about getting evicted again. The DHS works with the ADL and the SPLC and the NSA, all tied together. We seem to be entering a police state like the Soviet Union, where they had gulags and reeducation centers for people they didn’t like. Obama has been purging the military of Christian patriots, as well as militarizing our police force. This is seriously bad stuff and crazy beyond belief. California is now confiscating guns! An elite force of government thugs target people who have been “depressed”, have PTSD, former military, have sought care for mental health issues, or taken anti-depressants. In other words, this list could include ANYONE because virtually everyone has had depression over a job loss or divorce or death in the family. California gun confiscation might be a test case to see what they can get away with without causing a civil war. Very bad stuff. People are waking up, but not fast enough. Very sad over what is happening to this once great country.

  42. lostneko

     /  December 15, 2013

    Love it! But you should include more into what Hitler did to change the way the world is today. Such as his appreciation and collection of art and how it influenced art to become what it is today. And his effects on safety and healthcare. I’m not sure where to find resources for these but they’ve been pressured into our education system about how they came about due to Hitler.

  43. Enri

     /  December 19, 2013

    Amazing post.

  44. Orly Joromat

     /  January 23, 2014

    Show this to the world Hitler did not cause WW2 it was the Japanese

  45. i agree completely digger… how can the world be so blind?

    • I appreciate Then your comment was rhetorical; but the direct answer to that would be:
      1/ Chemical dumbing down
      2/. Mind control

      And a combination of the two

      Thanks for contributing

  46. Gandhi, though nonviolent, took position FOR the entry in war of Great Britain against Germany.

  47. Mahuzin

     /  January 31, 2014

    Just what I was looking for , I knew Furher was a good guy but couldn’t find a proper source like this. THANK YOU so much, & Heil Hitler…! Heil Heil Heil.

  48. Digger, love you man – found you from the ugly truth way back – great articles. only disagree on the Christian thing – Mein Kampf and speeches were for public consumption, in his private notes and writings there is plenty of evidence to show Hitler had contempt for Christianity as another Jewish mind control system. just look up the tabletalks, where he compares christianity to bolshevism – also he was surrounded by people that wanted to replace Christianity with a secular/civic/folkish religion – which i believe was a GOOD thing, not at all sinister.

    • Interesting. I can’t blame Hitler. I now see all Abrahamic religion as predictive programming.

      Apologies for belated reply. Not on line so much these days.

      Thanks for comment

  49. Jonny Carlos

     /  February 4, 2014

    One of the most, for me controversial, yet understanding documentaries. Was that in which he (is believed) killed many of the Socially Unwanted.
    I watched a very interesting documentary on the disposal of Downs, Learning difficulties, and so forth. Hard for me, as at that time, I worked as a nurse, caring for such people. Here where my Understanding lay. He had a vision, that none of these people could ever contribute to the future society. Yes, I understood then, as I do now. Whilst I comprehend the genius to think, that these people were a drain, and could never be part of the system. I still struggle with the thought of it, as, during my time spent With Said people, took Great pleasure been in their company.
    If this practice took place, or not, is not for me to say. As some may say, it could well be propaganda. Scaremongary. I dont know?
    Tough one to call, as all my life, I have only been taught that which they teach in school. Whilst I have read with great interest. Mine is still, a great lack of understanding of the bigger picture.
    Very Interesting read by the way. Jc

  50. BayernSchönheit

     /  February 21, 2014

    Thank you for your post, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I am from Bayern, but my family moved me to the States at a very early age. I have always felt a deep connection to Hitler through my youth, which is a completely unacceptable topic in my family to speak of. I have had compassion for him and an understanding that he is not the evil man the public tries to paint him to be. Sometimes I feel as if I am connected to him, perhaps a reincarnation of somebody who was close to him? I know my heritage and family history leaves it very open for possibility, I mean, my people are from Germany so the odds are not so off. I am just very confused and have been my entire life about this, my family is not very supportive when I try and point out the positives of him..I actually was forced into counseling as a child for my love of him, this has been a feeling I have had since birth…just a deep connection and compassion for a man that the world condemns.

    Hitler was an amazing man, with an amazing ambition and life. Very intelligent man, that I would give just about anything to be able to sit down with him and just speak to him. I wish that I could be more open about my feelings without the condemnation of the public, but alas it is the world we live in. My Oma at one time, when I was roughly 10/11, she had found out my love for him and pulled me aside and told me I was to never speak of him and that it was not healthy to love somebody like him.

    He was one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented, and unappreciated men in history in my opinion and the public is fed half of the story, and that half is inflated and painted to really degrade his good name. If anybody took a minute to read his works, they would know how brilliant a man he truly was.

    Glad to find others who see what I see, glad to see I am not some crazy person as society has tried to paint me to be. Thank you for your post.

    • Thank you Bayern,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Sorry for belated response. Not on line so much these days. No you are not some crazy person and there are more and more of us waking u to the Truth and the propaganda we have been exposed to all our lives.

      Thank you for contributing.

  51. For me I think Hitler was trying to help his country, just in an inhumane way. He doesn’t deserve to be thought of as an evil dictator. He was democratically elected.

    • NOT IN AN INHUMANE WAY. In an ethical way. Respectively you are repeating what you have been conditioned to repeat by the jewish media. Hitler was most definitely NOT inhumane. Please read Mein Kampf and re-learn the true history of this great man.

      Said in respect. Thanks for contributing.

  52. dounya yahi

     /  March 8, 2014

    Yessss, finally someone says the truth about Hitler. I mean, why would they portray someone in such a manner when the reason why he hated the jews was never said. It’s crazy, obviously the holocaust was a brilliant and fake excuse for the new world order’s plan to take place. They wanted the zionists (they are in NO way good jews and hitler hated their guts) to take over Palestine and britian was in on this. Americans and Zionists are constantly corrupting everything and lying about history. This is why you should never believe anything in school unless their is SOLID evidence that is believable. Remember history is written in favour of America (good presidents, nothing about native americans) and Zionists (hitler in this case)

  53. Hitler was an evil person

     /  March 10, 2014

    I have personally been to a concentration camp and seen the awful conditions that Jews were forced to live in. You are all in denial and it honestly baffles to think that there are people that think this.

    • You have certainly NOT been to a concentration camp! What you have been to is a fake perception of a concentration camp. With heaps and heaps of Jewish emotive mind control – drama and deception is what the Jews are excellent at.

      If anybody in their right mind looks at sufficient enough of the overwhelming evidence from INDEPENDENT (non-Jewish media) sources they cannot fail to see this whole charade as fakery! Unless you are a bias Jew, idiot or comatised by the Jewish media.

      No, Hitler was certainly not an evil man.

  54. Lolonobo

     /  March 11, 2014

    Digger, i find you very funny, you claim that were just repeating the same jewish loaded lies, when all you do is claim that everyone that does not agree with you are jewish trolls, really? i mean i highly doubt that thier are that many jews on here just to troll because they want to keep people believing that thier ansestors have been killed. i find it highly offencive on your responces to these people, you have lost all respect i migh have had for your opinion because you refuse to accept other peoples opinions and feel the need to demote them to jewish trolls.

    • People who deny this Truth are either:
      * Brain washed (weak people who allowed themselves to be brainwashed)
      * Jewish trolls
      * Emotional traumatised by this kosher narrative
      * Just plain awkward
      * In fear of changing their viewpoint

      I don’t need your respect thank you.

  55. The_J123

     /  March 19, 2014

    I can’t believe you people are actually buying this crap.. 6 million people were killed, multiple families that were affected by this tragedy can verify this. YOU CAN SPEAK TO HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS, how the fuck can you deny a living testimony? I’m an open minded person who hears everyone one out, but this is fucking backwards and pathetic on your parts for allowing your minds to rot with these rotten ideas of a man who was a coward. He drove the world to misery from behind a desk and watched others die for his insanity and agenda. You people have no idea about the horrors of the fascist goverment that monster established, LOL you wouldn’t be allowed to even be out here on the web stating your opinions! So wake up and realize that you’re in denial and will never in your lives see a time where the world will believe the ridiculous notion that Hitler was a good man, so just drop this crap and start living normally and accept others. Though racism is not fully eradicated we have come a long way, the world has evolved and left you behind. I’m hispanic and I have very good friends who are white, black, asian, european, indian, JEWISH, and from many other places and I judge them all off their character not ethnicity or race. Hitler and you zealots can spew all his bullshit about evolving this and the aryan race that, but a racist mind is an inferior mind. If not for anyone, do yourselves a favor and cleanse your mind of this bullshit because it will get you nowhere in life.
    PS: Digger I pity you the most, man.

    • Digger’s response in bold capitals. Here is a classic example of someone who has been poisoned by the onslaught of jewish mind control. Understandable, but sad ………………

      I can’t believe you people are actually buying this crap..
      6 million people were killed, A KOSHER LIE/NARRATIVE (FAIRYTALE)

      multiple families that were affected by this tragedy can verify this. YOU CAN SPEAK TO HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS,

      how the fuck can you deny a living testimony? I’m an open minded person who hears everyone one out, but this is fucking backwards and pathetic on your parts for allowing your minds to rot with these rotten ideas of a man who was a coward THAT IS ONE THING HITLER WAS NOT – A COWARD.



      So wake up HA – THAT’S THE KETTLE CALLING THE POT BLACK and realize that you’re in denial and will never in your lives see a time where the world will believe the ridiculous notion that Hitler was a good man, so just drop this crap and start living normally NORMALLY, NORMALLY – OHH DEARRRR ME. LIVE NORMALLY. WELL THAT SAYS IT ALL DOESN’T IT. DO YOU MEAN ‘NORMALLY’ WATCH TV AND BELIVE THE JEWISH MIND CONTROL (AS YOU HAVE), DO YOU MEAN ‘NORMALLY’ WATCH THE HITLER CHANNEL AND BELIEVE THE BS? DO YOU MEAN ‘NORMALLY’ SUPPORT OUR TROOPS TO FIGHT ANOTHER JEWISH WAR? WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU MEAN LIVE NORMALLY???


      Though racism is not fully eradicated we have come a long way, the world has evolved and left you behind. WRONG AGAIN! AND EQUALLY INVERTED THINKING. IT IS YOU WHO IS REGRESSIVE IN YOUR THINKING. IT IS TIME TO GROW UP, BE BRAVE, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND FACE REALITY. WHY ARE YOU SO SCARED OF THE TRUTH??


      Hitler and you zealots can spew all his bullshit about evolving this and the aryan race that, but a racist mind is an inferior mind. If not for anyone, do yourselves a favor and cleanse your mind of this bullshit because it will get you nowhere in life. NOW I’M ACTUALLY CHUCKLING AWAY AT YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. I DON’T KNOW IF THERE IS ANY HOPE FOR YOU. YOU SOUND TOO FAR GONE. TOO BRAINWASHED BY THE JEWISH MIND CONTROL.
      PS: Digger I pity you the most, man.


    • jacob hofelder

       /  July 31, 2014

      Thank you. Digger one question. What is your job?

  56. 5456465456

     /  March 19, 2014

    “Quality sanitation within the camps was paramount and that is why the inmates clothes were regularly de-loused with cyanide gas. There were no human gas chambers” that’s where I left.

  57. miguel flores

     /  March 19, 2014

    You may be right about these things, but tell me if he didnt want to kill any jews why did he not do anything about that? Why did he create ahettos and concentration camps if all he could of done is stop all of that completely and not deal with all of that. And if he was a man with the tradition of Europe why did he make the nazi power, that immediately means he created other tradition. Also he invaded other countries which doesnt make him a man of god for doing all of that. Even thoe he had his people to help him and give him advice on what to do, he had the last word in all of that. Plus he killed all of the people who were against him in the elections for him to become president. Then he made Germany a communistic country.

    • It really is incredible the power of mind control. How people keep repeating, repeating, repeating what they have been trained to repeat. Pure mind control.

      [Digger’s response in bold]

      You may be right about these things, but tell me if he didnt want to kill any jews why did he not do anything about that?
      This is a repeater question. You are repeating the narrative that mass amounts of jews died. There were NOT 6 millions jews killed – FACT!! There were hardly any jews killed compared to the Gentile population. It’s just the jewish media has to keep whining on 24/7 about their fable.

      Why did he create ahettos and concentration camps if all he could of done is stop all of that completely and not deal with all of that.
      Again a repeater question. What concentration camps!? There were none. There were containment camps, or work camps “Arbeit macht frei”. But certainly no concentration camps. Hitler had to contain the jewish collective simply because they were strangling his country and people – as they are doing to the globe right now. Through their filth and depravity and usury, etc, etc. As for the ghettos, well Jews have often contained themselves within ghettos, because they generally haven’t mixed with the rest of the community, due their talmudic ways.

      And if he was a man with the tradition of Europe why did he make the nazi power, that immediately means he created other tradition.
      I sense this is more repeater mode thinking, because I think you are implying that there is something negative/bad about the NAZIs which was German NAtional SoZIalism.

      Also he invaded other countries which doesnt make him a man of god for doing all of that.
      Repeater mode again. What countries did he INVADE?? He entered Poland for example to recapture the German land which had been stolen from them. Other countries he fought with were merely IN DEFENCE from Jewish-controlled attack on Germany i.e. America and Britain. He desperately did not want to go to war with Britain, he wanted to make an alliance with Britain.

      Even thoe he had his people to help him and give him advice on what to do, he had the last word in all of that. Plus he killed all of the people who were against him in the elections for him to become president. Please tell me you are joking – P-L-E-A-S-E. This is laughable what you have stated. He killed all the people who were against him in the elections…..ha ha ha. You have been brainwashed by the jewish propaganda machine.

      Then he made Germany a communistic country. I am still laughing. Ohhh dearer. COMMUNISM = JEWISH anyone who has done a speck of INDEPENDENT reading of history knows that. So why in Gods name would Hitler make the country he was trying to rid of jewish filth into a communist state??? This has to be a joke.

      You have to go away and do some homework. Spend time on reflection. Try hard to de-programme yourself from the Jewish brainwashing and most of all ……….

  58. Digs,

    You’re doing a great job fending off both the Jewish and Christian Identity nitwits. Although I was once infected by Jewish propaganda about Hitler, I never had a terribly negative view of him, owing to the American history I knew to be totally evil throughout the 20th century. When I read Mein Kampf I realized that no leader or politician of the 20th century came close to equalling Hitler’s concern for his own people or his basically moral outlook about the world. His awakening to the evil nature of the Jews in many respects paralleled my own evolving realization about the Jews that they were some kind of subhuman culture intent on destroying everyone else in the world, something they are now very close to achieving.

    These people who insist they know who I am or what I think are just small minded twerps, uneducated drecks, trapped in their own fetid dogma, trying to convince the world that they know everything because they’ve read a few subjective books about superhuman beings and sacred dogma that may not be challenged. This is a sickness, and I don’t pay attention to people who express this kind of ignorant certainty.

    I don’t really know what Darkmoon believes but I’m grateful she has chosen to republish my works and the works of other demonstrably relevant writers who aren’t hindered by supernatural mumbo jumbo. I praise her courage, and yours, too, for publishing unadorned observations about the Jews, who are clearly the worst kind of humans to ever appear upon the face of the Earth. Anyone who defends Jews, Jewishness or Judaism is the worst kind of human filth, and commits an unpardonable crime against all humanity by doing so.

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for taking the time out in your busy schedule to support me. I feel so honoured to know you as a colleague.

      Thank for this typically eloquent delivery. As I often tell you, you are a 10th dan in the Truth.

      Yes, I agree; there is a sickness out there. And as Hitler said with sadness and despondency “My people have become judaified”

      Thank you for your continued outstanding contribution to the Truth.


  59. Truth will never be known

     /  March 26, 2014

    I am trying to understand where you get your own information from. If everything that goes against your beliefs is considered influenced jewish propaganda, then isnt it rational for me to believe your own sources are influenced by nazi propaganda? Hitler was machiavellian and used fascism to consolidate power for himself. He scapegoated and used paranoid-fear tactics to sway the masses to his will. He was ambitious, ruthless and power hungry.. Similar to many politicians (including jews) today. He wanted to create his own world order at any cost necessary.

    I think the author views things in black and white. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

    • I am trying to understand where you get your own information from. Some of my information sources are on the side bar links. But accumulatively built up over 8/9 years of independent research/reading.

      If everything that goes against your beliefs is considered influenced jewish propaganda, Nope, not true! It’s that I will not make a compromise with half-Truth Jewish propaganda.

      then isnt it rational for me to believe your own sources are influenced by nazi propaganda? Well, of course you are free to think this. But again, NA-ZI (NAational SoZIialism) is not the nasty evil entity the Jews try to portrte anyway.

      Hitler was machiavellian and used fascism to consolidate power for himself. He scapegoated and used paranoid-fear tactics to sway the masses to his will. He was ambitious, ruthless and power hungry.. Similar to many politicians (including jews) today. He wanted to create his own world order at any cost necessary. I am not a Hitler lover – in that I worship him, as some people do. I just feel he has been demonised beyond all credibility and the balance needs addressing. I don’t think Hitler was a very conscious soul. He was entrenched in separatism (which I feel is the root cause of all of the world’s ills). But I believe he was a moral man. NOT EVIL. Yes, he was perhaps power/ego driven to a degree. As I say, I’m not a Hitler worshiper. I don’t see ambitious as being negative either, if it is with good intent. And being ruthless with good intent isn’t necessarily bad. We have to be ruthless with the Truth. He had to be strong and very ruthless with the vipers who were strangling his people/country. He may have been power driven, but again; his intent was coming from a good place.

      I think the author views things in black and white. Sometimes, sometimes not.

      The truth is somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, sometimes not. The problem with middle ground is it becomes half-Truth. Sometimes, we just can’t make a compromise with Truth. Otherwise we have endless drivel of misinformation and disinformation which has polluted the Truth movement and created endless confusion ……….by design. Serving the Jews agenda. Half-Truth is toxic Truth. It means people are hanging around the Truth movement for years, calling themselves Truthers and going to all the Truth meet ups – YET NOT HAVING A CLUE WHO REALLY IS BEHIND ALL OF IT. Perfect for the Jews. That is why we have to be accurate with the Truth, that is why we have to be pedantic at times. We have to immediately stamp on half-Truth and the nonsense and repeater mode of “Evil NAZIs” and Hitler bashing.

      However, we may have to agree to disagree on this.

      But thank you all the same for your reasonable and respectful delivery. Thanks for contributing.

  60. Thanks for the article man. Maybe your this little effort could comfort Hitler’s soul.

    • Thanks A, lets hope. I don’t agree in total with Hitler’s philosophy. But I think never in history has a man been so wrongly demonised. We have to do our bit to re-balance this equation.

      Thanks for contributing

  61. Just Wondering

     /  March 30, 2014

    With all due respect, are the ‘concentration camps’ pictures of the “tortured” Jews edited or…

    • Please send us images of Jews actually being tortured. I have seen none in all my research.

      The images of people of all races/nations in the camps in dire state were people who suffered from diarrhoea, disease due to lack of nutrition, because the American and British forces bombed the railways – so supplies could not access the camps (all organised by the Jewish bankers).

  62. nora

     /  March 30, 2014

    this is seriously confusing im writting an essay on how hitler abused his power and im almost finished with it (just need to conclude it) and after reading this post i just want to start all over again -____________- and i also feel a bit sorry for him because he did really want a better Germany and i guess he was just a misunderstood man.

    • Nora,

      Sorry for belated response. You maybe writing an essay for your college/school/university – which is all controlled by ‘The Jews’. They victors write the history. ALL academia is propaganda. That is why it is essential to research independently. Please start with the information the side bar. Look at the film ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told.’ learn about the holofraud http://www.codoh.com and then the penny will drop. You will realise you along with all of us have been had. Lied to all your life about this moral upstanding man. He is more than just misunderstood. He has been systematically demonised by the Jewish-controlled media and academia.

      You may have already submitted your piece on Hitler now, and got top marks. But this is not the Truth. If you told the Truth you would seriously fail and be reprimanded. Even booted off your course.

      Good luck with your uncomfortable research.

      Thanks for contributing.

  63. OpenYourEyes

     /  March 30, 2014

    There were many Jewish, Polish, African, and other races fighting under Hitler. How many say He was such a “racist” I will never fully understand. A lot of his higher ranking officers were NOT German, but instead Jewish. Hitler did everything He could to prevent war. Unfortunately, war was the only option. He did NOT want to fight other European countries. He even went out of his way to try and form alliances. Even at the sacrifice of his own troops. In the US we had camps for Japanese where they were severely punished, raped, and murdered. Our troops were highly segregated. And look at what we did to the African Americans and Native Americans. To point a finger and say that Hitler was evil and destroying all that was good is complete bullshit. Not saying Hitler was the best guy in the world, but He was definitely not the worst.

  64. OpenYourEyes

     /  March 30, 2014

    A good piece to download and watch if you haven’t already is.. Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

  65. Reblogged this on devarsh96's Blog.

  66. well written…i too believe he was one of the good guys and also a finest leader of 20th century..the problem is when we are at school,we are made to believe some things as per the book and people thereafter conclude what is written in history books. And his contemporary Joseph Stalin,he killed more than so called holocaust,yet no one speaks of him.Britishers too ruled and made plundered countries of Asia and Africa,yet no one speaks about their atrocities

    • Interesting word ‘Britishers’ :-). These Britishers were controlled, instigated and financed by the elite Jews.

      • yep brithishers as we are told in India…they are the most evil creatures..they looted and plundered our wealth to increase their treasury..oderwise england would have been bankrupt after world war 2…all thanks to their plundering

      • I’ll meet you half way on that Devarsh. They were Jewish-controlled Brits. Under the thumb (to a degree) from the Jewish controlling bankers. The take over of India, was a Jewish plot as all usurpation of any country always stems from them. Which Gandhi was well aware.

  67. germany is back to being weak again.germany needs another hitler

    • With respect, as much as I will defend Hitler, because he was wrongly demonised by International Jewry. I certainly do not think Germany/the German people need another Hitler. Hitler was a good man, with strong ethics. But I feel he was not a conscious soul. He too was entrenched in ‘I-AMism’. He was political leader. And that is why Germany got crushed. Politics has no role whatsoever in the healing of the planet. It hinders spiritual growth. It divides (more separatism). The blues vs the reds. Politics can only provide blips of social change.


      Politics has never helped mankind, does not help mankind and never will help mankind. It is ONLY through true spiritual practices, starting from us as individuals, collectively healing, will be have permanent changes.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you for contributing.

  68. Chris Alcock

     /  April 1, 2014

    oh what a suprise i leave a comment where i give prove that Hitler was a genocidal madman who only gets admired by morons and it doesn’t get posted, isn’t freedom of speech (which Hitler banned FYI) a wonderful thing?

    • CA,

      Failure to be respectful in a mature discussion is the only reason why people’s comments get trashed. You have ZERO prove, because your ridiculous sources are all JEWISH SOURCED. You deniers are losing this argument in every sphere across the globe. You are only prolonging the pain Chris.

      The only people who CHOOSE to keep believing this fairytale fall into one or more of these groups:
      * conditioned by the Jewish media and academia
      * fear of change, fear of the Truth and what it may entail
      * antagonistic awkward/stubborn – just for the sake of being awkward
      * limited intelligence, low IQ, inability to perceive cognitive information
      * troll (usually a jew pretending not to be a Jew)
      * a Jew who is entrenched in their identity “I AM a Jew” and seeped in their bias (identity)
      * vested interests (£££$$$ with cognitive dissonance)
      * a German entrenched in their artificially imposed (conditioned) guilt.

      Which group are you in Chris?

  69. Anonymous, due to claiming holohoax is illegal here.

     /  April 3, 2014

    Thank you digger for speaking the truth that not many people dare to do.

    I came across this post by an accident about a week ago, And i was then 100% certain that you were the biggest idiot alive and that of course what media claimed to be true about the holocaust was infact true.

    But i’m not an idiot, so i began my research 7 days ago. I started by watching “The greatest story never told” and it opened my eyes to alot of things, and i got very eager to start reading up on this myself.

    I now believe i have read everything there is to read on the subject (Probably not, but i spent like 30-40 hours in the past week reading about it).

    And my conclusion is this, Hitler was good man just trying to save his country from totally getting destroyed.

    I have read up on the so called gas chambers and Zyklon B, and the ammount of time it would take to die from this gas in a room like this is nowhere close to “witnesses” claiming they saw people die in 5-15 minutes. There is scientists that dont believe in the holocaust but still believes you can die rapidly from this gas, but the ammount of Zyklon B needed to make people die within minutes would be so high that there would be no way to retrive the bodies afterwards without collapsing yourself, Also with this insane ammount of gas, it would spread out and in hours toxic the full camp. Ive read people stating that jews was forced to go in and retriev the dead bodies from the gas chambers. And if people was killed by Zyklon B in the 5-15 minutes (with insane ammounts needed to accomplish this), you wouldnt be able to get close to the chambers. Heck the soldiers wouldnt be able to stay in the camp without getting sick.

    What also caught my eye is that looking at public information about the Jewish population from the year 41-48, is that it did not decrease by 6 milion. Heck it increased by few hundred thousands. I saw an explanation to this that some Jews probably was pretending not to be Jews to not be put in work camps, and then as the war ended went back to admitting they were Jews. Taking away this difference number. Sure i do believe that there was Jewish people that died in the work camps. People got sick, and people was starving to death this i dont doubt at all. And the life in the camps wasnt good im not going to say that. But the nazis did not kill any Jews just cause they wanted to kill jews. They all died from natural causes like sickness / starvation etc. Ive looked at alot of different numbers from alot of different sources and taking all this into consideration. I PERSONALLY believe that there was somewhere between 20,000-40,000 jews that died during the whole world war. And this is as said from natural causes / illness / starvation and not from some death pits or gas chambers.

    Another interesting fact ive stumbled upon is that you cant find anything about genocide and gas chambers and death pits in the early years after the war. Why wouldnt anyone bring this up 6 months after the war? Or even a year? Or 2? You cant find anyone talking about this massacre in early years after war, this to me is evidence as i look at it like it took them some time to figgure out the hoax. Else they would have started talking about it right after.

    This is just a tiny tiny part of what i have learned during the last week researching this, And i will within a week or so buy “Mein Kampf” to read it aswell.

    Just few things to add, Ive also read about this guy “Elie Wiesel” and to anyone not being an idiot he was obviously never in any of the camps he is claiming. He stole the identity of Lazar and even the book Lazar wrote. So much of what he writes in his book is not even close to accurate with how the camps looks like, how the routines were or anything.
    But the biggest evidence is that the prisoner a-7713 with Hungarian and spoke fluent Hungarian / yibberish. Elie spoke english with a french accent. And didnt speak Hungarian / yibberish at all. Also when a friend to Lazar (the real a-7713) was asked to go to Sweden to meet up with his old friend Lazar he was very excited. When he got there and saw Elie he right away started calling him imposter and “This is not my friend from the camp, he doesnt even speak hungarian”.

    I have known for a long time the truth about 9/11 and have thought this to be the biggest hoax in modern time. Ohh i was so wrong.

    My sincere apologize to Hitler for all the bad things ive said about him during my life time, and all the bad things ive taught other people.

    Digger, I LOVE YOU for opening my eyes to this.

    That said, I will still not speak about the holocaust hoax openly eventho how much i want to scream it to the world, for the reason holocaust denial results in imprisonment in my country(Yes fucking sick).

    Regards, A man that has been believing this Jewish propaganda since early school years, but now sees the truth.

    PS: I dont have time to check spelling mistakes, Also english is not my native language and if you think it is not written in correct english i apologize. But you should understand it.

    • Anon,

      Apologies for belated reply – not on line so much these days.

      Thank you for detailed response to the essay. Isn’t it interesting how we immediately label people, through our ignorance of information (Truth). Except in your case, you had the integrity to bother to source the Truth, through independent sources. Well done ol bean….you are an exception to the rule.

      Your next role – IS TO PASS IT ON. It’s criminal/sinful to keep this to yourself. Please use all your life skills and accumulated experiences to spread the word. Let’s make this exponentially spread.

      Yes, I hear you with Weasel and the others. Now this bombshell has unraveled in front of you, you will discover how you have been deceived on almost everything. But I should say we have allowed ourselves to be deceived – tis our responsibility to be mindful what we absorb.

