The Shed

 Old Shed


Just imagine one night when you are fast asleep at home, you hear the haunting sound of glass smashing to the ground, with burglars bursting in through your back window.

Not just any old common opportunist thief, looking for a quick snatch n grab; but an organised ruthless armed gang. With a planned agenda of not only pilfering your possessions, but hell bent on much much more.

This highly organised team of villains have long-planed this attack on you. They have been preparing for this deadly invasion on your property, your security and your peaceful existence.

Initially you are still in a trance like semi-sleepy state, really not sure if this ominous disturbance is just an adjunction to your dream, or a cat fallen through your conservatory. You haven’t quite grasped that you are indeed being invaded.

The first burglar jumps through the smashed window, then the next, then the next. They crunch around on the shattered glass on the floor, open up the back door, to let in the other members of this horror gang. Armed to the teeth and demonic in nature. Somehow they know the layout of your dwelling, and where each family member is sleeping.

After your initial shock n awe awakening, and after the prolonged lying in bed with sharpened senses, you spring out of bed to be greeted with this merciless gang. They club you over the head and leave you in an impotent painful and dazed slumber on the ground. You are comatised, bewildered, in a state of complete shock. What on earth is happening? Only five minutes ago you were blissfully sleeping, content, at ease, at peace. Now woken to this nightmare scenario.

You are now inadequate to help defend your family from the torture about to be unleashed upon them.

This bunch of low life satanic criminals run riot through your dwelling. In the house your family have inhabited for generations. The house which is more than just bricks and mortar. It is your heritage, full of childhood memories, the house where old photographs show generations of your family living. The metaphorical umbilical cord is tied to this beautiful dwelling and your heart…..but now it is to be brutally trashed and stolen from you.

You can witness in the next room your teenage son trying to defend himself against these tyrants and to be bludgeoned to death. The screams, the beatings – then the deadly silence.

This nightmare is too much when you hear these invaders intimate then repeatedly gang-rape your teenage daughter.

They shoot your dog whilst the others spit and slap your wife about with threats of rape.

No, no, no, please don’t say this is real – please let me wake from this hellish experience you whimper to yourself as your face lies in a pool of blood on the floor.

What have we done to deserve this? There has been a dreadful mistake. You must have the wrong house. We are innocent, we have done nothing to bring this on. Help God, please someone save us.

But the carnage goes on. The gang ransack your belongings and turn your environment and mindset upside down and inside out.

Something tells you – from this point on, your life will never be be same. You know that if you get through this experience; this night, this horror experience will be etched into your psyche until the day you die.

At some point in the early hours of the morning you come around to the harsh reality that the event which happened some hours before was not a bad dream and that you and your remaining family have been captured.

Plans are now been made for you to leave your home by force.

However this is where the salt is rubbed into the wounds. Not only have you been invaded, your property, possessions and heritage stolen, your family members killed and raped; but you are to be frog-marched by force down to the bottom of the garden to be confined to the garden shed, where you must live for the rest of your life in total imprisonment.

In this rotten shed you are to be treated lower than an animal, barely able to survive. No freedom, no justice, no security and constantly intimidated by your demonic oppressors.

You have no access to clean water, minimum means of sustenance and to add insult to injury – the sewage of your oppressors seeps onto your confined area in your new shed existence.

The oppressors then force you to build a perimeter wall dividing them and you. Reinforcing the fact that you are indeed imprisoned – captured within your own land.

How could this have happened? Surely my relatives will do something to help!? They will inform governing bodies, they will come to save us. No way will they allow such evil.

But the years go by. Decade after decade after decade. Up to three generations of your family have now grown up in the shed. You hear through the grapevine that you are termed the Shedinians.

If these suppression of human values were not enough, this thieving tyrant gang have the hubris to claim that your property and family heritage is actually theirs! They make this fabricated claim due to a special book which their clan invented which they claim in an offbeat way, gives them the right to steal it.

And just for sake of it, these demonic invaders ritually attack you and your family on a regular basis. They use all their modern weaponry against you. And if you dare even throw a few stones back at them in defiance, all hell will break lose and you will be viciously re-attacked.

You can hear the screams of laughter and joy from your oppressors in the summer in their opulent paddling pool, whilst you can barely survive on your polluted and limited water supplies.

This is all done on a regular basis with the outside community blissfully unaware, or not really caring enough to do their bit to put an end to this unprecedented injustice. Sure, there seems to be the odd bit of noise, a bit of compassion here and there from odd members of the community, but nothing of any substance.


Arrhhh but wait a minute, just when you thought there was no hope …………

We have a peace deal!

People in suits in high places in the local council who are related to this criminal tribe have come up with a solution to quell some of the noise from some members of the local community.

All is well – we have a remedy. We can have a two-state-solution. 

Great! So this means instead of putting this thieving criminal lying murdering gang in jail to rot for the rest of their lives; they are allowed to keep your stolen house with thousands of years of your heritage, with all your possessions. They are also allowed to get off scott free from decades of criminal activities and murders to your family.

And you are allowed to remain living in the shed.

Now that’s what I call a peace deal. That’s a handy solution.

How dare they!! How dare they be so arrogant!! How dare the local community and relatives tolerate this!! How dare this gang even consider such an insult!!

They dare …….because we let them.


A Palestinian stands up outside a tent.

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  1. Brilliant and enraging.

    This is what awaits us all. ALL of us. The longer we wait the closer we get to our own personal shed. They have already taken more from us than we can ever imagine,

    get angry

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  December 12, 2012

    Very well written. And Obama should be first in the line of shame.

  3. Obama Bin Bush

     /  December 12, 2012

    Unfortunately, even a “1 state” solution is not much different than the above scenario. Unless the burglars, thieves, rapists and murderers are sent packing, there can’t be any real peace.

    That’s like making a rape victim live with their rapist…

    • ???? Not sure if I understand your comment OBB. Or I’m not sure if you have understood the essay?? The “1 state” solution means only the “true” inhabitants live there. We/I have always suggested they pack their bags and get the hell out of this occupied land.

  4. Mike

     /  December 14, 2012

    Funny thing i thought when first seeing the shed, is that the new gas chamber for another 6 million, sorry a bit of dark humor there, but first reading this i actually became quite angry at the author for presenting such visionary horror until it came to the conclusion, very well written really brings it home to a personal level.

  5. Anywhere a jew treads, the native people are left living in ‘sheds’. Those are the ones left still alive. Jews have done it century after century all over the globe. And many highly cultured populations have been totally wiped out to history just because they didn’t follow a judaic demon.

  1. Read this, its so urgent! | freedomveg

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