10 Constructive Criticisms to Help the Truth Movement

Ten constructive suggestions to help improve our defense tactics. To help us fight smart. This is a comprehensive list of areas which I feel are our weaknesses and/or areas we may be going adrift.


1/.  Using Human Logic

Of course I think we ought to use logic and reason. But I catch myself and hear many people try to use standard logic when dealing with these maniacs. We’re trying to work out their insane actions using our balanced logic and coming from a humanistic standpoint. We can’t! It doesn’t work that way.

Because ……..the minds of these maniacs do not function like us.

On a weekly basis I hear sentences like these said in confusion:

“But if the Jews would only ease back, they would get away with so much more!!??”

“Why would they bother spraying us with chemtrails when they are breathing the same atmosphere??”

“Why would they want to destroy the whole world, when they themselves will end up getting destroyed??”

“Israel is it’s own worse enemy – they are the most hated country in the world – they’re on a self-destruct mission…..it doesn’t make sense.”

Well none of it makes sense – if we use LOGIC. Well if we use the normal logic of a sane mind. But we somehow have to bypass this and look inside the mindset of these demented psychotic junkies and see them hell bent on following their demonic cult. Any other approach is futile and unproductive.



2/. Them not IT

Again I catch myself often talking in terms of ‘they’ did this and ‘they’ did that and ‘they’ are doing this and ‘they’ are barking mad. Well directly linked to 1/. It unfortunately ain’t as simple as THEY. If it was, this battle would be a whole lot easier. IT is the driving force behind all this carnage, destruction and evil. IT being the dark force of any label which it has been given throughout history …..satan, djinn, the devil, lucifer, the darkness, etc.

I accept this is too abstract and unfounded for some people. Especially for those who have gone through the various stages of awakening from ‘the globalists’ to ‘the illuminati’, to the police big brother state, searching for the root of this tyranny; to eventually find out ‘it’s the Jews’. Specifically elite supremacist Jewish banking families.

But unfortunately it goes to a deeper level. It is a non-human entity, which has been spoken about since the beginning of time. ‘The Jews’ are just the vehicle for this entity. Conduits for evil in physical form. G-d’s chosen. They are indeed the chosen ones. Chosen to carry out the darkness; to wipe out all Light. Anything of any beauty, compassion, goodness, positive development and righteousness. Satan’s little workers.

That’s why when I hear people say “What we need to do is kill off all the Jews” I think to myself, “They haven’t got a grip of this whole agenda.” Because not only would this be futile because the ‘darkness’ will just switch to another host, but by lowering ourselves to this barbarity we will have allowed the darkness to usurp us spiritually.



3/. No definitive direction

Where are we going? What definitive direction has the TM got? Where is our specific focus? I feel without this collective mindset, it is so easy for us to be sidetracked and led astray. We need a plan, a collective architect, our own set of protocols and schedule of works. Both in general terms, as well as down to the finest detail. What type of society do we actually want? And how exactly are we going to achieve this?

We talk a lot about how we all need to come together, to stop divisions. This is excellent. But we can only have this unity providing we all have a game plan – and stick to it.

For the risk of sounding new-agey; we absolutely need to throw out our intent, our winning wishes and precisely what we want, to the Divine Universe.

This unity business will all naturally fall into place as soon as we have this collective conscious of one-pointed-attention.



4/. React, react, react

The two R’s. Reacting verses Responding. Through all of us having spontaneously reacted to situations (opportunities) thrown at us throughout our lives, we usually have ended up being hurt one way or another. Mr/Mrs Ego jumps in there – we react to whatever someone says to us, does to us; or even doesn’t do to us, and we end up learning a lesson. Or not learning as is usually the case.

If …..if we could only control our egos, detach for a moment, a few hours, a few days, even a week or so and then with some level of controlled detachment – respond to any situation from an objective impartial position; we would gain hundred fold better results. Tis easy said than done. But any achievement worth striving for usually takes practice, practice, practice.



5/. Guilty

This is a trained emotion that is a tough one to overcome. The uneasy guilty embarrassed feeling one gets openly talking about ‘the Jews’ in a negative light. This is part of our conditioning. Unfortunately society has been put through a mass programming project not to cuss the people who are destroying us. Not only must we not dare say anything negative about our judaic slave masters, but we must Lord them – and we do….literally.

