Dissolving the darkness

Mixed feelings about all this orgone business?? I really don’t know. But I do know I can no-longer ignore it. Especially when people I personally know and respect all rave about them. For health/healing, plant growth and energy.

I have discovered many healing gadgets over the years and I have to question how much placebo effect comes into place, given all the hype around these things.

However I think it is worth putting out there to see where this goes.

One has to be careful to get carried away with some videos which have emotive music. Even though I happen to like this music, a part of me feels the product should be presented without any glamour, just for what it is.

I think this guy seems genuine enough. I particular like his take on seeking his inner intuition. There is a lot more information coming out now on orgone healers.

I do believe there are many ways we can tackle this darkness. We have so much potential we don’t even realise. We just have to wade through this thick fog of conditioned fear, habits and apathy.

We can do it!


Related website http://www.ethericwarriors.com/

Link sent with thanks from “H”

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  1. Heidi

     /  October 25, 2012

    Thanks for posting this link. It has been proven to get rid of chemtrails made as a chembuster and ELF dangers. I wouldnt go far as to say it repels off Demons and Ghosts though that sounds a bit far fetched.

    • Welcome to DFT.

      Thanks Heidi….from all of us for this link. I would agree that it would not repel demons and ghosts, I only meant helping dispel darkness in the broader sense. We are being attacked in a multi-dimensional way, therefore I feel we must use everything of Light against this force.

      Thank you for your contribution.



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