This behaviour can NOT be tolerated!!

This could happen to any of us, if we stand by and allow this behaviour by these mind-controlled bullies hyped up on their ego trips.

Here is a brief explanation from the victim:

The very next day I was home invaded.

Illegally they have no warrant as you see by the video. I had just left hospital day before this and the police warned me to remove the videos I posted from them brutally assaulting me and I lost my spleen and other assorted guts to police brutality. I posted the videos and was then warned to take them down or else. Again the very next day they broke in my home illegally and Assaulted me as you see by this video.

I’ll take a lie detector test to confirm what you already know is true. Coral Springs Police are as corrupt as any other police force you have an encounter with. Many police encounters are deadly. I almost dies at the hands of coral springs police and also their fire rescue paramedics.

All are sick and sadistic and care nothing about you, your family, your home or your lives. They care not if you die in their care… It’s become very sick in these times your aware now of the truth. This video is one that survived the police deleting. They beat me in cuffs and deleted as many videos as they cared to delete. They left behind a few and I’ve posted them. The truth hurts.

Be well people pass on love today!

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  1. Joe

     /  October 21, 2012

    Police officer: “…we’re here to check up on you buddy” after battering in his door, appearing to point a gun at him, and wrestling him to the ground. Sure.

    I hope he sues the police and is successful.

    I was beaten by the police many, many years ago in my teens. It was New Years Eve. I was not drunk, I had no alcohol in my possession, or drugs, and I broke no law. I was locked-up under “protective custody” in spite of being no threat whtsoever to myself or anyone else. It was a holiday and their jail cells were empty. I was told they had to get at least one person in there to make things look right. About 10 hours later, they were releasing me. As I was putting on my belt, I gave the cop a dirty look. I said nothing. Two cops, one weighing maybe 100 pounds more than me, and theyn other maybe 50 pounds more grabed me from behind and put me in a headlock so tight I couldn’t breath. They other cop put me in an armlock at the same time. Then they threw me back into the cell and left me there for another six hours.

    My father suggested I file a report with the FBI, which I did. The FBI interviewed me. Of course the FBI found nothing wrong. Years later, I wrote the Department of Justice and asked for a copy of their final report. About half the few sheets were blacked out. All the names were blacked out. They beat-up a teenager, two of them, being twice my size. I was never charged with anything, because I did nothing wrong. They got away with it.

    Many years later a lawyer friend of mine remarked after hearing my story how he would have sued and not settled for anything less that $20,000, which would have been a substantial amount back then.

    Damn sorry I didn’t sue that town and their vile, corrupt, and violent police force.

    • Thank you for sharing this with us Joe. Sorry to hear your experience. I too could give you plenty of negative anecdotes about these very unconscious souls, with my experience in the animal rights. Real horror stories which have all been covered up. These were the days before the video footage. On the flip side, I have since met many x coppers who have turned their backs on this darkness.

      Thanks for contributing.


  2. I’ll start out by stating;I despise what the police have become.Protectors of the wealthy,the corporate and the well connected.Tools of the most wicked jews,like Mike “the kike” Bloomberg and his dark army of 50,000 plus that have turned NYC into Tel Aviv 2,by terrorizing the Gentile population.That being said,this guy who claims he was assaulted by the police is a unstable mental case and I did some research and do not buy his stories. Look at his other videos and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.He contradicts himself in some and flat out lies in others.
    Thanks and I appreciate your work

    • BD,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your thoughts. You are right in what you say, regarding these lost souls in black/occult costumes…..God help them.

      Yep this guy does seem unstable. Thanks for highlighting this. I should have looked at his other stuff. I think I was just making the point that I think he’s on the right side generally, even though he is a bit ‘touched’.

      Thank you for contributing and your your support.



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