10 Reasons Not to Indulge in Negative Traits

[All interdependent and not in order of importance]

These are more directed at habits and lifestyles where resistance to them is difficult. For example with drinking alcohol – having the occasional drink may be doable, but it’s more about being in a mindset where one really cannot go a day, or week without having a drink. So it’s not so much the trait, but more the pull of the trait.

If we can reach a stage where we can take it or leave it; then we have beaten our addictions. These types of cravings, and addictive tendencies must be addressed if we are to be any fighting force in this spiritual battle.

Examples of these negative traits could be:

drinking (alcohol)


sexual addictions: prostitution, pornography, etc

junk foods/de-natured foods

obsessive shopping/materialism



meat eating

1/. Unspiritual 

Not to be able to control one’s senses is diametrically opposed to spirituality and not conducive to consciousness. To control one’s senses is paramount and representative of being able to control one’s mind. We are in one big mind control project – we have to resist and reverse the mind control which has been inflicted upon us.

2/. Supporting an immoral industry 

Our adversaries are the ones supplying these demonic trends and negative conditioning on us all. We must try hard to resist this darkness. They want us debased, they want us denatured, they want us in a low spiritual place, with low vibrational energies. That is how they can manipulate us.

Then if this wasn’t bad enough, by supporting these industries, we are keeping others enslaved and debased. It’s a viscous circle. All these industries are about pain, suffering, degradation and a break down of society.

3/. Degrading oneself 

It lowers one’s self worth and creates personality disorders. Aggression, resentfulness, intense bouts of anger or shyness, low self esteem and many other interfering social tendencies. Thus maintaining this negative cyclical patten.

4/. Energy/health zappers

We are electrical frequencies, transmitters of energy. Indulging in these negative traits, lowers one’s frequency…..hence reduced health. Vibrant health = energy. This has been scientifically proved. All these traits are draining on our natural resources – because simply put – they are not natural.

On a very basic level, they are all pretty much nutritionally depleting. Try as an experiment to resist these for one month and instead put your energy into healthy pursuits – just watch your energy, feel-good-factor and interpersonal skills radically improve.

5/. It’s a weakness 

Not only is it a weakness, but like every habit, the more we indulge in them, the more we reinforce these weaknesses. Each time we fall for these negative traits, we have failed. We have proved we do not have discipline. Sorry if this is harsh, but it is true….you know it.

Again our enemy (this satanic/demonic force) wants us weak, vulnerable, susceptible for them to control us. Weak, ill-disciplined, needy, pleasure-seeking, senses-driven goyim – just perfect organic slaves.

6/. The people around you are affected

It ain’t just you who is hurting. Others around you are directly and indirectly being affected by these destructive negative traits. In your mannerisms, your actions, your inactions, your finances, all your relationships – both personal and business. Even if you just look at the money you waste on this rubbish – think how you could treat your loved ones. Even have the money to visit them more often. This dark force does not want you to have love in your life; as love breeds love breeds love.

7/. Waste of precious time

Think of all the productive things you could be doing instead to improve your life. Again, spending time with loved ones. Also more Truthing time, more accuracy, more industrious in getting the Truth out there. Add up the hours you spend a month on your trait/s. Hanging around in bars/pubs, etc. Think about all those hours year after year and what you could alternatively achieve in this wasted time.

8/. Waste of hard-to-obtain money

How difficult was it for you to make that money? Think how you had to slave for that money. Think what you did for it. So blowing in on negative stimulants is a double waste waste of time and money – time slaving and then the time wasted doing the traits. Think of all the other important things you could invest in; such as: silver coins, food/water storage, spiritual books, survival manuals, Truth books, donations to much-needed causes and fellow Truth networks.

Down the line, we don’t want to regret not having stashed important prepping reserves, knowing we have wasted so much on de-basing unnecessaries.

I dare you to jot down an estimated value on how much you waste on your particular poison or indulgence each month. How much does that tot up to over five years?

9/. They are keeping you passive

All these chemical stimulants and emotional triggers are affecting our minds. They are helping to dumb us down and make us apathetic. Or at the very least less active, less defiant than we would ordinarily be. We have been subjected to many many years of social engineering. We need be strong, well-disciplined spiritual warriors more than ever.

10/. Everything is OK

Not only are you supporting a negative industry, but you’re playing your role in saying – It’s perfectly OK for these industries to exist in our society. Everything is just dandy – I consent to this degradation, I am a part of it and I actively participate in this darkness.

We need to have a diametrically opposing mindset, for us to all develop spiritually. This filth and degradation is definitely NOT OK for children to grow up in!


1/. Unspiritual

2/. Supporting an immoral industry

3/. Degrading oneself

4/. Energy/health zappers

5/. It’s a weakness

6/. The people around you are affected

7/. Waste of precious time

8/. Waste of hard-to-obtain money

9/. They are keeping you passive

10/. Everything is OK

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  1. Cameron

     /  December 6, 2012

    Not eating meat is a real hard one for me. (the only one that is hard) I have managed to the best of my knowledge to not do any of the other negative traits listed in the last year, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to stop eating meat cold turkey, like I did with drinking, smoking, and eating fast food. Stopping something you have been doing most of your life is harder than stopping something you started doing at 18.

    • Cameron,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Well the first impression I picked up from your message is that you are not in antagonist mode with regards to recognizing eating meat ain’t so good for us. That’s a great start…..everything must start at tiny levels. So please don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes the more energy we put into trying through will power to give up, the more energy we give it and therefore concentrate on it – therefore we keep failing.

      “I must give up xyz, I must give xyz” it always fails, because it’s where I energy is being directed. The trick is to try to switch focus/energy just on the alternatives. Try playing around with exotic alternatives to meat on odd days. Really treat yourself to a fancy veggie curry, or make a wonderful winter soup with the best bread ever, lots of veggies snacks and recipes. Things you would not ordinarily by. Have the odd extravagance as a treat for not eating meat. This will set a trigger in your mind that “having the odd veggie day ain’t that bad – it’s even enjoyable”. Then slowly slowly, with intent, a magic will begin to happen. It may take a year, or so, but it will just naturally/organically happen, without the strain, the struggle. You will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. Enjoy the process. All that matters is your intent.

      Of course on way of speeding up the process is to read about the meat industry. That may have an effect on you on every level.

      You may find this essay of interest:

      The film at the end of this essay Cameron is an emotional trigger too.

      Good luck with it. If I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

      Well done anyway for knocking all the other traits on the head. I’m no angel myself.

      Thank you for contributing



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