It’s an engineering problem



It is the mind that makes one wise or ignorant, bound or emancipated. 
– Sri Ramakrishna


Mental habits are like ditches in the mind. They have to be dug laboriously. But they can also be filled in and new channels can be dug. Take resentment for example. It does not burst full-blown into the mind; it grows. At first you simply expect people to behave towards you in a particular way. If they behave in their own way instead, you get surprised, then irritated. You are digging a little channel in consciousness.

In the early stages, this channel may be only an inch or so deep. Thought may flow down it, but it may also flow somewhere else. Also, the walls are still soft and crumbly; they may cave in and fill the channel a little – for example, when someone you dislike says something kind. There is an element of choice. But every time we respond to a situation with resentment, the channel gets a little deeper. Finally there is a huge Grand Canal in the mind. Then anything at all is enough to provoke a conditioned resentful response. Consciousness pours down the sluice of least resistance.

We can dig new mental channels – kind ways of thinking instead of resentful ones, patience instead of anger. Every time you try to return good will for ill will, love for hatred, you have dug your new, beneficial channel a little deeper. Transforming character, conduct, and consciousness is not a moral problem. It’s an engineering problem.

~ Eknath Easwaran

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  1. When people advise to return good will for ill will, love for hatred, judge not lest you be judged, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, I CRINGE!! This advice is harmful. If someone has ill will or hatred toward you, you must deal with this person firmly and decisively. Get these toxic people out of your life pronto or defeat them. Because of teachings like these, which figure prominently in Christianity, the Christian world has been disarmed and neutered and cannot fight the enemy even when their very survival depends on it.

    • I understand why you would say this Patty. Many people take this position. To an extent I agree with you regarding passiveness. But may I suggest you try to re-look at this particular post/message in isolation. This particular message was only about having control over the mind and going within for inner strength. To look at our habits and transform our characters from weakness to strength. This is exactly what we need to defeat this force.

      As you well know we are in times of deception, where EVERYTHING is and has been polluted. Spirituality and the messages of the sages, prophets, genuine gurus etc have all been usurped and deliberately altered. I feel we have to be SO discerning in defining the power and effective messages of these spiritual masters… it has all been blended in with nonsense to dilute the pure essence and wisdom, which we NEED in these times.

      Out of your list from your first sentence – I only disagree with “turn the other cheeck”. However ‘love for hatred’ is the only answer – whilst resolving the root cause, and as difficult as it is to accept and do – ‘love your enemies’ is our ONLY effective way out of this mess – providing we sufficiently address the problem.

      EVERYTHING ELSE HAS NEVER WORKED, NEVER PERMANENTLY SERVED US. It has only given us blips of short-term success, giving us the illusion we have ‘fixed’ the problem. Then the root cause has sneaked up on us again.

      Revenge, hatred, retaliation = total failure – again and again and again throughout history.

      I really know where you are coming from when you say “this advice is harmful”, but only IF people adopt a passive attitude (as in new agism); and this is where the infiltration sneaks in. TRUE spirituality is absolutely diametrically opposed to passiveness. It is only fluffy new agism which is passive. Who invented the new age movement (?) (or Jew age movement).

      PURE spirituality is facing one’s adversaries head on, with COURAGE. At whatever cost. It’s is not so much defeating these people in a war like manner, it is about defeating their energy, their dark spirit. This is the root of all of this mess and the core essence of TRUE spirituality. Spirituality is most definitely about “dealing with this person (or force) firmly and decisively”.

      Please invest in this excellent book Patty and try to absorb it carefully; I can assure you, your understanding of non-violence, the unbeatable dynamic force of spirituality and what it really means to be a true spiritual warrior I’m sure will be changed.

      The pure spiritual force when undertaken correctly is impenetrable and oozing with unadulterated courage. It is because we have turned our backs on true spirituality that we are in the mess we are in.

      As you know, we can point the finger all day at these elite Jews, but it is through our weaknesses, through being spiritually weak we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to the elite Jews.

      I hope you read my response as helpful and that it is not meant to be antagonistic or condescending.

      Thank you again for your all your positive contributions.


  2. I hear and understand what you are saying and will try to read the suggested book. I particularly appreciate the words ” It is not so much defeating these people in a war like manner, it is about defeating their energy, their dark spirit. ” I don’t advocate revenge, hatred, or retaliation but definitely believe it is UNNATURAL to love your enemies. I do not love my enemies nor do I feel any need to.

    Gandhi was dealing with the evil and brutal Brits but we are dealing with the Jew whose nature is pure predator.In your “Why us?” essay, you called them PSYCHOTIC PARASITE PREDATORS. Yes, this sums it up very well. Right now, I believe we must defeat them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY because of my love for the rest of humanity.

    But you are right–if gentiles found their spiritual center and the inner strength that can be found there, it would infuse them with courage. Then they could resist the Jew and his enablers. It might mean a group of Germans going to a populated park with signs that say THE HOLOCAUST IS A HOLLOW HOAX. Yes we must like Gandhi be able to suffer because of our resistance and only spiritual strength will enable us to do this. As you said
    “Pure spirituality is facing one’s adversaries head on, with courage. AT WHATEVER COST.”

    You are a magnificent, awesome writer.

    • Thank you once again for your fine input. I understand totally where you are coming from. You may be right regarding being unnatural loving one’s enemies. That’s a perfectly reasonable point – boy is it :-).

      Perhaps I mean that what we believe and are conditioned to think as natural and unnatural, normal and not normal, may to an extent be part of our programming??

      I know words and meanings have been construded to make us understand them in false contexts. My understanding Patty of this difficult spiritual concept after battling with it for years, is that to prevent someone from harming others and ourselves is showing them love, because by every act of harm they do to another being is actually damaging themselves, spiritually.

      Therefore that’s where we as ‘Spiritual Warriors’ come in. We do EVERYTHING in our way to stop them, using force if necessary, but using assertive action. Both resistance and propagation. Eccept without taking the obvious reactional approach; this time from a detached objective responsive position – more controlled, more focus on getting long-term results, rather than short quick fixes which do resolve the root cause.

      I hope this makes sense on my position.

      All that matters Patty is we that we are in more alignment on almost every subject – we are swimming together, even though we are on the other side of the pond.

      Thank you for your supportive words and contribution.

      Glad you’re on our side – that’s for sure.



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