“Truth lives on in the midst of deception.” 

~ Schiller ‘On the Aesthetic Education of Man’ (1795)

One Big Prick


The world needs protection from Bill Gates


Multibillionaire Bill Gates is on a self-proclaimed mission to, “Eventually immunize all children” through the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Among a list of 17vaccine-related research projects recently given $100,000 by the Foundation there is a proposal to use unmanned aerial drones, “That can be deployed by health care workers via cell phones to swiftly transport vaccines to rural locations”. Are vaccines flown in by remote control more important than improved sanitation, nutrition and clean water in the fight against infectious disease? We think not.


Just as ominously, a second research project envisages, “An Internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analysing, and counteracting communication campaigns containing misinformation regarding vaccines”. Since we doubt that this system will ever be turned on the HPA, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or their ilk, we can only assume that it’s meant for people like us – those who have looked at the available data and made informed judgments that vaccine choice is more important than vaccination at all costs.


As more and more people realise that vaccination isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, censoring initiatives like this will likely become both more common and more sophisticated.


Truly, we live in interesting times.

The last sentence is apparently a Chinese curse, meaning

May you experience much disorder and trouble in your life.

Eventually immunize all children”

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Sweet Poison


In my humble – this article (below) is a classic case of how new agism very cleverly gives you a whole lot of Truth, whilst taking you off track and from ACTING; doing something about the serious situation we have found ourselves in.


This article IS NOT SPIRITUAL. This article is JUNK SPIRITUALITY.


And this how deceptively clever this evil is. This article surprise surprise was on David Ickes’s site. We have to be so careful with this pseudo-spirituality, as  it can hook you in and it ain’t until years later down the line, you realise you have been had. By that time, years have gone by where one has been inactive/passive whilst ‘their’ agenda has been marching on. Destroying, culling, degrading and cloaking this beautiful world with it’s darkness.


So just like all distraction/disinformation, this article gives a whole lot of Truth; but just take a look at points 3, 6 and 7 for example. I call this type of programming SSP “Subtle Suggestive Programming


Point 3Give up blame.

Sounds lovely, but is this is suggesting we don’t blame others. I think we absolutely should do! Just so long as we realise we are also to blame. This is a more comprehensive look at the situation. These tyrants need to take blame and responsibility for the evil they have and are doing.


Point 6Give up complaining

Well if Digger did that, he’d be out of business :-). Again on the surface this sounds perfectly fine, but I feel it is leading us to think WE JUST SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN about this nonsense. Don’t complain, just carry on. There is a perfectly good reason why we are depressed! We are being slaughtered, culled, enslaved and degraded at every level…..I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty depressed about that.


Point 7Give up the luxury of criticism

Ha – luxury!! Are you now beginning to see my point(?) Is the person who wrote this living in the heart of Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq or even Syria? No, probably in the ‘luxury’ of their nice comfortable surroundings of western middle class suburbia…….getting comfortably paid working for some think tank. Telling us we should not complain about this onslaught on us. A luxury to complain about our families being put through the eugenics programme, a luxury to complain that the bailiffs are threatening to take our possessions, a luxury to complain about how these tyrant Jews are planning to bring us into WW3.


My word – you just couldn’t make it up.


But the big problem is people actually do get sucked into this mindset. Just look at the sales of these new age books. I also noticed this article has a quote from the distraction agent Eckhart Tolle – please stay well away from this type of poisonous junk spirituality. It is sweet poison.


If you want quality nutritional sustenance – eat pure natural food

……avoid junk de-natured food.

If you want quality spiritual sustenance – immerse oneself in pure spiritual doctrines

……avoid junk spirituality.


Here is this article:



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Look for the heart people

The Heart People” by  Sourced shamedly from David Icke’s site

heartin hand

I have dealt with a lot of people’s personal issues around the globe. Somehow a pattern has emerged that has me standing in awe, thinking: Yes, there is hope for the radiant “heart”-people.

There is so much fighting on the internal scale for the heart people, it’s an internal alignment to what I conceive to be the shift. The real shift.
The Heart people are somehow radiating and connecting from continent to continent. It’s the heart driven neural network of the Heart people, generous people, people who are “givers” and not by any means “takers”. They just love way beyond new age clichés, because it is with every fiber of their being.

They touched down from cosmos somewhere to fulfill what ever karma or destiny they are here to impact into the turmoil and deprivation of the ghoulish Matrix.
So brave warriors of the new dawn, so fragile, so humble, and yet ever so strong.

It seems like, and I´ve touched upon the subject before, the internal shift is very much speeding up, and that would somehow cause a diversion between being in the heart and finding one´s true path in this life.

The internal shift would be the higher emotional shift of the higher inner feelings, aligning with the psychical aspect that goes into body and the external physical surroundings.

If you are one of the heart people, you could very well be in that situation. And why wouldn’t you be a heart person? All other options are frankly not that attractive.

Here are some issues that for me prove that pattern:


– Sadness
– Not feeling plugged into life
– Bewildered
– What I refer to as: “ That roundabout feeling”: which path to take?
– Various symptoms of the “Stockholm Syndrome”; being a financial, emotional or psychical hostage.
– Internal and external ghoulish fights.
– Very sensitive emotional immune system that often inflates into the physical.

Not all at same, you might have one or two. Some actually have all.


