Truthing Trick of the Month – Truck Graffiti


As the title and image implies; write Truthing info on the backs of lorries and vans. One or two web sites, perhaps “google: 9/11 MISSING LINKS”


To think of the milage some trucks cover. Think of the free advertisement. We’re not doing any damage, just trying to help society. And it hasn’t cost us a bean.


This can be done on small vans, to large industrial cargo trucks. Imagine someone in a traffic jam behind a lorry with WAKE UP and a website. Someone could easily scribble it down, or even remember it.


As with all these little tricks, on their own they are not going to do it. But they all add up. This along with leaflets, stickers, banners, posters, burnt DVDs/CDs, old table cloths draped over bridges with info and on and on we could go with ideas.


We have to try our best to be innovative. Sometimes it’s the cost-free ways such as this, which can get the word out the most.


How about letting your own vehicle get dirty and graffitiing your own Truth websites.


Happy Trucking, happy Truthing


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