Thanks to a progress, we now have a society of dumbed down repeaters and educated idiots.


Thanks to progressiveness, we are been monitored every minute of the day inside (modern TVs) and outside our homes……all for our own safety of course.


Thanks to progress, we have more crime on our streets and an almost total breakdown in society.


Thanks to good old progressiveness, our children receive mass vaccinations to break down their immune systems.


Thank you progress, for all the new unlawful legislation, statutes and acts which have been introduced – we do feel much more safer


Thanks to progress, we have more people dying in hospital ‘care’ and through medication than ever before.


Thanks to progress, much of our youth are fat slobs, unable to articulate themselves, inadequate, ill-disciplined zombies.


Progressiveness has brought us increased global debt with huge financial insecurities.


Thanks to progress, we have increased global wars with a real chance of a WW3 beginning in the next few years.


Thanks to progress, we have famines, droughts, flooding, mass starvation in many regions of the world.


Thanks to progress, the world is more polluted than it ever has been.


We must thank progressiveness for all the subverted art and  contemporary, dark, cold, uninspiring architecture in our major cities.


Thanks to progress, the world has more people dependent on the state than ever in history.


Thanks also to progress, many of us are unable to fend for ourselves naturally (foraging, hunting, fishing, agriculture and ancient crafts) and are totally reliant on corporate supermarkets to get our food.


Thanks to progress, men are becoming feminine and women are acting like dominant males.



Thanks progress – what would we do without you


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  1. Elena

     /  October 4, 2015

    You missed one more-that now kids in first grade have to hear about homosexuals thanks to progress

  1. Postęp | Polska Walcząca & Stop Syjonizmowi

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