Sweet Poison


In my humble – this article (below) is a classic case of how new agism very cleverly gives you a whole lot of Truth, whilst taking you off track and from ACTING; doing something about the serious situation we have found ourselves in.


This article IS NOT SPIRITUAL. This article is JUNK SPIRITUALITY.


And this how deceptively clever this evil is. This article surprise surprise was on David Ickes’s site. We have to be so careful with this pseudo-spirituality, as  it can hook you in and it ain’t until years later down the line, you realise you have been had. By that time, years have gone by where one has been inactive/passive whilst ‘their’ agenda has been marching on. Destroying, culling, degrading and cloaking this beautiful world with it’s darkness.


So just like all distraction/disinformation, this article gives a whole lot of Truth; but just take a look at points 3, 6 and 7 for example. I call this type of programming SSP “Subtle Suggestive Programming


Point 3Give up blame.

Sounds lovely, but is this is suggesting we don’t blame others. I think we absolutely should do! Just so long as we realise we are also to blame. This is a more comprehensive look at the situation. These tyrants need to take blame and responsibility for the evil they have and are doing.


Point 6Give up complaining

Well if Digger did that, he’d be out of business :-). Again on the surface this sounds perfectly fine, but I feel it is leading us to think WE JUST SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN about this nonsense. Don’t complain, just carry on. There is a perfectly good reason why we are depressed! We are being slaughtered, culled, enslaved and degraded at every level…..I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty depressed about that.


Point 7Give up the luxury of criticism

Ha – luxury!! Are you now beginning to see my point(?) Is the person who wrote this living in the heart of Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq or even Syria? No, probably in the ‘luxury’ of their nice comfortable surroundings of western middle class suburbia…….getting comfortably paid working for some think tank. Telling us we should not complain about this onslaught on us. A luxury to complain about our families being put through the eugenics programme, a luxury to complain that the bailiffs are threatening to take our possessions, a luxury to complain about how these tyrant Jews are planning to bring us into WW3.


My word – you just couldn’t make it up.


But the big problem is people actually do get sucked into this mindset. Just look at the sales of these new age books. I also noticed this article has a quote from the distraction agent Eckhart Tolle – please stay well away from this type of poisonous junk spirituality. It is sweet poison.


If you want quality nutritional sustenance – eat pure natural food

……avoid junk de-natured food.

If you want quality spiritual sustenance – immerse oneself in pure spiritual doctrines

……avoid junk spirituality.


Here is this article:



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1 Comment

  1. George

     /  October 24, 2012


    I totally agree

    i saw the article on ickes site as well

    i admit i did not read it through to the end, as it seemed – if the advice were followed, it would be the equivalent of a dentist removing a raging tiger’s teeth – before the tiger realised it should be enraged

    i didnt say jewish dentist – as not all dentists are jewish


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