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Every now and then we receive a slither of much-needed hope. It’s these small uplifting anecdotes which keep us going in this draining fight. 


I still have tentative connections with the Animal Rights people; and I heard a while ago that the AR groups have now been polarized between those that have shifted over to the Truth and those who are still entrenched in looking at the smaller picture.


As much as I am well aware of the divide-and-rule technique and understand splits in movements are signs of weakening. In this instance, I am very pleased. It means this powerful movement with a strong pedigree of resistance and effective organisation skills, are on our side – the side of Truth.


If this is true, it means the Truth movement has gained another effective armament to it’s fighting force. I believe every day more and more people from the various resistance movements are waking up to the bigger picture. Waking up to the fact that they have been usurped/infiltrated. It is because they have not seen the bigger picture that they have been chasing their tales for so long. In some cases many decades.


Here are some of the benefits the more experienced activists in the ARM (Animal Rights Movement) can offer the Truth. 


As I said, some of these more hardened souls have decades of experiences to contribute to the TM. It does not matter if you agree or disagree with the AR movement. All that matters is what the TM can learn from 40+ years of this movement. How they have tripped up and fallen down, but got up again to carry on the fight.


Please try to remember when reading each one of these points – that our adversaries have got their act together in every one of these areas.


[TM = Truth Movement      ARM = Animal Rights Movement]


1/. Organisation skills – Decades of attending meetings, demos, fundraising events, propagating experience. In the early days admittedly it was a shamble of spontaneous unorganized chaos, with a motley crew off emotive highly strung people in reactional mode. But as the years have gone by, they slowly have got their act together and matured into a highly organised force for power – taken very seriously by the military and powers to be……unfortunately that is when the infiltration became prominent. But at least many of the long-timers got wise to the infiltration and weaved around it.



2/. Networking – directly linked in with organization skills, the AR’s ability to network across internationally is remarkable. Thanks again to the internet and modern communication skills. Of course this opens up areas of infiltration, but all the same, progress was made. How they too were able to target and financially hurt associated corporations who were complicit in organised suffering to animals.



3/. Fund raising – self funded. I believe this is our (Truthers) Achilles heel and is directly linked to our levels of camaraderie. We have to get our act together in regards of finances. Even though many of us can now see through the money scam and actually detest money – we have to use it as our double-edged sword. Use their weapons against them.


If some of us feel we cannot do too much in the background and want to do more, then fundraising is a key factor. Please allow me to express how dedicated these passionate people were to their cause. I find it hard to express the dedication and commitment these people had and have to their cause. To relieve the suffering of other sentient beings and to educate the ignorant public of these atrocities.


These people would ‘willingly’ work all day in crappy low paid jobs and do all the overtime they could and then contribute 80-100% of this to the cause. I been at fund-raising events where they turn up fresh from work with the paint still wet on their cloths and literally hand in UNOPENED wage packets to the funding. That is pure dedication.


People were regularly giving their savings, chunks of their retirement funds, making out their wills to the cause. The money was rolling in – AND THAT IS WHY THEY WERE STINGING THESE CORPORATIONS AND MAKING AN IMPACT.


I know times are hard now, but we really must think hard about our regular contributions to this vitally important movement. Any funding now, I would advice sending into The Ugly Truth. This team is going places! This team is authentic! This team is a healthy sapling, which just needs nourishment in the form of finance.


You can easily post it anonymously (address below). But please, at least make 5% contribution of your income on a regular basis. This is an all or nothing war we are in. And we do have to win – we have no other choice. This is life and death and that is not being overly dramatic.


It is no good us regretting things later down the line…..”I wish I had done more” when we are have lost everything anyway. Please start selling up ‘thing’s you hardly use – the motor boat, rarely used machinery, old sports equipment in the shed. Perhaps even do the odd day overtime at work, dedicating that one day to the cause. Use your imagination on ways you can get funding across to these guys. Just think what ‘we’ could do if ‘we’ just had that much-needed boost to ‘our’ movement. The possibilities are endless.



4/. Self-motivated

I know I am terrible for nagging about us pulling our weight. But try to understand my background. I’ve come from an environment where one had to literally curb people’s enthusiasm from getting out there and doing their bit; unfortunately in contrast to what I can only describe as occasional interest in the TM. I find it a difficult mental barrier to overcome and witness that it seems to be a limited amount of us that are really dedicated to the cause. I mean really dedicated.


