Truth Reps

Effective Communication Skills for Sports Coaches


From time to time it dawns on me what a huge responsibility us Truth-tellers have. It’s quite frightening when you really think about it. But I suppose also very empowering too.


After all, there ain’t that many of us out there who are delivering this distasteful Truth. And just look at the volume of work we have got to do yet. There are billions of people totally oblivious to what ‘really’ is going on. All those people suffering: losing their homes, getting made redundant, experiencing serious health issues. Hardly any of them having a clue who is doing this to them.


Even those people who are right in the heat of it, being droned attacked. They probably haven’t got a notion that it’s elite Jewish banking families hell bent on the destruction of their race…..just because they are not towing the line of their JWO.

To be realistic, we have got our work cut out.


I can’t think of a more demanding, more challenging, underestimated purpose in life – when you think of enormity of what we are dealing with .


Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not doom n gloom. I can see so much positive advancements we’re making. We’re having conversations on the street level these days, that we couldn’t have even imagined several years back. We definitely are making progress, both in terms of a general meme in the public psyche that something is not right and to a degree, that more and more people are becoming Jew-wise. So we can afford a lot of ‘realistic’ hope……we just have to be prepped for a lot of hard graft for us to ‘fix’ this.


We shouldn’t be too daunted by the numbers of unawake; we just need to focus on the exponential numbers who are now awakening. And trust that once the leaders of the herd begin to move, the rest will follow and there will be an unstoppable force for good. 


But the purpose of this essay is more about HOW ARE WE GOING TO GO ABOUT DOING THIS and how is our presentation.


I’ve thrown lots of ideas out there in previous essays on delivery techniques. Little top tips with street-Truthing; suggestions what to say and what not to say, Truthing tools and general principles on delivering the Truth. But I was thinking we perhaps ought to take a look at our general presentation.


How do we come across when we deliver the Truth?


What visual impression do we give out when we present our Truth pitch? 


And perhaps more importantly; what resonance to we leave after we have delivered the Truth?


As I’m writing this, I’m kind of cringing with embarrassment about how in the past I’ve imparted some information to some poor souls :-). Ohh dear, when I look back in good old hindsight. Especially decades ago in my animal rights days. But all useful experience.


I know for sure many organisations, both corporate and charity, spend an awful lot of time training up individuals on HOW to present themselves and HOW to deliver their message. And rightly so. Any good comedian will tell you – it’s how you tell em.


Our appearance is a touchy and subjective area. It really is horses for courses. What works in one environment, isn’t necessarily appropriate in other environments. I think the answer to this one is for us to try to be intuitive enough to pitch our dress, mannerism and delivery to the appropriate environment we sense we are going into. Chameleon like or just keep neutral.


What is our appearance like? Are we looking a bit scuffy, unwashed, dog breath, a bit spaced out, overly radical or bohemian looking. With an attitude of Well, that’s just the way I am, that’s how I’ve always been. People will just have to take it or leave it. But is this helping or hindering our delivery? Getting the Truth out there, saving lives.


How about our body language? Do we look confident, and does this reflect our message? Are we conscious of our stance, eye contact, pleasantness, calmness, balanced, sane persona.


Are we reflective, sensitive to others, objective, coming from a place of understanding? DO WE LISTEN, or just arrogantly plough through the conversation with our ego-driven points of view?


Whatever we think about these touchy subjects of appearance, presentation, delivery; I do think it would really help the TM if all of us, no matter what personality type we are. We all try to adopt a mindset that ……


we are mini ambassadors for this righteous cause – for the Truth.


I really do believe coming from this mindset it will help empower our delivery. It will immediately boost our collective identity, this will then trigger our individual and collective self-worth. In turn, provide us with a sense of belonging ….part of something good, worthy and worthwhile. A collective spirit. Raised consciousness. A quiet force major. An undercurrent tsunami, slowly building up to be unleashed at some point down the line.


With this new collective identity, we can adopt our responsibility with pride. Going out there in the un-cybered world of our day-to-day lives as Truth Ambassadors. Truth Reps, CEO’s for the TM.


My dear friends …..


You are very much needed!


You are very much respected!


You are doing something extremely worthy!


Have pride in yourself and what you are doing!


Your role in life as a Truther is meant to be, you have stumbled across the Truth for a purpose. It was no accident. It is your spiritual experience and opportunity. So embrace this conscious role full-heartedly, with enthusiasm and honour.


Go out there into the world and share, share, share – as quietly confident, refined, Truth ambassadors. 