      Thank you for this positive comment/feedback. I know how shocking this info/Truth came be on first hearing. But when I get comments like this, it makes all this hard work worth it. Especially when these people ensure me they will do their bit to pass on the batten.

      Don’t worry about spelling – your spelling is probably better than mine. My blog is peppered with dodgy spelling and grammar. It’s the least important thing. Your English is incredibly good for a non-native speaker.

      Spread the Truth.

      Thank you for contributing


      • Rainbow Hitler

         /  April 6, 2014

        Jewish people are too poor to do anything and the only people who can actually change anyone’s mind are the LGBT community cause I’m gay and I’ve been able to change a couple of straight guys minds to gay faster than a Jewish can change anyone’s mind…faster than the media…so the LGBT community is more persuasive than any other group…hell even some of the high ranking officers that were gay manipulated Hitler to keep gays away from camps even if they were Jewish…so there the Jewish stuff that they control the world is not true if gays have been here for as long as there has been sex and women and men…

      • Rainbow Hitler, please go to the Yellow Pages and book yourself a years worth of counselling and consider having yourself sectioned. You are not well. The LGBT is a JEWISH construct. Because they want to ruin the family and promote satanic ways. As they did in Berlin in the 30s – which Hitler stamped on due to his high moral values. It’s not an attack on the odd occasional gay; it is an attack on foisting this filth onto society.

  70. James Smith

     /  April 6, 2014

    Fuck you digger you piece of Nazi shit!

    • Arhhh, so sweet. What a complement, knowing that the NAtional SozIalists were sterling, upright people with high morals. Thank you kindly for warmth and a huge compliment James. Luv ya too

  71. Bean dog

     /  April 9, 2014

    Ok, not true. Why was hitler blaming the Jews any way? Because it was what they were not. They weren’t a supreme Aryan race so they were considered bad. , and you said that it was containment camps, they worked and died. They ate very little food. They were also sent to a one room building. They were told they were taking a shower, and the shower head emitted a deadly gas that killed them. Then their bodies were disposed of, burned to ashes
    He was looking for someone to blame, so he placed it on Jews that weren’t in a position to defend themselves. That. Was. Complete .Crap 😦

    • [Digger’s reply in bold]

      Ok, not true. Why was hitler blaming the Jews any way? Because it was what they were not. They weren’t a supreme Aryan race so they were considered bad. , Ok, not true! This is yet more repeater speak. You are entrenched in Groupthink. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I always have to ask people like the obvious question: “Where are you getting your information from?”. It is a rhetorical question, because I know the answer…….FROM JEWISH SOURCES. You have been brainwashed by the jewish propaganda machine and all you are able to do is repeat, repeat. repeat.

      For your knowledge the Jews had to be contained because they were strangling Germany and the German people. They were degrading German culture. Hitler was not prepared to stand by and put up with that. Because he was one of the good guys, with moral values. Remember: THE JEWS HAVE BEEN BOOTED OUT OF 84 COUNTRIES 109 TIMES. For their character – nothing whatsoever to do with not being Aryans. Hitler had the most multicultural army known in history.

      and you said that it was containment camps, which they were, labour containment camps they worked and died. They worked, because they were WORK camps, ‘Albeit Macht Frei’. The died because THE JEWISH-CONTROLED allies bombed the railways, stoping supplies getting to the camps. They ate very little food. The Red Cross inspections reported that the food quality and quantity was better inside the camps than that of the poor Germans outside the camps. Research it.

      They were also sent to a one room building. They were told they were taking a shower, and the shower head emitted a deadly gas that killed them. Then their bodies were disposed of, burned to ashes. Ohhh dear ….it’s so so sad, that you and most of the world (as I once did) have fallen for this nonsense. THIS JUST DID NOT HAPPEN. It is pure lies/propaganda. It is a CHOICE on whether you want to believe this propaganda or not.

      He was looking for someone to blame, so he placed it on Jews that weren’t in a position to defend themselves. That. Was. Complete .Crap 😦

      Every sentence in this comment is oozing with repeater ignorance. You may not be an ignorant person. But your knowledge on this subject is. You have start doing some INDEPENDENT reading.

  72. Bean dog

     /  April 9, 2014

    But I luv yr wrk

  73. Digger, you. Keep asking people where they got their sources, and then guess it’s a Jewish source and accuse them of brainwash, and so forth, but let ME ask you were YOU got your sources, oh wait you’ve already said…. From NAZI sources, how does just getting info from one group let you critisize someone that gets intro from the other. Their are actual survivors of the holocost with details of the cruelty. As well as FORMER GERMAN SOLDIERS with similar story’s that’s info from bolth sides, where’s yours?

    • You see, there you go again – and you accuse me of accusing people like you of being brainwashed. Yet you can’t stop yourself – my sources are not NAZI sources, had you have actually done some independent research and looked at the plethora of comprehensive sources I provide, you would realise they are from a wealth of true historians.

      There are survivors of CONTAINMENT/WORK camps, not any holocaust. You see the brainwashing repeater mode can’t help kicking in. THERE-WAS-NO-HOLCAUST. A holocaust is a burn offering. The liars who spew out the garbage of this hoax are lying jews. It really is that simple. And money talks. People will say anything if enough money prompts it. There were no genuine German soldiers who saw any fable.

      Show us the evidence.

      Good try – what group do you fall into in this list? 😉

      • Edward

         /  April 11, 2014

        Digger.. To get this straight… Every time someone proves your bias of only considering Neo-Nazi sources you either: 1 call them a troll. 2 call them a Jew. 3 ramble the same blasted thing over and over again… that the holo-hoax was a hoax.

        99% out of 100% of the sources, books, and living witnesses whatever… you will find that they all come to the same conclusion, there was such thing as a HOLOCAUST. But your bias for the 1% due to your Neo-Nazi views just shows how incompetent and truly misguided you are.

        And if you HONESTLY… think that there is ACTUALLY someone paying ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of my 99% SOURCES compared to your 1% bias views.. (VIEWS)

        Then will you please find some evidence for that. Go ahead let me hear about some more of your conspiracy theories… How maybe it’s the Illuminati that’s funding this.

        It honestly gives me the giggles, to see you cite yourself, or site websites that aren’t even publicly acknowledged.

        Ahh and now that I said the word public, your Neo-Nazi views will make you inclined to believed that I’m just another Jew… then you’ll do your routine which I already called you out on when you’re wrong… Which you always are… And hey that is the great thing about world. You can believe what you want! But when you believe in something that makes you look like a fool, you end up where you are. Writing this on a blog… And not having a damn thing to back you up that’s worth anyone’s time, money, or interest.

      • [Digger’s response in bold]

        Digger.. To get this straight… NO, not straight, just your opinion Every time someone proves your bias of only considering Neo-Nazi sources you either: 1 call them a troll. 2 call them a Jew. WRONG: not just these two, I made a complete list of 10 reasons why you people refuse to accept the Truth.

        3 ramble the same blasted thing over and over again… that the holo-hoax was a hoax. Well, you would say ramble, but we have to keep reiterating the same Truth, because it is the Truth and nothing else. We can’t help it that you’re too cowardly or bias to acknowledge this Truth…..which the world is now beginning to see. It’s not our fault that you CHOOSE to be in ignorance, you CHOOSE to be left behind in a flat-earth mindset. That’s equivalent of saying “Oh Digger, you keep saying the grass is green”. Yes, because it bloody well is green. Of course we are going to say this Truth over and over again; because we’re trying to penetrate your cognitive thinking (mass hypnosis).

        99% out of 100% of the sources, books, and living witnesses whatever… you will find that they all come to the same conclusion, there was such thing as a HOLOCAUST. Ohhhh they would – IF YOU TAKE THEM FROM KOSHER SOURCES, and from a groupthink mentality. You could go and write a book about the holofraud and have it published, but it wouldn’t be true, you’d just be another one of thousands of weak-minded repeaters. But your bias for the 1% due to your Neo-Nazi views Excuse me – me?? Neo-NAZI – Ha. Now you are at the height of your ridiculous nonsense. You couldn’t have read a scrap of my intense work on the subject of IAMism/identity and separatism. just shows how incompetent and truly misguided you are. You plonker.

        And if you HONESTLY… think that there is ACTUALLY someone paying ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of my 99% SOURCES compared to your 1% bias views.. (VIEWS)
        Ha ha ha – oh you deniers are really laugh out loud. Sources, sources. Ohhhh we have our hands in the air with despair for you. P-L-E-A-S-E please send us these precious NON KOSHER INDEPENDENT sources. But you can’t Edward can you. You can only send more repeater info. Never ever ever INDEPENDENT resourced, which you can’t handle; and therefore have to label neo-NAZI.

        Then will you please find some evidence for that. Go ahead let me hear about some more of your conspiracy theories… How maybe it’s the Illuminati that’s funding this. Noooooo – we have explained before many a time, that ‘the Illuminati’ is for conspiracy theories and is just another jewish cover to hide International Jewish criminality. The term Illuminati is disinformation and level 1 for people entering into the Truth. The biggest conspiracy theory is in fact your little THE HOLOCAUST which you conspiracy theories keep espousing. Time to wake up Richard, come on, wakey wakey, it’s all been just a nasty dream. Smell the coffee and face reality.

        It honestly gives me the giggles, to see you cite yourself, or site websites that aren’t even publicly acknowledged. What on earth are you rambling on about – you utter plonker. Public acknowledged. Did you actually write that??!! You are a nitwit of the highest degree. 🙂 🙂 How on earth could these sites be ‘publicly acknowledged’? What the f**k are you on about? Do you mean to say that they should be recognised by the JEWISH-OWNED academia world first? Or maybe the JEWISH-OWNED press? Or the JEWISH-OWNED CNN/BBC formats, before you repeaters will believe them? You really are fitting into group 5/. on this deniers list.

        Ahh and now that I said the word public, your Neo-Nazi views will make you inclined to believed that I’m just another Jew… Well as I explained I am anti-boxes as far as ideology and have written extensively on this subject then you’ll do your routine which I already called you out on when you’re wrong… Which you always are… WRONG, but sometimes I get things wrong and apologise and make corrections accordingly

        And hey that is the great thing about world. You can believe what you want! But when you believe in something that makes you look like a fool, What do mean like the holofraud? you end up where you are.

        Writing this on a blog… And not having a damn thing to back you up that’s worth anyone’s time, money, or interest. Well isn’t it interesting you have to mention money, as if that’s got a hoot to do with the Truth. You see, it all gets back to wonga and ‘public recognition’ for you people, in order for you to decide what is Truth. Where as we we just stick to unbiased facts and unadulterated PROVEN Truth, form independent sources. And as for ‘a damn thing to back me up’ – it’s only because you have CHOSEN to dig your high heels deep into your cognitive dissonance and are too scared to face reality.

        All in all Richard you fit into a combination of three groups on this list: [predominantly 1, 2 and 5]

        As I’ve said before, I understand why people would believe this fabricated nonsense, due to it being slung in our faces 24/7 most of our lives. And we all are guilty of groupthink at stages in our lives. That I understand. But then when we have such overwhelming evidence to prove it is a big kosher lump of turd (if one bothers to do a scrap of homework), AND YOU IDIOTS STILL CAN’T GET IT. Then it is just your hypnosis telling you that the starch potato you are munching away on is a sweet apple. I’m afraid Richard, there is no hope for you. There must be hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of independently-sourced articles proving unequivocally the lie of the holocaust. Yet, you have CHOSEN not to research this material and instead swallow your lovely blue pill and remain within your comfortable safe matrix. It’s all a choice. This is very very sad. You will wake up one day from your coma and realise what an utter plonker you truly are.

        It is futile trying to get through to you potato heads. You will always believe your potato is an apple and no amount of evidence will convince you. They jews have done a mighty fine job you. So sad.

      • lolonobo

         /  April 12, 2014

        sir, i think that the Nazi’s have done a mighty job on YOU, and THATS sad. also your main point and source from what i gather is Mien Kampf, which is LITERALLY the basis of the Nazi Party.

        and so to save time i found a site that will refute most of your horrible ass backwards retorts, granted it might be way to “Jewish” for you and you’ll probably discount it as actual arguments since the website has Jewish in the name like the antisemite you are


        i honestly showed this to my friends and we all laughed for minuets on end at how contorted and racist your remarks and views were, i would have felt bad if you weren’t such a condescending jerk to people who even extremely nicely input there concerns and questions that weren’t Hailing Hitler. and you call us the jerks and idiots? and im sure after this comment you;ll still go on and say the same things youve been saying about all negitive comments.

        your a jewish troll

        you’ve been hypnotized and brainwashed by the Jews who somehow control every corner of the media except the few i say.

        wheres your sources that i wont even give a rats ass about when you supply them

        back to jewish troll

      • One word PATHETIC.

        So this is your ‘research’ is it. Ha ha ha ha. Ohhh dear. A five year could do better than that.

        This is so sad. Ohhh bless you, to think you went away and thought “Right, I’m gena prove that Digger wrong and damn well prove this lie is real” And this is what you came up with. If you could see the grin my my face. Now this link is condescending. You actually sourced information from the actual people who are perpetrating this big fat porkie. Oh my word – incredible.

        Well if your ‘story’ about your friends laughing is true – then they too are sleepy repeaters and frightened to look at the Truth and do some independent research.

        Of course I’m going to rubbish this link. Because that is exactly what it is. More JEWISH propaganda. It may have well said BBC or CNN at the top of it.

        To think you are comparing this with the wealth of outstanding seriously detailed INDEPENDENT research we can offer from a plethora of recognised scholarly sources. Ohhh bless you.

        Thank you SO much for this. It absolutely reinforces are outstanding argument. That last nail in your coffin has just been hammered down.

        By the way, run along and do some homework on what an actual SEMITE is. I have nothing whatsoever against Arabs and Palestinians.

        Bye bye denier. It has been fun. Case closed.

    • lolonobo

       /  April 12, 2014

      (Lolonobo’s replies in parentheses)

      One word PATHETIC.

      (ok, good for you, you know one word, )

      So this is your ‘research’ is it. Ha ha ha ha. Ohhh dear. A five year could do better than that.

      (no they couldnt, a five year old would be incapable of even searching for data on most counts, i know this is a feeble sarcastic attempt to poke fun at me, but it is still not true)

      This is so sad. Ohhh bless you, to think you went away and thought “Right, I’m gena prove that Digger wrong and damn well prove this lie is real”

      (OK how did you know what i thought? holy cow your a genius, i totally had a burning desire to prove a :”lie” as truth, like you attempt to do in every single one of your posts. amazing…..)

      And this is what you came up with. If you could see the grin my my face.

      (I would tell you to pick the spinach from lunch out of your molars)

      Now this link is condescending.(and this article isn’t condescending at all? i find this funny.)

      You actually sourced information from the actual people who are perpetrating this big fat porkie. Oh my word – incredible.

      (yay! my prediction came true! :3 you completely ignored it simply because it came from a jewish source, even when the arguments it provides are factual and shut down most of your rabble)

      Well if your ‘story’ about your friends laughing is true – then they too are sleepy repeaters and frightened to look at the Truth and do some independent research.

      (Nope, there simply normal, non-Semitic people who find your points funny.)

      Of course I’m going to rubbish this link. Because that is exactly what it is. More JEWISH propaganda. It may have well said BBC or CNN at the top of it.

      (yay! amazing, i’m two for two, jewish propaganda eh? well then mister, how is this post NOT Nazi propaganda? huh? don’t try and tell me because it has logical arguments because that’s EXACTLY what that link had, logical arguments,)

      To think you are comparing this with the wealth of outstanding seriously detailed INDEPENDENT research we can offer from a plethora of recognised scholarly sources. Ohhh bless you.

      (yeah, i am, because it proves most of your plethora wrong as hell, also i think you’ve blessed me enough thanks.)

      Thank you SO much for this. It absolutely reinforces are outstanding argument. That last nail in your coffin has just been hammered down.

      (yeah, sorry buddy, but you’ve been building your own coffin, i know, it sucks, but hop on in and enjoy the ride)

      By the way, run along and do some homework on what an actual SEMITE is. I have nothing whatsoever against Arabs and Palestinians.

      ( a Semite, as i have known for a while, is someone who speaks or spoke a Semitic language, and your right it does include Arabs or Palestinians. but where YOUR wrong is that the term Anti-Semite, while it could mean and probably once did mean the hatred of Semites, the use of it in modern terms has changed the original definition. the merriam-webster dictionary literally defines it as “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”. get with the times buddy

      Bye bye denier. It has been fun. Case closed.

      (nope, i think i’ll stick around a while Phoenix Wright, and YOU are the denier, the Holocaust Denier. although i guess your calling me a, what was it? oh yes! a holohoax denier. great pun their, i bet you learned your amazing ways with words from these fellas http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061213151634/uncyclopedia/images/f/f1/KKK_holocaust_a_zionist_hoax.jpg )

      • This is why we say people like you are either trolls or stubborn or simpletons. All you wana do is back n forth, back n forth, back n forth, without ever spending the time to do your homework. So we waste our time and burn out our energy. Fortunately I enjoy slamming you deniers like you against the wall, so it’s not a problem to me.

        But you are quite incredible. That you keep believing 2 + 2 = 5 from the very same people who have lied to you about EVERYTHING your entire lies. But I suppose these lies lies become habit and comfortable after so many years. Change and actually thinking cognitively for once becomes strenuous.

        The holohoax is a no-brainer. The lies are quite embarrassing. And staggering that billions still retort it, despite now having access to the Truth via the internet. I once believed this fairytale too, until I grew up. All one needs is a pinch of open-mindedness and a pinch of courage. Dare to detach to look at alliterative independent research. Even consider that you have been hypnotised. But that alone is too much for you.

        Repeat, repeat, repeat, 2+2=5, 2+2+5, 2+2=5. My potato is an apple, my potato is an apple, my potato is an apple. Keep taking the blues pills, keep taking the blue pills. Comfortable info, comfortable info, comfortable info – All a choice.

        This is why I wrote ‘Dodgy Dave’ to express this.

        To source Jewish sites as ‘prove’ that the holohoax actually happened; is equivalent of buying a dilapidated tatty car from a dodgy car dealer (who has a track record of selling dodgy cars); then when we point out the car is a wreck, not in a roadworthy condition and won’t even start; these people retort: But the guy who sold it to me, insists it’s a beautiful car, in A1 condition.

        This is beyond stupidity, beyond a childlike naivety, beyond stubbiness. This can only be hypnosis – pure mind control.

        You just will not and cannot snap out of your programming and dare to source info elsewhere. It’s too painful for your Pavlovian programming to wander off elsewhere. Big brother will never lie to me, I can trust Jewish-owned sources, despite them being the perpetrators of this whole matrix.

        And ultimately you people are dangerously to society. Because you repeat this fairytale which helps protect the criminal elements in society who are destroying our world. Every time we support their narrative we are assisting their crimes.

        Its both shocking and sad. You trust the nice smily doctor in their white coats who administer your death injection. After all, they are ‘official’ and ‘recognised’. Likewise you trust the academia heads who have lied to you your entire lives. It is childlike naive trust that gets society in such mess, in every generation there are masses of people like you. What will you people NOT be deceived with? Anything goes, so long as its official.

        p.s. In reference to that KKK link you sent – had you done a scrap of INDEPENDENT research, you would have known that the KKK was another Jewish organised set p to discredit the white nationalists and ridicule anyone claiming the Truth about the Jews. Any you typically fell for it like the repeater you are and shallow levels of research. So predictable.


      • Now now lolonobo. Remember the rules. If you can’t behave and can’t be a good loser. You have to go. Come back when you’ve learnt to behave……and done your homework.

        You really have no levels of research at all. These link on how the jews are connected to KKK took about 5 seconds to source. And you say you know lots about the KKK and have found no links to judaism. You are a joke. And you say you’ve done your research into jewish perfidy. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!


        By the way, you haven’t told us which ones on this list you are under – come on, don’t be shy:

        I suppose you also believe the official story of 9/11 and also in denial that was too was a Jew job.
        This one is for you spudhead:

        “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

        ~ Plato

  74. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAtheist and commented:
    As long as our politicians and legislators are being bribed by Israel, and as long as we the people allow it. Nothing will ever change. We will continue to suffer the consequences of our sick relationship with a documented enemy. Israel” The Allie who was responsible for the Lavonne Affair, The attack on the USS Liberty and the 911 attacks on the WTC. In addition, we have allowed Israel and her agents of deceit to subvert our culture and National Politics, resulting in political dysfunction. Israel is as real of an enemy to the U.S. as any other in history, when Israel is recognized as a war mongering , disgusting example of Zionism… Then we might be able to fathom the depth of our involvement with the Garrison State and begin to distance our Nation from her, and in time reduce Israels ability to infiltrate our Legislation and politics. Our dumbed down Christian culture is all too happy to give Israel all that she needs to destroy our nation. The most prolific and profound statements that I hear from Christians concerning this matter, Is this ” Its all in gods hands now ” I find this statement to be an example of how dooped and doped the American Christian Culture has become, and their denial of the reality of Israel is stunning. We The People have the right to self determination, and I for one am determined to make my voice heard… Defund the Terror State of Israel. Separate our Nations interest from those of Israel, Remove all Dual Israeli American Citizens from Public Office, and view the State of Israel as a Terror State that is in violation of International law, and is actively engaged in Ethnic cleansing of Non Jews, Africans, Palestinian people, Genocide and War crimes. It is not the Jew who is the problem, It is the Zionist of Israel who are really Spiffed Up Moroccan Mercenary’s living under the guise of Judaism, they are the problem.

  75. richard1

     /  April 13, 2014

    rationalwiki.org/wiki/Holocaust_denial. did he make the quote in 1922 about hanging jews in rows of gallows or not? i expect you choose not to believe it. in fact you choose not to believe anything which doesnt tie in with your dubious beliefs. ok i now await categoristion. cheeers

    • No I believe he didn’t actually make this comment. More kosher propaganda.

      It is incredible that people like you have to make references to wiki – more kosher sources. Wiki reference, wiki reference – oh my word. How desperate are you people? I have to go back to this quote:

      Please, go to the dictionary and look up and learn the word INDEPENDENT…..in regards to INDEPENDENTLY sourced. INDEPENDENT research. What more can we say.

  76. richard1

     /  April 14, 2014

    lol very predictable reply. has anyone , anywhere ever criticised Hitler who is NOT a ‘kosher propagandist ‘ its a very very easy way for you to dismiss anything you don;t like and very lazy.perhaps you could go through the article i posted and tell us all where and how it is wrong?

    • lol very predictable reply. has anyone , anywhere ever criticised Hitler who is NOT a ‘kosher propagandist ‘ Of course – thousands of repeaters like you. But your link was a pathetic effort for proof. Everyone knows Wiki links are mainstream nonsense. its a very very easy way for you to dismiss anything you don;t like and very lazy. Only if the links were of any substance, but they’re not. They are pathetic Jewish tripe. perhaps you could go through the article i posted and tell us all where and how it is wrong? It’s easy – IT IS MAINSTREAM. That is enough. ANYTHINg coming from the mainstream is kosher owned and controlled.

      That is why we keep trying to get through to you spudheads the word INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT.
      But your programming or Jewish bais is refusing you to get this point.

      • richard1

         /  April 14, 2014

        oh right. so absolutely no one is capable of any independant thought who reads the MSM,any criticism of Hitler whatsover has no value because only you know the ‘truth’. the rest of us are ‘spudheads’ . right. i see.or according to you i don;t . wtf am i wasting my time here for, your smugness is impenetrable, you are on a par with those spudheads who believe we never landed on the moon. carry on.

      • oh right. so absolutely no one is capable of any independant thought who reads the MSM, Noooo, I didn’t say that. That’s your interpretation. We are saying that ALL MSM is Jewish MSM. Therefore the information coming from these sources is bias, propaganda.

        any criticism of Hitler whatsover has no value because only you know the ‘truth’. Well it can only have value, if there is depth behind it if it coming from detailed INDEPENDENT research from eminent INDEPENDENT researchers, not repeaters of Jewish lies and propaganda. It really is that simple. It’s just that cognitive dissonance will not allow you to see the simplicity of this.

        the rest of us are ‘spudheads’ . right. Well spudheads if all you can do is repeat, repeat, repeat what you have been told to think, feel, say by the JMSM. But not a spud head, if you genuinely believe the lie (as we all did once), but are willing/brave enough to look at the INDEPENDENT information from a plethora of sources.

        i see.or according to you i don;t . wtf am i wasting my time here for Well go away then, you’re not forced here, and you’re ignorance of the facts is embarrassing, your smugness is impenetrable, your interpretation of course for refusing to buckle down to propaganda, lies, repeatitis and idiots who refuse to look at independent research

        you are on a par with those spudheads who believe we never landed on the moon. carry on. Ha ha ha. Thank you, thank you. You have just nailed your final nail in your coffin. Shown how gullible and naive you really are. What will you people NOT believe from the Jews’ propaganda? You actually think people landed on the moon – ha ha ha. Incredible. That has been debunked a thousand times. Ohh dear. So sad.

      • I don’t wish to divert the attention from the main point of this post. Otherwise this is more distraction.

        I looked at the post but not had the time to go through it thoroughly. It didn’t spot any explanation for the ladder spotted. I heard that it would be impossible to penetrate the atmosphere. But this area is not my forte.

        I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

  77. Johnny Fang

     /  April 15, 2014

    Hello Digger,

    You’re clearly devoted to clearing up Hitler’s name not only because of the advocacy, but your time spent to adress each and every comment, which seems on par to the evidence given. I always believed in my intuition and remained aloof before modern beliefs as the whole world seems is corrupt: health, medical, food, and other industries.

    I’d just really like to get the best, most accurate copy of Mein Kampf, but I always see tainted versions. Could you refer me to yor particular copy of the book?

    ~Repent all, for the rapture is coming. God Bless

    I’m willing to place my real name here

    ~ Johnny Fang

    • Thank you Johnny,

      I do care about clearing up Hitlers name; but I care more about the Truth. By clearing up this myth, we open up the whole pandoras box of jewish deception. These demonic jews are trying to create a WW3 (their third world war). This is what I and many of us care about.

      As for the authentic version. I think this is a good version:

      Warning – it is a heavy read. needs a lot of digesting, because there is such profound substance to it.

      Thanks for contributing.

  78. Chris Alcock

     /  April 15, 2014

    Ok then so my first comment wasn’t posted be because I was disrespectful in a mature discussion, but it’s ok for you and your right wing looney cases to insult an entire race of people is it? My Grandad went to war just like thousands of other young men from Britain, the Commonwealth, continental Europe and the U.S.A. to fight for our rights for people like you to insult them all by posting such evil things. The reasons that I choose to ‘believe’ that the holocaust was real are as follows:
    1) I’am British and proud there maybe some Jewish people employed in the media in the UK but I don’t think they outnumber people of other ethnic backgrounds, I am not aware of me having any Jewish tutors throughout by time at School, College or University.
    2) I don’t fear change I embrace it, I can’t wait for the next election when I hope that the Labour party win and Ed Milliband (a Jew) will be Prime Minister.
    3) What is stubborn about knowing the truth?
    4) My IQ is 111.
    5) I have evolved like most sensible people to a state where I don’t have the need for religion in my life.
    6) It’s not very mature to stereotype the Jews as money grabbers I hope you can see the irony there.
    7) I’am not German my family can trace it’s roots in Britain back to the civil war.

    • Ok then so my first comment wasn’t posted be because I was disrespectful in a mature discussion, but it’s ok for you and your right wing looney cases to insult an entire race of people is it? Not right wing, nor left wing. Had you read my material, you would clearly see I have no political persuasions and see politics as a hinderance to spiritual growth and social development. And guess wot …..we ain’t looneys either.

      My Grandad went to war just like thousands of other young men from Britain, the Commonwealth, continental Europe and the U.S.A. to fight for our rights for people like you to insult them all by posting such evil things. You idiot. If you took your sorry arse out of your repeater head for a moment, you would see that we are fighting for Truth, for the essence that these brave soldiers – both my grandfathers fought for. It is only us who are brave enough and detached enough with pure logic and integrity that we are defending their spirits and integrity. It is only Truth which which bring about peace. People like us are trying desperately to prevent a WW3. It is repeater idiots like you who are perpetuating another Jew world war.

