a secret trail


Why are we not happy? Because we are much more concerned over things which are more powerful to make us unhappy than truth is to make us happy, in that we remember truth so slightly. 
Saint Augustine


If someone were to pull over to the side of the road in San Francisco and ask me how to get to Los Angeles, I wouldn’t say, “Go north.” Everyone knows you have to go in the other direction. Similarly, spiritual figures like Saint Augustine tell us, “Don’t follow your selfish desires and angry impulses; that is the way to emotional bankruptcy.” But we reply, “Oh, no! I know what I’m doing.”

Saint Augustine would insist, “Please believe me. If you go that way, you will become more insecure. Instead, let me show you a secret trail that will take you slowly round to security.”

The route is always there and it is always open. We must be prepared for arduous hiking over rough terrain. Very likely we are going to have lapses; some attractive detours may distract us temporarily. All that we should ask for is the determination to do our best to stay on the right trail and go forward.

~ Eknath Easwaran


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