But once one becomes Jew-wise, there still is a resonance of this programming within most of us. We can tangibly feel it. That gut reaction and nasty taste in our mouth when we openly talk about ubiquitous Jewish criminality. Of course those of us in the know are well aware this ‘dare not cuss the Jew’ attitude in society is all held up due to the holohoax swindle. That’s why they just have to shove this fable in our faces 24/7. Their whole cover is based on this manufactured social empathy for the Jew – hinged on this fat abhorrent lie.

But like anything which is initially difficult, this conditioning does gradually wear off. One just needs to show a tad of courage and plough through it and become familiar with a new Truthful conditioning, and it gets easier and easier.

Please remember our slogan ………




6/. Hatred

Again just like guilt, this is an understandable trait. However it is linked a lot of the time to ‘reacting’. Just look at what these low lifes have done to us over thousands of years and look at what they are doing to us now, look at what they have planned for us and look how they have personally affected our love ones. Surely it is only natural to hate this type of energy?? After all they hate us, just for existing.

But …….we must be strong. Hate is an energy. It is tangibly real. But it is a negative energy which is self-destructive. It has absolutely zero use to us as collective warriors. It is in fact extremely destructive to us. We have to drop it. They are about hatred – not us.

All of this is a spiritual war. An opportunity. Our chance to prove ourselves spiritually. What are we made of? How are we going to deal with this consciously? We are leagues above this dark energy – we are of Light. We have to shine through this, dealing with this darkness without succumbing and being drawn into it’s negative energy.

This means: no revenge, no malice, no unnecessary killings at any level (other than direct self defense) – and zero hatred.



7/. Entertainment trap

Another audio, another youtube clip, another great article. All good stuff, great information gathering. But is that our lot – just collecting more and more and more Truth knowledge?

What we gonna do about it?

There has to be a cut off point when we go beyond absorbing. We have to ACT.

As far as I can see it, we have to do two forms of actions:

(i) Propagate: spread this ugly Truth to as many newbies (new blood) as we can. Think of as many industrious ways to get the Truth out there within all our collective skill/experience bases (stickers, fliers, burning CDs/DVDs, etc)

(ii) Resist: say “NO” and mean it. Stop conforming to all these unlawful (legal) penalties/fines, statutes, taxes, etc. We can’t say we are in a resistance movement, if we acquiesce to our imposed overlords and continue to support them.

They need to get the middle finger big time. They need to know in plain language we ain’t taking this shit any more.

This has to be on a daily basis. Going beyond just being Truth-browsers and becoming proactive TruthTELLERS. This must become part of our new identity. We can’t just wait and see how things will pan out – we ALL have a responsibility to share this distasteful Truth, once we know it.



8/. Time on our hands

There has to be a sense of urgency to our fight. This is where the plan of action or schedule of works comes in 3/. and linked in to being proactive Truthers 7/.

Unfortunately we really do not have time now to trundle along. We have to up the ante. Put more effort in in 2013. We must try not to let one day go by without doing something. I’m not talking about radically changing our lives, but we have to have inconveniences for us to get this job done.

The Truth has to come out. There is no grey areas in this one. It is life or death. Lets choose the former. It is all doable …………providing we don’t kick our heals. We absolutely must be industrious in waking the comatised masses – NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT A TASK IT IS.



9/. On our lonesome

I get the impression that most of us who are pushing this Truth tend to be isolated individuals plugging away on our own. Then connecting up in a cyber world through e-mails and Skype. This has to change. We have to get physical colleagues alongside us to get out there on the streets sharing this Truth. I know this is a tough one. We all know people who are into Truth seeking, but shy away from getting out there propagating this stuff. But we have to push people, to motivate them to join us.

Try to encourage others to come with you, even for an hour. Try to initially make it into a sort of social to warm them up. If they won’t go out leafleting, try to encourage them to do some photocopying, or flier designing, or burn up a load of CDs/DVDs. Whatever – anything but just sitting endlessly passively browsing.



10/. It’s them

It is them out there. The Government, the police, big brother, the Jews. Always always someone else, something outside of our self existence. Yet WE allowed ourselves to get into this mess, so WE have to get ourselves out of it. It is because WE have allowed ourselves to fall for: complacency, ill-disciplined tendencies, selfishness, greed, egotism, attachment, etc that we have got ourselves trapped.

This is why as a primary understanding we need to realise that it’s an IT we are dealing with 2/. This darkness can potentially be within us all; therefore we all need to self-reflect.