      The reasons that I choose to ‘believe’ that the holocaust was real are as follows:
      1) I’am British and proud there maybe some Jewish people employed in the media in the UK but I don’t think they outnumber people of other ethnic backgrounds, I am not aware of me having any Jewish tutors throughout by time at School, College or University.
      You have just delivered a nonsensical statement. What on earth are you talking about??? You utter clown. Proud are you that there are ‘some’ jewish people in the media. You are oozing ignorance. THE MEDIA IS JEWISH – FACT. You clown, you don’t have to have actual jewish teachers to petite the lies/propaganda. All you need is idiot Gentiles like you can do nothing else than repeat, repeat, repeat. In fact what will you NOT repeat??

      2) I don’t fear change I embrace it, I can’t wait for the next election when I hope that the Labour party win and Ed Milliband (a Jew) will be Prime Minister. Now you are proving you are the king of fools. You actually believe that voting counts and you haven’t yet worked out that they control both sides of any election. Anyway Cameron is a jew anyway.

      3) What is stubborn about knowing the truth? Ha – knowing the Truth. You wouldn’t know the Truth you repeater, if it slapped you in the face.

      4) My IQ is 111. Golly. Real intelligence is wisdom and you have proven without a doubt you have not a scrap of cognitive reason, detached knowledge or wisdom.

      5) I have evolved like most sensible people to a state where I don’t have the need for religion in my life. And??? What the fuck has that got to do with this holocaust being a big fat kosher lie. idiot, idiot, idiot.

      6) It’s not very mature to stereotype the Jews as money grabbers I hope you can see the irony there. You are blissfully ignorant of the jew character. Why the hell have they been booted out of 109 countries!? Research the jews and their USURY.

      7) I’am not German my family can trace it’s roots in Britain back to the civil war. What the hell has that got to do with the holocaust being a lie.

      Listen. Go away and don’t come back on this site. You have got to be one of the stupidest persons I have come across in my entire time on the internet. Only come back when you are educated on the real history. Study the links on my blog and elsewhere.

    • stevieb

       /  August 12, 2014

      Your IQ is clearly not 111. And if it was yours would be an excellent example for demonstrating how useless IQ tests are In determining intelligence. Try thinking for yourself….but I personally don’t think you’re at all capable. Shalom, Chris. If you are British at all, then you really are disgraceful for stupidly selling out your nation and kin to some VERY bad people indeed.

  79. richard1

     /  April 15, 2014

    noooooooooooo. thank you mr digger. lol . we never landed on the moon? right ok . i;m going to slowly leave whilst at all times keeping my eyes on you . please don’t hurt me. i suppose you actually believe bart sibrel is credible do you? all your so called proof that we never landed on the moon is debunked here ; http://www.clavius. org and here ;
    http://www.braeunig.us/space/hoax.htm. but of course just as you blame ‘jewish propaganda’ for the’holahoax’ you will undoubtably blame NASA for perpetrating the moonlanding ‘ myth’ take it easy dude.

    • You really are a gullible clown Richard. NASA IS JEW CONTROLLED ……you fool, you fool, you gullible fool.

      You have done it agin. Plucked out data from the jew main stream.

      Go off and munch on your potato spudhead. You are dangerous to the world.


      • richard1

         /  April 18, 2014

        yesssssssssssssss of course i am , but thanks for jolting me back to reality because to tell you the truth i was slightly waivering, i was asking myself hey perhaps this chap is onto something, maybe he’s right, maybe things arent’t as they seem, and to a certain extant i do think we haven’t been told the exact truth, but now you reveal yourself as a moon landing denier well its hard to take anything you write seriously. i have a hunch that you never even looked at the 2 sites i posted did you?. maybe you might look a t this one.
        do you reaaly think they would have gone into such microscopic detail in perpetrating this ‘hoax ‘. anyway i know this is off topic so i;ll call it a day . cheeers.

      • 🙂 Guilty – a moon land denier am I. I did take a brief look, but been a busy night for me, with e-mails, comments, posts and research.

        I do think they would easily go to the effort, because they own the film industries. The jews faked the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers, they faked The Boston marathon, the faked the Woolwich beheading and they faked all the other false flags. They would go to any means for their agenda. The purpose of the moon landing hoax was to whip the public into a frenzy about space exploration, for the purpose of putting spy satellites in space to bring in their orwellian control grid. Money is no object to them.

        Lets agree to disagree on this one. Perhaps you can discuss it with your Rabbi Richard.

  80. anonymous

     /  April 16, 2014

    Holocaust deniers are people who contend that the Holocaust – the attempt by Nazi Germany to annihilate European Jewry during World War Two – never happened. According to the deniers, the Nazis did not murder six million Jews, the notion of homicidal gas chambers is a myth, and any deaths of Jews that did occur under the Nazis were the result of wartime privations, not of systematic persecution and state-organized mass murder. Deniers dismiss all assertions that the Holocaust took place as conscious fabrications, or as psychotic delusions. Some even claim that Hitler was the best friend the Jews had in Germany, and that he actively worked to protect them. According to deniers, Jews have perpetrated this hoax about the Holocaust on the world in order to gain political and financial advantage, and it was in fact Germany that was the true victim in World War Two. Holocaust denial is a form of anti-Semitism, positing that Jews have concocted a giant myth for their own ends. It persists despite the fact that the Holocaust is one of the best documented genocides in history, with a wide array of evidence documenting virtually every aspect of it.

    For example, approximately a million Jews on the Eastern Front were shot during 1941-42, and buried in large pits. This is known partly because the Einsatzgruppen, the mobile killing units that coordinated these massacres, prepared detailed reports on the murders – reports that contained precise death tolls, broken down into men, women and children.

    These reports were sent to high ranking officials in Berlin, and to army, police and SS officers, as well as diplomats and even prominent industrialists. This wide distribution suggests that the perpetrators felt no shame at what they did. Had these killings not been part of Berlin’s policy, the reports would never have been so widely distributed. Deniers argue that evidence such as this was forged, after the end of World War Two, by people working for world Jewry. They claim that forgers created these and other documents – complete with complex internal reference markings, on typewriters that perfectly matched those used by the various German units said to have written the documents – and then planted thousands of these perfect forgeries in numerous different archival collections (in exactly the right file and in precisely the right sequence) all over Europe. Not only is such a scenario fantastically improbable, it fails to explain why these supposedly incredibly talented forgers did not succeed in producing the one piece of paper that deniers demand as ‘proof’ that genocide took place under the Third Reich – an order from Hitler authorizing the destruction of the Jews. Many perpetrators confessed to what they had done during the war, after it was over. For example, Otto Ohlendorf, commander of one of the Einsatzgruppen units, testified quite openly that between June 1941 and 1942 his Einsatzgruppe murdered 90,000 people.

    Deniers dismiss confessions by German perpetrators that a ‘Final Solution’ to the ‘Jewish question’ was indeed a part of the Nazi programme – by saying the confessions were produced under torture. They say that those who confessed knew their admissions would result in a death sentence, so would not have confessed except under duress – and that their accounts of their wartime activities should thus be disregarded.

    This, however, ignores the fact that some of the more detailed confessions were written after the perpetrators had been sentenced to death. It also ignores the fact that many of the perpetrators described – sometimes in great detail – what happened, but insisted that they either had nothing to do with it or were forced by their superiors to participate. Thus this argument fails to take into account the statements of Nazis such as the Commandant of Birkenau concentration camp, Rudolf Höss, who described the mass murders that took place in his camp in a document written after he had been sentenced to death. It also fails to account for Adolf Eichmann who, in the memoir he wrote during his trial, spoke of the gassing of the Jews. Some deniers explain away the confessions by positing that after the war these Germans were subjected to a barrage of propaganda, and themselves become victims of the hoax. One must marvel at the power of those supposed to be responsible for this hoax. Not only did they win the cooperation of the world’s greatest military and political powers, forge thousands of documents in record time without being detected, and create physical evidence attesting to an annihilation programme, but they even convinced the very people said to be a part of the hoax that it had actually happened. Some deniers posit that the Jews said to have been killed under the Nazi regime actually survived the war, and succeeded in avoiding detection by going to places such as the Soviet Union or the United States. In these countries, the deniers claim, there were already so many Jews that no one noticed a couple of million more. Deniers such as Arthur Butz offer other equally fantastic explanations as to the supposed ‘disappearance’ of millions of Jews. Many of those who were reported killed in the war, he suggests, actually survived – but did not re-establish contact with their pre-war relatives because they were in bad marriages. After the war they found other partners, established better relationships, started a new life and failed to correct the record. This improbable explanation of why these people deserted their families would be hilarious, were the topic not so serious.

    The real facts are much better documented. For example, it is known that Nazis used gas buses at one point to murder Jews (eventually they abandoned this system because it was not efficient enough). This is known partly because SS-Major General Dr Harald Turner, chief of the German Administration in Serbia, wrote to Karl Wolff, chief of Heinrich Himmler’s personal staff, on 11 April 1942.

    In the note Turner describes a ‘delousing van’ – the quotation marks around the word already suggest that it is a euphemism – then makes it quite clear what this means:

    “Already some months ago, I shot dead all the Jews I could get my hands on this area, concentrated all the Jewish women and children in a camp and with the help of the SD got my hands on a ‘delousing van’, that in about 14 days to 4 weeks will have brought about the definitive clearing out of the camp…”

    Additional details about these buses are to be found in a letter from Willy Just to SS Lieutenant Colonel Walter Rauff on 5 June 1942. In the letter, Just describes how a load of ‘97,000 have been processed’. He leaves little doubt about the nature of the load, when he writes about it pushing against the door as a result of ‘fear aroused by the darkness’.

    Just also offers Rauff a series of suggestions on how the vans might be improved. Since there was a problem of ‘off-road maneuverability’, he suggests that the cargo area be reduced. This would make the operation more efficient, because ‘… were the cargo area smaller, but fully occupied, the operation would take considerably less time, because there would be no empty space.’

    Deniers find it impossible to ‘explain away’ these kinds of documents so they generally ignore them.

    Most of all, deniers focus on the extermination camp run by the Nazis at Auschwitz. They claim – despite overwhelming documentary and physical evidence as well as eye-witness accounts by both perpetrators and victims – that it was not an extermination camp. They ignore or try to explain away evidence that leaves no doubt as to Auschwitz’s nefarious purposes. A small sample of the many pieces of documentary evidence demonstrates the far-fetched nature of their claims.

    Though the Germans made concerted attempts to avoid direct references to the gassings that took place in the camp, sometimes even those in the upper echelons slipped up. On 29 January 1943, for example, SS Captain Bischoff, head of the Auschwitz Central Construction Management, wrote to officials in Berlin regarding Crematorium 2, and in this letter he referred to a Vergasungskeller (gassing cellar).

    In the Auschwitz archives one can inspect the architectural drawings for Crematoria 4 and 5. These call for 30 x 40cm windows, through which Zyklon B was to be thrown. In February 1943 the Auschwitz Construction Office issued a work order for the ‘production of 12 gas-tight doors (window shutters) approximately 30/40cm’. In Auschwitz there remain a number of decrepit 30 x 40cm window shutters. The remnants of a gas-tight seal are still visible around their edges. The handle for closing the windows is on the outside, a decidedly impractical arrangement for any room, unless one wanted to ensure that those inside could not open them.

    On 28 February, according to the civilian contractors’ daily time-sheets, the gas-tight shutters were installed. A time-sheet dated 2 March 1943, and submitted by the contractor for work on Crematorium 4, mentions a ‘concrete floor in gas chamber’. These documents indicate that by March 1943 workers officially designated a room in Crematorium 4 a ‘gas chamber’.’ The drawings, work order, time-sheets, and remaining windows constitute a simple but stunning example of the confluence of evidence concerning the gassing of prisoners at the camp.

    Deniers also claim that the gas chambers were actually delousing chambers or morgues. But the documentary evidence proves this a bogus claim. In a letter dated 31 March, Bischoff refers to a ‘gas [tight] door’ for Crematorium 2, which was to be fitted with a rubberised sealing strip and a peephole for inspection. The deniers fail to explain why a door for a delousing chamber or morgue would need a peephole.

    Another claim is that the gas chambers were air-raid shelters. This argument ignores the fact that these supposed shelters were too small to house the camp inmates, and were over a kilometer away from where the guards were quartered – a decidedly silly arrangement if these shelters were meant to protect them. Furthermore, the doors had a metal grille over the peephole on the inside of the door – to protect the glass from being broken from within – exactly the opposite of where it would be were it the door for an air-raid shelter. And indeed there were proper one- or two-person air-raid shelters for guards around the camp. They are still visible at the perimeter of Birkenau.

    Most importantly, to support their position, deniers also have to ignore testimony given by perpetrators such as Hans Stark, a member of the Auschwitz ‘Gestapo.’ At his trial Stark described the killing process.

    “As early as autumn 1941 gassings were carried out in a room…[which] held 200 to 250 people, had a higher than average ceiling, no windows, only a specially insulated door with bolts like those of an airtight door [Luftschutzer]. The room had a flat roof, which allowed daylight in through the openings. It was through these openings that Zyklon B in granular form would be poured.”

    Stark told the court that, because the Zyklon B ‘… was in granular form, it trickled down over the people as it was being poured in. They then started to cry out terribly for they now knew what was happening to them.

    In February 1943 Auschwitz camp building authorities complained to Topf, the company that built the crematoria equipment, that they needed ventilation blowers ‘most urgently’. Why the urgency, if this was an air-raid shelter, morgue, or delousing chamber? Deniers hypothesise that the urgency was a result of official fears that the camp would be hit with a typhus epidemic, which would cause a tremendous spike in the death toll. Without the proper ventilation system, the crematoria would not be able to operate.

    Deniers try to bolster their argument about the typhus by pointing to documents which show that at this point in time the planned monthly incineration rate of Auschwitz had been boosted to 120,000 bodies. Deniers claim this was because of the typhus epidemic. However, the camp’s projected population was 150,000. For the deniers’ explanation to make sense, in one month an epidemic would have to kill four-fifths of Auschwitz’s population and the Germans would have to repopulate the camp with 120,000 people. This claim exceeded the absolute worst case epidemiological scenario.

    On 6 March 1943, one of the civilian employees working on the construction of Crematorium 2 referred to the air extraction system of ‘Auskleidekeller [undressing cellar] 2’. No normal morgue could require an undressing room, particularly one that was 50 yards long. In that same month, there were at least four additional references to Auskleidekeller. It is telling that civilians who, according to the deniers, were in Birkenau to work on underground morgues, repeatedly referred not to morgues but to the ventilation of the ‘undressing cellars’.

    In the same letter the employee asked about preheating the areas that would be used as the gas chamber. If these were morgues they should be cooled, not preheated. Heating a gas chamber, on the other hand, would speed the gassing process by more quickly vaporizing the gas from the Zyklon B.

    A letter dated 31 March 1943, regarding Crematorium 3, spoke of it as having a Gastür, a gas door. Deniers argue that this could mean many things. But the inventory attached to the handover documents for the crematorium states that it had a Gasdichtetür, a ‘gas-tight door’. One might argue about the meaning of Gastür, but it is hard to squabble over a gas-tight door.

    Deniers have said for years that physical evidence is lacking because they have seen no holes in the roof of the Birkenau gas chamber where the Zyklon was poured in. (In some of the gas chambers the Zyklon B was poured in through the roof, while in others it was thrown in through the windows.) The roof was dynamited at war’s end, and today lies broken in pieces, but three of the four original holes were positively identified in a recent paper. Their location in the concrete matches with eyewitness testimony, aerial photos from 1944, and a ground photo from 1943. The physical evidence shows unmistakably that the Zyklon holes were cast into the concrete when the building was constructed.

    There is much additional evidence affirming Auschwitz/Birkenau’s role as a killing centre. There is no reputable evidence that affirms the deniers’ claims.

    Deniers have repeatedly attacked the authenticity of the famous Diary of Anne Frank, which tells of the young Jewish author’s experiences as she and her family hid from Nazi persecution in Holland. It seems they believe that by creating doubts about this popular book, which is often a young person’s first encounter with the literature of the Holocaust, they can generate broader doubts about the Holocaust itself. Their attacks on the diary became so widespread, that eventually the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, the archives to which Anne’s father left the work, subjected the glue, paper and ink of the diary to extensive forensic tests. They found them all to be from the 1940s.

    The investigators compared Anne’s handwriting in the diary to other samples of her writing, including letters she wrote before going into hiding, and traditional student autograph books she signed before the war. The tests found the handwriting to be that of the same person. In fact, every test to which the diary was subjected proved that this was a genuine World War Two era work by a teenager.Deniers also argue that there are multiple versions of the Diary of Anne Frank. This, they claim, proves it is a fraud. Actually, there are multiple versions of the diary, and Anne herself explains why this is so. In 1944, a Dutch government official, broadcasting from London, urged the population to save eyewitness accounts of their wartime experience, including memorabilia and diaries. Hearing this, Anne, decided to rewrite some of the entries. She also used her diary as a basis for a novel, The Annexe. Hence the different versions.

    Deniers also make the claim that the diary is in green ballpoint pen, something that was not readily available during the war. And there are, in fact, some minor stylistic marginal notes in green ink. However, as the Dutch investigation demonstrated, the only ballpoint writing is on two scraps of paper included among the loose leaves, and these have no significance whatsoever in terms of content. Moreover, the handwriting on the scraps of paper differs markedly from those in the diary, indicating that they were written by someone else, an editor perhaps.

    The final result of the Dutch investigation was a critical 712-page edition of the diary containing the original version, Anne’s edited copy, and the published version as well as the experts’ findings. While some may argue that the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation used an elephant to swat a fly, once again it becomes clear that the deniers glibly make claims that have no relationship to the most basic rules of truth and evidence.

    All this evidence, and much else, demonstrates the nature of the deniers’ claims. Much of this information was entered into the High Court of Justice in London as evidence when the author of this article was sued for libel by David Irving, a man who has written many books on World War Two, a number of which deny the Holocaust.

    Irving sued for libel because he had been described as a Holocaust denier in one of the present author’s books. He contended this was not true, because his claims about the Holocaust were correct. The judge in the case, Judge Gray, however, found Irving, who introduced virtually all of the standard denial arguments into his submission, to be indeed a Holocaust denier.

    Dismissing Irving’s claims that the gas chambers were an impossibility, the judge noted that that the ‘cumulative effect of the documentary evidence for the genocidal operation of the gas chambers’ was not only ‘considerable’ but ‘mutually corroborative’.

    Judge Gray, who found the eyewitness and documentary evidence to be ‘striking[ly]… consistent’, concluded that ‘no objective, fair-minded historian would have serious cause to doubt’ the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, which were used on a substantial scale to kill Jews. He found Irving’s arguments – and by extension the claims of deniers in general – to be ‘perverse and egregious’.

    Furthermore, the judge said that Irving had ‘significantly misrepresented what the evidence, objectively examined, reveals’. (For the complete judgement, the daily transcripts, and the expert witness reports see http://www.hdot.org – the link is given below.)

    Holocaust denial is a form of virulent anti-Semitism. But it is not only that. It is also an attack on reasoned inquiry and inconvenient history. If this history can be denied any history can be denied.

    Holocaust deniers have, thus far, been decidedly unsuccessful in convincing the broader public of their claims – although many people worry that after the last of the Holocaust survivors has died (most are now in their 80s) deniers will achieve greater success. However, historians, carefully relying on a broad array of documentary and material evidence, a small sample of which is mentioned in this article, can and already have demonstrated that Holocaust denial is a tissue of lies.

    Find out more


    Lying About Hitler by Richard Evans (Basic Books, 2001)

    History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving by Deborah E Lipstadt (to be published in 2005)

    The Case for Auschwitz: Evidence from the Irving Trial by Robert Jan van Pelt (Indiana University Press, 2002)

    Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers by Jean-Claude Pressac (Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, c.1989)

    Auschwitz: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’ by Laurence Rees (BBC Books, 2005)

    Denying History: Who says the Holocaust never happened and why do they say it? by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman (University of California Press, 2000)


    http://www.hdot.org: This site contains the transcripts from David Irving v. Penguin, UK and Deborah Lipstadt, as well as the expert reports, various court submissions, and the judgement.

    http://www.holocaust-history.org/: This site is an extensive archive of documents, photographs, recordings and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial.

  81. anonymous

     /  April 16, 2014

    your truly a coward for deleting my comment, digger. you know you only face certain embarrassment, so you decide to hide behind closed doors and deny the truth longer. best of wishes my friend, the rest of us are letting you rot in your own deceit.

  82. Bob McDonald

     /  April 16, 2014

    Excellent work Digger ,yes we the people are finding the truth thanks to all the good peoples efforts , the Jews hate us so much , and will stop at nothing to destroy us ,I often wondered before I woke up , about the 2nd war ,but always just to busy too tired ,can’t be bothered , don’t care ,what a goose hey ? but then I woke up been 5 years now , I have learn’t more in that time than I could have in 3 life times as a brain dead person , so COOEE wake the…… up everyone , problem is everyone here is awake ,apart from the shabbot Goy’s , anyway my relatives didn’t fight wars for the bankers to be controlled as slaves by the filthy child molesting subhuman Holocaust lying jews , thanks heaps for the work you put in here digger !! ANZAC BLOOD

    • Glad you’ve woken up Bob. Thanks for support. Please do your bit to spread the word.

      Thanks for contributing

  83. richard1

     /  April 18, 2014

    lol i was going to call it a day but your remark ‘ perhaps you could discuss it with your Rabbi’ does require a response if only to put you right, i;m not Jewish or any other religion or even of the jewish race. all religion is bollocks. i can’t resist one last comment about the moon landings, they took place at the height of the cold war. russia had already sent unmanned carft to the moon and had the capabilty of tracking spacecraft all the way to the moon. they tracked the apollo missions, dont you think if the Americans didnt actually go to the moon, the Russians would have let everyone know? i am not 100% sure you are wrong about Hilter but you are definately 100% wrong about the moon landings.
    ok i;m outta here, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers

    • Well, Richard ol sport, we part on a good note after all that banter. As I too concede that I am not 100% sure man never went to the moon. I just cannot believe a frigin word the JMSM tells us as history. Everything I have looked at tells me it smacks of more Jewish deception.

      Its been fun 🙂

  84. Taylor

     /  April 19, 2014

    Its a shame that i was taught in highschool that hitler was a bad man, i have played video games all the way since n64. All medal of honor and early call of dutys just made hitler look bad. Personally i just wanna know from all the pictures i have seen of the body piles and shit are they real? I mean so many people fucking hate the idea that hitler was a good man. People think im crazy when i bring it up, but theres more reasoning behind everything right? I mean what sane man would go and slaughter 6million jews? Especially when he stood for so much more, and i was deep into these comments and saw the WARNING hitler gave the jewish people that was true. Usury is a fucking deadly thing and people need to be educated on this and the economic crisis getmany was falling into. Whatever if you see this id love to talk!!!! Thank you

    • We hear you Taylor, we hear you. But ……the problem with us Truthers, is we try to use LOGIC. That is our downfall in many ways. It may seem logical to use logic, but we soon realise we are dealing with a mass hypnosis and sadly we are not equipped to counter this mass hypnosis. Even amongst our long term friends and loved ones. These people have been trained to react by emotions. They are making emotive reactions to what we are saying.

      You say – “…so many people fucking hate the idea that hitler was a good man.” Well, this isn’t stickly how it is. What’s really going on is they hate the fact that they have allowed themselves to be deceived and deceived for so long. They hate the fact that they will then have to concede that EVERYTHING they have been told is lies. And ultimately that their life is just one big illusion. Most people’s ego just can’t handle that. Again, it’s all mind games and intense psychology.

      Try not to burn out with all of this. You can only do your bit. Those who wake, are only those who choice to wake up. All a spiritual choice.

      Thanks for contributing.

    • Bob McDonald

       /  April 19, 2014

      Hey your right we were all taught those lies ,it’s hard to get a lifetime of lies out of your system , not to mention the criminal media they are accessories before and after the fact , I still get butterflies /whatever and conflict in my brain and gut when rationalising the facts of whats really going on , all I know for sure is that we have all been lied to since birth ,and we all need to wake up and accept the truth as we now know it and do something ,or we too let humanity down , the truth does set you free and it triples your power ,I have learned more in the last 5 years than I could have all my life ,or could have learned in 3 lifetimes ,hook in mate ,don’t worry about your friends ,ask them where did they get their beliefs from ,…..der ! the NEWS ? all fiction ..

      • Thank you Bob. Yes, I always make a point of asking people this direct probing question “Where did you get that information from?”
        Which of course I know the answer.

      • Bob McDonald

         /  April 20, 2014

        People get very defensive don’t they when you question their beliefs , and later it plays on their mind ,so of course we must take every opportunity to tell the truth ,and ask them about Hitler ,even strangers , I love the look on their faces when they question their own beliefs for that quick second , someone I told about Hitler this morning ,said everyone is entitled to their own views , yes ,but this is not a view it is fact and truth so Yeeha ! on we go !

      • Ha ha. Wud love to go on the streets Truthing with you. I love to shock these zombies too. It’s a metaphoric slap across their comatised faces.

  85. Jacob

     /  April 19, 2014

    It is a shame that schools don’t have any books (Mein Kampf for example) to give an argyment for the side of the Germans; people have excessively demonized Hitler. It is just really sad that schools will not accept different opinions. For example: if I wrote an essay in my English class regarding the heroism and good traits of Hitler, I would probably get a detention or something like that.

    • Yes, you are right Jacob. The judaic system is stacked against us – because we have let it. It is now left to us, to squeeze this harsh Truth up to the surface. The hardest task in life, with no immediate rewards. And maybe no rewards in our lifetime, but a spiritual obligation.

      I’m sure you are aware that your priorities must be not to score brownie points from a school which perpetuates lies; but score points with your soul.

      Thanks for contributing.

  86. Samuel

     /  April 19, 2014

    Now I don’t feel strongly one way or the other about Hitler. Just some stuff here and there. I am a bit ignorant on this subject and I hope you can understand that, Digger. But why exactly did Hitler blame the Jews for everything (not everything but I can’t name specifics)? Thanks dude

  87. Kansas Tony

     /  April 20, 2014

    Digger I have to commend you on your patience with these idiots. I would loose it from the beginning. How you bothered to dissect their nonsense. I wouldn’t give these clowns the time nor energy. The evidence is overwhelming like you say. They refuse to look at the evidence. If they did they would see the proof. Thank you for sharing such truth.

    • Welcome to DFT Tony,

      Thank you for your support. I have to have some patience (although it is difficult) – but it’s not for these deniers. It is for the Truth. It is for the German heritage, it is for Hitler’s name, etc. This is why it is so important to smash these lies and put these repeaters back in their box. I accept people will believe the lies, but I will not accept people not looking at this independent evidence and still repeating it.

      The sad thing is Tony these repeaters are not necessarily idiots. They function ‘normally’ in society and keep relationships, hold jobs, fix up cars, work difficult formulas out and resolve many practical problems. Yet they can’t get over this particular hypnosis.

      That’s why I wrote ‘Seminal Truth’ because it explains that no matter what amount of impartial Truth one provides them, they cannot shift out of repeater mode. Their hypnosis has penetrated too deep.

      Thanks for contributing.

      • Taylor

         /  April 22, 2014

        One thing ive always wanted to know is what did those people die from that are in the giant piles of bodies? The typhus? And is it true that most of the bodies werent even jewish people? And some progress from me, been looking through some these well written blogs. My friends have now started to wake up, still a gentle subject none the less.

      • Fair question. The real answer is: from lack of nutrition, hygiene, lack of hope/despair, etc. But the direct answer is: mainly typhus and diarrhoea.
        But the real question is ‘Why?’. it was because the allied Jewish-controlled forced who were attacking Germany’s train transportation and the food supplies were not getting through. They were not Jews specifically, they were a mixture of anti-social criminals who were contained.

        Well done for having the bravery and curiosity to think outside the box……to break down your programming. Equally well done taylor for sharing the Truth.

        These links will answer every question you have: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/amended-history/

        Thanks for contributing.

