It’s all up to us


Missed a couple of electric payments and had my caring compassionate kosher electric provider “EDF” come down heavy on me. Not only did they dare send this letter, but they sent it ‘after’ I had paid their bill. Here was their kind words: (I have highlighted some areas)


As we’ve not been able to resolve this issue or gain access to your property, unless we hear from you immediately we will begin legal proceedings to apply for a warrant of entry as we’re allowed to do under the Rights of Entry (Gas and Electric Boards) Act, 1954. This will allow our representative  to enter your property, by FORCE if necessary, to install a prepayment meter, or disconnect your electricity supply.


If we’re unable to gain access when we return with a warrant, we’ll employ a locksmith to change your locks, and we’ll pass on to you the costs associated with this action. 


So let’s have a look at this situation:


1/. They get their paperwork/admin wrong and send out threatening letters like this to their loyal customers. I’ve been with this company for over a decade.

2/. They actually make these threats – considering I was only late on two payments; one of which I paid.

3/. They are using LEGAL proceedings and not LAWFUL. This is the scam. This is the principle of ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’/Lawful Rebellion. Contract law (Maritime/fleet/shipping – laws of the sea) not Common Law built from the Magna Carta. Therefore their actions and threats are UNLAWFUL. Despite what any ACT/Warrant states. This is just more deception using FEAR and intimidation to fleece the ignorant goyim. To which 99% of the uniformed fearful public react to in favour of these bullying unlawful companies and associated corrupt courts. Jews helping Jews fleece the gullible goy.

4/. And typically for all this damage and invasion to our properties – WE HAVE TO PAY FOR. Think about this; they would unlawfully break into your home using deception, and have the hubris to actually charge (at over the top charges) you for their invasion. Your home is certainly not your castle.

5/. So they have been fleecing us anyway for decades; as energy is free, and the costs should be next to nothing/free. Yet we are the ones being put on the spot and made to feel guilty for not paying for this theft. Some people actually write letters of apology and plead to these scum. What perfect goy slaves.

6/. Where is the compassion? Where is the understanding? Someone could have an illness (caused by this judaic onslaught on our health), or a bout of depression, after having lost a loved one (due to being killed by their eugenics), or be struggling to make these extortionate payments having only had intermittent work (due to this enforced judaic recession).

  No excuse – just cough up on time.






…….. well as with all of this; they dare, because WE allow this orwelian behaviour.


It’s all up to us.


To think these types of situations and the whole global tyranny will get worse and worse and worse, unless WE stop it NOW. More unnecessary deaths, more unnecessary pain, more unnecessary suffering, more unnecessary fear, more unnecessary oppression, more unnecessary unhappiness, more unnecessary slavery.


We all know in our hearts that things are not going to get any better. Things are not going to somehow magically pan out for the good. They just aren’t. But the point is THEY COULD…..IF we do our bit to stop it. It’s a simple equation –

more we resist = less oppression.


Put in a childlike way; the more we stand up to the bully, the less we are going to be bullied. These bullies are only able to get away with what they are doing, simply because we let them. I do apologise for stating the obvious, but we constantly need to remind ourselves of the simplicity of all of this.


This is our spiritual challenge


How far do we have go before we do anything? How much more are they going to push us? How much longer are we going to be on our knees to these judaic tyrants? How much more are we going to allow the darkness usurp the Light?How much more willful ignorance? How much more subservience?


The ball is in our court.




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