Merry Christmas

Winter Scenery


Merry Christmas to all the supporters of diggerfortruth.


Thank you to all those who have provided this site with useful/helpful contributions and positive support.


I hope Christmas with any willful ignorant relatives is not too stressful for you, and you have the strength within you to detach for the time you are with them. It ain’t easy and you have my full empathy.

The very best of health and success for 2013 to all those supporting the Truth.


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  1. Aleks

     /  December 23, 2012

    Thanks for all your effort and wisdom you are sharing digger. Hopefully you have a merry christmas with you beloved ons too.

    Greets from good old Germany.


  2. Thank you Digger, your knowledge fervour and tenacity has been an inspiration to us all,
    and I look forward to your great writings in the New Year.
    Merry Christmas mate!

    • Thank you too T for all your efforts not only this year, but for the many years. We all appreciate your articles.

      Thank you too for all your input into this blog.

  3. Digger, Merry Christmas to you and many, many thanks for your wise words and great site. Should have checked in sooner for the detachment reminder. Oh well. All the best in 2013!

    • You too aj, Yea, a tough one that. I think there probably has been a lot of suffering and angst and biting of lips this Christmas, listening to repeater relatives prattling on about political and historical events, they have done zero independent research into 🙂

  4. Matthew/Boston

     /  December 27, 2012

    Same to you Digger, and thanks for your unique, perceptive and thoughtful site.


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