  88. New page ‘Amended History’ – a compilation of links: websites, books, articles and films on this topic.

    Anyone who honestly studies the solid information on this page and still is in denial of this Truth – they are truly hypnotised or loaded with their tribal bias.


  89. BillyBobBoeJimJoe

     /  April 21, 2014

    This is actually really cool. When I first read this, I was annoyed that hitler was looked at that way. but there is always to sides to the story, and everyone has been just focusing on one.
    I luv ur stff :<)

  90. aus50

     /  April 22, 2014

    All truth

  91. Chris Alcock

     /  April 22, 2014

    I was merely giving a reply to the comments that you left for me Mr Digger, I’m trying to have a conversation with you and all you do is make it personal I hope your proud of the contribution that your Grandfathers made to the war effort but please explain why the Jews would want ww3.

    • Chris, you have to become jew-wise. And the only way you can do that is invest a huge amount of time reading up on Jewish perfidy. It is their goal plan to take over the world. They speak about this openly in their books and writings and speak. One only has to look at The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. Through war they benefit as far as their demonic evil ways. [the elite Jews]. Apart from dividing and ruling, and the financial benefits, the get their ultimate goal – eugenics, pain and destruction. They/it are/is energy vampires and gain our collective fear-based energy. There are a hundred reasons why they want to bring on their WW3.

      You have to start dong some independent reading Chris. If you had, you really would not have asked such a question.

      The problem with those of us who some trace of sanity and ethics, is we make the mistake of using LOGIC. That is what you are understandably doing Chris. But we just cannot with these demonic psychopaths. It really is on that level.

      Please read the plethora of information on my sidebars, or anywhere on the internet on this judaic beast.

      Thanks anyway for contributing.

  92. Bob McDonald

     /  April 22, 2014

    Reblogged this on " ANZAC BLOOD " Truth Freedom and Justice ! and commented:
    Wake Up Australia this is Not ISRALIA Our Diggers Did not die so these creatures can steal our land and resources rape our children and poison us The Holocaust was all blatant lies Jew LIES , I Believe our Dead Anzacs would be ashamed of us for not standing up and being counted , Nazi jews In Tamworth hell yes ! Traitors in Tamworth Hell yes , The Commonwealth of Australia is a criminal organisation regd in the USA who is in turn regd to the British crown No not dizzie Lizzy the JEW crown the Holocaust liars crown , time to rip that crown of those clowns and give it back to gods chosen people Humanity , all you Cowards who can’t or won’t face the truth Thanks for Nothing you are the problem , Australia operates under NO BASIS IN LAW ,and has Committed Treason on the country it’s people and most of all our Diggers the Anzacs the true spirit of Australia BAE 911 Israel 911 Fukushima Israel Boer for Israel , ww1 for Israel ww3 for Israel ww3 for Israel , so yes it’s time to Destroy Israel and Free humanity . And Don’t forget Hitler was a Good guy what they said about him has been proven to be total Jew Lies , Who runs Australia Jew Liars who runs Tamworth Cryptic Jew Liars , The Media have lied by omission by not telling all Australians that 48 Politicians Judges and other Traitors were charged with Treason Offences they Hide the truth from us and they need to pay for that there is no rule of law at all in Australia But we can fix all of these problems very easily study the true facts on History , learn who you really are , A flesh and blood person or a legal person ,the laywers are criminals ,as are the Judges , I have 100 % Proof of all I claim , so if the truth upsets you Go to Hell ! 96% of all Media is Jew Media !

  93. Walter

     /  April 24, 2014

    I highly recommend the book “The first holocaust” by Don Heddesheimer. It details how it was tried to sell the 6-million story as early as 1906 in the New York Times, at that time the Russians being the people to be demonized. Heddesheimer describes about 30 such articles with facsimiles of the actual newspaper pages. It must be realized that the number six is of utmost importance in Jewish number magic, hence the constant invocation of it. These are childish tactics, but he who owns the press, television, book printing, education and political system controls the flow of myths and stories.
    Another interesting facet to the death toll in the internment and work camps is that it is officially at about 300000 of all causes and of all inmates (= not just Jews) during the entire time of existence of the Third Reich. This includes the 20000 dead inmates at Nordhausen after an American bombing raid, the 7000 dead inmates whch perished in Kiel Harbor in early May 1945 after a British attack on the ship they were on, and probably the thousands who died of typhus in Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen after occupation by the British, who found it impossible to get the raging epidemic under control, despite ample supplies of medications, disinfectants and food, and a restored sanitary system previously destroyed by Allied bombing attacks. The information on the number of dead in the camps is kept in a center in Bad Arolsen/Germany, but not everyone is allowed to examine the files.

  94. Dillon

     /  April 24, 2014

    Oh my god this is such bull crap. Have you not read Anne Frank? First hand accounts of exterminations in gas chambers in Nazi containment camps are EVERYWHERE! Six million Jews, gays, physically disabled people, non-communists, and many others were killed during the Holocaust, many in gas chambers. You need to face facts about what Hitler was, and that is pure evil if there is such a thing. You don’t think that the supreme dictator of Germany, who has control over everything that occurred, would not have knowledge that people were being killed rapidly in these camps? No, he would. And besides that fact, he WAS a prejudiced, sadistic a-hole who easily deserved his fate.

  95. abcde

     /  April 24, 2014

    Perhaps it would be appropriate to look at H’s astrology chart (Vedic). Jupiter – own house. Mars – own house. Sun – exalted. Saturn, a yoga significator for Libra ascendants, in the 10th house. yup the man had great effect on the world. But manifestation is weird. The closer you zoom in the less matter appears to be there. The wise have said: the universe is a confusion, its best not to think about it. But who can stop the endless roaming of the mind?? btw who in the annals of history is considered a good being? abe LIncoln or mother Teresa? good people are never heard of but great people have mixed reputation. Face it, no one really cares about any of this. The world is a lie through and through, or a dream or whatever adjective suits you. There is no proof anything exists either. But you can do lip service and pretend all you want. Which sports team do you like? the nazis or the joos or the anrachists or the individualists or the scientists or hwat? There are theories galore and talking heads doing their deeds and the world goes round and round. Chill. Its not really important at all. Yay our sports team won! Hurrah, on to next season.. to win again.. Sure it apparantly sucks to live today and slave away at menial tasks and it seems we need to find a culprit to all this endless torture/insanity of existence. If only we hadnt made that error. If only General Patton was not killed. If only we prove once and for all that money is printed on computer screen .. what next? golden age? when people have huge bodies and sit around thanking god. Gobledigoo. The mind rolls on .. until eventually it stops. and everything is revealed to vanish. All these mental terms we use are really a conspiracy. a conspiracy to give shape to vague fuzz of empty space. Who the hell is a joo anyways? Oh your mind wants to be one , then one you are. Who needs Satan when God already created everything? If only God can shut up then we can finally relax. And reading mein cumf will not do it. or maybe it just might. We guys are all funny. I love the devotion and passion and utter hyperness to some ‘where the hell is that photon really’ cause. Ive been to Munich. Nice place,
    was staying at an old house where they where celebrating 100th birthday of their dead mother. Himmlers daughter was there. As well as general Wolffs son. Heydrichs son couldnt make it. They are all just humans. With particularized minds. Not that I am a know it all, but it does seem there is nothing particular needed to know. Do you guys think that leaves talk to each other? Oh that leaf is the bad one. They all just grow out of a tree. Peace Y’all!
    Oh and when someone finally proves something about something any which where, then for sure ‘God’ will come down and bless you and release you from mental torture of existance.
    Gotta Thank Diggs for the forum. I wonder if you dig deep enough do you fall out the other side?
    Peace out.

  96. Remnant

     /  April 24, 2014

    Hi Digger, thank you for writing this article and standing up for Truth. I notice a lot of commentators on here simply don’t understand the Jewish mindset–what they believe, what they teach and how/why they behave the way they do (in general). If you do not understand the Jewish mindset, you will easily fall for their lies.
    For those who seek the Truth, I would recommend the impeccably researched book “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit” by Michael Hoffman. This book was available on Amazon, then a Rabbi complained that it was “antisemitic” (it is clearly NOT as anyone who has read it knows), so Amazon removed it, then when they received backlash for censorship they made it available again, but only in the “rare” books which jacked the price up to $80 or more, making it difficult for many to afford (all this is a good example of the influence the Rabbis and other elite Jews have in the business arena). Fortunately, the book is available for Kindle for only around $25 which is how I obtained and read it. The information in his book cannot be refuted because he takes the information directly from the Jews’ most holy book, the Talmud.
    I would also recommend “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finklestein (since labeled a “self-hating Jew” because he dared to expose the lies of his Tribe). Finklestein lays out all the reasons as to why this false narrative of extermination has been perpetuated. (It mostly boils down to money).
    Keep up the good work Digger!

    • Thank you Remnant. Totally, if one is not Jew-conscious in this world, one just cannot phathom what is going on and see through the plethora of lies and deceit.

      Thanks for contributing.

  97. The Moderator

     /  April 26, 2014

    So I feel sorry for the Jewish Victims or the horrific holocaust. They are not only a victim to that, they are a victim to the Zionist elite

  98. The Moderator

     /  April 26, 2014

    Another thing that I criticize about you is your antisemitism. You are beig prejudiced against innocent jews based on what their ZIONIST leaders do. You have to understand that they are innocent people who misguided into believing that their leaders are good. Understand the difference between Jews and Zionists

  99. You know my name :)

     /  April 28, 2014

    Just a proof…..type illuminati backwards itanimulli and ad dot com at the end….itanimulli.com
    As you will see it open up NSA’s Home page…….So well the truth do not lie or?….We the human race have been puppets for a way to long time…..And I have open eyes and will never fall for what are told unless I myself look at the facts with my own eyes by my own research, I as others here appologies for my English as it is not my native Lang…I am from Sweden so Swedish is my Lang…..I do want to give you a big Plus Digger for going against the main stream and digging up information to show this points for us who seek knowledge and not political lies…….

    • Thank you. Every Swedish person I have met has been sound. Just a shame 90%+ have been fallen for the politically correct dogma. Well done for escaping this.

      Thank you for your support. Thanks for contributing.

      • SZ

         /  May 7, 2014

        My pleasure Digger and keep up the good work.

  100. well done man , just lot of people dont know truth and they keep trash talk the real sence of Hitlers ideas were amazing , massive respect to adolf .

  101. Carl Johnson

     /  April 30, 2014

    One of the biggest misconceptions about Hitler was Jesse Owens at the 1936 olympics, Hitler only wanted to give medals to German athletes but was told that he had to give medals to the winners from whatever country they were from or no medals to anyone, so he didn’t snub anyone. Owens actually said when he returned to the U.S.A. despite him winning gold Roosevelt didn’t invite him to the whitehouse. http://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-jesse-owens

  102. Aj

     /  April 30, 2014

    The world would be a much better places if Germany had won the war.
    Im English and proud of it however I wish we had allied with the Axis forces in ww2

    Im now a minority in my own country, I cant smoke in my own bloody bar… and the rights and cultures of foreigners in my country are more important that ours, apparently…

    Not to mention the fact my daughters are taught in school that the jews were almost exterminated during WW2 and we should all feel sorry for them..
    Almost exterminated, persecuted for hundreds of years… FEEL SORRY FOR US?!?!!?

    Little do most people know they pretty much control the fucking world… any of you wonder where the IMF money comes from???

  103. Shepley

     /  May 1, 2014

    Jewish are trying to destroy canada by controlling media and government.
    Creating more poverty.
    It’s really sad to see there’s so many ignorant over here and everywhere i guess.

    One day jewish will fall…
    and we will take back what’s ours.
    Our country.

  104. I have been tolerant and patient enough with the idiots who want to continue to repeat the JEWISH main stream narrative that he was an evil man. And the fairytale of the holohoax.

    I have provided plenty of opportunity for honest debate. With opportunity to discuss the plethora of real historical evidence I have provided. But of course nobody can provide a scrap of evidence to refute this Truth.

    So there will be no more jewish controlled Wiki-links accepted, or any other jewish sourced nonsense. This is all about confusion, time wasting, energy draining. By idiot repeaters and jewish trolls. So I would not waste your time with your comments – they will simply be trashed from now on.

    I will also not accept strong threatening insults. Nor put up with clowns who wouldn’t know the Truth if it slapped them in the face. Clowns who can only repeat, repeat, repeat.

    The cat’s out the bag. The Truth is shining now and it’s getting brighter and brighter and brighter each day. These pedlars of lies, deception, confusion and stupidity are screeching to this beautiful Light. And for those of us who are aligned with the Truth, find their sad pathetic screeching enjoyable to observe.

  105. What if Germany won the WAR?

  106. krenar-albanian

     /  May 7, 2014

    good (Y)

  107. Couldn’t agree more. He is the son of god. He saved millions.

  108. Vishnu Sharma

     /  May 9, 2014

    I am from India, in India, the number of admirers of Hitler rumber in the hundreds of millions,
    We are all to familiar with the lies and anti-national Marxist propaganda which the Germans constantly had to bear before electing a great cultured genius like Adolf Hitler as their leader.

    In India Hitler is known and described as THE GREATEST BRAHMIN of ALL Time,
    Our teachers and parents all tell us that there was never a world leader as great as and as loved by his people as he and how he sacrificed his life for the German Fatherland.

    As members of the Aryan Race we Indians also watch painfully as the Marxist-Islamic virus attempts to devour our Fatherland, We are now in the process of making Shri Narendra Modi India’s Prime Minister hoping that divine providence helps him in his quest to make India a great power -Neat , Efficient and full of Idealism and Purpose like Germany was during Hitler’s time.

    Shri Modi is a great admirer of Adolf Hitler,

    Many tines I have had tea with him in the evenings and during these casual conversations in his mountain guest-house while staring at the mountains in a distance, he has remarked that
    India needs a leader of Hitler’s Caliber to completely destroy the Marxist-Islamist stranglehold that is choking the life out of her people and set her on the correct path.

    Hitler and his progressive views and aesthetic sense will always inspire us National Democrats in India for all time to come.

    May the providence bless our struggle and crown it with success.

    Jai Hind.

    • Welcome to DFT Vishnu,

      Thank you for this fascinating comment. I had heard similar views of this, but it is interesting to hear from someone direct with this experience.

      However, unfortunately I do believe International Jewry have never left India, from the time of the Raj. The whole British Empire was a jew-controlled operation. Ensuring the brits take the entire brunt of it.

      Thank you for contributing

  109. Hi Digger

    Thanks for a really great site, I have just stumbled across it to my pleasant surprise.

    Anyhow, regarding Adolf Hitler and why he was one of the good guys,I could add that he was not Stalin. Joseph Stalin, our friend and ally, *the* second biggest butcher of the 20th century after Mao. The company we kept! lol

    Hitler is widely regarded as the most evil man who ever lived. No one can say a good word about him without being jumped on.We never hear anyone talk about Stalin that way.Therein lies the evidence that we are the subjects of a mass propaganda program.

    If Victor Suvarov, a former soviet intel analyst is correct in his book, Icebreaker, then a great debt is owed to Adolf Hitler. He says that Stalin was preparing to invade western Europe before the Germans preempted him. If that had actually happened then Soviet tanks would have kept going to the English Channel. Would they have stopped there?
    So, AH and the Germans can be thanked for saving Europe from complete Soviet domination.

    Another reason Hitler was one of the good guys is that while he believed in the German people, he believed in all cultures striving for their own cultural development.In other words he was against multiculturalism. As it is, we in all European based countries are being flooded with third world immigrants, designed to break down our societies. Who has pushed this on us? The same group that pushes for open borders and cultural destruction of host societies everywhere, except in their own country, Israel.

    Another reason Hitler was one of the good guys. There was simply no one else who could have done what he did, restoring Germany to its rightful place, after the WW1 victors tried to strangle it. If it weren’t for him then Germany may well have had a communist revolution. How would that have worked out for Britain, France and the US, with a communist Soviet Union AND Germany?

    Yet another reason…….

    “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

    There it is, Churchill taking responsibility for starting WW2

    And another Churchill quote

    “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” –

    And a few more for good measure

    “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” — Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)
    “Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” — Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US – General Robert E. Wood)

    “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” — Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)

    So really, who started the war that Hitler was blamed for?And if the real cause of the war has been lied about for so long, what credence can be placed of the rest of “`accepted history” regarding that period?

    And if another reason is required, Hitler is the father of Israel. It was under the Nazis that the transfer agreement was instated, and many Jews emigrated to Palestine that way, with Nazi assistance. It took someone of Adolf Hitler’s understanding to recognise that Germans and Jews best not live together. The Zionists recognised that too and so worked together with the nazis to create what is now called Israel.

    Thanks again, Digger for such an excellent site and putting all this info together…..

    Cheers Ron

    • Thank you Ron for your kind, positive comments. It helps readdress the balance from the lashings I get from the trolls and ‘willful’ ignorance out there ;-).

      Yes everything is upside down and inside. What an inverted illusory propagandised world we truly live in. Where characters such as the scummy Churchill are lorded – ha. You know once I went up to Churchill’s bronze statue in London and spat on it, to the shock and horror of some American tourists nearby 🙂 He was a drunken, ill-disciplined peudo and Hitler was a well-disciplined, spiritual, man of ethics. And look what people are conditioned to believe.

      Thanks for contributing

  110. polsp

     /  May 13, 2014

    You’re so damn good at responding to other people! How do you do it?

    • Thanks. I’m devoted to the Truth. My reasoning is that I was new to this subject once and people are vulnerable when starting of and can be easily side-tracked with dis-information.

      To help the Truth s for a hundred treasons and more.

      Thanks for contributing.

      • i am devoted to the truth too, thankx for contrubuting.. Digger..
        I’m really glad that you make this page to purify Hitler’s image

      • “Many repeaters repeat what repeaters repeat; then further still, other repeaters then go on to repeat what they have heard from these repeaters. And so the repeating repeats.”

        ~ Digger

        – That’s why I never reapeat. I have great originality, unlike any others.

      • Although, to be honest – we all repeat to some degree 🙂

    • I am also pretty surpised how he did it though…
      if it wasnt for that 7-8 years of experience… i wont have the skill
      You are truely my hero, Digger… Thank You for your sacrafice of time

    Thank you digger for writing this XD I can finally find someone supporting my belief that hitler was such a great man.
    We are just being lied to by the gigantic, powerful, jewish media although jewish population was only 1.7% of the population in Europe and was discriminated because they are such terrible, sneaky, and greedy creatures.

    Must say.. the Jews did a really great job in making the propaganda and ruin Germany with usury though, considering they have such great number of population, which was 0.75% of the German population, and able to apply great influence and able to mind control everyone in Europe and America although they were out numbered about 1 to 50.
    I must agree, Hitler never intended to start the war, all he tried to do was to retake what was part of Germany and return Germany back to its good old days with glory.

    Do you know? The Defeat of Germany In world war 1 was actually caused by Jews. The British never interupted nor break the code of the Zimmerman Telegram and it was actually a sneaky, horrible jew who stole the top secret information and sold it to Britain for his own good. Because of the Zimmerman Telegram, Americans felt threatened. And with that political pressure from that 1% of jews out of 100% in United States Population, United States finally declare war on German and pour army into Europe. In addition, the Jews are also the ones who were secretly selling rations to the British people which eventually leads to low ration in the German Army and contribute greatly the defeat of the power of light in world war 1.

    I hate how the Jews are ruining the world now. Every time I saw a jew out of every 200 people, it reminds me of their greedy act of usury and makes me worry about the future of the world, cosidering about their great percentage in the American population and how they are able to mind control most of us and brain wash us by spreading propaganda.
    If it wasn’t for the Jews, United State’s economy will continue to florish just like what it was in the 1910-20s. Haven’t you guys notice that United State’s Economy only start to go down hill and never really recover after the world war 2?
    And do You Know? The Great depression of 1929 was Caused by Greedy Jews who were using usury and illegal tactics to stockpile all the money and caused money shortage for the poor? They Force the poor to work hard and over produce their product yet never increases their wages. This caused stockpiles of products and Jews then begin to lay off people, leading to high unemployment rate and the unemployed stopped buying things was one of the main reason why Great Depression happened.

    Basicly if it wasn’t for the Jews there would be no Great Depression that actually spreaded from Europe and to America.
    If world was controled by a leader as great as Hitler, everyone will be rich, educated, friendly, and everyone in the world will be above average.
    I must say, Thank you digger again for revealing the Truth of Jewish propaganda and many dead man who died in the world war 2 will rise from their dead and clap because of such great discovery.

    Do you know that Stalin’s mother was a jew who moved into the Russian Empire? It was all Jewish propaganda to cover up the facts that any of his parents are jewish so that the jews will look forever innocent and good. The reason why Stalin was such a cold blooded dictator was partly because he was jewish, that he cared nothing but his own intention in shaping the world in his own way and gaining more power to fulfill his greed without caring about anyone’s feeling. Stalin was a great example of the jews and his action eventually leads to the down fall of the Soviet Union. The reason why Hitler even made pact with the soviet union at the begining of world war 2 was because he thought that Stalin was a great man like him. However, he soon uncovered stalin’s mask and change his focus from purging Britain to helping the Russian to remove this terrible jewish dictator.

    I certainly agree that Hitler did the right thing for humanity. Because the jews are sneaky and attempts to cover up their own faults and lies and their disloyal to their country because of their own, natural born Greed, just like how Africans are natrual born black.
    The Jew’s terrible action make me feel disguisting every time i see them.

    Although I am not as experience as you and have only did self studying on Hitler’s life for about two year, I discover many great lies that the jews told to cover up their bad image and their mind control ability and brain washing propaganda have turned the world upside down, making black into white and good into evil.
    I never really hated Hitler before i start to read books about world war 2 unlike many others and always believe he was good. But now you just supported my belief that he was a great hero. Thank you for your 7-8 years of self sacraficing study to show us such astonishing truth.

    • This will be my last comment as it disappoint me everytime when someone deletes my post or argue against me without doing any independent study.. It just makes me sad every time when someone brings up “facts” that was from propagandas to disprove me.
      well thank everyone here for contributing and i learned a lesson today.

    • Yeah Likewise from us Dumb aussie goyim ,We need more diggers ! and we need more Hitlers ,it really is the greatest story never told , can’t think of any aussie pm that could come close to Hitler sad as that is ! some of these comments are just great reading ,there may not be a lot of us but it is music to the ears to hear some others comment about Hitler in good light !

  112. it sucks that south koreans and chinese together with americans made up bullshit about Japan as well
    hitler you’re not alone

    • I agreed, I know for sure the Japanese in Nanjing certainly was helping the Chinese on medical improvement, and yet it was actually the Allied countries have made this propaganda based from stories of some escaped civilian.
      If it was real,that japanese have masscacre the chinese, how would people even know about it since all the chinese involved will be all dead.
      It was obviously an incident and was actually an unarmed fight broke out between the pro-communist peasants and pro-nationalist peasants over control — which leads to many gun wounds and cuts by the peasants and contribute to death of many civilians — right after the japanese came in. That is why some chinese civilian survived the incident and told the true story and had it written to in history in many textbook for many countries. It is just unbelievable of how many people fell for the lies just because they were reading the history of what government wants them to believe in.
      Thank you for contributing. I just hate how history are written by victors and are changed by the government as propaganda and people fell for it without knowing the truth.

  113. not sam smith

     /  May 26, 2014

    i want love to share this with people and ask you a few questions i will not post an opinion because theres no way this site isn’t being tracked by the GOV and everyone on it …. Be safe and goodluck because whether i agree with you or not its a jewish world we are just living in it

  114. Eric

     /  May 29, 2014

  115. Dylan Stafford

     /  June 5, 2014

    The only reason people think Hitler was bad is because the teachers don’t don’t know their history and people think on the dark side

    • The only reason think Hitler was bad is because ……….International Jewry have shoved their evil nasty Hitler propaganda down our throats 24/7 360 degrees – that’s why Dylan.

  116. David

     /  June 8, 2014

    This is an admirable piece of work, but I am very skeptical so I’ll just say this. Aren’t things like these provide fuel to the hate between both adversaries? If we really wanna move forward we should just forgot the things that happened from the past because it doesn’t really matter now does it? It happened and that’s all there is to it whether the holocaust was a hoax or not. Pointing fingers will not help anyone.

    • You have missed the point completely. Of course it matters. It absolutely matters the Truth is out. This pile of horse shite is shoved down our throats 24/7 and the masses are mind-controlled. Of course the Truth must out, for prosperity, for all the millions who died because of this tribe who perpetuate this fairy tail. Because of the pride of the German nation/people, because of all those good German National Socialist who have been demonised, because of the amazing efforts Hitler made to regain goodness back into Europe, to dispel the demonisation of his good name.

      And this main reason……………..because this fat kosher lie is the lynch pin that holds up all their other illusions. This fable is the emotional buffer that this evil tribe use every single time to cover up the plethora of their international crimes. That is why this fable absolutely must and will be crushed.

    • David you are kidding ? pointing the finger is exactly what you would do if someone raped someones daughter 50 yrs ago and you knew who they were , these jews have lied and deceived us all the holocaust is just one example , what you are saying is just plain ignorance and wrong ,they must be held accountable for their lies ,because they have not stopped since the holocaust ,gaining more power corrupting more dumb goyim to work for them to betray their country , ignorance is no excuse david ,all the evidence is there ,all over the net please wake up from your slumber and join the good fight against evil ,tyranny and the jews

      • Thanks Bob,

        However it is futile with these trolls – because they Jewish trolls. I should have just trashed hi ridiculous comment.

        Thanks for contributing.

  117. Brett Smith

     /  June 12, 2014

    In your first statement that he never wanted to kill the jews you said “If Hitler wanted to kill Jews, why oh why throughout all his speeches and manuscripts and his book Mein Kampf did he not mention this? Did he just forget? No, he didn’t say or write it BECAUSE HE HAD NO INTENTION OF KILLING THE JEWS” well i was just thinking that you can’t tell people that you are killing millions of people an d trying to completely destroy an entire Race and culture people ethically know that’s wrong and people would stop following Him. But i see your point but Hitler did a lot of good things and bad things and you can’t deny that.

    • But the point is he did not write about killing people, because he had not intent in killing people. It is that simple.

      Actually I can deny that did intentional bad things. Can you name one bad thing he done then Brett……….without repeating the mainstream jewish garbage. Something you can independently source?

  118. srikandijebat

     /  June 27, 2014

    Hi. Since I was a little kid I’ve chosen not to believe in anything unless I’ve done some research on it. As it is known around the world.. that Hitler is a murderer and hated by a lot of people. But.. winners can alter history all they want but there are some facts that stays such as Hitler was fully supported by his people, he is a very influential man and that’s just amazing. People like this should not be underrated and I’ve read Mein Kampf and the book just opened my eyes. I’m a first year history student and Hitler’s love towards history inspire me. It proves how important history is, how big the role history. People like us should stick together and write more of this kind of writing. I hope one day I’m bright enough to start my own history blog. Thank you.

  119. TheUKroadtripper

     /  July 3, 2014

    Das war viel so richtig

  120. Well this is interesting… very interesting. Lately I’ve been studying history more and more, recently getting into WWII, at this point getting to Germany and the NSDAP. What I find strange is that the Holocaust seems to be the only event in all of history that is enforced by law. In Europe, anyone who does not seem to fit in with the general consensus on the subject is threatened with jail time and hefty fines. I was under the impression that the Allies fought and died for Freedom from tyranny and despotism. Yet, speaking or behaving out of societal norms, whether positive and truthful or otherwise, gets you branded, shunned and punished, sometimes severely. Interesting.

    I find it strange that the media never seems to report on the 65+ million people the (Jewish, by the way) Bolsheviks massacred within Russia alone. Also, the 100+ million Aboriginals (Natives) that have been victims of genocide and systematic oppression by the Colonials (British and French) seems to take a back burner as well. Those are only two events in history that account for the better part of 27 times more victims than the supposed Holocaust, and yet they are not officially enforced by law.

    Also, I don’t understand certain numbers. The overall number of murdered Jews is maintained at six million. The reported death toll at Auschwitz however has gone from an estimated 300,000 up to 4,000,000 back down to 1,500,000. I’m no mathematician, but this equation just doesn’t make sense to me.

