For crying out loud

Here’s an extension of a rant I texted to a mate during the week – it was sent more as a tongue-in-cheek observation of how we are often moaning about what is going on around us; whilst others are quite content, just so long as they have their slave positions and can carry on going shopping and do their hobbies.


It seems almost inconceivable not to be awake now. This agenda is so in-yer-face these days that one needs to be truly comatised not to get it. However there really is no excuse; in fact any excuse is just being charitable with these idiots. It is just wilful ignorance due to unadulterated selfishness and apathy.


As I’ve often said, a child could work it out in a couple hours after school – and do, for crying out loud.


And what makes it so painfully worse is; these lazy myopic fools have access to the internet 80+ hours a week.


Even when you send them direct links to short youtube videos, websites, films, whatever. They never seem to have the time to bovver to watch them. It’s all there for them, handed on a plate. They don’t have to do any digging, zero research effort whatsoever. Sometimes not even any reading – just sit and watch an interesting video. How taxing is that?


After sending them the info, you are usually confronted with a wall of silence. But when you do ask them about it, to try to engage them, to just get a response; they are loaded with pathetic excuses why they didn’t get around to look at it.


Never having enough time is a classic excuse. Despite them having watched endless hours of trivia entertainment. Their beloved futboooool, comedy, porn, gardening programmes or nipped out to the cinema. Hours upon hours of mindless judaic distractive trash; yet somehow they can’t seem to manage to find half an hour to look at information which has the potential to indirectly save their lives and their families lives……PATHETIC!


Why do we bother!?


What are we saving?


Why all this effort?


Who are we trying to help?

But we do all-the-same. We keep going, keep pluggin’ on, despite the failures, knock backs, disheartenment and fog of apathy. Despite our hands-in-the-air for crying out loud irritation with these lost souls, we just keep going.


After all – what other choice do we have(?)

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