The Seven Demons

[not in order of importance and intrinsically interdependent]



Our constant companion ego. Never seems to leave alone. He gets ups in the morning with us, joins us for breakfast, travels to work with us, never parts from us our entire working day, comes home with us, and even has the curtsy to come and socialize with us. Then at the end of the night, comes to bed with us. What a devoted friend.


Interfering in our lives throughout the day, throughout our entire lives in fact. Raising us as high as a kite and then slamming us hard down on the deck. Every time we fall for his tricks, yet we allow this companion to constantly disrupt our lives – are we mad!?


Every decision, every conversation, every work deal, every relationship Mr (or Mrs) Ego jumps in there first, in reactive mode and sorts the problem out on our behalf. When are we going to start making decisions for ourselves and run our own lives?


“The fool, whose mind is deluded by egoism, considers himself to be the doer.”

~ Sri Krishna




“It is not gold or worldly possessions that are evil; only identification with them.”

~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishads

My house, my dog, my son, my body, my car, my career. Directly linked with identity and ego. In some cases the more we have, the more attachments we have, the more misery we have because of these worldly objects. Our attachment to worthless things (possessions) and identities are major players in the overall state of unhappiness in the world. Often people say when they had the least in their lives, they were the most lightest and happiest – yet even though they admit to this; they still harbour attachment to their material comforts.


“Attachment is our chief hinderance of realizing the Absolute.”

~ Kabir




Specifically uncontrolled reactive aggressive anger, in contrast to controlled responsive righteous indignation. There is a big difference between these two.


Anger can have it’s use. It can sometimes bring us positive results, but in the main it can get us in deeper trouble. We may think it has helped the situation, but very rarely does it resolve the root problem. It tends to just allow us to let off steam and gives the illusion of having fixed the problem.


The unfortunate thing with anger is it can almost act like an aphasiac. Some people can get a taste for it, like their daily, or weekly fix. This is a weakness, and a negative trait which can eat away at us. It must be kept under control, but more importantly, ultimately eradicated if we are to spiritually develop and bring about a ‘permanent’ solution to the suppression of this beast.




Not only a sin, but a damn hinderance in our modern world. It seems at times that the whole globe seems to be now fueled on this negative snatch n grab energy. That’ll do just doesn’t seem to be in our language and mindset lately – always just that bit more….and a bit more…..and perhaps a bit more. Another car, another house, another business deal.


Some of us shake our heads at not only the levels of greed we see around us, but the hubris with it. It’s cool to be greedy. It’s OK – after all it’s a new normal. Fleece and trample on as many people as we like, just so long as we get up to the top. Then society will look up to us, then ‘finally’ we will be appreciated and have our self worth – or will we??


The art of modesty, and life balance are essentials not only for us as individuals, but for society as a whole.


Greed is a weapon our adversaries have been able to easily manipulate us. It has to ease away from our lives if we are to begin to stop being controlled.




False Fears

Fear of not being able to meet the rent, fear of not having a roof over your head, fear of not being able to feed your family, fear of getting old, fear of potential accidents, fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the future, fear of heights, fear of fear itself.


All totally understandable, and what most of us go through on a weekly, if not daily basis.


However how much of these are conditioned responses? Responses to what ‘they’ are throwing at us, and how they have trained us.


I would suggest on a deeper spiritual level these are all artificial. Easy to say when you’re facing the judge with a potential sentence, or entering a complicated surgical procedure.


But ultimately what is it we are really in fear of? Death perhaps? Fear of the unknown? Or are we reacting in a trained conditioned way?


Fear can have it’s use as a warning mechanism. I would never encourage reckless fearlessness. But most of our fears are illusions, being hyped up and manipulated by our overlords. Conditioning. Pavlovian training.


If we were to accept that every single experience, yes every single experience is meant to be. It has to be. And it is part of our spiritual development, then surely, shouldn’t we embrace this experience(?) I’ll have to try and remind myself of this whenever I get the butterflies.



False Desires 

“The moving mind looks for happiness in getting and experiencing things. These do not suffice, for, when the mind has one thing, it immediately rushes after another. Yet the still mind finds happiness and contentment in everything.”

~ Vedas


We all seem to fall for this old chestnut – the illusion of fleeting pleasures over sustained happiness.


Material goodies, lust, delicious foods, career success, partners, gadgets, status, holidays – something better, something newer, something bigger. Always projecting towards the future how great things could be, if only we just had that…


This is one area how we are so easily manipulated. If we could get a grip on these artificial desires, we would be far less controllable.




False Identity 

If we could only see the temporaryness of our identities. If we could only see the superficiality of our labels we cling hold of so dearly. If we could only see how much we have in common on every level. If we could only see how ridiculous our IAMism is.


Spiritually speaking age is an illusion, skin colour is just skin disease, income bracket is a joke, religion is a club and our differing sexes is a facade.


If we could only see this powerful destructive hidden enemy in our lives ……SEPARATISM 




I would strongly suggest all of these negative traits are hinged on insecurity. We have been trained to in fact be insecure. The elite Jews do not want a strong-minded, independent and secure populace. It is by being collectively insecure that the elite supremacist Jews are able to play on these seven demons.


They can tweak our egos, play on our attachments and fear of loss. Tempt us and lead us astray with these superficial desires and petty lusts. They can divide and rule through locking us into separate camps and levels of society.


This has been the consistent message of ALL of the pure spiritual doctrines throughout the ages.


If we can learn to know who we really are – infinite beautiful souls – consciousness having experiences as our various identities. We can begin to dissolve these illusory demons.


Then we can really step up the process of taking on these tyrants, permanently destroying this dark force as a collective force major. It has to start with us, from within.



“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

~ Mahatma Gandhi




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  1. …like your work on nutrition-well done. Just a question. Why waste your preccious energy on informing people about good nutrition? Do you really want those selfish, cowards to be saved from unhealthy foods? Seriously, fuck the masses, if they do not care about their own health, why bother with them? I surely don’t want someone whos stearing at the iPhone all day long or following sports scores to be saved from unhealthy foods. If the plan is to…… be it, every single one of them will receive exactly what they deserve. Stay healthy and be well. Masses simply do not give an f…about healthy foods-i guess that’s how they were created. Roughly 1% who know and surpress and control the health food. Then roughly 1% who understand they’ve been lied to and the rest-those gray, soulless masses…..Let them be-let them sleep. Healthy carrots and other healthy-foods are best kept for thyself 😉

    • Interesting. Some days I do say to myself “Why do I bother with these idiots?” I can empathise with your train of thought.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • you put it yourself :”idiots”. Now why would an “intelligent” person waste their precious life enegy on idiots? Different ppl. operate at different “frequencies”, most of the herd belongs to “monkey-brain” frequency 😉 I guess that is just the way the “creator” planned.
        On a light side. Not too far onto future. iPhone 18 will be directly planted into peoples brain. There will be riots. Nope, not against it. On contraire, ppl. will be fighting with each other on who will be first in line (que) to be the first “lucky” recepients of the 24/7 iPhone 18 serotonin/dopamine entertainment high. Lady Gaga directly in your brain. Now how amazing iz on that? 😉
        No, i’m not a profet-just pretty good at understanding herd mentality 😉

      • I’ve already pre-ordered mine. And what’s so wrong with lady Gaga!?

      • …cool(good for you), but I’ll pass 😉 . Nothing wrong with her-music is good.

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