    In addition, I have had the benefit of reading newspaper clippings dating back to the Great War that made mention of the “six million Jews in peril”. One that stands out to me was a 191x clipping from The New York Times (I think 1917). How could anyone have known about this precise number 20+ years before the Second World War, and before the NSDAP and Hitler’s rise to power?

    No one seems to mention that the Poles massacred over 5k German people that were caught in the territorial giveaway to Poland after WWI, and I do mean massacred by the Poles (eyes gouged out, heads and faced smashed in, gang raped, tortured mercilessly). The Poles even admitted this in a radio broadcast *BEFORE* they were invaded. If I’m not mistaken, Hitler sent letters to the Polish, American and British governments about this, with no results. Hitler then decided that, if nothing was done, this would have continued and more Germans would have suffered.

    As if that weren’t enough, the Germans had already tried to explain that they could not possibly afford the incredible debt being shoved on to them for WWI, especially with territory and resources being siphoned off continually. When they inevitably fell behind in their payments (which they were only finally able to pay off on 2013, nearly A CENTURY LATER) guess who came to collect? The French decided all on their own that they would stroll right into Germany and get their money. Germans were now being treated as outsiders to be scrutinized in their own nation.

    The Red Army of the time were even worse than the Nazis were propagated to be: sick, demented gang rapists, abusive murderers and torture junkies, thieves and full blown wackos. Berlin was bombed incessantly, the Soviets then running in, raping children, adults, the elderly sometimes upwards of 25-50 times a day. Unspeakable torture, and sadistic mistreatment to Soviet POWs that were ‘liberated’ (good work, Stalin). All in all a blatant attempt to exterminate the entire German race, ultimate destruction.

    Hitler gave the the Western Allies, particularly Great Britain, so very many chances, sparing an awful lot of men. He officially offered peace to Britain at least a dozen times, but Churchill wouldn’t have it. Roosevelt, for his part, was not so neutral as is commonly believed. As Hitler said, he demonstrated the arrogance of the millionaire class. Any so-called “authoritarian” administrations were not acceptable to him, even outside of America. He breached International Law on various occasions – examples would be the freezing of German assets in the United States and ordering attacks on German U-Boats and even merchant vessels *BEFORE* America was officially at war with Germany.

    Hitler addressed all of these things more than once, in and out of speeches. As he pointed out, America had about as much right to impose their ways on Germany as Germany had to do so in the United States. I must admit his analogy comparing Churchill and Roosevelt to a bald-headed Barber guaranteeing hair growth tonic was hilarious.

    On top of THAT, guess who the first people to openly bomb civilians were? *HINT* it wasn’t the Germans. Guess who was responsible for horrible events like the Katyn massacre, now having been proven medically and otherwise scientifically? *HINT* IT WASN’T THE GERMANS. Also, for all those so gallantly in favour of the Allies, even if you were to exclude Russia (who was allied with Hitler at first) you might take the time to use a figurative magnifying glass in order to read between the lines.

    One MILLION German POWs perished from starvation or exposure under the “care” of General Dwight Eisenhower. If you’d like a direct source on that one you can check out “Other Losses” by James Bacque. The Red Cross were not even allowed access to these prisoners in the slightest, not to mention the returning of food aid happening as well as atrocious shelter and ration policies were being set in motion.

    Canada as an entity (as usual) acted as Britain and America’s bestest pal by often simply folding to their interests like a hand of poker (especially with regard to prisoners). I will mention however that Canadian soldiers at that time were very highly regarded for their level and quality of training. (I believe Canadians and Australians were both considered among the best trained in the World. Calm down patriotic Americans…) It is important to note though that Canada at the time was essentially a part of Britain, and therefore was automatically at War allied with Britain against her enemies.

    As for ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin and his Russian criminal gang (sorry, Army), were it not for the billions of dollars (billions back then, imagine what that’s worth today) supplied them through the lend-lease program from the Americans (which was entirely or almost entirely spent on armaments) and the luck of cold weather, they would have been toast on a grill. Don’t even get me started with the work camps where millions of people were beaten, worked, exposed, and tortured to death all the while living in abject humiliation, like being forced to ingest their own excrement.

    Anyways, I’ve spent some time researching through material from around the world, rather than only Commonwealth or at least Allied writings. When you make the effort to think freely and push beyond socially accepted teachings, the results are incredible. I’ve already learned beyond a doubt that:

    – There are always two sides to a coin

    – Anyone willfully ignorant of the past will be equally ignorant of the future

    – In War, no party is innocent or without fault; all are stained

    – Humankind has to be the very greatest, most proficient and efficient manufacturer, reseller and otherwise overall distributor and enforcer of BULLSHIT ever. E-V-E-R. This applies not only to WWII, but pretty well – EVERYTHING, AT ALL TIMES – It’s embarrassing.

    One part of me looks forward to many of the people who have bothered to read this far freak out and send disparaging comments my way, telling me to check and share sources, etc. in a flurry of exaggerated Tourette-style belligerence (please, I mean to disrespect to anyone suffering from that very real and unfortunate affliction – people like the most recently aforementioned are an insult to them, but the comparison was waiting to be made). Excellent masturbation material.

    Another part of me is genuinely open to discussion, and is interested is seeing what else transpires along threads like these, as I am certainly not a world-class historian as of yet.

    Kindest regards,


    • Thank you for this beautifully expressed and intelligent comment.

      Apologies for belated reply.

  121. Rick

     /  July 12, 2014

    There are people today who believe that killing a cockroach or mosquito is wrong, because all life is “sacred”. However, I have no problem with exterminating these creatures because they are a health threat to my person and my species. Self-defense has always been the right of every individual or people throughout time, until recently at least under Emperor Obama. Chancellor Hitler took extreme action in defense of the German people – the first duty of all true leaders. He lost, and underwent the process of demonification by the victorious Allies. Allies like Stalin’s Soviet Union, a man responsible for the deaths of over 20 million Russians and Eastern Europeans through calculated starvation and work/death camps (see Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago).

    After that above mighty achievement, I probably shouldn’t even mention the sanctioned gang rapes of over a million German women and little girls by the Russians during their “liberation” of the Fatherland. And even the crusading US was responsible for a million or more German prisoners who died in US & Allied prison camps ( fenced in barren fields with no housing and little to no food) after the war had ended. There are no exact numbers, of course, because no one cared all that much about more dead Germans. The Germans themselves were in no position to complain or ask awkward questions.

    But only Germany and Herr Hitler were evil…

  122. Partha Pratim Das

     /  July 15, 2014

    It’s a great piece of article and it cleared some of my confusions. Right from my childhood, I have been fed with negative details about Hitler, even there’s a word named after him called HITLER meaning Dictator. I spent nearly a decade searching for answers like “Was Hitler a good person”, “Did he really destroy Jews”, “Why Hitler hated Jews”, “Why he didn’t support Subhash Chandra Bose and his cause to fight against British”, “Why Hitler said that he would rather see India under English rule than under any other” and many other questions. For all I got was mixed answers based on different perspectives from different biased and unbiased sources. Recently I encountered your article and followed all your links. It did answer lot of my questions but still few queries regarding my country (India) remained unanswered. Once again I thank you for this beautiful article.

    • Partha Pratim Das

       /  July 15, 2014

      Just to add few more lines to my post, I believe Mahatma Gandhi was not a good person and a hypocrite. I may be deemed as anti-Indian because he’s the father of our Nation but I came across many evidence pointing against Gandhi. I’m a man with deep curiosity, no matter how confused I get, I collect every possible information based on different perspectives. Only problem I face is there’s no one to validate my information as every source claims to be true, thus leaving me perplexed. Also, the more I search on Jews, Anne Frank and other historical subjects, figures and event, my confusion gets deeper. I hope I can get some help from you.

      • Sadly I now think you are right. I believe he was playing out his role for the Jews. I believe Gandhi’s role was to help divide India, whilst appearing to not want to?? I do not have any succinct info on this; just snippets here n there.

        Yes the Truth Partha can be very confusing. So many traps, cup-de-sacs and heaps and heaps of misinformation and disinformation. But it’s all coming out now.

        As for the jews and Anne Frank/holocaust – just keep absorbing the info on the links and this page https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/amended-history/ and it will all become so obvious. The problem is we all have so much mind control and clutter to first undo.

        Thank you for contributing.

    • Thank you Partha. What is important is that you took the time to look at the evidence for yourself, from an independent, objective position – and not the propaganda thrown at us. This is the only way.

      Thank you for contributing.

  123. Abe

     /  July 22, 2014

    But as a German, it has always troubled me the statements he supposedly made at the end when he speaks of the German people being unworthy of surviving if they lose the war — I am not sure of the exact wording. That seems fairly cold to me.

    I always take into account that a great man may have had his words misquoted or quoted out of context or of course, the “quotes” may be complete fabrications.

    If you went to school in Germany, or Austria for that matter, I think (I know!) you are given an extremely skewed view of Hitler and that time period in general. It is unlikely young Germans will ever be taught the truth about that time in its entirety. Had the war gone the other way, it would have been a different thing, of course.

  124. Niko Bellic

     /  July 22, 2014

    but someone told me that hitler exucuted ”handicapped” people, ”disabled” people, and down syndrome people, is this true???

    • No absolutely NOT true!! Ask yourself – where is the evidence for these false accusations?

  125. Donovan

     /  July 23, 2014

    Hello Digger,

    I wanna say thank you because your thought convinced me that the holocaust is a hoax that is made by Jews. I have also conduct some researches that made me even more convinced by that fact. Even I feel sorry for Hitler that he is being demonized by Jews, I know that he is a good person. He brought Germany up after a crisis caused by bad economy. He brought hope for the German people. Thank you anyway.


    • Pleased to hear it. However, as much as I appreciate your thanks – you probably would have discovered this Truth anyway. Your consciousness is seeking the Truth and eventually you would have found it. All paths lead to the ‘real’ Truth.

      Well done anyway and please relish your Truth seeking. And please share the Truth in any way you know best. Beware you are up against a lot of conditioning.

      You may find this page useful Donovan https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/amended-history/

      Thank you for contributing

  126. Gary

     /  July 24, 2014

    A few weeks ago I started to read about Hitler and how everything he wanted and believed in was turned around to make him this evil ruler. After 9/11 and other events that I feel have been planed by those who truly run the world I started to think about how easy it would have been to make Hitler the enemy. Deception has been used forever to trick people in believing why war is necessary and why this person is the enemy. Its a shame that a man with conviction can be persecuted to be one of the most hated men of all time.

  127. Kudos to the writer.

    One of the biggest flaw of recorded history is that it was written by the winners.Hence,biased.Hitler was one of the most iconic leaders in history.
    Rather reaching to a ”ment to be” conclusion, people should ask questions and try to find out the real deal.
    Love your family, dont trust the authorities, make friends all over the world and contribute something for the well being of society.

  128. “In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it. During the time of my struggle for power it was in the first instance only the Jewish race that received my prophecies with laughter when I said that I would one day take over the leadership of the State, and with it that of the whole nation, and that I would then among other things settle the Jewish problem. Their laughter was uproarious, but I think that for some time now they have been laughing on the other side of their face. Today I will once more be a prophet: if the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevizing of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe! ”
    speech to the Reichstag, 30 January 1939

    Did you do your research?

    • And??? What is your point Yianni?

      I cannot verify this quote. But if this is a genuine quotation; look how you have selectively twisted the essence of this quote.

      This does not say that Hitler was going to annihilate the Jews. It is saying that if International Jewish financiers plunge Europe into war, then the jewish race would self-determine their own outcome. They would affectively shoot themselves in the foot.

      This is a classic case of misconstruing information to suit your bias narrative. A narrative (story) which did not occur.

      And to answer your question – yes, I have done sufficient research thank you.

  129. Also, it was not made up by Jews. There are countless French, Greek, American, Austrian…. people who have suffered Hitler’s wrath.. Not Just Jews.. 6 million Jews did not just disappear..

    • Hitler’s wrath ha ha – what wrath? You mean Hitler and the German people defending themselves from the Jewish wrath. When International jewry was strangling Germany and the stoic German people. Just like they are strangling the world today. You mean when the German people stood up for themselves and said ‘enough is enough’ and began to defend themselves.

      But I agree with you Yianni – 6 million Jews did not just disappear – because it was a big fat kosher fable.

    • Bob Mcdonald

       /  August 17, 2014

      6,000,000 jews did not just disappear ? actually they did disappear throughout the globe they were sent and funded to further infiltrate the rest of the world ,or cities or countries they had not yet been kicked out of ,and once there they again began there evil ways of corrupting leaders , usury , blood letting , and disgraceful rituals like oral suction on babies penises after circumcision . There has never been such a Subhuman race of people ever in world History that behave like these subhumans do , Hitler the great man that he was did his best to destroy the evil ways of jews/ Freemasons ,and soon all the world will recognise this Great man for the wisdom and compassion he had not only for his people but for Animals as well excluding the jews that is ! At anytime he could have done us all a favour and killed them all ,but he showed us that it isn’t the answer to kill and kill like{ Israel does }, Hitler treated the jews better than they deserved . Hitler The Greatest leader of the 20th century

      • Good call Bob. You talk common sense. You dare to spit in the face of political correctness and mass brainwashing.

        Thank you for contributing.

  130. Ashvini

     /  August 15, 2014

    Like the article very much. Gave a totally different opinion about Hero Hitler.

  131. FreeThought

     /  August 16, 2014

    I was almost scared of my own thoughts when I wanted to Google ‘was hitler the good guy’ I’m glad I did.

  132. what can i do about it…..

    • Bob Mcdonald

       /  August 23, 2014

      It is not a coincidence that when I opened this link my page froze and then blacked out , I had to start my computer again now I can not open this link as yet ! what a disgrace these Holocaust lies are ! I have been searching for the plaques for sometime as I knew they had been downgraded to 1.5 million even that is questionable as red cross figures show somewhere in the vicinity of 300,000 . To all the good people of the world enough of the lies we must stand up to the Synagogue of Satan and expose them once and for all. The innocent victims of Murder rape and land theft are counting on us the children of Palestine and those all over the world are counting on us , do you care will you please help us ?

      “How Long will they kill our prophets while we stand a side and look ” Bob Marley

  133. lankyspanky

     /  August 26, 2014

    My brain is finding this really hard to believe, that Hitler was not evil and that the gas chamber’s were a big lie. Thank you for opening up my mind to this.

    • Thank you for daring to look outside the box and having the courage to undue your conditioning. Stick with it; it will all become crystal clear to you in time. You have begun your awakening at YOUR appropriate time. Be brave, be objective. The Truth is not politically correct.

      Once you have grasped the fundamentals. Ensure you spread the Truth, with every skill you obtained in your life. It is a crime to hoard this information. Your spiritual duty is to share, share, share the Truth.

      Thank you for contributing.

  134. Digger
    I have just watched that JewTube video “The IV Partition of Poland” and it is nothing but Jewish false propaganda which contradicts what you say and what I know so I recommend that you remove it ASAP!
    Maybe you ought check the other videos too.

    Keep up the good work

  135. salah

     /  August 26, 2014

    thank you thank you you are a good and modest man indeed i am Muslim and i respect Hitler although many people did not believe me about Hitler’s goodness i continued believing in Hitler’s goodness may ALLAH Perhaps bless you

  136. Safer

     /  August 29, 2014

    This article (that I stumbled upon when I did some research for a school paper) is a very interesting read. You have good points to offer, and I might just add some parts of it in my report if you don’t mind. Although my teacher might be a confused to how I got my sources, would you mind giving me legitimate site or book that this article is based upon? I don’t want to be biased and ignorant on my report since I do not know Hitler first hand. I always thought Hitler was not that of a bad person since he thought he was leading his country for the better. After all, he was still human. Thank you and good job. ( I hope I don’t anger my teacher for being a devil’s advocate to all my other students).

    • Hi Safer,

      Sorry for belated reply.

      I haven’t sourced this info from any particular book or site. My views have been formed from heaps and heaps of independent research you could say. This Truth is all out out for those people like yourself, who have the courage and wisdom to unravel it. Well done for being brave to dare to look at alternative views……you are awakening.

      Well done for submitting your paper/report for school. Also brave – you dare to be different. Yes, you will get grief from the repeaters. But that is the price. That is your/our spiritual duty. You must do this!

      Please view this information prior to writing your report:

      Please ensure you watch the film ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’
      and the videos and info on http://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com

      Best of wishes from us all – well done!

      Let us know how you get on.


  137. Bob Mcdonald

     /  August 31, 2014

    Finally after some 30 computer crashes I have now completed the Holohoax Deprogramming course and it truly was the greatest thing I have done for myself on the net for a good while ,so much quality evidence even the goy can understand it thanks heaps Digger for the link this is all happening so fast now everywhere I go people are talking about the jews and how they have lied throughout history ,and that Hitler is finally seen in good bright light praise the sun ! here us another good link with some great comments .http://humanityawakened.wordpress.com/2014/07/

    • Thanks Bob. So everywhere you go people are talking about the jews. Incredible. I do not experience this at all. I seem to be around a fog of comatised fools, with the odd awoken soul. Although I do acknowledge people across the globe are awakening.

      Thanks for link, will check it out.

  138. Amul raj

     /  August 31, 2014

    my son was born on 25/8/14 and I am going to put his name as Hitler .
    is there anybody put his name for their children’s if not why ? pls feedback

  139. Dr.Doom

     /  September 5, 2014

    Hitler Was A Brilliant Man Of Vision!He Saw What Was Coming To ALL Nation’s Without Boarder’s,A National Langguage,And A Shared Or Similar Culture.It IS Sad That In Today’s World Sooooo Many Nation’s Are Being Over Run And Taken Over By A Soft Form Of InVasion.Soon,I Think That WE ALL Will Find Out That In The Long Run That Hitler WAS Right!I Just Pray That WE Don’t Find Out To Late….

  140. Ahmed

     /  September 6, 2014

    Not to mention Hitler had Arabic, Turkic and even Black soldiers fighting in his army. He wasn’t some sort of “kill all the non Germans” as Zionists and Allies trying to show. He fought for the oppressed regardless of their color, race or background. He was a beacon of hope against Soviet tyranny, “the red devil”

    • Indeed Ahmed. I heard Hitler’s army was the most multi-cultural army ever. Not sure if that is true, but can believe it. He was not a racist in the negative perspective. He was just a man aware of race purity within his nation and genes. He was wised up to how International Jewry wants us all to be mixed up genetically in order to destabilise us. That’s one aspect of all these wars, to displace peoples (genes). Destroy our cultures, history, identity and genetics, all in one hit. Plus the death and destruction and fear fear fear. It’s all win win to them.

      It is this simple Ahmed ….. we just have to read the opposite of what he jewish main stream media/outlets has objected us to and continues to object us to. What is the opposite of ‘evil nasty Hitler and NAZIs’ ………..erhhh let us think – possibly that it wasn’t in fact ‘evil nasty Hitler and NAZI’s’. It ain’t rocket science.

      All one has to do is spend one evening of one’s life to look at the facts. All the hundreds of hours of documented evidence by eminent scholars of history and science, disgusting this abhorrent lie of a so-called holocaust. A child of 10 can work it out. It is only tribal bias and mind-control that gets in the way of logic and Truth. [please see ‘Amended History’ page at top].

      Thank you for contributing.

  141. alexis

     /  September 11, 2014

    “It is the inexorable Jew who struggles for his domination over the nations. No nation can remove this hand from its throat except by the sword. Only the assembled and concentrated might of a national passion rearing up in its strength can defy the international enslavement of peoples. Such a process is and remains a bloody one.” (Hitler, Mein Kampf)
    Watch out you blatant naive dogooders. Hitler was way too intelligent to know that his real intentions could never be outspoken frankly. As all masqueraders he needed to be considered a good person more than anything else and still, until that very day, he is deluding his listeners. He knew that the crowd can never bear the truth and one may wonder if he himself was ever capable to.
    “Whom, then, does Christianity deny? what does it call “the world”? To be a soldier, to be a judge, to be a patriot; to defend one’s self; to be careful of one’s honour; to desire one’s own advantage; to be proud… every act of everyday, every instinct, every valuation that shows itself in a deed, is now anti-Christian: what a monster of falsehood the modern man must be to call himself nevertheless, and without shame, a Christian!” (Nietzsche, The Antichrist)

  142. John Jancar

     /  September 11, 2014

    Good list, and I’ll add another tidbit for people, to help dispel this Jewish killer myth.

    In the years before the war, and even during the war, the Nazi policy towards the Jews was laid out clearly. We don’t want the Jews here. Call that what you want, anti-semitism, and it is anti-semitism, but there’s a big difference between anti-semitism, and genocide.

    i happen to think the policy was far too generalized, you get rid of the crooked Jews, not all Jews. Many Jewish people were simple folk who weren’t interested in doing anything except living their lives, many Jews were great contributors to culture and science and civilization, Einstein comes to mind, so not all Jews were bad. You pinpoint the bad ones and get rid of them, but that’s besides the point.

    The Nazi policy towards the Jews, the “final solution’ to the “Jewish problem” contrary to what history teaches us today, wasn’t extermination, it was DEPORTATION. They simply wanted the Jews out of there, and that’s proven with actual documents and records signed by people like Himmler. That was their solution.

    They had plans to resettle the Jews all over the world. They even supported the idea of the Jews having their own state, and had plans to move them to Madagascar and have them settle that land as their homeland. Western powers didn’t support that.

    Then they had plans to simply deport them to any country that would take them. The thing is, nobody wanted to take them. America refused to take on more Jewish migrants than were already piling into the country, England refused to take any more Jewish migrants, France refused, Canada famously turned back a ship filled with Jewish settlers from Halifax harbor.

    For one reason or another, which wasn’t entirely racial, but for many reasons, most countries didn’t want to take in Jewish settlers. Exemplified by the Evian Conference in 1938, where the worlds major countries met with the purpose of deciding what to do about the hundreds of thousands of Jews wanting to leave Nazi Germany. The answer, they didn’t have an answer. Out of the 32 countries that attended the conference, only 1 country, the Dominican Republic, was willing to take in masses of Jewish immigrants. Every other country, including the aforementioned United States, England, France, Canada etc. for one reason or another, decided that taking on masses of Jewish immigrants was not in their interest.

    And those Jews that did manage to leave and settle into a new country, were aided in that effort by the Nazi government. They set up special bank accounts that the Jews could deposit their money in, to be opened and used once they were resettled. They organized visas for the immigrants, they even provided ships for them to sail on. So far from wanting to kill all the Jews in the world, the Nazis actually helped the Jews who wanted to leave their country leave.

    For those Jews who couldn’t leave, for one reason or another, the solution was to put them in the camps, to separate them from the rest of the population. And as far as we can tell from the evidence, that’s where they would stay indefinitely.

    Again, even mainstream history acknowledges that there is absolutely no record, or document, or audio recording, or speech, from any level of the Nazi government, which even hints at the extermination of the Jews. No Jewish inmate from any of the camps personally witnessed any gassings, or even any gas chambers. Famously, and this is even acknowledged on official tours of Auschwitz, the chimneys in the supposed crematorium were put there by the Soviet government, after the camp was liberated.

    That’s a big one right there. Why would the Soviet government, manufacture chimneys on the crematorium, after they liberated the camp. Well there could only be one answer. To make it seem like the Nazis were killing Jews en masse. What other reason could there be. To make it look more like a crematorium. Seems doubtful.

    The myth of Jewish extermination, is easily dispelled, all one needs to do is look at the evidence. There is no evidence supporting an industrious systematic extermination of the Jewish people by the Nazis. There simply isn’t evidence for it. And plenty of evidence to show different.

    Moreover, it’s not rational to think that, at the height of the war, with Germany facing multiple enemies on 2 fronts, in a battle of attrition, they would squander the manpower they had with the hundreds of thousands of Jews in their camps, by killing all of them. Doesn’t make sense, and the Nazis might have had some things wrong, and had some twisted ideologies, but they weren’t stupid. Why kill all of these people, when you can make them work. Doesn’t take a genius to understand that, and again, the point is, there is no proof for the systematic extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Simple as that.

    • Many thanks John. Yes I agree, not all the jews were up to the typical Jewish shenanigans, as they all are not today. However they ALL are tribal and all support the meme of judaism; which indirectly implicates them. This is the problems we have with the so-called ‘good jews’.

      And we also need to re-look at Einstein. He was not the great scientist that the Jews make him out to be. He was another jewish fraud; a freeloader off of others work.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • Marquis

         /  September 14, 2014

        Tell us again, dear Nazi how Einstein was a fraud by showing the world a new view on physics that was tested by intependant scientists by all believes as true? Tell us again, I and the world are truly curious on whats the truth, since you are surly a physicist and now that kind of stuff…

      • ANOTHER jew fraud. ANOTHER jew plagiariser. Can these people ever create something themselves(?) Can they ever produce something for humanity to serve mother earth, instead of plundering and destroying it(?)

      • Marquis

         /  September 14, 2014

        The theory of relativity IS correct even if Mr Dayton Miller disagreed with almost of Einsteins idea.
        Please just grapple with physics a little bit and you see, that it is correct. Otherwise, dont talk about stuff you clearly have no idea about.

      • You have missed the point COMPLETELY. I will spell it out to you ……..we are not necessarily dissing any particular theory or science Einstein is espousing. We are just pointing out this is another jewish freeloader. Stealing other’s work with the jewish main stream promoting their jewish front man as a genius. Einstein is equivalent to Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) another jew freeloading other Gentiles’ work. Is it that difficult to work out(?)

        You’ve obviously had to much Jewish-controlled education (mind control) to be able to use any logic and common sense. Please just grapple with a bit of wisdom a little bit.

  143. Medusa Brown

     /  September 14, 2014

    Thank you for this article. I’ve been looking for information on the contrary of what I’ve been bombarded with. Somebody must be burying the truth I said to myself. Thanks again.

    • Please see page above “Amended History” for a comprehensive overview on this huge of history.

      Thank you for contributing Medusa.

      • Marquis

         /  September 29, 2014

        Somehow I cant respond to your other post.
        I dont see much sense in disputing with a guy, who believes in mass mind control, but not in the holocaust, lol

        In this sense: “It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man.” – A. Einstein.

      • Ha ha ha, you can’t respond to Truth you mean.

        And to quote a jew who was another fraudster – another plagiarist. Ohh, you people are pathetic.

      • Bob Mcdonald

         /  September 29, 2014

        Hey I used to have the view that we were all in good hands ,then one day someone said something about the Holocaust to me ,but I refused to believe them ,but something told me you must check this out ,because at that stage I knew that 6,000,000 poor defenceless jews had been slaughtered ,.

        I cant tell you how shocked I was though when I started studying the real story ,only to find that the actual number was a mere 300,000 or so and that they died of Typhus and Starvation , talk about mad why would they lie to us ? what was it they were trying to do ? , a bit more study lead me to the State of Israel , it was all just a big fat kosher lie ,just like Israel born of the blood of innocent people and blatant jewish ? lies .

        Now I know you may find this hard to believe ,but I implore you to check for yourself the many facts , videos and in depth articles , even the official figure has gone down 2 times ,but the six million remains ?? and finally I commend the Author of this blog for his great efforts in spreading the truth , and you could do the same if you want to , or you can continue to believe the lies , ……peace to all Goyim ! ………Gods chosen People !

      • Indeed Bob. You grew up and dared to face reality.

        Thanks for contributing.

      • Maggie

         /  September 30, 2014

        Haha so true. I should follow your example.

  144. Dear Digger, Gentiles and Non-Zionist Media Truthers,

    From my vast experience, I agree with you Digger, Adolf Hitler was one of the good guys:

    Beware of the ZIONISTS that have HIJACKED the Media and justice systems’ of the WORLD!

    I speak from my own personal experience and the experience of THOUSANDS of cases that I have worked on 24/7 since May 1990, in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

    Zionist MAFIA Gangster, Alan Shatter, fooled the Irish People and has done irreversible HARM to Ireland: –

    The Misplaced Minister: Ireland and Israel’s Alan Shatter By wmw_admin on March 9, 2013
    Camillus – Occidental Observe March 2, 2013
    For the past two years Ireland’s immigration policy has been in the hands of Alan Shatter, a Jew and an outspoken partisan of Israel. Alan Shatter, born and bred in Dublin of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, has made it Irish policy to increase Third World immigration to the Emerald Isle. As Minister of Justice, Equality, and Defence, Shatter is exerting his considerable clout to skew the Republic’s Middle East policy, formerly supportive of the Palestinians and critical of Israel, toward Zionist aims.