So we need to focus our attention first on reversing these exact negative traits before we can begin to to see a better world. All the elite Jews/this demonic force has done has manipulated us through our weaknesses. We have got to become disciplined and destroy the darkness within, in order to begin to destroy the darkness out there.


“We CHOSE to get drunk, COMPLACENTLY left the back door open, fell asleep on the sofa in a drunken stupor. Then the burglar strolled in, shot the dog, raped our daughter and stole all our goodies. Now we’ve woken up with a sore head blaming it ALL on the burglar.”


Global change (consciousness) can only begin from individuals collectively changing from within.





In conclusion

There are some wonderfully industrious people in the TM, to whom I am very grateful. Thanks to each one of these individuals (probably many people reading this), that we are making huge steps. I have made these objective pointers only with intent to speed up the process and to prevent this drawn out suffering.




1/. Using Human Logic – we need to appreciate at a deep level the insanity we are dealing with; and that we just cant use LOGIC with these maniacs to work out their destructive mindset.

2/. Them not IT – It’s not really people we are dealing with. We are dealing with a demonic entity (satan) who is using judaism as IT’s physical form.

3/. No definitive direction – We need focused, one-pointed-attention and a specific plan of defensive action.

4/. React, react, react – We gotta try and stop reacting to whatever they/It throws at us. We have got to try and be more detached and begin to start objectively responding.

5/. Guilty – We absolutely have to try hard to snap out of this artificial trained guilt for talking about the harsh Truth; especially when they are the one’s who should be guilty for crying out loud.

6/. Hatred – We have to drop this too. It is another kosher trap. It grinds us down – it is an anchor hindering our success.

7/. Entertainment trap – Enough Truth-browsing; it’s time to move on. We have to be proactive Truth-TELLERS – out on the street, informing newbies (new blood) and resisting.

8/. Time on our hands – tick, tick, tick; time is against us. We have be as industrious as we can these days. After all our adversaries are. Even when we are sleeping, these maniacs are planning and implementing our destruction. Therefore we must do something every single day.

9/. On our lonesome – We have to motivate others around us to join us in the fight – even if this means ruffling feathers. We can’t be lone wolfs. We have to get others to become physically proactive.

10/. It’s them – We need to ultimately come to the realisation that the problem has always been us, is us now and will always be us. And it is only us who is going to get us out of this mess.



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  1. Ingrid B

     /  December 29, 2012

    Been spreading info for years, have read on many websites, tried out various media outlets, until I found TUT, and Press TV, as being reliable sources of info, also TUT is a place where like-minded people can, and do, meet in fellowship, to absorb, and spread, information, and ideas..
    Also, for examples of resistance to “It”, you can`t beat the people of Palestine..

  2. KPRyan

     /  December 30, 2012

    Really great stuff here – thank you. It’s been one hell of a mental and emotional ride personally since I finally accepted Truth is far different from the supposed reality we’re surrounded with on all sides.

    I do agree that these phony ‘jews’ are the chosen all right. Chosen by Satan to enact his system upon all the Earth.

    I do find it amazing since my ‘awakening’ (for lack of a better term) the divisions within our culture. It seems as if everyone who rises to a position of prominence in the movement finds it important to call out others as frauds. Even more amazing, so many ‘followers’ (again for lack of a better term) take sides…. rather than simply comprehending that it is natural that one man may think it is only the zionists while another thinks it is all jews. There’s no reason to get bogged down in minutae like that – look at the broad, big picture and recognize a simple fact – if another is actively fighting against the oppression OR against tools of the oppression (such as those fighting against drones) – all is good! More important to fight against something than be accepting of everything. And there still aren’t enough of us to splinter as we seem to do.

    And yes, the Guilt is STRONG. I have a good friend who is almost there (aware). Yet, he’s been so thoroughly conditioned to accept jews as the ‘Chosen’ that he in no way is able to countenance any negative portrayal of the zionist jew. And in trying to talk to him (or anyone else) there’s a lot of ingrained guilt that I feel. Which is really a work of genius on their part. Yet, I happen to be, I think, old enough (40) to recall other adults expressly calling out jews as the problem when I was a kid. Unfortunately I don’t ever recall them saying WHY they were the problem, thus I discounted them by the time I was being brainwashed in high school and college. Had they only been able to explain the reasons behind their negativity I would have been better off. It is important for all of us to be able to clearly and succinctly state WHY zionist/judaism is a negative before we proclaim it individually to the masses. Maybe it is the Irish Catholic heritage in me, but guilt is a real bitch that I deal with all the time. Deserved or not.

