Nobody knew????

This is just an ordinary guy. A guy that’s pissed off. Had it up to hear with this ubiquitous duplicity. Had it up to hear with politicians, the media, the criminal bankers and the darkness as he says.

He makes lots of videos on all sorts of topics. Usually building himself up into a frenzied swearing rant. Nuf respect to the guy. On this occasion he’s talking about the BBC/media cover up of the Jimmy Savile case.

It’s just a shame he can’t quite make that kosher connection. However a brilliant energy. This is what we need – pissed off outspoken individuals willing to express that things are definitely NOT OK. Once we get enough people like him Jew-conscious, we’re on our way.



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  1. Haha.
    Before I opened this, I knew it was Mark.

    But, regarding his thoughts on Israel, you should look at the videos he made during Opeation Pillar of Cloud. I’d say he knows the score.

    • Mmmhhh, interesting. His energy. It doesn’t matter a f**k about his swearing – it’s where his heart is. His energy. Yet most idiots will hear one swear word and a rant and switch off.

      More Marks in the world and we’ld be out of this mess.

      Thank you Anne

      • Yes, I think some well-placed curse words are not a problem, at all.
        I used to cuss like a sailor (still do at times) but decided, online, if I was going to convince people to take a second look, I’d better clean-up my act. I mean, who wants to read a lot of cussing from an old lady? A big part of why I made a vow to myself to not use those words was that I was changing hearts and minds toward Ron Paul and thought I’d stand a lot better chance of this were I to clean up my language.

        But, I have absolutely no problem with anyone else cursing/ swearing/ cussing.. anywhere at all, so long as they have a point to make.

        Yes, go back to his videos from mid to late-November. He really knows what’s up and he is not afraid to tell anyone what he thinks.

        Plus, Mark’s always a lot of fun, to me.
        You ought to also watch his video with (first name escapes me) Kaiser of Kaiser Report. That was hilarious!

      • Thanks Anne, yes you have a point with swearing. I’ve been working in the building trade on and off for decades and one’s environment does rub off on you. But it’s not in alignment with where I want to go. It’s talmudic and a weakness, so I try to watch myself. Sometimes there really isn’t an appropriate word than the F work 🙂

        I will indeed check out that vid you recommend. He is an artist. Far far more intelligent than most degreed-up repeaters coming out of university.

        Thanks again for contributing.

  2. I worked closely with the police at the highest levels, and also had links with the BBC.
    In 1972 a doctor from whitechapel hospital contacted the met police and said a boy aged 10 appeared for treatment for an STD. He said the month before, another boy aged 9 was treated for contact with the same man jimmy savile. The doctor, a devout Muslim was visited and told to just treat and it was against his doctoring oath to talk about it. The doctor said all 3 boys were boy scouts and saville should be held to account.

    The BBC were behind the protection given to savile because in jewish law he commited no crime, to abuse christian or any non jewish children is no crime in hebrew law. The the BBC had since the 1930s acted under Jewish law, Most of the cambridge traitors worked for the BBC and were introduced by lord rothschild, these traitors worked for communism and the jews behind it. so when people ask why was nothing said we were not allowed to say, as we would have been sacked or prosecuted as whistleblowers as I eventually was.

    The answer is to dismantle the BBC or as Digger said, dump your TV.

  3. angel

     /  January 15, 2013

    Excellent vid. I’d like it if I got into a taxi and he was driving.


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