    Alan Shatter has got rid of the Irish People from Ireland and filled it with FOREIGNERS!

    How did the Zionist Gangster, Alan Shatter, get to be the Justice Minister in Ireland? – Yes, they go for ALL the KEY positions!

    Robert and Ben Briscoe, Jewish lord mayors of Dublin
    ” The obtuseness of White men would be incredible, if it were not attested by innumerable examples. The Irish, for example, still venerate the memory of the “great Irish patriot,” Robert Briscoe, and his “heroic part in the Irish revolt [against Britain],” his heroism having consisted of inciting murders and planning riots from a place of safety and of smuggling into Ireland arms and bombs that the Irish purchased at high prices from Jewish dealers. They venerate that hero because their newspapers tell them to, and they do so quite oblivious of the fact that “Briscoe” did not have in his veins a drop of Irish blood, being the offspring of Jews who crawled into the island from Lithuania, either before or after his birth. In March 1957, he strutted through Boston at the head of a procession of Irish, suitably adorned while the band played “Wearing of the Green” and he waved his cane at the cheering crowds of “those dumb Micks,” as he called them when speaking later to a German-American, although the Jew seems to have concealed his contempt for his dupes when he was with them.”
    Revilo Oliver

    The ENEMY within that have DESTROYED Ireland – North and South: – These are the Mafia Gangsters that have HIJACKED the Common Law of the Land:

    History of the Jews in Ireland
    The history of the Jews in Ireland extends back nearly a thousand years.

    Robert Fisk
    Middle East correspondent for London’s Independent, often outspoken and out of step with the rest of the mainstream media

    The Zionists have completely CORRUPTED Britain and Ireland by HIJACKING Magna Carta 1215, which guaranteed us Trial by Jury. – We now have Trial by Jew, where you cannot win, irrespective of the evidence. If you dare look for justice, when they have ROBBED you of EVERYTHING, they will SECTION you in a Secure ‘Mental Health’ Chamber and finish you off with ABILIFY Drugs administered Nazi Psychiatrists: –

    The Independent: By Tom Harper, Investigations Reporter on Friday 10 January 2014
    The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals

    Secret report shows how organised crime infiltrated judicial system as well as police with prison service and HM Revenue & Customs also compromised

    Tiberius disclosed that the Met interviewed the journalist who wrote the story after the murder of Solly Nahome, a Jewish money launderer credited as the “brains” behind the Adams’ criminal empire.

    The Turkish drug dealer was later convicted and told police he was an HMRC informant. He said he knew of “corrupt contacts within the police” and had a Cyprus-based customs officer as a handler who “took money off him”.

    Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:
    This man was right all along
    Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty – so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue’s case. Phillip Inman reports

    Patrick Cullinane’s address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009
    “This is a short video of the corruption at the Inland Revenue; who conspired with High Court ‘Judges’ and the Police to pervert the course of Justice. Trial by Jury is the ONLY answer to this Government’s Tyranny.”

    The Art of Deception: = ROBBERY, TERRORISM, OPPRESSION, FALSE FLAG WARS and MASS MURDER of GENTILES around the WORLD: – Enough is Enough!

    We Gentiles must rein in these Zionist Mafia Monsters by taking back our courts from Zionist ‘Judges’ and then try them for their crimes in Common Law Courts of Law and HANG the worst of them and send the rest to JAIL for LIFE. – Do NOT put up with High Treason!

    Yours truthfully,

    Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer and Victim of Jew Process in the UK’s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.

    • Thank you Patrick,

      It saddens me to see what has happened to the good people of Ireland. Being half a Paddy myself (mum’s side) and my great uncle fought in the original IRA and was shot in the head at 19 years old [please see my post “Tribute to Uncle Joe”] diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/a-tribute-to-uncle-joe/

      This is what leads me to believe we are dealing with a force which is beyond human. The jews are indeed chosen. Chosen as conduits to destroy this planet. This is beyond just a human level. International Jewry (judaism) has a tremendous dark spiritual force behind it. Humans alone would not be able to organise such a feat.

      The only thing I would say about quoting the Magna Carta is that the MC was not set up for us the people. It was designed for the rich barons. So we have to be mindful when making references to this. Even Common Law is flawed. All we have really is natural law and common sense.

      Further links on the holocaust/Hitler/WW2 please see “Amended History” at the top of this blog.

      Thank you for your contribution Patrick.

  145. Steven

     /  September 19, 2014

    Before you go stating that human gas chambers were a big fat lie, why don’t you fucking get off your ass and go to Poland and see them for yourself. People like you disgust me. If you truly believe hitler was a good guy, I have no hope for humanity. Truly disgusting to think that people like you and people who agree with you are so blinded to believe that such a terrible man killed so many innocent people. Oh and if you really believe those concentration camps were “ethical”, what do you have to say about the pictures of the people stripped from their clothes in the freezing cold, so hungry their ribs can’t be missed. What do you have to say about the stories from the poor survivors having their family taken away in front of their eyes? Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and actually go out into the world and see REAL evidence, talk to a survivor even. I guarantee, if you lived in their lives for one day during that time, you would change your whole outlook on your horrible misguided theories. Hitler was most certainly not one of the good guys, not even close, and I wish people like you were more educated to see that. You’re all brainwashed and hope one day you will go through what the Jews went through to because you deserve it.

    • I normally do not engage with people as ignorant (without knowledge) as yourself. You’re not worth the effort; because your programming is too deep, you’re too far far gone, too damaged to have a reasonable intelligent, logical conversation with. But as I happen to be waiting for a friend and have 5 minutes, I will happily try and enlighten you on your ignorance.

      So here are my responses to your extremely uniformed rant:

      Before you go stating that human gas chambers were a big fat lie, why don’t you fucking get off your ass and go to Poland and see them for yourself.
      I noticed you didn’t put a question mark at the end of this beautifully structured question 🙂 – but I am presuming it is a rhetorical question. But I will answer it all the same. I have been to Dachau in Germany and seen some ovens (even though they later claimed no gassings were carried out there); but at the time (20+ years ago) they did claim this, or led one to believe this sham. I believed this narrative at the time, because this museum of lies hits you with EMOTIONS and not LOGIC and common sense. The ovens in ALL the camps were de-lousing ovens for the clothes. And the body ovens were for the people who were cremated who had died anyway. The ovens could only handle the odd body at a time. Not millions as the kosher fable tells us. Had you done a scrap of homework Steven, you would have observed this straight away. It was war time and the Germans certainly could not have access to the tonnes and tonnes of coke needed for these supposed gassings. There is zero arial evidence of piles of coke mounds. You really are very uniformed.

      Anyway, what would visiting the camps really do to persuade someone like me who has done heaps and heaps of INDEPENDENT research into this subject? They are EMOTIVE museums of lies. They are set up in a way to hit people’s emotions when you visit them. Not give people the Truth at all. The Truth can only come from independent research and having an objective mind. Simply put, having an ounce of common sense.

      People like you disgust me. If you truly believe hitler was a good guy, I have no hope for humanity. Truly disgusting to think that people like you and people who agree with you are so blinded to believe that such a terrible man killed so many innocent people.
      Well people like you with your level of ignorance and blind logic disgust me/us! You are hideous. You are also very very dangerous to society. We all believed in this fairy tale once, but we also all believed in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas – but some us grew up. Have you thought about ever growing up Steven and facing reality? It hurts I know at first, but you’ll get through it. And it’s quite nice to have a free open mind. Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      Oh and if you really believe those concentration camps were “ethical”, what do you have to say about the pictures of the people stripped from their clothes in the freezing cold, so hungry their ribs can’t be missed.
      Whoops – you done it again Steven…..exposed your ignorance on the subject. Had you done just one hours of research, you would have realised that the emaciated bodies were due to diarrhoea in the camps – DUE TO THE JEW-FUNDED AMERICANS BOMBING THE RAILWAY LINES AT THE END OF THE WAR so supplies and conditions deteriorated at the end. Not from the evil nasty NAZIs. The Red Cross carried out regular health checks on the camps and reported that food and conditions inside these ‘containment’ camps were better than the poor Germans suffering outside due to this Jew-funded war.

      What do you have to say about the stories from the poor survivors having their family taken away in front of their eyes?
      More jew-owned hollywood drama programmes you’ve been watching Steven. Everyone in these camps were people who had screwed the German people over for decades. This was not meant to be a holiday camp. It was a containment/work camp to stop these creatures from strangling Germany to death and demoralising the German people with their filthy talmudic ways – as they are doing today. I think this is called righteous justice. Again you need to do your homework on real history and stop allowing yourself to be programmed by the jew.

      Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and actually go out into the world and see REAL evidence, talk to a survivor even.
      As far as I know my head is far away from my arse thank you dear sir – that’s why I’m able to be objective about the Truth. Mature, level-headed and honest. It is those who believe in fairy tales such as this, that have their pea-brained heads rammed firmly up their asses.

      Talk to a survivor – ha. What you mean one of the many jewish liars who regurgitate this fable for self gain $$$$ and glorification?

      I guarantee, if you lived in their lives for one day during that time, you would change your whole outlook on your horrible misguided theories.
      Ha ha ha

      Hitler was most certainly not one of the good guys, not even close, and I wish people like you were more educated to see that.
      Arrhhh, bless you – poor little Steven with his little fairy tale he doesn’t want to let go of. Did you use the word educated Steven? 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha. That’s why I relished answering your ridiculous rant. It is such fun to slam you brain-washed UNEDUCATED clowns against the wall.

      You’re all brainwashed and hope one day you will go through what the Jews went through to because you deserve it.
      The term ‘the kettle calling the pot black’ comes to mind. What did the poor eternal victim jews go through Steven? Please inform us again.

      If your not quite sure – perhaps you may wish to do some homework (deprogramming). He’s a good site for you lad – it aptly titled just for brain washed close-mined idiots like yourself http://www.holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com

      Also instead of watching jew-controlled propaganda programmes about this fable, why don’t you spend the time watching a real documentary which has some substance and REAL evidence behind it, such as this excellent independently-researched film:

      Good luck Steven with your de-programming. We hope you get through your mental condition.

      Love Digger xx

    • Mate (Steven) you are a danger to Society, and the truth Movement. It is people like you that are so baseless with your accusations About Hitler. Sounds like you had one experience and have based all your rant on the hatred you have. I think there is hope even for those like you who I would say has studied Zero Hitler Stories except for the Lame Stream Media, which all the wiser people know now is jewish all over, filled with lies deception and hate.

      You have to look at the big picture, Jews Are Renowned Liars And Formed a movement call Zionism, through that they are through their 200 or so years of lies in recent times doing a great job ,and that is because people like you are freaked out about the thought of Hitler being Good .

      Hitler Did the world a big favour by ripping apart the Masons, and getting the gays and sicko’s out of Germany, he also instilled Good Moral Values ,a word not associated with Freemasons, and at the Time the German people were some of the Best in Europe. You can deny all you like and kick and scream ,but anyone who spends some time on Hitler the Great will indeed see that he was just that, a prophet warning us about the evil jew. He treated them much better than they deserved.

      Just have a geek at some of the other evidence or try the Holocaust Deprogramming Course ,although some videos are down it’s still plain as day what happened , and what Zionism is Doing Today Running ISIS Israel secret intelligence service Al-bagadai is a jew .

      All the best mate Hope you find some truths out ,they really do set you free ,of Guilt for the poor defenceless Jews

  146. John Jancar

     /  September 20, 2014

    I’ll do the honors of responding to Mr. Ignorant, aka Steven, to dispel some of the myths he just laid out.

    The easiest one to dispel obviously is the “starving inmates” statement. Again, the Nazis may not have been perfect, they may have had some twisted ideologies, but they definitely weren’t stupid. They understood that if you have literally hundreds of thousands, millions even, of inmates at a camp, the best thing to do is to make them work. Especially when you’re in the middle of a war of annihilation. And that’s what they did, they made them work.

    Moreover, the conditions in the camps, right up until the last months of the war, were fairly reasonable. The camps had theaters, swimming pools, libraries, inmates were well fed, could write to the their families, receive money and food parcels from outside family members or sympathetic citizens, buy items at canteens, frolock and intermingle even during night hours, inmates famously formed teams and played sports with each other, and even with their SS guards. Outside groups, namely the Red Cross, were routinely let into the camp for inspections, and the camps always passed inspections. Hardly a torture chamber of death.

    Moreover, the mistreating of inmates by SS guards was strictly forbidden by Himmler and even Hitler himself. So much so, there was one specific camp, called Danzig-Matskau, which was reserved for SS men who had mistreated inmates. I’ll say that again. There was an entire camp set up exclusively to imprison SS men who mistreated inmates.

    As came out during Nuremberg and post-war testimony from inmates, the majority of the abuses of the inmates came at the hands of fellow inmates. Specifically the Kapos, a group of inmate guards. Yes there were sadistic SS guards, many of them famous now, who abused prisoners, but many of them, when their abuses became known to Nazi officials, were stripped of their positions and punished.

    The theme of this story is this. The Nazi officials regarded it as good policy, to have the inmates well fed and well taken care of, to increase production output from the work. Which is something Western corporate factories in todays world could learn a thing or two from. They considered it against policy to mistreat prisoners, and punished their own when they did. Again, hardly a torture chamber of death at those camps.

    As described by former inmates, the conditions at the camps only started deteriorating, once the war began. Rations were reduced, building materials were hard to come by, the influx of new inmates from occupied territories overburdened the camps, and disease started spreading. Conditions really started deteriorating once Germany began losing the war. And most of that deterioration came because of Allied bombings of communication centers and railway networks. Food and medical supplies couldn’t get delivered to the camps, and the inmates began dying by the thousands of starvation and disease.

    As has come out, the crematoriums at the camps were so small, they couldn’t burn more than a few bodies at a time. And according to several Nazi officials, and common sense, the crematoriums were there simply to dispose of bodies from people who died at the camps, as a matter of course. In any large population, you will have people dying from time to time. In any town or city, there is a crematorium there to dispose of the deceased. Given that these camps were basically small towns, it’s natural to assume there would be people dying there from time to time, and there would need to be crematoriums there to dispose of the bodies of those who died, whether from natural causes or disease, which right up until the end of the war, were not very numerous.

    Only towards the END of the war, did the deaths at the camps start rising dramatically, for the aforementioned reasons. Lack of food and medical supplies. People were dying by the thousands of starvation and disease. Mostly due to the Allied bombings of German infrastructure. And it’s these bodies, the thin skinny bodies of the starved and disease ridden, that you see play in the reels and in photos. Those are the photos and news reels you see, that supposedly show how horrible the Nazis were to the camp inmates, and what a horrible place the camps were.

    Again, a quick summary to dispel yet another myth. The bodies and skin and bones inmates you see in the photos and news reels, only got that way because of the lack of medical supplies and food rations in the camps. Why. Because of Allied bombings of communication and transportation networks. Food and supplies simply couldn’t reach the camps, resulting in the piles of dead bodies you see in the photos and videos.

    There’s one myth down, here’s another myth down. The gas chambers and crematoriums. It is a matter of historical fact, that no inmates, even Jewish inmates, personally have gone on record as stating they witnessed actual gassings, or even an actual gas chamber. Again, I’ll repeat that so it sinks in. NO INMATE HAS EVER COME FORWARD SAYING THEY PERSONALLY SAW GASSINGS, OR EVEN A GAS CHAMBER. That’s a big one right there.

    Another historical fact, no Nazi document, from any level of the Nazi government, ever even hints at a plan to exterminate Jews or anyone else. There is no proof, whether in written form, oral form, or any other type of proof, that even suggests the Nazis had a plan to exterminate anyone. There are many documents though, found in Nazi archives, that explicitly state that the Nazi policy towards Jews, the “final solution to the Jewish problem” was DEPORTATION. They wanted the Jews out of there.

    They had plans to resettle Jews almost everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, no country wanted to take in masses of Jewish immigrants. So they drew up plans to give the Jews their own state, on the island of Madagascar, and other considered locations. Western powers disapproved. The Jews had nowhere to go, so the only other option for the Nazis, was to put them in the camps.

    And again, common sense dictates, when you’re in the middle of a war, especially a war of attrition, if you have a work force of hundreds of thousands, it’s probably better to keep them alive and make them work towards the war effort. That tidbit of logic didn’t escape the Nazis, you can rest assured of that.

    And finally, to not make this too long, even though that ship has sailed, the crematoriums. Again, as has come out, the crematoriums in the camps, were no bigger than an average crematorium. Definitely not big enough to burn hundreds or thousands of bodies a day.

    Moreover, and here’s a big one. As acknowledged on official Auschwitz tours, the chimneys on the crematorium, were put there by the Soviet government AFTER the camp was in Soviet hands. That is acknowledged on official tours of Auschwitz. The Soviets expanded the crematoriums size and put chimneys on there.

    Now why would they do that. Why would they literally put chimneys on the crematorium, after the fact. Well there could only be two answers to that really. Either they wanted to make it seem more like a crematorium, or it wasn’t actually a crematorium. Either they wanted to put chimneys on there for a chilling effect, or they literally manufactured a crematorium there. Either way, the goal is the same. To paint the Nazis as butchers, to give an image of a camp of death. There’s no other reason why they’d do that.

    And you ask yourself this, if they would go so far as to manufacture a crematorium, or even simply add chimneys to the crematorium for a chilling effect, there must’ve been some plan to make the Nazis seem worse than they really were. Again, there’s no reason to do it, other than that. And if they would have that kind of plan, then you have to take everything they say about the Nazis with a grain of salt.

    There’s literally whole books dedicated to this subject, you can go read them, there’s much more to the story than outlined here, but it’s a basic guideline. The main point being, the “death camps” weren’t nearly as bad as the victors made them out to be. Moreover, there was no record at all, of any kind, from any level of Nazi Germany, that even hinted at a policy to exterminate Jews or any other people. That’s a matter of mathematical historical certainty.

    So again, do some research, use your brain, instead of simply believing something because you’re told to believe it. Clearly your knowledge of these subjects are lacking. You need to inform yourself, to deprogram this image that’s put into you, because the truth of the matter is, despite being not great folks, the Nazis weren’t nearly as bad as history makes them out to be.

    Especially Hitler himself, is not nearly the monster history paints him as, In many regards, he was a decent man trying to do right by his country. He may have had some twisted ideologies, may have been off track in some ways, especially towards the end….but not a monster. Not the epitome of evil. That’s ridiculous, and simple study into the subject from unbiased sources, would show that. Simple as that.

    • Eloquently put John. You have far more patience with these repeaters than I do. As I often say, most of us once believed this fable, but as soon as we were presented with this Truth, we took the time to look at it objectively. But why I have no time for these idiots, is they continue to repeat the JMSM version and choose to remain in wilful ignorance.

      Thank you for going to the effort to address this, on behalf of the Truth.

  147. David

     /  September 20, 2014

    I know that there is something horribly wrong with the world. In fact, I have been permanently gifted with strong intuition and intelligence and I already knew from age five (5) that the entire system as we know it is one BIG LIE founded on many lies.

    Here is wisdom: don’t work yourself too hard trying to propagate the truth. Those that will grasp the truth will and those that will not will NOT! Because we all have different destinies.

    Now there is a one real truth on earth thoroughly ignored! It is that every single living species has been evolving. Even our so called humans species now were not humans before and we will not remain humans. Change is a constant natural order of things. Not the kind of human change calculated by a system of greed, hatred, and deception. When that natural change occurs, our current state of being and all its flaws will be substituted.


    • Wise words David.

      Although it is worth making the effort to try and nudge people awake. I feel those who are awake have a spiritual obligation to go out of their way to actively propagate the Truth. We have to pilot ideals and resistance. It is a tough job, but we just have to do it.

      So I meet you half way in your idea that Those that will grasp the truth will and those that will not will NOT

      Thank you for contributing.

  148. alexis

     /  September 20, 2014

    “But I say unto you, resist not him that is evil: but whosoever smiteth thee on thy right cheek,
    turn to him the other also.” (Matthew, 5.39)

    For there can be scarcely any doubt whatsoever that only through bloodshed could we achieve the restoration of the 1914 frontiers. One must have the simple mind of a child to believe that the revision of the Versailles Treaty can be obtained by indirect means and by beseeching the clemency of the victors; (Hitler, Mein Kampf)

    • And your point Alexis is?

      • alexis

         /  September 20, 2014

        One must have the simple mind of a child to believe Hitler’s politics where based on christian ethics.

      • Well I am no fan of Christianity. Or any religion. The only reason I make reference to Hitlers’s connection to Christianity, is to debunk International Jewry’s constant BS about him being satanic and evil.

        I never stated, or implied Hitler’s politics were based on Christian ethics. Merely that the essence of this man was certainly not evil. I am not a Hitler worshiper. I believe he was a political head and I do not believe politics is the solution to world peace. Hitler did all he could within the levels of consciousness present within his era. He was simply a good man with principled ethics.

        It is only true spirituality/consciousness that will bring about world peace. However, I have an obligation as a Truth-teller to dispute the myths about this great man; coming from both the JMSM and the disinformation and misinformation within the Truth movement itself.

  149. David

     /  September 24, 2014

    Hello Digger. Two Questions: What is truth? What is lie? In my opinion, they are circumstantial. Circumstantial in that they rise from something established. Think of it like cause and effect. Therefore if you remove that established thing, truth or lie will seize to exist. Here is an example, all these lies and truth about WW II or Hitler only exist because it is established that WW II did happen. No one can spread lies or truth about WW III because it is not established that there was a WW III (at list not yet).

    Truth or lies risen from human activities in the end are irrelevant when we consider some very serious issues on earth. Why? Because human activities, no matter how authentic it looks are temporal. Today they are and tomorrow they are not.

    Now there is something horribly wrong with the world. It is the system humans established. That human system is a wrong and it conflicts with the right system. Yet it is this wrong system people believe in and even give their lives for. A system that is temporal like humans themselves.

    It is HOPELESS AND USELESS debating or arguing about what is truth or lie in a human system When the human system itself is wrong!!

  150. Lydia

     /  September 24, 2014

    This has good info, but that does not change the fact that many of the Jews were good people, without Hitler most of them would still be alive today, and Hitler made no actions to stop this. Being a man of God does not necessarily make one a good person. Though people who stood by and supported actions done against the Jews are no better. I respect your opinion and you’re obviously a very intellectual person, but I am just saying, Hitler did not like Jews, just a few records of this you can find on u-s-history.com, and though he certainly had the power to stop what he was doing, he did not. I also have a few questions for you, and though they may sound rude because of my personal opinion, I assure I simply want your view on the topics.
    Do you believe the world would be a better place if Hitler had never killed himself, if his rule had not been stopped?
    Do you believe the world would be better without Jews?
    Do you believe our country was wrong to resist Hitler, and his allies?
    Do you believe that every person, not just Jews, that his actions resulted in torturing and killing deserved all that was done to them?

    • You are grossly ignorant of history Lydia. Go away and do your homework. You have been conditioned – brainwashed by the mass onslaught of jewish lies/propaganda. Every sentence you have written is a nonsense. Your u-s-history.com is a jew source……..therefore not independent research.

      To answer your last four questions:
      1/. Had Hitler fully expanded his meme of anti-jewish filth across the globe, yes the world would be a far far better place. No more jewish usury. It was because Hitler crushed the jewish banking system “usury” that he got slammed by International Jewry.
      2/. Well, this is not really about jews per sa. It is about judaism – the cult, the meme, the energy, the ideology. That is the issue. And what judaism really stands for. Hence why Jews have been booted out of 109 countries over 2000 years. It is the charater of the jew stemming from the meme/ideology of judaism.
      3/. Well I don’t know what you mean by ‘our country’. It was three main forces [Britain – America and Russia] Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin who were all representatives of International jewry who instigated WW2. These three jew agents got the Gentiles engaged in fighting Hitler. Hitler of course did all he could to prevent war.
      4/. This is a falsely presented question because ………..THERE WERE NO TORTURING AND DELIBERATE KILLING by Hitler and the NAZIs. You are repeating jew-propagada.

      Go away and do some serious INDEPENDENT research Lydia. You are just repeating what you have been told to repeat.

  151. Lydia

     /  September 24, 2014

    Also (sorry to extend), the reason Germany was in such bad economic shape was not because of Jews, it was because of World War 1. Honestly, I think people can list facts and opinions until the cows come home but that won’t change what anyone thinks. I say my perspective on the issue with great respect for you and your article, though I do not agree with it.

    • Ohh dear Lydia. You are ridiculously painfully ignorant on history!!

      THE JEWS STARTED WW1 – FACT. It was international Jewry who instigated the first world war.

      It was indeed Jewish usury that was crippling Germany. As it is the world today. And Hitler put a stop to it. As my essay explains.

      Of course you wont agree on it, because your head is cluttered with disinformation, lies and propaganda……..which has been fed into society for 70+ years. It is only a minuscule amount of people who dare to dig up the Truth and face reality. Most are like you, who can only repeat, repeat, repeat the groupthink, because it’s much more comfortable to stay within the herd.

      Do your homework. Dare to face the Truth. Which by the way is coming out more and more each day. Tis a choice if you want to remain in your wilful ignorance.

      • alexis

         /  September 25, 2014

        Here my opinion about your brainwashed mind. One has only to enter any church on Sunday morning and listen the priests sermon to convince himself what a nice and decent Christian you have made out of Hitler. Since centuries priests don´t get tired of preaching peace and humility, care and compassion to our fellow men, condemnation of selfishness and usury and so forth and so forth. You do not know to which degree you are under the spell of Christian ethics. But let us just listen a bit to that good man´s words.

        “We all feel that in the distant future many may be faced with problems which
        can be solved only by a superior race of human beings, a race destined to
        become master of all the other peoples and which will have at its disposal the
        means and resources of the whole world.” We can be quite sure the Germans were supposed to be among this superior race. What humble words of a humble man.

        “It is the inexorable Jew who struggles for his domination over the nations. No nation can remove this hand from its throat except by the sword. Only the assembled and concentrated might of a national passion rearing up in its strength can defy the international enslavement of peoples. Such a process is and remains a bloody one.” According to Hitler there is a difference if the Germans and not Jews rule the world. But this difference has nothing to do with the means by which to reach that goal, as he more than clearly explains later.

        “For there can be scarcely any doubt whatsoever that only through bloodshed could we achieve the restoration of the 1914 frontiers. [] The territory on which one day our German peasants will be able to bring forth and nourish their sturdy sons will justify the blood of the sons of the peasants that has to be shed to-day. And the statesmen who will have decreed this sacrifice may be persecuted by their contemporaries, but posterity will absolve them from all guilt for having demanded this offering from their people.” No pain no gain, the end justifies whatever means, and were it thousands of Germans sent to death. Let alone beings of inferior races, to stay within his terminology. A page later he continues, now listen carefully.

        “At most, the possession of such territory is a proof of the strength of the conqueror and the weakness of those who submit to him. And in this strength alone lives the right of possession. [] So also in the future our people will not obtain territory, and therewith the means of existence, as a favor from any other people, but will have to win it by the power of a triumphant sword.”

        This is a Darwinian point of view. Does it dawn to you, can you grasp the abyss of having a non religious standpoint. An immoral Machiavellian one. Evolution is dictated by the right of might, the daily struggle for “lebensraum”. Only the fittest will survive the law of selection, without any compassion and mercy whatsoever with those who have to die out. Darwin compared it once in a letter to a friend with confessing a murder. „At last gleams of light have come, & I am almost convinced (quite contrary to opinion I started with) that species are not (it is like confessing a murder) immutable.“

        “Even the most harmful man may really be the most useful when it comes to the preservation of the species; for he nurtures either in himself or in others, through his effects, instincts without which humanity would long have become feeble or rotten. Hatred, the mischievous delight in the misfortune of others, the lust to rob and dominate, and whatever else is called evil belongs to the most amazing economy of the preservation of the species. To be sure, this economy is not afraid of high prices, of squandering, and it is on the whole
        extremely foolish. Still it is proven that it has preserved our race so far. I no longer know whether you, my dear fellow man and neighbor, are at all capable of living in a way that would damage the species; in other words, “unreasonably” and “badly.” What might have harmed the species may have become extinct many thousands of years ago and may by now be one of those things that are not possible even for God. “(Nietzsche, The Joyful Wisdom)

        But I already feel you do not want to here such words, for you know the truth, you know what is good and bad. You need the truth of Christian ethics to have a right to judge the Jews.