I strongly believe all this suffering is so unnecessary. It really is. This force IS beatable. It’s all a mindset. It’s just effort. Again just like the numeral funding examples I could give in the ARM, the enthusiasm to get out there and take ACTION was unprecedented.


Dedicated altruistic people from all walks of life, all ages. Willing to take risks, having inconvenience in their lives, doing tangible things to either resist or propagate their message. Daily, weekly out there on the streets trying to educate the dumned-down unconscious souls of the horrors of factory farms and the seriously cruel and evil vivisection practices.



5/. PR

On the surface when most people look at people in the AR movement, they see a bunch of black balaclava clad overly emotive extremists – that word extremists is a good one. Why is this? Do us in the TM need to answer this? The good old media again up to it’s perception deception tricks.


Every single tactic of attack against those of us in TM, I have seen against the ARM. However being steadfast and adaptable as these people were; they were able to weave around and to a degree overcome this – with positive results.


To care about other sentient beings really encompasses an umbrella of subjects and the ARM was able to capitalize on the plethora of areas to it’s benefit. Drawing in a comprehensive wised-up range of people.


They were able pool in people from the health/nutritional benefits of eating a plant-based diet, the spiritual benefits, the cost effectiveness for low incomes, the true environmental aspects (toxic pollutants from the unnatural industries), plus the costs on social programmes. There were so many angles one could come at this huge subject. And the ARM eventually got it together as far as approaching Joe Public.



6/. Camaraderie

Tied in with all of these aspects, is the power of the ARM’s unison. For sure, there certainly was infighting, but in general, just like the elite Jews, they had a common goal and had the collective will to make progress. This is what bound them together. Their movement was not effected by false identities such as religion, race, creed, colour of one’s skin or any of those ridiculous distractions. They had their own identity – that being a collective spirit to get the job done.


I hope these words are making some people in this movement sit up. We have got to get our act together as far as a oneness mentality. Lets stop the relentless infighting – OVER NOTHING. Lets adopt an attitude of more what we have in common than our insignificant differences. All that surely matters is that we are generally swimming together in the same direction. All we want is a stop to this slavery and global suffering…. simply put:

we are all leaning towards the Light and exposing and resisting the darkness. 


That’s it – that’s all that matters in the bigger scheme of things.



7/. Focus

There are hundreds of varying groups in the ARM, covering all angles. From simple non-political veggie social groups, to hardcore activism, to educational programmes, to street Truthing, to fundraising. From local to regional, to national, to international. All playing their part in educating and resisting. All with their differing takes and quirky approaches. But all having a common focus.


This is a vital element we absolutely have to adopt in the TM. I don’t mean in terms of what we don’t want. Like for example we may moan about chemtrails. But this is putting our attention on what we are not happy with. I think we do need to be highlight these, but more importantly; we need to have a collective one-pointed attention on a what we actually want.


Social programmes we want; with plans, our agenda, our protocols, are MO. This needs to be thrown out there physically and metaphorically. Out there into the universe. This is more important than we realise.


What EXACTLY is it we want? 

What type of world do we want to live in?

Where is our action plan?



8/. Tenacity

Never give in, never give up. Again a mindset. Forty plus years the ARM has been up against this darkness. Forty long hard years of abuse, slander, misrepresentation, false imprisonments, up against corrupt judges, police, media….all in bed together to assist the dark force.


Think of all the power, finances, resources against little old ladies on their meager pensions, students, single mums, disabled people. That is the power of not giving in. Stubborn, steadfast mindset of We will not be beaten. We are doing what we are doing simply because it is right, moral and someone needs to do it.


There is nothing whatsoever wrong in having a rest bite. In fact this is essential for reflection and a breather. But we must never give out the message that the darkness will prevail. Never.




So now with wiser experienced owls on our side, the Truth is gradually getting a super boost it needs. It took the ARM a long time to get its act together and it is still learning. I feel the TM doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through such a learning curve. Hopefully we can learn fast from the mistakes of powerful effective movements such as ARM.


The Truth will out – it’s just up to us how long the process needs to be drawn out


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  1. Every small act we do to get the truth across to others is of enormous value, every one person that we can wake up to look at the world in a different way is a milestone. You have travelled many miles for all of us, Digger, so thank you. We must all keep asking difficult questions, speaking awkward truths and telling the world just how sick it is and that it can be healed.

    • Thank you Spicegirl. Yes every single person makes the difference. Definitely awkward Truths.

      Thank you again for contributing.



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