    As for the ‘Entertainment Trap/What can we do about it’, IMHO a real way to act is ALWAYS accept a jury summons. I’ve still never received one (I’m starting to wonder why) but if we shoulder the burden that is a jury summons (rather than offer an excuse to withdraw from jury duty) we can really toss a monkey wrench in their system. We’re all smart enough to know how to answer when Voir Dire questioning, so we should be able to get onto a decent trial. Then acquit your fellow man. Overturn a corrupt law. Hinder the prosecution. This is a great way we can ALL RESIST the corrupt system.

    As to the ‘On our Lonesome’ idea, I think we’re stuck in this position and it will not change. The Govt has way too many operatives. It is very dangerous to meet up in person with more than 1 other individual (if that). Should we attempt to come together in masse one can reasonably assume there will be just as many agents infiltrated as us. I only trust those I’ve known for a decent period of time and of those, only ones who work every day (outside of the govt). Hate to be a wet blanket but on this one I think we’re in danger anytime we meet in person.

    Finally, yep. WE need to be disciplined. Personally first. Stop bickering. Pointing fingers. As far as I’m concerned now, anyone who points at another and says : “He’s wrong about point #24, therefore he shouldn’t be trusted” is the true liar. We need to support each other, not tear one onother down. The enemy is plenty strong enough that we can find room to focus on him rather than each other. Narrow the focus instead and spread the word.
    I’m a father.
    I despise the world as it is today, though I’m in love with the beauty of nature and this incredible world. Anyone who wishes to wage war is a fool who can’t see the forest for the trees. THEY are the weirdos… THEY are the mental cases. THEY are the SICKNESS THAT MUST BE EXCORCISED.

    All the best and please excuse any typing errors I may have made.

    In Truth,


    • KPRyan,

      Welcome to DFT.

      You made some salient points. Thank you for your feedback.

      The see your point in not bickering of minor points, but at the same time I feel it is crucial we don’t let people get away with half-Truths. We must be accurate – I’m sure you agree.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • KPRyan

         /  December 30, 2012

        Yep, I totally agree with the ideal of never accepting half truths. There’s nothing worse. My point (I probably didn’t make it well as I should have edited my ramble) is that folks can indeed have different perspectives which lead to differences of opinion. I think we need to accept that but not accept those who outright lie or routinely present half truth. Those folks deserve nothing but contempt and must be ostracized.

        And, thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate it.

      • Well put, KP. You are welcome for welcome. Thanks again for valid contribution

  3. Thank you for the good advise, which is needed at a time when our efforts must be effective in fighting the evil of International Zionism.

    • Welcome to DFT sovereignty4us,

      Thank you. Yes we have just got to be effective……we have no other choice.

  4. Whitewraithe

     /  January 1, 2013

    This is sooooo needed for everyone is this fight, Digger. More brilliant thoughts from across the pond. Thank you so much!

    I just want to share that the best thing that’s happened to me was finally getting a job even though it’s only part-time. A couple of weeks ago I was actually fortunate to meet three generations of women in one family who were interested in the Federal Reserve and America’s economy. They were asking questions. Wow! So, to get them up to speed I provided some information from the book “The Creature of Jekyll Island.” They had no idea anything had ever been written about the FR. I wrote down a link before they left the store and they seemed really anxious to discover more and they were very thankful.

    That brief exchange for a few moments with three members of one family has hopefully trickled further down the line to more family members, maybe even friends.

    For me, the experience was exhilarating and it felt good knowing that I was doing something really worthwhile and on the job, although, I have to be extremely careful since I work for the most Jewish department store in America.

    If it were possible, spreading the truth would be my life’s work.

    • Dear WW,

      Happy New Year. And thank you for your kind and typically constructive input.

      Your experience sounds terrific and I’m sure all of us reading this wee anecdote are uplifted by it. This is what we need, and this is what we’re getting – more and more and more of these (seemingly) insignificant positive experiences – which of course collectively are definitely NOT insignificant. Because within all this darkness, they give us that well-needed boost of confidence, hope and feeling of “all our efforts and hard work is ‘finally’ working”. Yes, and as you say that trickle down effect – just like a pebble in a pond. Well done.

      [top tip if I may – have a small A6 size flier/leaflet with several websites and films on you for situations like that to hand out]

      Yes, we all know you would be a full-timer if you could. We’re just grateful you’re doing what you do and grateful for your return.

      The best of wishes to you for 2013

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