      • Christianity = Babylonian (judaic) cult worship. And mind control. Christian ethics – ha. Good try Alexis.

    • richard1

       /  September 25, 2014

      the problem with your site and others like it, is that there are plenty of people around who are quite capable of destroying your arguments and showing them up for the misinformation that they are but you know what ? they really don’t consider you merit their time and attention, so you are able to persist and the more gullible amongst up begin to think you may be on to something. right.lets have it. i am gullible. i have been brainwashed by 70 years of Jewish propaganda. i am a sheeple etc etc.

      • Nope. It’s that the Truth is coming out now. And it is unquestionable to those without bias and heaps of jewish conditioning.

  152. David Abiodun

     /  September 25, 2014

    Hello Digger. You are right! Truth is truth and lie is lie ….. but only when it is coming from the right establishment. The system humans established on earth is wrong and conflicting with the right system of things. The human system is wrong in that it is temporal, destructive and unsustainable. To engage yourself in the pursuit of what is truth or lie in these many human activities is like trying hold water in you hands. It is hopeless and worthless!

    Lastly, you will notice I have said nothing about the Jews in all my statement. I think people should stop talking about them because there is really nothing special about them. Every single person or tribe or country on earth is special. There is nothing super special about one person or tribe or country. We are all humans and the same. We all have the potential to do right or wrong and just like we were all born, we will all die.

    Good luck Digger.

    • That’s where you are wrong David. Very wrong. Jews are not human, they are Jewmans. The jews as a collective are a completely different mindset, with a completely different outlook than non-jews. Hence they have been booted out of 109 countries over 2000 years. To ignore jewish perfidy on humanity is both naive and dangerous.

      • David

         /  September 27, 2014

        No, I am afraid, that’s where you are very wrong. We are all humans and the same. Digger 2000 years of global history had too many events to count. Too many stories of events involving other tribes or ethnics of the world, which has been swept under carpets for people not to see or hear. But you know why many people like you get so paranoid about the event or story of just one ethnic group (Jews)? The media, the religion, and the institutional cabbage the human society have been feeding each other with for hundred’s of years. Digger, should I lecture you on African history or European history or Asian history? You will be in my class room for a year learning of just one ethnic group from one of these continents. Oh and there are too many accounts to count of ethnic cleansing and expulsion involving many ethnic groups across the world.

        Now, your last statement (Jews are not humans, they are Jewmans……) just gave me the impression that you fit the category of those Caucasians propagating white supremacy or those Negros crying about what slave trading did to them and how they have been systematically disadvantaged by the human economic system. Digger, you yourself is perhaps lost in hatred and under the misconception the human society fed you growing up. I don’t blame you. Its this wrong system that got everyone hating and judging each other.

        Okay, I am of a pure spirit. I hate no one and I judge no one because I see from a realm far above the naked eyes. A realm set for the resurrected. No one hates anyone from there because from there, the truth is crystal clear.

        All the best Digger.

      • No, I am afraid, that’s where you are very wrong. We are all humans and the same.
        That’s ridiculous. We are not all the same, we are very different, and we can clearly see the distinctness between the various races. Different races have different traits. It is obvious.

        Digger 2000 years of global history had too many events to count. Too many stories of events involving other tribes or ethnics of the world, which has been swept under carpets for people not to see or hear. But you know why many people like you get so paranoid about the event or story of just one ethnic group (Jews)? The media, the religion, and the institutional cabbage the human society have been feeding each other with for hundred’s of years. Digger, should I lecture you on African history or European history or Asian history? You will be in my class room for a year learning of just one ethnic group from one of these continents. Oh and there are too many accounts to count of ethnic cleansing and expulsion involving many ethnic groups across the world.
        You said a lot in one paragraph here, but yet said nothing. It’s a mish mash of nothing – what are you saying David? African history, as far as slavery = a jew job. Do your homework on the African slave trade. You will find International Jewry (Babylonianism) is behind most ethnic cleansing in the last 5000 years. It is not paranoia David, it is being Jew-wise. Having studied what is going on, seeing pattens and noticing behind every event – there is the Jew. It is common sense, it is obvious and it acknowledged by all the great writers and philosophers. Just read my side links for the evidence of Jewish perfidy on humanity. You are either bias (a Jew), or have been judaified with political correctness not to see this blatant attack on humanity. See video as one small example:

        Now, your last statement (Jews are not humans, they are Jewmans……) just gave me the impression that you fit the category of those Caucasians propagating white supremacy or those Negros crying about what slave trading did to them and how they have been systematically disadvantaged by the human economic system.
        This term ‘Jewmans’, I have borrowed from John Lash actually. But having studied the Jew for almost a decade, as well as having personal negative experiences with Jews prior to that, affords me to seriously consider that ‘they are not of us’. They are a hybrid form of humanity, of different genetics of some sort.

        Digger, you yourself is perhaps lost in hatred and under the misconception the human society fed you growing up. I don’t blame you. Its this wrong system that got everyone hating and judging each other.
        No not hatred David, please read my page devoted to the subject of hate above. What you are trying to do in a sneaky way is induce this word as it fits in neatly with Orwellian “Hate speech”.
        And as for non-judging, this is more newspeak which smacks of new-age crap (coming from Jewish sources). You have to be an idiot not to judge others. Judging others is healthy and an organic process for society. If your neighbours were slinging their shit over your fence every day…….would you be non-judgemental? Or they were interfering with your children, would you not judge them. Of course you would. Because that would be a perfectly natural understandable thing to do.

        Okay, I am of a pure spirit. I hate no one and I judge no one because I see from a realm far above the naked eyes. A realm set for the resurrected. No one hates anyone from there because from there, the truth is crystal clear.
        Grow up man. You have been affected by jewish-sorced new-age crap. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        All the best Digger.

  153. Will

     /  September 26, 2014

    And to extend, in the majority of European countries, you would have been arrested for a post like this. No lie, look it up.

    • And what has that got to do with Truth? Suppression of Truth only validated our position. Who would want to suppress Truth, other than those who perpetuate lies.

  154. Lydia

     /  September 26, 2014

    My friend, because I am so gracious and have been so polite, unlike you who has taken me for a fool that I am not, I will kindly inform you where you are mistaken. Because you see yourself to be so incredibly informed, and because you believe your claims to be justified, please kindly inform my apparently unknowing mind as to how, exactly, Jews began World War 1, and how World War 2 exactly “improved” the world, as you say.

    • Well we’re not friends for starters. I don’t know you.

      As for being polite. No more! Had it with you repeaters. Had you gone through the plethora of independently researched information and studied the WW1/2 and the holohoax from non-jewish sources, you wouldn’t have come out with the ridiculous statements you had. So I refuse to be polite when you choose to remain wilfully ignorant. It is this level of ignorance that keeps this filthy machine going. So people like you are dangerous to society. Enough of the ‘politeness’ with you lot.

      And I never said you were a fool; I expressed you were ignorant (without knowledge) on history.

      In fact I don’t see myself as ‘incredibly’ informed, I have never stated that – to the contrary. Just wised up on the fundament lies the JMSM have and are foisting on us 24/7.

      Had you read my response, you would read I mentioned USURY. That is enough for you to get started on. And why the jews have been booted out of 109 countries over 2000 years. But WW1 was predominantly about getting access to Palestine, but as always there were multi-dimensional reasons why they do anything. Culling the goy for ritualistic reasons is another (fear energy harvesting).

      You seem to read what suits your narrative Lydia. When have I ever stated or implied that WW2 “improved” the world? How on earth could WW2 improve the world?? Now you are showing your insanity.

      Go away for just one week and do some intense research from independent sources. As a starter, watch the film: http://www.thegreateststorynevertold.tv and then look at the plethora of independent research on these subjects. You are EXTREMELY ignorant on these areas. You have simply been conditioned, programmed, propagandised. It may take more than a week to undue the damage, but within a week of intense study, the seeds will be sown.

      I wish you luck.

      Please also look at the links at the top of the page under “Amended History”. If you refuse to thoroughly absorb this material; then it is your choice to remain wilfully ignorant and damaged by the Jewish mind control. It’s all a choice and not at all subjective.

  155. Callisto

     /  October 3, 2014

    “He held correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi’
    Gandhi himself was a racist bastard and a scum of the earth who destroyed India from within and hid behind the walls of non-violence bullshit. He was a bald-headed pervert who slept with naked woman.

    Hitler was a disciplined man and you should not compare him with fools like Gandhi.

    This one is pretty hillarious and true!

    • Thank you Callisto – point taken. I now realise that. I do not lord Gandhi as I once did. Gandhi has not been vilified as Hitler has by the JMSM – that alone should be a red flag.

      Thank you for contributing.

    • Wanderer

       /  January 21, 2015

      Please respect Gandhi for the good things he did.

      • Grrr

         /  February 4, 2015

        I see this once in a while, people deriding Gandhi without real facts or claims. Gandhi was a true national who in his own way fought for India’s freedom. I am happy he left us the legacy of Peace and non violence. Please respect that.

      • You may well be right. However, having been around the Truth movement for over a decade now, I have observed that whoever the jews big up has served them at some level and whoever they diss, have gone against their agenda.

  156. Prajwal Jai

     /  October 16, 2014

    Wonderful article.. The whole world is led to believe that Hitler was evil.. In fact, he is a great leader & his patriotism was unmatched. I have read Mein Kampf & it truly is a great work on nationalist ideas. Hail Hitler.

  157. I am now not certain the place you’re getting your info,
    however great topic. I needs to spend a while finding out more or understanding more.
    Thanks for magnificent information I used to be searching for
    this info for my mission.

  158. Paula

     /  October 30, 2014

    How do figure out which sources are and are not jewish?

  159. Digger, you have done an awesome and brave work. You are one of the few persons I have met on the internet, who doesn’t believe in Jewish propaganda and fabricated history.

    I’m from India. Since my childhood, I was taught that Hitler was evil, mass murderer, and so on. I always wondered, “if other leaders have done worse atrocities, why is he the only one to be hated?” Now, I am glad that I did my research, to know that it all was lies, rewriting history to fulfill own agendas. Many Indians, like me, never bought that Jewish lie.

    The only evidences of the Holocaust, and the 6 million Jew deaths are western movies and video games. But people will always believe a big lie, than searching for the truth. “Hitler killed six million jews! He is pure evil!” – all over the internet. No one talks about the crimes of J. Stalin. No one talks about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sixty millions were slaughtered with the Bolshevik sickle prior to WWII.

    As you know, my country was under the British empire for 190 years. Billions of Indians were murdered during the Raj. A highly praised and ‘humble’ leader, ‘Sir’ Winston Churchill, deliberately starved almost 7 million Indians to death in The Bengali Famine (on his letter to Roosevelt). The media will never talk about that, nor movies and video games will ever be made on that. Gandhi was truly a scum, hiding behind lies, and I’m glad you realised that. I believe you have heard of Netaji Subhas Bose. He is the man who we all truly praise, though the Indian media never cared for him. He admired Hitler. Even our current PM Narendra Modi stated that people should be enlightened about Hitler’s life, and that he should be an idol.

    The allies helped the Jews to form Israel, committing treacherous crimes everyday. And for every crime they do, an advertisement is made supporting the Holohoax.

    People read the ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, actually written by a Jewish author, Meyer Levin. Numerous evidences are there to support this.

    You cannot change the world through the internet, Digger. But I hope people read your blog to be aware dark lies they are believing.

    Hitler was a true patriot, a marvellous leader, the ambassador towards a better world.

    Jai Hind, Heil Hitler.

    • Dear SB, apologies for belated response – have been away from my blog for a while.

      Yes, the world is waking up to this disgusting horrendous lie on humanity……….and all the associated lies.

      I have heard that the wise Indians have not fallen so much as the rest of us to this Hitler bashing. With Mein Kampf being the most popular book read – Well done India.

      Being British – I personally apologise for the behaviour of the British Empire on your beautiful country/people/heritage. However, I hope you realise, the Brit Empire was really Jewish-controlled.

      Yep, and the Anne Frank nonsense is also being exposed – daily.

      Thank you for contributing.

    • Hey there To India from Australia ,that was a great Comment brother , I really look forward to hearing how people came to study the great man Hitler , and yes you are right about Digger wish there were more like Him too , we are all working for truth justice and freedom , peace to you friend .

      • Thanks to both of you Clark and Digger, I am really glad that you liked my comment. Hope I will meet both of you someday 🙂

        Digger, if any help you require in making blogs, please feel free to contact me, I will do my best. I have been doing some study on the Illuminati for a while, so if you make an article on that, I can help you.

        Also, you don’t have to be sorry for what some old, hypocrite politicians from your country have done in the past, its not your fault. You are always welcome here mate 🙂

      • Thank you Saikat, however I never refer to this beast as Illuminati. Sorry Saikat, but this half-Truth rhetoric. Whenever we refer to the word Illuminati, it indadvertedly distracts us from International Jewry. Even the word zionism is a clever distraction.

        But thank you anyway for the sentiment.

  160. Ibraheem Hamza Muhammad

     /  November 1, 2014

    Excellent. The Jews are self-centered as they vilify Hitler and co without facts

  161. Matt

     /  November 7, 2014

    You are a hate-mongering, pro-genocide piece of shit. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow Europeans? How so? He started the deadliest conflict in human history and is responsible for in some way or another more dead Europeans than anyone else who ever lived. He cared about the conditions of the Jews in the work camps? What do you say to the survivors of those camps? That what they saw wasn’t real? Putting them in the camps in the first place was bad enough. He waged the one of the most unjust wars in history. Millions of men, women and children are dead because of him. He is one of the very worst people who ever existed, and anyone who thinks he was anything else is unfit to live.

    • Dearest Matt,

      Thank you for your kind, balanced and constructive comment.

      I usually do not respond to non-thinking repeaters like you; or those steeped in their kosher bias; however I happen to have five minutes and I’m feeling charitable today.

      Please define the hate. Please refer to my whole page devoted to the subject of hate and how it is a destructive, non-productive element.

      Through your wilful ignorance you are unaware that Hitler tried in vain many times to avoid conflict with Britain, by leaflet dropping his positive propaganda on the British people. He had many opportunities to attack ‘our’ side, but did not.

      What do I say to the survivors of the work camps? Well, the true survivors of the work camps, I would be willing to have a genuine discussion with. The ones which talk about the Truth – about the swimming pool, the football games, the post office service, the quality of food which the Red Cross verified, about how the jewish-controlled allied forces created the harsh conditions toward the end for the inmates by bombing the railroads, preventing food from entering the camps. How they were not death camps, but containment/work camps, etc, etc.

      But most of the spew coming from these so-called survivors is more Jewish propaganda……LIES…..BS.

      Putting them in the camps was the only solution to stop the Jewish perfidy strangling Germany. Look at the filth in Berlin in the 20s/30’s. This had to be stopped. Along with jewish usury.

      Wrong – he did not wage the most unjust war(s) in history. He wanted to avoid war at all costs. It was International Jewry which instigated WW2, as well as WW1 and further still is plugging for WW3. Millions of men, women and children are dead because of International Jewry; and this goes way beyond just wars. They are mass culling in many indirect ways, such as vaccines, medication, chemtrails, etc, etc (soft kill)

      Hitler was one of the finest men to walk the planet. It’s just your wilful ignorance of history, [or jewish bias] that gets in the way of this suppressed Truth.

      Stating that I and millions of people like myself who have woken up to this reality/Truth about this fine man, are unfit to live, is representative of YOUR hate Matt. What would you do had you the choice …….put us all in death camps?

      You have to do your homework Matt and do some INDEPENDENT research before you start ranting ignorant uninformed repeater rhetoric such as this. Please study the areas on the page above titled ‘Amended History’. If your ego, or bias will step to one side; you may just de-programme and learn something.

      Off you go now – go and do your homework laddy.

  162. I agree with most of your post, I don’t think Hitler was bad at all, and I did have a read of your antisemitism post, however I just don’t agree with your opinion of the Jewish population. I understand that, as a group, they have built themselves to look superior to everyone else, been greedy and they have been very hypocritical, but I just can’t see them as a group, I see them as individuals. I don’t believe every Jewish person is the same, I don’t believe any person is the same as another, whether they’re of the same race or not – which is why I don’t wholly agree with you (assuming you are white). I believe that that is just how many Jews have been influenced to behave, as result by their religion and culture. If anything, I hate the Jewish religion and all religions in general, but not the people. I see religion as the brainwashing of children/families and as a fear of death.

    Even if you bring up the ‘watch them talk about the holocaust and see for yourself’ argument, then no, I still don’t agree because that just means they will have been fed by the same lies as everyone else. Besides, I think it’s just natural to react badly to someone bringing up a situation where you yourself could have been killed at the time, whether it was a real situation or not.

    Even if we’ll never see eye to eye, I still think this is a well-written, in depth blog post regardless, and I do think that the government is trying to tell us lies about Nazi Germany and the war.

    • Thank you Rose, but you probably haven’t read much of my material. I always refer to the problem as International Jewry, not really ‘the jews’. I accept the lower jews are in the matrix as much as anyone. However, watch how they clan together to protect their criminal elite, and israhell if you criticise their precious identity.

      I cannot access the link at present, but f you look at my page about titled “Good Jews” and read my associated essays below it. I describe Jacob A and Jacab B.

      Thank you for contributing.

  163. Frank

     /  November 22, 2014

    Im from germany and here is a little story that happens in my life ca. 13 years ago.

    I did my social year in bavaria, in an rehabilitation centrum. thats a place where people come to get some medical aftercare. In Bayreuth, that’s the same city where the “Wagner Festspiele” take place. And Hitler was often in Bayreuth. Wagner was an Idol of Hitler and so Hitler visited his descendants often in Bayreuth.

    And while i worked in that place. I met an older woman, i think she was nearly 90.
    I was 20 and she told me her age and i was saying something stupid like “oh then you are gone through WW2 and maybe WW1” and we talked about it, it was quite interesting to listen to her.
    And at one point, after awhile i dont know why anymore. We talked about Adolf Hitler and she said something like “Yes, I knew him personally and he was not a bad guy” neither i remember her name nor anything else about her.
    But i surmise she lived in Bayreuth.

    And while i thinking about this right now. I cant actually believe i met a person who knew him personally. Thats feels weird.

    But i never forgot that she said he was not a bad guy, after all those years.


    Hi Digger, i just thought you maybe want to know about that. That’s why i wrote this. I did not wrote this because i like Hitler neither i hate him. its just history for me. And its good that people can have his own opinion.


  164. Wolfgang

     /  November 23, 2014

    Digger, I am so grateful I came across your website. For years now I have been convinced that much about what we were told about Hitler and his time in power was a result of the liberal agenda. He will always be a hero of mine. I live in Germany and was lucky enough to have seen some of his artwork in person. There is no way a man who painted like he did was bad, or evil as the liberal collective would have us believe. There are many of us here in Germany who haven’t been fooled though and remember him for the great man he was. Please, keep strong and keep writing

    • Vielen dank Wolfgang.

      Glad to here not all Germans have been put under the judaic trance.

      Thank you for contributing.

  165. David

     /  December 1, 2014

    So, basically you’re saying that although he was more than a little prejudiced, he was humane. (Hey, America, guess what? WE DID THE SAME THING!) This is the first site I found on the subject, so it may not be the best, but there are a lot more. http://classes.maxwell.syr.edu/soc248/JapaneseIntern.html

  166. eve

     /  December 4, 2014

    I completely agree and appreciate this article, it’s the easiest to follow I’ve found. But my one question is, what about the “holocaust survivors” that have written books and such?

    • They are ALL BSers. Lies, lies, lies. ££££$$$$. The Holoca$t is an industry. It pays to lie. Yet one suffers to tell the harsh Truth.

      It will become obvious to you, once you study the subject. Blatantly obvious.

      Apologies for belated reply, have been away from internet.

  167. satya

     /  December 6, 2014

    I agree with the fact that mein führer may be a victim of propaganda and lies. I know of Churchill enough to conclude he was a evil bastard…he caused the Bengal famine in my country in which 3 million people died due to starvation. But no one remembers these atrocities as they were caused by one of the so called victors of ww2…allied forces were imbeciles and they were not fighting for freedom or any great values…they just wanted to show the world that they had a bigger johnson…if they truly were liberators then why did america let go the leader of unit 731? answer me trolls

  168. John

     /  December 19, 2014

    “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”
    ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

  169. Mike

     /  January 19, 2015

    In The Service Of The Führer; Hitler’s Shadow [Documentary]

  170. josephjove

     /  January 26, 2015

    Once I recovered from the initial cognitive dissidence caused by realizing that what I’ve been taught all my life was propaganda. It became very easy, even pleasurable to denounce the fable which is American exceptionalism. I was once a victim of Zionist propagandists. Today, I realize that Herr Hitler was another savior, who was stricken down by those greedy satanic bastards. Need I say who these bastards are? Methinks not.

    • Well don’t feel bad JJ, we have all been ‘had’ by the beast. And keep getting had. Their artform is deception. So it is inevitable we fall for their trickery.

      Hitler did his best for his era. It would obviously not be appropriate for this era. Hitler tried to deal with this beast using politics. That’s why his system utterly failed. We are in a spiritual war, hence we need a completely spiritual solution.

      Thanks for commenting.

  171. Paul222

     /  February 2, 2015

    I just finished watching the 6 hour documentary Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story never told! To be honest, I’m in shock! I grew up with the demonization of Hitler so now my whole world is upside down. First of all I don’t think he was all innocent, but who was in those troubled times? But what I do know is that jews are pathological liers and are willing to kill countless people for their interests (just like they did 9/11 and caused most modern wars). My question is, if the Holocaust was the most horrible thing attributed to Hitler, if it’s false, what does that leave us with? Was he really a good guy? Can he be blamed for anything? I don’t believe he killed 6 million jews but could he have killed a few hundred thousands? I do understand why Jews wanted him out, because Germany became too strong! They feared him and the German people. But has the brainwashing of the Jews become so powerful that even Germans hate Hitler? I’m so intrigued by this! Specially because my country, Romania, was a close ally of Hitler and we had a great leader Maresal. Antonescu – truly remarkable and honorable man – that was executed by a soviet made communist Romanian party and now he’s remembered by some of our own people as a traitor for siding with the “evil” Nazi Germans. I don’t buy this story anymore but I wish to know so much the truth, were there other reasons why Hitler was considered evil that are actually proven right? Or is all a jewish hoax of victimization? I read an incredible argument about the jewish World Almanac that said the jewish population actually increased during 1939-1945 period!!! Is that for real? Have they really such a great power to completely brainwash a whole planet into thinking Hitler was evil when he was not? I can tell you we also had our fair share of jewish demonisation of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, a great nationalist lider who was considered hero back then , was also assasinated but now many are ashamned to associate with him for fascism. Please excuse my spelling mistakes. God bless you! http://img27.fansshare.com/pic37/w/andrea-cassulo/1200/9576_maresalul_ion_antonescu.jpg

    • Thank you Paul for bothering to leave this comment and for being so humble to accept the Truth and that you have been deceived – like we all have been. They are kings of deception.

      You say Hitler couldn’t have so innocent…..why? He was! I challenge anyone to find any skeletons in his closet. He was the the most self-disciplined leader ever. To think of all the beautiful women he could have taken advantage off who adored him, but he had ethics.

      It is essential you buy two books: “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton. L. Bradberry and “Hellstorm” by Tom Goodrich. Please also read MeinKampf (a hard-to-digest read though) All on this link: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/reading-recommendation/

      Also: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/amended-history/

      But the most important thing Paul is you don’t just become a Truth-seeker and keep all this info to yourself. You become a Truth-teller. You have a duty to spread the Truth to NEW BLOOD. Please see: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/truthing/

      Thank you for sharing

  172. Great article… u shifted the way I look at Hitler but only from an emotional perspective. If you can… please mention the practical reasons behind his logic… what did he exactly think about the jews? What was wrong with the jews in his opinion?

    • Read Mein Kampf Mahmood. The practical reasons was that he rounded up all the Communists and agitators and surprise surprise – 97% happen to be jewish. The jews who were not anti-german, were left alone.

  173. Hitler Didn’t hate the jews , He was simply aware of what they were doing behind the scenes ,and how they all had Key positions in the Gov , He was also disturbed by the lack of Moral Codes ,with Homosexual and other great depravities , considering they were the So called Gods chosen people , Hitler understood the importance for the Volk that these Jews were dealt with . He was Also well aware of the big stab in the back by the Jews via the Belfour Declaration which was an utr disgrace .

    Further He also was aware of the true History of the So called Jews ,with them being booted out of 109 places over the course of 2,000 or so years like who’s counting ? Hitler was a great man better by far than any leader today and the whole world will soon be slapped in the face with these revelations ,and he was the only Leader and the Most Popular Leader that stood up to the jews in the 20th century . So I say Heil Hitler . See Ernst Zundel Germany Get off your Knees excellent video > Jewtube

  174. Digger, Great job! And, yes, there are definitely trolls attacking you regarding your very well researched article. Also, I couldn’t agree more….millions of people are definitely waking up to the monstrous Holocaust LIE!

    • Thank you John.

      There is an awakening happening – hence the ‘hate’ laws.

      Thanks for commenting.

  175. Lathen

     /  February 23, 2015

    Happy to see I’m not the only one who wasn’t completely brainwashed. What’s up fellow seekers of the truth… the world sure could use another Adolf Hitler!

    Great article.

  176. germa

     /  February 23, 2015

    Wow you do a great job!

  177. This article is Brilliant!!! It goes to show how powerful mind control and programing is. This one LIE has been engraved into the hearts, minds and souls of every human being on earth, “That Hitler Was Evil and Satan” This could not be farther from the Truth!
    Thankyou my friend.

  178. Charles

     /  March 5, 2015

    I have only recently awakened to what really happened between 1914 and 1946 and the Holocaust that never happened in Europe and am still learning. I am still in a bit of shock. The more I discover about Hitler the more I admire him and the more I find out about Churchill the more despicable I realise he was. And Stalin OMG!! UNBELIEVABLE

    • Yes, the wool has been pulled over our eyes all our lives Charles. But we have to be honest – we let it happen. We have to take responsibility. We chose to be deceived.

      This page may be of some use:

      Please ensure Charles you don’t just become a spectator. Become a contributor……share the Truth to new blood.

      Thanks for commenting.

  179. Brookes

     /  March 15, 2015

    The IMF wasn’t created until after ww2

  180. Flix

     /  March 18, 2015

    This one and the words of a friend helped me to overcome the “hitler is evil myth” every German grows up with from kindergarden age and to start my own research then. https://tresmontes7.wordpress.com/2007/11/30/ramana-maharshi-speaks-about-adolf-hitler/

    Ramana Maharshi is a very great saint from south india. He recognized hitler as a ‘gnani’,” “a sage; one who “knows,” who is, through personal experience, fully conscious of the eternal truths that express the Essence of the Universe”

    • Wow. Interesting Flix. I am beginning to think Hitler was a saint. A conscious soul indeed.

      Thank you for this info. Thank you for commenting.

  181. J. Abd Allah H.

     /  March 20, 2015

    Hitler was a monster, an evil monster. Yes, but only to the ones who challenged him… To the Germans he was a kind of “Messiah” sent from heaven while to the Jews, the Communists and most of the rest of the world he was worse than the Devil Incarnate. It’s the same thing with Joseph Stalin, the first Premier of the U.S.S.R. To his comrades and fellow communists he was a good man but to the rest he was a devil. The same thing with Barack Obama, George Bush, etc. To the Muslim jihadists Obama, Bush and the Western elite and their “NAZionist” brethren represent the Devil and the Big and Little Satan. But to us the Westerners it is the Muslim jihadists that are the terrorists. They say we are the terrorists! You see, it all depends from the point of view of which you see things. Stalin killed 40 million in Russia, Mao Zedong over 70 million in China… the body count keeps on going. The only difference between these evil monsters and Hitler was that they didn’t shoot darts at the elite Jews which are behind the NWO and other things. That and some other facts are the difference between Adolf Hitler and the rest of the “evil dictators”. The real bad guys are the elitists behind the New World Order and it’s Agenda 21. And, of course, Agenda 21 is being promoted by none other than the United Nations (UN), the agency that also allegedly promotes “peace” and “tolerance” and “unity”. I know, it’s a mad, mad, mad,… MAD world!!

