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Cellular Death

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Jones in his box


Do yourself a favour and check this powerful audio from the great Jonathon Azaziah, neatly and susinctly putting Alex shill Johnstein back in his box.



Harsh History



Another brilliant interview, but our friend Mr Friend.

israel cares not a jot

We were there on Saturday. Soaked to the skin and cold. But obviously a mere inconvenience compared to what the Palestinians have to suffer on a daily basis.

Mixed feelings about demos. On one hand it’s a way of letting the goy throw their toys out of the pram. On the other it is indirect support for all the countries who are directly suffering under this demonic tyranny.

Not to mention two fingers up to israel.

15’000 people – not bad considering many people couldn’t get there due to the atrocious weather. Plus the ceasefire.

I just wish there were 15 Million defiant people there.



Noisy Killing Machines

So is the conclusion of this report that if they were quiet killing machines – THAT WOULD BE PERFECTLY FINE!?


Just so long as it provides jobs (slave positions), these myopic idiots will accept ANYTHING.


First they spy – we all just accept that; then they kill us. What happens ‘over there’ is now on our door step. Yet all most people care about is watching ‘X Factor’ on their goggle box.





Slowly but surely


Many thanks for all the support I’ve had since January/February.

I’ve ‘finally’ reached over 100’000 hits.

I plan to just keep plodding on

Satan’s Chosen

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Darkness Friday

So this is how low humanity has stooped – Fighting over ‘things’. God help us.