3 Simple Questions


When we’re trying to impart this awkward ugly material to the conditioned, comatised masses, it’s a hard slog; getting through the programmed responses. At times I feel we need to premise our delivery with these three simple questions:


1/. Where are you getting your information from?


2/. Do you trust this information source?


3/. Why do you trust this information source – knowing that they have repeatedly lied to you all your life?



Then perhaps finish off with this type of quotation:

“Immediate denial of any information without  first having carried out your own INDEPENDENT research, or having had consistent experiential knowledge on the subject – is simply coming from a place of ignorance.” 



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  1. Sadly I tend to get the replies you gave thrown back at me – with a comment of ‘you can’t trust the internet’. Which of course is true in many cases. You just have to hope that if they hear truths from you, someone else says something later to reinforce what you’ve said. There seem to be so few who are open to a proper discussion even if they can’t get any of what you are saying. It’s the closed shut-up or else that really bugs me, they can’t even handle a tiny bit of a wake-up.


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