Only fools and horses

10 Reasons why modern day work stinks


[MD = Modern Day]

All these points overlap


1/. It’s slavery

When describing the word “work”, please from now on translate it to slavery. Because that is what it’s turned out to be. It can be described as nothing else, as it’s all built into the judaic fiat-based, debt-based, compound interest mammon system – the elite Jews usury.

Simply and directly put – slavery has not ended; we are goy slaves for these elite kosher families. These same families instigated and controlled the African slave trade and all they have done is just repackage slavery to make it look more clinical.

What are we all slaving for anyway – things!? Things to make our existence easier, more comfortable!! Think about it. Surely wouldn’t it be easier and more comfortable to have less things and just not be a slave in the first place.

Most people these days are working harder and the hamster wheel is spinning faster and faster and all they seem to have to show for it is work-related stress, illnesses and debts.

MD work is degrading to us as individuals and society.



2/. It’s non-productive

Well it is and it isn’t. In the main, most people are not producing anything…..of any real value to the planet. They are just regulating, controlling, organising, and shuffling paper or altering digits around on computer screens.

Have you noticed how the more recognised and more rewarded the career is, the less the people in these ‘careers’ are actually producing things and contributing toward society.

The people who actually produce things of any value end up being the poorest in this sick society. I know someone has to organise things; but like everything in this judaified society – it’s all upside down and inverted.

Parents are now steering and encouraging their children to go for careers which are non-productive and immoral.

I say with all this insanity, that it’s a double-whammy, in that firstly it is actually happening; and secondly most people around us go along with these new normals and defend them!!



3/. Against our natural cycles

Think of how many people you know who are absolutely shattered; I mean really walking around exhausted. Stressed out because of their strenuous work schedules and knackered bodies because of their physically demanding jobs. Maxed to he hilt with the work pressures and deplete of life-force energy due to the relentlessness of the hamster wheel.

The hours we are expected to do are UNNATURAL. We shouldn’t be working all these hours. It’s not just the actual job hours, it’s also getting to and fro; plus all the after hours people are compelled to do now. Swatting up on courses, prepping for lesson plans, revising new systems, maintaining equipment and tools. All non-paid, all in our ‘spare’ time. Just to be a good goy worker – a better slave.

I heard that if a group of 30 people were to co-exist together within a self-contained natural community; each person would only need to do 8 hours of work a week to help maintain that community. I don’t know if that is true, but I know we would not have to devote 45-70 hours of work a week!

Think also of the unnecessary amount of accidents at work and to and fro caused due to sleep deprivation due to work exhaustion.



4/. Rots the soul

Modern day work is soul-destroying. It deprives us of our true spiritual existence. Some people claim to have this magical work/life balance, but they are the more luckier slaves. For most of us it is a hard slog trying to maintain the spiritual disciplines necessary to keep a more conscious existence.

Again MD work is degrading to us as individuals and society.



5/. Time away from family

Now this is exactly what the elite Jews/this force want. To break up the family unit. If both parents are now having to work, and work hard just to survive; this places a huge strain on the family life, both emotionally and spiritually, even logistically. Sometimes husband and wife are like ships in the night, between their slave shifts. This is wrong on every level.



6/. Stifles life enjoyment and personal pursuits

Directly connected to number 5/. Many of the true pleasures in life are free, or relatively cheap. Spending time with people we like and love, a hike in nature, a swim in a lake, creative writing, the arts, sharing, self-development, etc.

Modern day work massively interferes in these simple enjoyments. We all somehow accept that work comes first and these important aspects to life are secondary. This is part of our collective conditioning. This is where our priority stands – slavery first, then the spirit of life afterwards.




7/. Corrodes creativity

The modern day slavery turns people’s lives into nothing more than a routine workhorse mentality. Routine obviously can be healthy, if the activities are healthy, inspirational and altruistic – helping the larger community. However work in this judaic-based system is drudgery – even if you still get many conditioned happy slaves, who are suffering from cognitive dissonance (mind controlled to enjoy their slavery).

Not only on a personal level, but just think of the inventions, the discoveries which could be developed to enhance society, if we were not being held back by this onslaught on our creativity.



8/. It helps destroy the planet – supports the beast

At this stage we should be all applying a down tools attitude, and not supporting this corrupt system. We should be spending our time to heal and repair the planet and ourselves.

But instead we’re mostly all just going along to get along, without reflecting on what exactly are we doing. Even if we are producing – what are we producing? Does the planet need another plastic gadget? Does the planet need more toxic waste? If we are to be brutally truthful we have to ask ourselves “Is my career/job helping to support the dark side or the Light?”



9/. Reinforces separatism and a hierarchal system

Directly linked to 4/. MD work gets us into the mindset that there are better people, more important people than ourselves. The hierarchal structure is in all work places now; bosses, managers, middle managers, superior officers, forman, site agents, authority figures, etc. All of these labels hinged on money, ego/kudos and specifically separatism.

Better slaves controlling lesser slaves.



10/. Everything’s OK

By getting up each morning, against our will, intuition and natural body cycle, and trotting off to our slavery – we are effectively saying “You have my consent to make me into a slave”.

By going along with any of this insanity – we are indirectly agreeing with it all. “Well, I may not like it, but I suppose I’ll have to put up with it.” Again, we have to look our tacit agreement. Consent.

This is where it gets back to our levels of personal and collective responsibility. We ALL have played our role in bringing on this JWO. We all are continuing to bring on this JWO. Every single day, we reinforce our acceptance of this filthy system by just going along and not resisting.

Fortunately there are some quirky outcasts who are saying “No more – I want out” and managing to force themselves off grid.

That is the only way I can see we are going to get out of our slavery and oppression ….to turn to an alternative. By confronting the beast and saying “Thanks, but no thanks, we’ve got our own way now.” It can only survive by us supporting and feeding it. Lets starve the beast.


Time to go “off-grid” – opt out. 



Only fools and horses work




1/. It’s Slavery

2/. It’s non-productive

3/. Against our natural cycles

4/. Rots the soul

5/. Time away from family

6/. Stifles life enjoyment and personal pursuits

7/. Corrodes Creativity

8/. It helps destroy the planet – supports the beast

9/. Reinforces separatism and a hierarchal system

10/. Everything’s OK


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