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  1. Yes. It’s how we say it, but it’s also important that we do share this info.
    If people are going to comment, yet not bother with that like-button or the share-function, which take about 5 seconds combined, what’s the point of spending an hour on comments?
    It always confuses me when I share and see I am one of only two or three to tweet posts. Why don’t others do the same?

    It is important that the info is passed on. How do we inform people just how necessary this is? Some days, I just don’t know… Anyway, congrats on your numbers.

    • Welcome to DFT Anne,

      Yes you make a valid point. We do need to share threads and give support with the ‘like-button’ etc.

      Good subjective question – “How do we inform people just how necessary this is?”

      I suppose it all comes down to people’s levels of consciousness and directly connected selfishness. A trap which all the great mystics have warned us about throughout the ages. Will we ever ‘get it’ (?)

      Thank you for contributing and for your supportive words regarding the site’s numbers.


      • Well, thanks, Digger.
        You should thank Mark, TUT, for sending many of us here (I am sure.)
        I know that when I tweet things, they are read by over a thousand people, on a good day. And most of my tweets (esp TUT) are then passed on by those who follow me, to thousands more. I think it’s the best way to spread the word before, like the EU, we are not able to do so any longer.
        That prospect is very worrisome. Given all Obama’s done, following along what GWB did, against all sorts of liberties in this nation, nothing that’s done to prevent us learning the truth and passing it on should surprise any of us.
        Keep up the good work. Am glad Mark/TUT passed on the info!

      • Many thanks Anne. Yes perhaps DFT may not have happened had it not been for Mr ‘G’. He’s one of the good guys for sure.

        Thanks for all your proactive work for the BIG T.


  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  January 8, 2013

    We certainly are in a race and it is coming down to the wire. Soon, even the most oblivious of westerners will catch-on to the workings of “God’s Chosen”, or rather Satan’s Chosen.

    And congrats on you 100K number of site hits. I hope at least half of your visitors have spread the word about The Dark Tribe. And thank you for your effort!

    • Yes, the big race. The T’s vs satan’s gang.

      Thank you Matthew for all your efforts and kind words of support.

  3. shaukat khan

     /  January 8, 2013

    although, telling the truth
    or hunting for the truth
    has always been the right thing to do
    before our Creator and Sustainer
    The One most High
    TheOne most Great
    regardless of time, place or the status
    or the parties concerned
    however, in times contemporary
    truth has become a rare commodity
    in a world turned upside down/inside out
    by the very same people
    that Jesus upon whom be peace and blessings
    called the children of the devil

  4. Egeria

     /  January 8, 2013

    This is so important, very dear Friend. For quite some time now I have been involved into bringing some truth in my sphere of influence – privately so, as here in Europe we cannot write what YOU write, Digger, neither can we have a truth-telling radio program. And in all these years I have come to realize how vital it is to have the approach you suggest here above, with regards to both a credible appearance, and to the message being taylored to the type of person you talk to.

    I so much appreciate your writings, dear friend. They are so precious to me.
    ’10 Reasons not to kill those Tyrant Jews’ is one of my favorites.
    And some here above I haven’t read as yet and will do so right away.
    In fact, imagine, I was planning for one of my future appearances at Max French’s program to talk about my specific replies to peoples’s different objections when confronted with truth-telling about Jews.
    But I have also received some very good suggestions from your writings.
    This is priceless work you’re doing, and it is wonderful when we can be of help to one-another.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Dear Egeria,

      Welcome to DFT.

      What an honour for you to comment and show appreciation to my scribbles. I am truly humbled.

      Yes we appreciate the delicate position you are in, in Italy regarding Truth-telling. And that is why we all highly respect your work and courage. Along with your beautiful light-hearted temperament.

      Thank YOU for all you are doing. Thank you for your kind supportive words and contribution.

      This essay may make you chuckle, highlighting the various responses people provide to the Truth:


  5. please remember,

    90% of so-called “jews” are like so-called “christian-zionists”…

    just unfortunate “fear based” zombie cult members who need TOUGH LOVE…

    Someone BRAVE enough to TELL THEM THE TRUTH…

    .”No One on Earth HAS to be a “Jewish”…!!

    Which is the Good News of the Gospel..

    .bondage – Spiritual Bondage is born of ignorance [FEAR]

    OF TRUTH…Knowing the Truth liberates the individual from believing LIES…

    Dig it !

    one further observation…

    Men do have a greater responsibility to protect the defenseless

    Matthew 13…Harvest Time * [The Language]

  6. aj

     /  January 8, 2013

    Congratulations, Digger. Heard you’ve hit six figures! Six Million here we come!

    • Thanks a/j. Thanks too for being part of that six figure.

      Oy Vey, Oy Vey – Six Million- and they doubted this figure”

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