One Big Prick


The world needs protection from Bill Gates


Multibillionaire Bill Gates is on a self-proclaimed mission to, “Eventually immunize all children” through the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Among a list of 17vaccine-related research projects recently given $100,000 by the Foundation there is a proposal to use unmanned aerial drones, “That can be deployed by health care workers via cell phones to swiftly transport vaccines to rural locations”. Are vaccines flown in by remote control more important than improved sanitation, nutrition and clean water in the fight against infectious disease? We think not.


Just as ominously, a second research project envisages, “An Internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analysing, and counteracting communication campaigns containing misinformation regarding vaccines”. Since we doubt that this system will ever be turned on the HPA, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or their ilk, we can only assume that it’s meant for people like us – those who have looked at the available data and made informed judgments that vaccine choice is more important than vaccination at all costs.


As more and more people realise that vaccination isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, censoring initiatives like this will likely become both more common and more sophisticated.


Truly, we live in interesting times.

The last sentence is apparently a Chinese curse, meaning

May you experience much disorder and trouble in your life.

Eventually immunize all children”

Sent with thanks from Spicegirl

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