Resist the Darkness

Notes on our negative traits

It’s wrong

If we are indulging in negative traits, it is not compatible with the spiritual life whatsoever!! This is supporting the darkness. It’s also quite sad. It ticks every negative box. On every level it is degrading/de-basing to all involved, whatever negative trait one is indulging in ……. prostitution, drinking, gambling, porn, commercialized meat industry, even junk food….whatever. Association with these traits is not consciousness.



Effecting others lives

By supporting the darkness, one affects other’s lives. It encourages the darkness. This is associated with cruelness,  suffering and is helping to bring darkness into other’s lives, by supporting whatever industry it is. All of these negative industries and lifestyles have a direct and indirect negative effect on society. We cannot support this. Think of how wonderful life could be for all of us without this global suffering.



Sign of weakness

Not being able to control our senses, not being able to even tame our impulses is not a sign of strength of character. Allowing one single negative trait into our lives on a regular basis opens up other avenues/pattens of weakness. In these times more than ever we need to be vigilant. We have to be strong-minded. Being strong is the ONLY way we are going to defeat this darkness.



Creates negativity in one’s life

All of the above reasons are negative aspects which directly affect one’s life. These pay a heavy price on one’s day-to-day activities. They form a karmic cloud over one’s interaction with others. How could they not!(?)


All of this darkness will play havoc on our insecurities,  manifesting in all sorts of ways – one may feel uncomfortable with others, aggressive towards others, or bitter, inferior, antagonistic, bouts of shyness, etc. These all interfere not only in maintaining our relationships, but meeting potential like-minded souls who would enhance our lives. Light draws in Light. When one aligns oneself with Lightness, people of Light come into one’s life.


If we are aligning ourselves with dark energy/force and indirectly helping to keep and encourage others to be involved with darkness, then we will have to pay for this.

Only negativity/bad ‘luck’ can come our way. Payback, comeuppance….. this is just natural law.



Antidotes to these dark traits

Rather than put all our energy into trying to FIGHT these negative traits. We should instead simply SWITCH our focus on positive traits. By just fighting these habits and lifestyles, we only give it/them more energy. Instead we should throw ourselves into the Light.


Here are some suggestions:


Immerse ourselves in spiritual reading

Of pure sources, avoiding all junk spirituality from the new age movement, or watered down versions from authors writing books about the pure scriptures. In general terms this is not pure spiritual sustenance. These spiritual masters knew stuff. They were connected. They had wisdom, way way above academic intelligence. We have to draw off this resource of wisdom.


May I suggest to all those people who are in a mindset of ‘prepping’. That if we are going to invest in any form of preparation – now is the time that we need to prep ourselves spiritually. I urge people to make the financial and time investment in pure spiritual doctrines. As part of our general reading, we really ought to include spiritual reading from a comprehensive range of worldly doctrines.


(please see link below for some examples of pure sources)

We become what we absorb




Associate with spiritually-based people

I would strongly suggest drift away from people you know who are negative influences on you. In these times you do not want to associate with any dark energy. This may initially be hurtful to this people, but you are in fact spiritually helping them. These energy vampires will have to learn they cannot feed off of your energy. Do not let these people drain you. Microcosm/macrocosm…… both personal relationships and global tyrants.


We are strongly influenced by our environments, by who we interact with. Even if this means you have to radically alter your working arrangements. This can be extremely difficult, but I believe where there is a will there is a way.


This may even mean socially a time period where you are isolated; short term this can do you the world of good. Time for self-reflection. Time to make plans and snap yourself out of old habits. Time to experiment with meeting purer-based people.

We become what we absorb




Eat Purer Foods

Preferably natural, plant-based and more raw. We can’t lean towards the Light on de-natured foods with low vibrational energy. Junk food, like junk spirituality (new agism) is detrimental to a spiritual lifestyle. They say we become what we eat – well this can be literally. Cellular health is energetic health (atoms) which is spiritual health.


Also with food it is more appropriate to think in terms of we become what we absorb and assimilate. How we eat our foods: over eat, rush our foods, eat whilst stressed, eat late at night just before sleeping, poor food combining, etc.


Try to keep it simple too. One doesn’t have to be an expert to clean up. It’s more about the “D” word which none of really like …..Discipline to say that little word “NO”.

We become what we absorb




The Power of Without.

As part of our spiritual cleanse, I highly recommend fasting. I would suggest regular small fasts (one day fortnightly/weekly), rather than plunging into several day fasts. Like most things, fasting is something which needs to be honed over many years.


It helps one clear an awful lot of clutter. It’s not just a case of a colon cleanse to help nutrition. Of course it is excellent for this, it helps rid many long-term symptoms; but it goes deeper than this. All the great people of spiritual influence throughout the centuries from all cultures have practiced regular fasting. We need to try to use these spiritual souls as templates for a true spiritual existence. (please see related essay below on fasting)




Connect up

I would suggest the purpose of our lives is two-fold:

(i) To make a higher connection

(ii) To rightfully serve others

We are all reaping the benefits of being connected up to the big wide internet; finally thanks to the internet the Truth is seeping through. This is wonderful. But I would suggest this is only part of this connecting up, only part of the Truth and what I term the Yang Truth. It is essential; however we need the complementary Yin Truth, the inner Truth of spiritual support. This is a MUST for the bigger picture.


Half an hour a day of Meditation/prayer is all that is needed. Simply sitting down quietly making that connection. Tuning in to the stillness.


This is half an hour a day you DO have. Make this precious time – it’s too easy to make excuses not to find the time.


Then throughout the day trying to have tentative traffic ‘Light’ stops throughout one’s day of reflecting on the bigger picture. Just a brief pause where you realise that there is something much more important than your menial tasks.




In conclusion

Be patient. Anything of any substance takes time. Our first task is the most difficult task – the undoing stage. To unlearn anything is the hard part. That’s all we are doing; unlearning, de-conditioning, deprogramming and stripping away the damaging crustaceans.


However with earnest dedication, with a real determined effort, one could see significant positive changes within just six weeks. Just reflect on that. Long-term traits which have haunted you all your lives, holding you back, interrupting your relationships every single time.


To avoid these negative traits are going to tick every box. To help you personally, to help others you interact with and to help defeat this global darkness.


Let’s not allow these elite Jews and the dark force behind them to beat us. Let’s prove to them we have what it takes. We may have fallen, but we can get off our knees and stand up straight again against this evil.


Let’s resist the darkness



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  1. These recommendations are outstanding. Thank you. – Nick. I’d also like to share with you a very spiritual message which touches upon the same subject. Meditations of the heart –

    • Welcome to DFT Nick,

      Thank you for re-posting this essay and your link – I will check it out later.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. Reblogged this on nfotainment and commented:
    This blog is highly recommended for both novice and expert!

  3. Barzini

     /  November 24, 2015

    Thank you…..

    This kind of thing is so important – in a quest to learn as much as possible about what’s going on, one can get sucked in too much and surrounded by too much dark energy and anger.

    Sometimes I even wonder if that’s part of the psy-op, to make truth searchers look away from themselves and focus on all this darkness.

    This information is really necessary


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