The Complete Picture


If I can suggest to anyone new to the subject of Truth, that we need to look at all of the horrors in this world in terms of a dark force. A demonic dark entity which has been present on this earth since the day dot. If we try to keep it on this simple level, of the two opposing forces, it will help us cope and understand this evil and insanity.

It’s so easy to say They are doing this and they are doing that.” But if we can try to think in terms of IT is doing this and IT is doing that”; this will take us into a deeper level of understanding.

Part of our stress in dealing with all of this, is we try to approach all this evil with our ‘logical’ minds. We will never wrap our heads around this insane bedlam if we try to approach these atrocities from a viewpoint of what we wouldn’t do.

We must never do this; because there is never any boundaries to the levels of this evil, other than the boundaries that we set – by how much we tolerate and accept.


We determine the levels of Light and darkness in this world – BY HOW MUCH WE ACCEPT AND HOW MUCH WE OUTRIGHT REJECT.


May I also suggest we adopt a more comprehensive approach in understanding that unless we eradicate ALL levels of evil from our world, we will not have peace within our own lives. This includes other sentient beings.

I dare people to spend some time to look into the horrors and misconceptions of the world of vivisection. I understand many people will think “We have more important, more pressing issues at hand”, but this approach is not comprehensive enough. We absolutely must be all-inclusive in eliminating all unnecessary suffering.

We have been lied to at every level – on every subject. Well done to those of you who are brave enough to look into this disturbing and uncomfortable subject.

Here is just a taster of this subject:


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  1. Thank you Digger for raising this very important subject that is so close to my heart. Just about everything that is needed to be known about good health is already well researched and without any need for cruelty to any animal. But the people carrying out these vile, evil practices are brainwashed in the same way as soldiers are. Once they have performed even the smallest act of ‘duty’ for their employer, they are tainted and their own self value has been destroyed – all in the name of ‘science’, medicine and war. The employees have been bought and morally destroyed for greed and control. It is the equivalent to the mediaeval torture chamber to these poor creatures. The end-product medicines and medical practices ultimately damage and destroy humans too. I have no idea how anyone can stop vivisection and animal experimentation happening and change people’s attitude, we just have to keep exposing this sick, bent commercial trade from the drugs and foods industries and hope that the public does wake up.


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