Murder through Deception

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  1. Thank you, I hadn’t seen that particular demo before, but I always tell people that are subscribed iron tablets by their doctor (ferrous sulphate, a cheap inorganic form that is used in food fortification such as cereals) that they are being given a tablet form of rusty nails and it will constipate them and not deal with the symptoms they started with. The digestible natural form of iron should be iron citrate along with vitamins B2 and C.

    If you suspect you are short of iron (pale skin, sore tongue, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, heavy periods or blood loss) you could be sensitive to gluten grains or there may be other factors, get advice from a nutritionist or naturopathic doctor.

    There are other fabricated forms of vitamins (particularly D2 as ergocalciferol – drisdol instead of D3 as cholecalciferol, vitamin E as dl-alpha tocopherol from petrochemicals and known to raise prostate cancer risk instead of natural d-alpha tocopherol, B12 as cyanocobalamin instead of hydroxycobalamin or methylcobalamin, ascorbic acid vitamin C instead of natural buffered forms, ascorbates or liposomal C). Cheap forms are created in laboratory factories and used as additives in processed food, that have not come from a food source and are mostly unusable by your body as they cannot break down to digestable forms.

    The negative medical trials on vitamins that hit the headlines invariably use the unnatural form of the vitamin, but the press never make that clear to the reader.
    You get what you pay for these days, cheap supplements are purposely a waste of money, the public will buy the cheapest and, big surprise, won’t get any benefit so will assume all vitamins and minerals are the same and can’t help them. So big pharma wins another customer on an expensive road to decline by medical poisoning.


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