Mind poisons

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To sound like a broken record – of course none of these reports will say:

“These psychotic drugs are being pushed and peddled by the Jewish Criminal Network JCN to break down society, destroy individuals, and families and as part of their JWO Jew World Order agenda to destroy the planet and every one of our souls. And people ought to read the Protocols of the Lerned Elders of Zion for further description of these elitists demonic Jews.”

Interesting how these caring doctors openly talk about continuing to dish out this evil crap, even though they know the effects they have. Classic cognitive dissonance. Well’ perhaps a little bit of poison is ok. They have their lifestyle to maintain after all.

Ultimately we become what we absorb on every level

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  1. Years back, when Prozac was just becoming popular (late 80’s?), I had a doc Rx it for me– for migraines! Not only did it not help with migraines, or preventing them, it made me feel absolutely numb. So I decided to stop taking it. As I was warned to do via the PDR (doc’s drug book), I tapered-off of it, but that didn’t prevent the seizures and insanely huge mood-swings like I’d never experienced before that drug. I don’t know why anyone would take it and.or why any doctor, in good conscience, could prescribe it for their patients. The stuff felt dangerous to me.
    I wish more people would decide to not go along with their docs. Yes, people are not as willing to do whatever the doctor tells them, seeing them as, “gods”. But, there are still quite a few who’ll injest anything handed to them by the doc and the “qualified pharmacist”.

    I worked for different types of doctors and surgeons and dentists. One of these doctors used to ask me how many milligrams she should prescribe to children (of antibiotics, usually– and the formula is based on weight of the child(ren)) as I’d learned more just by working for other docs than she had learned in school. And pharma-reps push these meds– every new drug harder than the last– by giving “free” samples out at each visit. They tell the docs how to Rx the meds, though the majority of them have had absolutely no training in medicine. Big-pharma prints-out prescription pads with the doc’s information and the dosage of their new and improved psycho-drugs.
    Even worse are judges who know nothing about pharmaceutical drugs that sentence convicts to take these drugs.., generally on the say-so of social workers (who have not had training in medications, either.)

    Our society is totally screwed up for this.

  2. Ingrid B

     /  January 13, 2013

    many years ago, I worked with a young girl in England, who had epileptic style seizures, most of the time, she was like a zombie, one day, she put her head on her arms, and fell deeply asleep, my colleague and I could not wake her, so we got her to a ward, where she eventually came to. She decided to stop taking the coctail of medication which had been prescribed. The change in her was indescribable, she was like a different person.. I suspect these flu epidemics, and the desperate rush to immunise, something which should run it`s course, is also engineered..

    • Thank you Ingrid,

      Mmmhh, it’s so obvious to us, but yet this problem is so endemic across all levels of society. We have turned our backs on mother nature and self-sufficiency. I have also seen such dramatic changes in people on every level in my clinic days. Like mini-miracles, but really just a simple obvious formula. I would also add that there are amazing potential changes in us all on a spiritual level. Of course there being a direct link between body, mind and spirit.

      Thank you for all you are doing for the Truth and for contributing.


  3. Jerry

     /  January 14, 2013

    Thank you for your comment as I learned some new things and you confirmed other things that I suspected.

    • Welcome to DFT Jerry

      Thank you too. Funny how the short n sweet comments drive home the point more directly.

      Thank you for contributing.

  4. Peter

     /  January 15, 2013

    The Truth is very,very,very scary.

  5. I’m beginning to realize I am living in a world I don’t want to live in anymore. The psychopaths finally rule the trusting sheep. Even a wolf would not be as dangerous, they only eat one at a time.

    • Welcome to DFT Elizabeth,

      Yes we here your thoughts – your concerns.

      But …..the good news is THEY are now the ones on their back toes; each day boxing themselves in against the wall. All of their own doing. They know they cannot stop consciousness. Lets switch the fear equation around. We ultimately have nothing to fear – providing our souls are in the right place and we are ‘doing our bit’ for the Truth.

      Thank you for contributing.

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