– High-vibrational healing skills
– High vibrational intuitive skills
– Plugged very much into the emotional GPS
– Highly creative skills.

If I focus on the skills, I can certainly understand the difficulty of manifesting them at the present. As these people do. But, they will prevail.
They are bringing water to the desert people caught in the matrix. That’s the job now. Do it discretely and persistent and silently, and the collective consciousness will shift your way. You can’t force it, right, but you can affect it.

And that’s also your job right now.

You won’t get applauded, you wont get paid much and that’s just really the matrix echo anyway.
So be happy, be humble, be vigilant. And don’t fall into low vibrational traps. You are not in that place anymore.

The heart people actually have shifted.

They are not in queue, and that extra mile they have traveled is not in anyway crowded right now. They have set out, and are moving more and more rapidly towards their true potential and the catharsis of letting that manifest in a very explicit way.

The Matrix should very much be afraid of that movement, and it is.That’s why it’s coming down on the heart people so hard.

I have met these heart people from all corners of the world over the last month.
If you are one of those I have had the honor of meeting, I have to tell you:

From the streets of Cape Town to Bollywood, to the plains of Canada, the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, the Australian outback, the jungles of Brazil :

You are not alone. You are loving and loved. Celestial forces surround you. You are protected. You are soon to meet your fellow peers. You are a movement that hasn’t gathered yet. And that is actually good tactics, since the Matrix can dissolve a gathering, but has no idea how to dissolve a high-frequency neural heart based network, zapping through the un-manifested realms of higher altitudes.

Your day will come, where you will radiate through the darkness of the Matrix, blinding the perverted and profoundly sick power ghouls.

There is hope for our downtrodden souls yet. There is hope for this beautiful place we call earth. You being here proves that fact.

Look for the heart people.

They would be the ones holding the key to the kingdom. That key is in their hands.

Find them, and if you can’t; They will find you. Be sure to open the door.

You don’t want to miss their ever so gentle touch on your longing soul.

Organised Evil


“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.”

~ Rosalyn McKeown PH.D (Agenda 21)


YET AGAIN ….this well-meaning guy doing his bit to get the Truth out there is not mentioning the Jews are the driving force and instigators of this Agenda 21. He may not even know himself. He probably hasn’t got a clue about the Tamudic/Kabbalistic agenda and the Protocols to destroy the Goyim.

We just have to hope that people that attend these types of talks/presentations dig deeper themselves.

This presenter is perfectly right in that the people carrying out this evil think they are doing the right thing for society (cognitive dissonance) mind-control conditioning. These people carrying out this insanity slaves themselves. They are our neighbours, family members, buddies at the gym, even siblings. Blinded by kudos/ego, and false identities.

This is not just for America. It is a global agenda (NWO).

Sourced from http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com

Hidden in plain view


Sent with thanks from “H”

“He who does not bellow the Truth when he knows the Truth, makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.”

~ Charles Peguy “The Honest People” Basic Verities (1943)


over and over a thousand times


Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind. 
Ramana Maharshi


Much of our daily behavior is conditioned by forces deep below the conscious level of our minds. This means we are limited to a conditioned, automatic way of thinking and responding to the events of life around us. When such a conditioned behavior is strong, we think of it as a fixed part of the personality. Othello is jealous, Hamlet indecisive, Macbeth ambitious; that, we say, is their nature. To many biologists, this is something that is built into our very genes.

I do not agree. Jealousy, vacillation, competition, and the rest are not permanent mental furniture; they are a process. A mental trait is a thought repeated over and over a thousand times, leading to words repeated a thousand times, resulting in action repeated a thousand times. At the beginning it is only a burgeoning habit of thought; you do not necessarily act on it. But once it becomes rigid, it dictates behavior. It is possible, through the practice of meditation and the other disciplines, to go against these conditioned ways of thinking and actually change ourselves from the inside out.

~ Eknath Easwaran

“We the destroyers”


This is more important than we can ever imagine!

Many of us try to wrap our heads around the game plan of this agenda from a ‘logical’ point of view. We have to think differently if we are to understand this agenda. I strongly feel it isn’t really people behind all of this. It’s this demonic force using the JCN as a conduit, a vehicle to carry out it demonic/satanic intent. That is why the whole world can be destroyed and these people will carry out the physical actions. Just as these police will just carry out their orders.

It is mind control – but mind control with a demonic drive behind it all.

So that is why it is vitally important we all focus on ourselves as the number one thing, on focusing on the Light. Through this inner Light within us we can begin to heal outwardly.

Just make a stand

This is a continuation of the arrest of the Truth campaigner Babs.

Yea, this guy is reacting emotionally, but none of us could say what we would do if they had done the same to a loved one. Clearly a passionate, caring man. I would much prefer someone like him running our world than these demonic souls.

In his emotion he tries to use ‘logic’ with these brain-washed useful idiots donned in occult black. It’s futile – their programming is too deep. Especially the metropolitan ‘officers’. They don’t follow their hearts or their soul intuition, they just follow orders. There is probably no limitation to what they WOULD NOT DO if the order is given. This is what we’re up against.

Despite the guy’s reactional video. Listen to his words. He is absolutely spot on. “Have courage – make a stand – we are protecting the law – we’re acting on behalf of Truth”

Yet again he probably doesn’t know to the extent how deep this agenda goes. He probably may not have a clue ‘it’s the Jews’. And would do everything in his way not to be seen as an anti-semite.