  182. Yo, Digger…
    I have a theory (I haven’t done that much research recently, just a couple months ago, and I haven’t quite read your whole article), so I delicately state this (and for your sake, don’t call me a Jewish Troll [lol, jk jk]).
    First, before I get to my spewing of my idea, perhaps I could ask why you think the Jews are running the world (that’s an oversimplification, I’m sure, of what you think, so don’t hate)?
    Now, what if it was the allied countries, afraid of Germany’s might, who spread tales of the holocaust, not the Jews, in order to gain war support? I mean, the idea is absurd, spending hundreds of man-hours, using perfectly capable fighting-men to build camps just to kill of more perfectly capable fighting men. And there’s the fact that there were Jews in the Nazi Army.
    And then there’s pictures of POWs and Jewish prisoners (who were used for labor?) playing sports, and even German officers conducting a Jewish wedding. (My browsing data was cleared some time ago, so I don’t have links)
    I haven’t got a whole lot of time, so I’ll cut this short. But then, perhaps (you are a Christian, right?), Germany was never meant to win. I mean, statistically, Germany should have won: they had the best war machines, the best training (heck, the best everything!). But they failed at every turn, so perhaps God didn’t want them to win.
    Hopefully, I don’t induce an angry rant from you where you give me my choices as to who I am and tell me to do my homework, because that’s what I’m desperately trying to do.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Firstly Ethan I am certainly not a Christian. I think Christianity is a very clever scan to destroy the Roman empire has helped to bring the European race to its knees.

      Why are the jews running the world? ………..that you will have to do your homework. Please see the side links and all the info is out there. In fact I don’t think they are running the world, I think they are ruining the world.

      And as for God letting things happen. I personally now do not believe in any God.

      The reason Germany won, was partly because Hitler was too good of a person. He was a saint. He could have slaughtered the Brits/allies on the beaches of Dunkirk and other occasions, but he played far. He played by the rules. His fault was he was far too reasonable with the beast.

      Sorry for rushing my response. Am tight for time.

      Please start reading on this page:

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Karin Froch

         /  April 14, 2015

        I don’t understand why my comment has been ignored/overlooked?

      • Have answered it Karin. Have been away……check out my latest post ‘Tea up’

  183. Just because someone claims to represent God it does not mean that He approves of their actions.

    Funny how Atheists and other anti-religion types would rather believe Hitler, of all people, was sincere about having religious beliefs.

    You do realize that politicians lie, right?

  184. Adam

     /  April 15, 2015

    Hitler also inspired organizations such as PETA. He took in many abused animals from Jewish homes. People really don’t understand what a compassionate man he really was, we are truly misled by “historians”…

  185. Hiya Digger,

    So glad to see all the positive feedback you’ve got from such a ballsy article! 🙂

    I don’t know much about Hitler, but I know enough about recent world events (in particular 9/11 and 7/7) to realise that Israel, at the very least, has had a hand in some of the worst world events that have been going off in modern history.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if that stretched back to WW2 – especially with all the “Holocaust” and “6 millions Jews” stuff being fed to us way before WW2 even started.

    Hopefully someone can take this stuff to a bigger stage!


    • Thank you James,

      Apologies for belated response – have been away from blogging.

      The cats out the bag now.

      Thank you for contributing.

  186. Random0999

     /  April 22, 2015

    I love how there are shows and many documentarys about how Hitler is so bad.. For example “last days of the nazis” just makes me mad how they say nazis were the worst group of people in history!!! OK so where the hell are the stalin documentarys that call him out.. I see hardly to none. Hitler unlike stain loved his country and tried to make everyone happy with the conditions he had! Stain didn’t care about his people! Most if the poor people in Russia at the time were worked to death “literally” walking skeletons as someone said before. And he just let it happen for years until Hitler lead Germany to invade Russia. Russian civilians cheered the nazis! Yet what did my country do (America) nothing! All Roosevelt did at the time, was trying to get the US involved in another war. And what media also doesn’t tells you, is that Hitler sent ATLEAST a dozen if peace offerings to Britain WHILE they were in there country. British declined all of them. And Hitler also wanted 2 days until attacking which people still say it was an act of peace, allowing civilians to leave Britain before they went on in any further. To sum this all up, I just can’t stand to see these people saying Hitler was a horrible person. But really, he did with what he had to do with the US funding Britain out of the wazoo, he had very limited options. Hitler was great at leading Germany to a healthier stage.. When he was ruling Russia, Germany had never have been in a better state then when Hitler was there.

  187. cartiermccloud

     /  April 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE and commented:
    Simple clarification of Hitler’s motives is the one bastion for truth that will overcome the murderous lies of the jews. There is more truth about Hitler then there are lies about him.

  188. cartiermccloud

     /  April 22, 2015

    Thanks to courageous people like you, the jews are losing their grip in the Holohoax lie. I have reblogged you on my site. Never give up, never give in.

  189. Nic

     /  April 22, 2015

    Thanks so much for getting the truth out about Adolf Hitler, the most unjustly-demonized man to have ever lived. Thank you and God bless you!

  190. Panzer

     /  April 25, 2015

    Reblogged this on siegheilhitler and commented:
    This excellent essay is by diggerfortruth, a truly brave and noble man.
    All credit goes to him. I probably couldn’t write something as good as this if I had the chance.

    • Many thanks Panzer

      • Panzer

         /  April 29, 2015

        You’re welcome Digger. Hitler wasn’t a saint, but he wasn’t as bad as we’ve been told to be. That’s why I try to spread the truth about him.

    • Bob McDonald

       /  April 29, 2015

      Great Comment Panzer and I agree with you wholeheartedly , this is a great work of a very intelligent Man ,more importantly it is truth ,How could we be so Blind with the eyes we have to see ? The Big Lie is over for a lot of us ,but the deceit continues , Spread the Word ! Digger for Truth is Tops !

      • Thanks Bob

      • Bob McDonald

         /  May 12, 2015

        http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,760539,00.html No Digger My Good friend Thankyou ! Hellstorm what a Brilliant movie, though incredibly Sad , everyone should see this Movie and get a good dose of truth into you , Hitler Man of the Year 1938 We all owe it to Germany and to ourselves to spread the truth , and expose the Lies ,and the Liars the Jews [ So called } they truly are beyond Redemption https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ ‘ Hell Storm” such a Disgrace to see How Humans were treated Men Women Children Babies All Brutalized Raped Murdered , We must never let this happen again ,if we do it will be us this time Beware !

  191. keep talking i know the truth

     /  May 15, 2015

    I support Hitler in some aspects and wonder who will be the next Hitler for this century. The jews need to fear someone in this century as they did in the previous one.

  192. big daddy

     /  May 17, 2015

    very well done. . .let’s keep getting the truth out there!!!!

  193. Andrey Taylor

     /  May 27, 2015

    Free Me Now H.H.

  194. nost

     /  May 28, 2015

    How did jews get control of our great country? Anti semetism is in my opinion a natural instinct us non jews have to pritect us against these insidious and parasitic race who cares for nothing but themselves.

  195. Mark C

     /  June 17, 2015

    Come back Digger! We need you now more than ever! Everywhere you turn there is hatred. And worse, hatred that is compounded by the pounding ritual of generational brainwashing that continues to regenerate itself. And they have the balls to sum up Hitler and The Reich as a single word… evil. Now there are new books with editorial reviews the likes of this (below) that represent a culture that never looses the taste for revenge. Ugly savages that are not concerned with healing, only blaming and crushing and forever stamping their mark on a fabricated history or “fable” as you call it. They heartily condemn an entire movement. They heartily condemn a “right to survival”. If there is no one left to punish they all meet at the scrap heap and, I don’t know, maybe write another book. Do you think this author’s research was conducted through independent means?

    KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps Hardcover – April 14, 2015
    by Nikolaus Wachsmann (Author)
    The first comprehensive history of the Nazi concentration camps

    In a landmark work of history, Nikolaus Wachsmann offers an unprecedented, integrated account of the Nazi concentration camps from their inception in 1933 through their demise, seventy years ago, in the spring of 1945. The Third Reich has been studied in more depth than virtually any other period in history, and yet until now there has been no history of the camp system that tells the full story of its broad development and the everyday experiences of its inhabitants, both perpetrators and victims, and all those living in what Primo Levi called “the gray zone.”
    In KL, Wachsmann fills this glaring gap in our understanding. He not only synthesizes a new generation of scholarly work, much of it untranslated and unknown outside of Germany, but also presents startling revelations, based on many years of archival research, about the functioning and scope of the camp system. Examining, close up, life and death inside the camps, and adopting a wider lens to show how the camp system was shaped by changing political, legal, social, economic, and military forces, Wachsmann produces a unified picture of the Nazi regime and its camps that we have never seen before.
    A boldly ambitious work of deep importance, KL is destined to be a classic in the history of the twentieth century.
    Editorial Reviews
    This book is a remarkable achievement. Nikolaus Wachsmann has written the first integrated history of Nazi concentration camps, unifying in a single narrative the policies and measures governing the inception and growth of the system, the context in which the monstrous KL developed and how each of its stages and facets was recorded and remembered by its victims. The study is essential for a further understanding of the Third Reich. (Saul Friedlander, author of The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 (winner of the Pulitzer Prize))

    Nikolaus Wachsmann has written an admirable historical overview of the Nazi concentration camps, effectively combining decades of recent scholarship with his own original research. He captures both the trajectory of dynamic change through which the camp system evolved as well as the experiences and agency–however limited–of the prisoner community. This is an impressive and valuable book. (Christopher R. Browning, author of Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland)

    It is hard to imagine that Nikolaus Wachsmann’s superb book, surely to become the standard work on Nazi concentration camps, will ever be surpassed. Based on a huge array of widely scattered sources, it is a gripping as well as comprehensive and authoritative study of this grim but highly important topic. (Sir Ian Kershaw, author of The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler’s Germany, 1944 – 1945)

    This is the fullest and most comprehensive history of the Nazi concentration camps in any language: a magnificent feat of research, full of arresting detail and cogent analysis, readable as well as authoritative: an extraordinary achievement that will immediately take its place as the standard work on the subject. (Sir Richard J Evans, author of The Third Reich at War)

    A harrowing, thorough study of the Nazi camps . . . A comprehensive, encyclopedic work that should be included in the collections of libraries, schools and other institutions. (Kirkus, starred review)

    Wachsmann’s exhaustive study will be seen as the authoritative work on the subject. (Publishers Weekly, starred review)

    Deeply researched, groundbreaking history. (Adam Kirsch, The New Yorker)

    [I]f a bookshelf has room for only one history of the Holocaust, this is a strong contender for that space. (Stephanie Shapiro, The Buffalo News)

    [A] comprehensive and ground-clearing work of research and a wrenching work of narrative. It’s gruesome reading, but you’re in masterful hands the entire time. (Steve Donoghue, Open Letters Monthly)

    Nikolaus Wachsmann… delivers a comprehensive history of an unendurable subject. …[He] has absorbed an enormous amount of recent research on the KL. From this mountain of material he has crafted a fluent and gripping history. (David Mikics, Tablet Magazine)

    Wachsmann’s meticulously detailed history is essential for many reasons, not the least of which is his careful documentation of Nazi Germany’s descent from greater to even greater madness. To the persistent question, “How did it happen?,” Wachsmann supplies voluminous answers. (Earl Pike, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

    While Wachsmann holds himself to highest standards of scholarship, he is also a gifted author whose eye frequently falls on the telling or surprising detail, which makes KL not only an important work of history, but also, even at 865 pages in length, a rich and highly readable book, full of incident and irony. (Jonathan Kirsch, Jewish Journal)

    KL is a definitive history of the German concentration-camp system…Mr. Wachsmann, a German historian who teaches at Birkbeck College, London, gently disassembles popular memory and draws a complete and convincing picture… Mr. Wachsmann’s most impressive achievement in this synthetic work is his portraits of individual human beings. It takes hard effort to assemble enough sources on inmates or SS men to sustain them as characters in a book of this length. The prisoners had a range of references to describe their ordeals, from the Book of Exodus through Dante’s Inferno. In the generations since, their experience has become one of our points of reference in moral discussions, and it is all the more gratifying to see the camp inmates portrayed here with unvarnished humanity. Mr. Wachsmann has in effect united the best of the German and the British schools of grand World War II history: hugely but humbly exhaustive research with attention to character and to detailed narrative. His arguments will be described as “revisionist,” which is true only in the sense that all good history revises and corrects the errors of collective memory, which follows its own muses. (Timothy Snyder, The Wall Street Journal)

    Monumentally impressive . . . seems certain to become the definitive history of the Nazi concentration camps . . . his scholarship brings new life to a familiar subject. (Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times)

    Profoundly important . . . exceptional . . . will surely become the standard work on the subject. (Laurence Rees, Mail on Sunday)
    About the Author
    Nikolaus Wachsmann is a professor of modern European history at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is the author of the prizewinning Hitler’s Prisons and a coeditor of Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany: The New Histories.

    • Panzer

       /  June 20, 2015

      I definitely want to get that book now, though I’ll have to get it through Amazon and see if it can pass through the thought customs of my country.

      Partly because my country is gay for the Jews. 😛

      • Panzer

         /  June 20, 2015

        Wait, I was wrong. I saw the word, “revisionist” and didn’t bother reading the rest. Forgive me for that blunder. :_(

      • WOW….an individual who has the substance of character to admit they were wrong (even if you were are were not). Somebody who is not battling with their ego. Thanks Panzer.

      • Panzer

         /  June 21, 2015

        You’re welcome, Digger. It’s good to see you back, mate!

      • We miss you Digger The battle is heating up fast , A few more months and we may all know just how Much , Hope Your well , Looks Like Sylvia Stolz has a cell mate in Ursula Haverbeck , those Rotten jews will pay with the blood of their god soon , Lois and I have been working long hours and have all the evidence we need to send them where they belong until eternity ends , All Holocaust Memorials will soon be Bulldozed and Replaced with a Statute of Hitler , all Jew property will be confiscated sold and the Money returned to Germany its rightful owners ,and never again will jews own property or be allowed to live with and suck off the Goyim they will be forced to suck off their own depraved soulless immoral heartless brothers and sisters ,hope they can handle that !

      • And all thanks to the efforts of brave souls such as you. Thank you for your support Kent.

  196. rogerrichards

     /  June 27, 2015

    not the monster we are all led to beleive im english, of course the world is just fine now with usa and russia in charge, the anglo saxons of this world are the way,

    • Jews Are Evil

       /  July 2, 2015

      Sarcasm I presume. Considering Russia is an orthodox Christian nation, banning porn, homosexuality. And basically just cleaning up the country. Yet. America is governed by Jews and we are now seeing our country demoralized immensely. With fake news being reported about the rest of the world.

  197. Linda M

     /  June 28, 2015

    Thank you Digger, I don’t have an opinion on the subject at the moment due to my lack of research so far but your site gives strong examples. Hitler being good or bad is a very strong and difficult subject because it was a long time ago and also because different people get different results of opinion even after being presented the same evidence. I guess there will always be a shadow of doubt over history. If you have any other sites you feel have strong evidence or is worth reading you can tell me its much appreciated. Thanks again

  198. Mark C

     /  June 30, 2015

    Achtung!!! For DIGGER and ALL THOSE WHO HAVE GROWN TIRED OF COMPOUNDED LIES AND BULLSHIT, look up this book, “The Six Million: Fact Or Fiction” by Peter Winter on amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1499174926/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER) and read the consumer reviews. Well, what do you all think? Heil!

  199. Jews Are Evil

     /  July 2, 2015

    I was one of those who grew up for many years hearing about how bad Hitler was. And to think all the bad groups that spawned from “Nazism”. Yet. It was all based on lies. I have known the truth for a long time. The only indication that Hitler was bad is from what Jews tell you. But there is overwhelming evidence that he was not bad at all. And considering what has happened in the world since that time, its clear that the Jews are REAL BAD. Now I understand why an ole buddy of mine years ago used to use the expression “Jew them down”. Because Jews are swindlers. And to think 30 years later I have seen the light. They have infested every aspect of American culture and more. How do we exterminate these people? And you all thought it was Islam? The real Devil isn’t so obvious.

  200. Charles

     /  July 4, 2015

    Thanks for all your research digger. i am not necessarily a fan of Hitler and terrible atrocities were the caused as a result of many of Hitler’s actions , although we will never know everything about everything…but in comparison to the other powers like Stalin, Churchill and the US and the Zionoists always in the background never has anyone been so vilified for actions in the main not committed and never has a people (Germans) been made to feel so guilty and still are for really they were the victims and not the aggressors. It was Churchill’s war and Hitler invaded Poland … because of the stupidity of the Treaty of Versaille and also because the German people were being persecuted by the Poles, I believe. As for the Holocaust…this is the most ridiculous blatant impossible hoax , lie ever imagined. there were holocausts in the second World War. the allied (RAF) fire bombing of German cities like Hamburg and Dresden to deliberately exterminate the people, the Rhine Meadows camps after the war and the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima when the UK and the USA KNEW Japan wanted to surrender
    If anybody hasn’t watched it there is a new video …google ..Hellstorm

    • Well Said Charles ,I share all of your views and know you are 100% correct ,though I am more of a fan of Hitler than you , but who cares ? the truth is the truth no matter how many jews say it is lies ,or How many times they label us anti-Semites ,it is still truth , and Man is the world waking up right now , Time is up ,for them the Game is over ,they are busted badly , I believe all holocaust Memorials will be bulldozed very soon ,and the Jews Who Run China Can Pay the Germans back about 100 trillion Dollars , that should make them happy ! Jewish Faces in the Chinese Government Google it !

      • Charles

         /  July 14, 2015

        Hi Clark, Thanks for your reply. The more I uncover about Hitler the more I do actually admire him.Never has someone been more blamed for crimes NOT committed. He had no quarrel with the British but why did he attack Greece and why go after Russia when he already had returned the Germany to its old boundaries. Thats the bit i dont quite get. if you can enlighten me , then I will be very keen to listen or to view other links to videos unwatched.The USA in particular need someone like him right now as he kicked out all the Zionists Jews with their twisted inverted views on humanity, art, sex and restored the banking system so that it worked for the people and not the bankers. I know things are changing but am concerned that they are not happening fast enough in that not enough people are awakening or are even prepared to realise the LIES WE HAVE BEEN TOLD
        I will google Jewish faces in the Chinese government. Compared to Hitler Merkel is a disgrace to the German people and continues to make them feel guilty for war crimes not committed and is just another Zionist whose main aim seems to be to repress, rob, and enslave the people as are of course the other western “leaders” like Cameron.

      • Reasonable question Charles. I certainly don’t claim to be a historian. However, my understanding of the logistics of Hitler and his team were more preemtive strategy. Like in a fight when you are sure someone is going to punch you, you get it first and knock them out. I would highly recommend reading this book Charles

      • Charles

         /  July 14, 2015

        Dear Linda m Try watching the video.”.Hellstorm”
        I personally have found my historical,awakening the hardest perhaps as the “evil” Hitler is what we have been and still are brainwashed to believe with from early childhood And NAZI is so nasty when its really just the “National Socialist ” party of which there are many today in Europe as I understand it. David irvine is a true historian and truth warrior as well as being an easy to listen to speaker

      • The book is even more effective/dramatic and informing.

        Please buy before it gets banded. Would suggest to everyone, get your Truth library together.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  July 20, 2015

        I bought and read Hellstorm; one of the hardest books I ever encountered. The German women are the true heroines of the war. And their cleanup of Berlin in the aftermath, with no help and no equipment, left me gasping.

        I hope, when TSHTF here, I can be half as brave, that will mean something.

      • Yea, a tough read. Important to build up our truth library now…..before these books get banned.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  July 20, 2015

        I just received Mein Kampf vol 1 & 2 from Amazon. Vol. 1 is a free PDF file but I wanted both volumes and to hold and actual book in my hand.

        There is a Rabbi who wants to ban Holocaust denial books from Amazon. Everyone better grab them while you can. HD is already a crime in parts of Europe. Even questioning the 6 million figure can land your behind in jail.


      • Indeed. The truth is getting out, so they are getting twitchy.

      • 14/88, White Pride.

         /  July 14, 2015

        I sure hope that day comes soon, Clark. Their time is up, many of us have woken to the big lie. It’s only going to be a short while before they’re forced to confess.

  201. Mark C

     /  July 23, 2015

    …from biblebelievers.org
    Within five minutes, any intelligent, open-minded person can be convinced that the Holocaust gassings of World War II are a profitable hoax.

    Fred A. Leuchter is America’s leading specialist on the design and fabrication of execution equipment, including homicidal gas chambers. In 1988, Leuchter scraped samples from the alleged gas chamber walls in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Lublin. Cyanide residue would be clearly evident on all these walls if gassings did occur. To his astonishment, Leuchter found no significant cyanide traces in any one of these rooms.

    In 1991, the Polish government repeated these tests to disprove Leuchter’s findings, but they as well found no evidence of any gassings ever occurring.

    The structural integrity of these “gas chambers” is also extremely faulty. These rooms have ordinary doors and windows which are not hermetically sealed! There are large gaps between the floors and doors. If the Germans had attempted to gas anyone in these rooms, they would have died themselves, as the gas would have leaked and contaminated the entire area. Also, no equipment exists to exhaust the air-gas mixture from these buildings. Nothing was made to introduce or distribute the gas throughout the chambers. There are no provisions to prevent condensation of gas on the walls, floors or ceilings. No exhaust stacks have ever existed.

    Though six million Jews supposedly died in the gas chambers, not one body has ever been autopsied and found to have died of gas poisoning. We have been shown piles of bodies from World War II, but most of these persons died of typhus or starvation or Allied bombings and a great many of those were murdered Germans, not Jews. Roughly the equivalent of ten football fields should be packed full of gassed bodies to present as evidence, yet not one body has ever been discovered.

    The Germans documented everything in meticulous detail from shrubbery to arbors, but no pre-war or wartime plans or documents exist that detail or even mention any gas chambers for reasons of genocide. All documents ever presented were drawn up AFTER the war.

    Even if we threw away all the evidence and accounted for every so-called gas chamber, it would have taken 68 YEARS to accomplish gassing six million Jews!

    Even The Diary of Anne Frank is a hoax. Portions of the diary were written with a ball point pen. These pens were not in use at the time Anne Frank lived.

    It is not denied concentration camps existed. Tragically, many died of typhus or starvation, as often happens in such situations. There is, however, no evidence that any gassings occurred for the reasons of genocide.

    Israel continues to receive trillions of dollars worldwide as retribution for Holocaust gassings. Our country has donated more money to Israel than to any other country in the history of the world — over $35 billion per year, everything included. If not for our extravagantly generous gifts to Israel, every family in America could afford a brand new Mercedes Benz. Surely the American people would be outraged if they realized their hard-earned money is being squandered in these difficult times.

    With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded. The Jewish name for Holocaust is “Shoah.” In Zionist circles, it is known as “Shoah Business.” If nothing else, this unbelievable coverup demonstrates the irrepressible Zionist influence and control of our country. Their only defense against the facts is to cry out “antisemitic,” “Skinhead” or “Nazi,” whereas the majority of those who question the Holocaust are ordinary citizens…though you would never know it from the media.

    In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans.

    (For more information contact The Institute for Historical Review P.O. Box 2739 Newport Beach, CA 92659 USA).

    • Good points Mark, however it ain’t just America. Also I don’t have so much faith now in the IHR.

      Thanks for great comment.

    • Hi Mark C

      Your opinions are wrong

      US foreign aid in both military and financial assistance is a total of over forty billion, while they send a total of 3.7 billion per annum in financial assistance to Israel

      You are wrong, and also, if you cut the excessive qualifications from your “research” based writing, you’ll avoid sounding false.

      • Mark C

         /  July 28, 2015

        Ha! I love how people are not careful about what they think and write and end up stepping on themselves. Actually, I don’t love it. It just reinforces the fact are many people are poor listeners, poor planners, and too quick to judge and a lot of dumb shit happens because of it. First of all, it is IMPOSSIBLE for opinions to be “wrong or right”. They are opinions. Think about it. OK? Now. Second (and lastly), my “welcome to DFT” blog entry was an article ported over from the http://www.biblebelievers.org website (entitled, “Is The Holocaust A Hoax” with a nameless author). See the very first line of my July 23rd entry. I did not write this!
        Eine grosse brauhous spratenzegan!

  202. What’s the best translation closest to the original Mein Kampf do you speak german?

  203. Mark C

     /  July 28, 2015

    DFT. Alright, Digger. This is your moment of glory. That “entity”, THE HOLOCAUST, is BANGING ON THE FRONT DOOR …making it’s rounds through mainstream audio-visual media (social integro politicai multimedio). This is a Reichtag/Godsend opportunity to “turn that turret around and blow a hole through that door.” This is holohoax 101 2.0 full-frontal. Like you said, “don’t just spectate… contribute… share the Truth… Victory!

  204. battousai the man slayer

     /  August 1, 2015

    i have read the MEIN KAMPF and i understand hitler want to save his fatherland from falling because of jews cause..

  205. sonofeurope

     /  August 3, 2015

    Reblogged this on murderbymedia2.

  206. Anton Wolf

     /  August 3, 2015
  207. george blass

     /  August 3, 2015

    Hitler & Trump…..One called the Jews rapist and criminals and one called the Mexican rapists and criminals. Hmmmmm. Who should we believe and follow?

    • Hitler. Trump’s addressing the immigration problem, but he’s just giving us false hope. In fact, he may be a Jew shill. Mike King of TomatoBubble.com wrote on Trump in a piece called “The Real Donald Trump”, in which he exposes Trump as a shill. Thus we should believe and follow Hitler.

  208. Sohan Naidu

     /  August 8, 2015

    Thank you Digger! Only because of you, I was chosen as The Speaker for the debate where I was arguing for Herr Hitler as a good leader 🙂

  209. cartiermccloud

     /  August 15, 2015

    Here is the PDF download of Judaism Discovered by Hoffman:

    Click to access judaism-discovered.pdf

    Screw Amazon.

  210. adolf.lover28

     /  September 9, 2015

    You are spot on. IT WAS ALL A BIG FAT KOSHER LIE. I’m gonna go pray to my lord and savior Adolf Hitler now, thank you so much. STICK IT TO THE MAN. I will not consume the lies fed to me in school.

  211. Ahamed Mahuzin

     /  September 20, 2015

    Seige heil…………..!

  212. I don’t believe what the media and schools feed us, but why speak down to those who do? It doesn’t make them liars, but deceived. Maybe if more grace was shown, they might actually be more prepared to listen to you and do more research.

    • Because there is zero excuse these days for not independently finding out information. It would take an average Joe just two evenings to get the basics that we’ve been lied to.

      Thanks for commenting.

  213. Bianica

     /  September 27, 2015

    “Slung in jail, mocked and defamed”
    I was wondering what you meant by this…

      • Bianica

         /  September 27, 2015

        Basically, I was wondering who/what you were referring to when you said that as it wasn’t explicitly clear.
        It is part of the things you wrote for the 5th reason that Hitler was a Good Guy

        (Yes… I can see that it is kind of a stupid question.Sorry.)


      • No worries. Yea, Hitler was slung in jail, mocked and defamed. I perhaps should have been clearer.

        Thanks for commenting.

  214. Abhishek Dubey

     /  October 20, 2015

    Thank You for writing this blog.
    I also never saw anything evil in Hitler but he had a lot of noble values that prove him a gentleman.
    I Love Adolf Hitler.

  215. Bianica

     /  November 3, 2015

    I’m just going to go slap myself now.

    • 🙂 no worries Bianica, at least you’re showing interest in a controversial topic and daring to look outside the box. I make spelling/grammar mistakes all the time. Just look at my work.

  216. madeb

     /  November 19, 2015

    I’m not choosing any sides, I’m curious about history that’s all. I was wondering though, how you can refute the footage of the death camps?