Living by the ‘Rule of Law’ (part 3) – Consent and Government



by Roger Hayes

Please note this article was written pertaining to the British situation regarding law and legislation; however Maritime/Admiralty law applies to most westernized countries.



Consent is often given by the individual due to ignorance of the fact that their consent can be withdrawn and their assumption of the existence of the authority of others over them. If the people found out that they can reject oppressive statutes… by withholding their consent – the ruling class * would panic; because they would lose control. Watch this space.


A loss of control by the ruling class would not result in anarchy – it would merely result in a shift of power – back to the people where it belongs. This process is underway as a consequence of our greater understanding of the difference between laws and statutes.


The European Communities Act 1972 – is a statue. It is unlawful because it is contrary to our constitution which guarantees our right to self-governance. Just because the political establishment refuses to acknowledge and obey our constitution and rule of law  – does not make them invalid.


If they ignore our constitution and the rule of law rule-of-law then we have a right (and a duty) to ignore their statutes… all of their statutes… including the ones giving them the authority to tax us.


The writer is not a member (citizen) of the European Union – because membership is determined by consent and I am withholding my consent to being governed by a foreign power.




Governments do not make, nor can they change laws. They make and change legislation.


Governments are not above the law (they clearly think they are) – but they can and do make themselves exempt from (i.e. they are above) the provisions of statutes. It is probable that because they know they are above statues (which they are – they make them) that they have come to assume they are also above the law. This demonstrates how important it is to know the difference.


KNOW THE LAW – your freedom depends on it




Notes by Digger 

* which are the elite despotic Jews.

This is the final part 3 of 3 in this series.

Roger Hayes and myself are not opposed to ‘statutes’ per se – we are opposed to the abuse of the use of statutes which has reached staggering proportions. Statutes are now being used to override and nullify our laws and put power in the hands of the governing elite… but only because we allow it.


Our freedoms are our right; but we must be prepared to defend them when they are being snatched from us from right under our noses. 


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