Our Challenge


Come on let’s be honest. It ain’t working. Just look around us. The current system we have in place stinks. Every aspect of it. Even the unawake are aware of this at some level.

Essentially it can be boiled down to two levels – hard kill and soft kill. Or intense destruction or subdued destruction. But it’s all destruction. Anything of any good, quality, substance, beauty, enlightenment, consciousness must be utterly destroyed by these tyrants (this force).

Intense Destruction (yang)

Wars, famines, plagues, cruel oppressive regimes – all wrong, all evil and bringing about immense immediate suffering at every level.

Subdued Destruction (yin)

The breakdown of family values, social cohesion, cultural values, day-to-day drudgery of oppressive slavery and fear of survival. No hope. Slowly, slowly eating away at our souls. Killing our spirits, our life force energy, the essence of living. The same evil force, just a slower pace of strangulation.

That is what this agenda is really about. The wars are not about money, or oil, even land mass, not even control – they are just part of this dark destructive force decimating and trying to cloak out all Lightness. No matter what technical, political or scientific approach we all take on this agenda, it all comes down to the darkness verses the Light – that simple.

Understandably to some people this may be too simplistic. It may also be daunting; it may give the impression that we can’t ‘fix’ things politically – through sanctions, resistance, meetings, movements. But this not the case – we can ‘fix’ this problem…….and the fundamentals are quite easily.

We can initially resolve the damaging antagonistic symptoms and then work on all the tidying up later. The tidying up being not only on a physical level, but working on ourselves the root cause of why we got into this mess in the first place.

This is the good news. It is good news that we are in a spiritual war because it means we absolutely have empowerment of this situation; as there is a dark force, so there must be a force for Light. One candle in a darkened room. Sorry if this comes across childlike or condescending. But it really can be put in these basic terms.

As with all procrastination; sometimes it needs for situations to really get dire before we address them. Then on the eleventh hour we ‘finally’ ACT. The repair process usually is painful, stressful and taxing on all our resources and we always kick ourselves for not having acted earlier to make it easier – but we just about pull through.

We all know we are in the final minutes, in that eleventh hour.

But we can do this. We absolutely have all the ‘potential’ man power. We have all of the ‘potential’ resources at our disposal, we have all of the knowledge available how to resolve this problem.

We just gotta have the trust within ourselves, then the oomph and balls to carry through with it.

When we do make the collective effort, a magic will happen – as it always does. If the cause is purely spiritually based, working on the side of Light, then the spiritual support will be there – guaranteed! The universal powers/spirit – God will provide. Just so long as our intent means business. No half measures. We show tenacity, courage, spiritual wisdom, the winning spirit as spiritual warriors. Then we will have a force major to crush this darkness that we couldn’t even begin to imagine.

This is our golden opportunity; which we have to embrace. It’s just our choice – choice over death or life, oppression or freedom. Whether we sell our souls or become conscious.

This is our ultimate spiritual challenge.

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