Tinder to Timber


The other night by the open fire, I thought about the layering system, the gradualism in how we really ought to impart this information. I’ve said many times before, it’s just like feeding a fire with fuel.

This works best if you know you are going to be seeing a person on a regular basis, such as a family member, or work colleague.


Here is some examples of this wood fuel/Truth gradients analogy:


Super Fine Tinder 

Super fine condensed flammable materials such as cotton wool, minute slithers of silver birch shavings, fluffed-up super dry ignitable materials, just to catch and maintain a tinder from a spark.


Try to get a bare spark of reaction by starting off gently with topics concerning things such as cost of living, utility bills being a sham, schooling not working, local councils being corrupt, the ‘unreliable’ government.



General Tinder

A tad above the very fine tinder. Things like paper, thin cardboard, normal-sized wood shavings, dry leaves, matchstick-sized twigs, etc.


Now you’ve got a very elementary spark from your receiver, you can dare to feed this orange glow with something to help it get initially ignited.


Try hinting how all these incidences are perhaps not coincidences. How you’ve observed them repeated from many many people across the globe and there happens to be a uniform pattern involved. Almost as if it’s deliberate – hint hint.


If they bite to this and you see a flicker of light, a flame – then you’ve got something to go by. There is a chance of a potential roaring fire. But it’s early days yet.




Pencil-sized thickness twigs/sticks to get those limited, short -lived flames something to feed off. 


The next significant level up. Now you have to be equally careful at this crucial stage to maintain their interest. Carefully, gently just feed them the next level up.


Perhaps mention how you’re now hearing how people are saying vaccines are proving to be ineffective and many people are having contraindications to them. Perhaps how you heard about the scam GPs are involved with in getting commissions for each jab and how their linked in with the pharmaceutical companies and that there has been a huge cover up of death rates linked with vaccines. You could ask them if they’ve noticed unusual weather pattens (who hasn’t) and then conveniently link in how you heard that there may be deliberate weather manipulation.


If they show interest, or respond positively to this – you’re usually up n running from this point on.


This really is a threshold point in establishing a potential roaring Truther.





Carrot-sized sticks for the elementary flames to really begin to get going.


Next time you meet them, they may have digested your thoughts and even bothered to research weather manipulation. They hopefully are in alignment with you that things are very wrong AND that all of it ain’t an accident – that there is in fact ‘an agenda’. A malevolent force out there destroying the world.


If they are at this stage, usually we can begin to start adding more and more sticks of fuel……..chemtrails, fluoridation of the water, eugenics/agenda 21, being specific about the vaccines with HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Georgia guide stones, the money scam, even ‘Freeman-on-the-land’ material, the NWO.




Now we can casually throw decent sized sticks and chunky off cuts of wood on the fire, throwing out quite a bit of heat. We don’t have to be too sensitive now how we position this fuel on the fire, as it’s already established. We just now need to keep the flames alive and keep it bellowing out.


Right, so they have definitely got the fact there is a global conspiracy. Now we just got to nudge them along a bit more with heavier material. Let’s bring in the ‘Z’ factor. Let’s show them the star of David on the money/notes. Let’s introduce zionism/the judaic angle into the equation to get some heat on the matter. Introduce them to Press TV, show them articles and specifically ‘zionist’ orientated websites and films. i.e….a film such as “The Khazarian Conspiracy.”  That should keep’em going for a while.


Then just keep blending in the kosher elements – till it becomes obvious that this NWO is in fact a Jew World Order and there isn’t a difference between zionism and judaism, that they both stem from the same tree.



Timber logs 

Now we’re in for a long haul. A roaring fire is the next stage. We can now sling on some solid logs and chunky timber on the established fire.


This is the final stage of all of our awakening. That beyond ‘the joos’ this whole agenda has a spiritual dimension. The two opposing forces. Darkness verses Light. Evil verses goodness. Deception verses Truth. That’s it. That’s as deep as one can ever get.


This whole conspiracy is really just various people acting within these two opposing realms. Some leaning towards the darkness (both Jew and Gentile) – for a demonic entity – let’s call it satan for the sake of it (although this is just a label); verses those who lean towards the Light (both former-Jew and Gentile) – God/Allah, The Divine, Consciousness.


For most of us we have had the luxury of a gradient awakening. I suppose we just have to keep reminding ourselves of this when we’re imparting this delicate information. It’s worth the patience, understanding, time and carefully engineered delivery for us to get as many roaring fires going as we possibly can.


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  1. aj

     /  December 2, 2012

    Great one, Digger! Don’t know how many damp logs I’ve dropped on people’s toes! One to study. Thanks.

    • Thanks aj – me too. We learn the hard way; through trial and error. Even after all these years, I should know better and can’t help myself but give people just that bit too much. It’s almost an art form…..which I haven’t yet mastered.

      Thanks for contributing


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