10 Health Areas

In a nutshell the five elements which affect health are:

(i) Nutrition/fuel

(ii) Environment

(iii) Stress/Emotions

(iv) Energy

(v) Structure/physical

These five elements relate to all conditions in every single situation. Every ailment, symptom and disease.

This essay is really an extension of the “BARNS” essay (see below).

These areas listed here are more of a comprehensive and detailed range around these five elements listed above.

[all these points are directly interwoven and not in order of importance]


1/. Alkalize 

Most of us have too much acidity in our bodies. The body doesn’t care about any labels (arthritis, neck ache, eczema, whatever). It only cares about the condition of it’s tissues, blood and cells – so it’s all about CELLULAR HEALTH. How clean are the cells and their environment? The body cares that it’s cells are hydrated, oxygenated and alkalized.

A happy medium in the pH levels of our bodies is around about 7.4 pH. We don’t have to be neurotic about this, as the body will help regulate this ourselves. It’s like a bank account – savings vs spending. All we need to do is be mindful that we are not loading up the body with too much acid-based foods (spending too much). Acid-based foods such as: sugary, fatty, coffee, de-natured foods.

Alkaline foods are live/living foods such as salads, vegetables, herbs, seeds, pulses, beans, generally wild foods, etc.

Please see list a more detailed list on essay “Lemons and Limes” below.



2/. Fasting

Going without. Giving the the digestive system a much needed break. This can be done in gradual stages. Each time you fast you can extend the fast two or three hours. Fasting done on a regular basis can have huge benefits to our health. Simply put a good old clear our from time to time does us the world of good.

Please see essay “The Power of Without” below



3/. Walking

For those of us who have the ability to walk, we need to walk regularly. A daily brisk walk of at least 20 minutes with both arms naturally swinging is essential. With intermittent walks where we go off on an at least a two hour hike, say once a week.

For those who are unable to walk, then some form of mobility is essential. Be it through gentle natural exercises such as Tia Chi/Chi Gong, or hydro-therapy. But movement is paramount for health.

Please see essay “Two Doctors” below.



4/. Meditating

Meditation is a powerful health medium. Especially spiritual meditation. Carried out on a daily basis – morning and night it has a subtly accumulative positive effect on our immune systems and obviously levels of stress. Even if you were to meitate just 20 minutes a day, this would gradually improve your life. It takes a bit of discipline, but with practice, practice, practice it gets easier and becomes a positive habit in your lifestyle.

Please see essay “10 Benefits of Meditation” below



5/. Environment

Now this one is a tough one. This is one element we may not have so much control on. But this obviously is affecting our health directly. If we cannot immediately change our environments we may be able to adjust and adapt around it for the time being. Such as length of times to exposure to toxins, protection to negative elements. Supportive nutrition, detox programmes or neutralizing equipment. basic things such as full protection masks, gloves, breathing equipment. Protective layers to the skin. But whatever we do, we must be mindful to never underestimate this very powerful element which directly and indirectly affects our health.

One aspect in our lives we may be able to affect is our our living environment. Lighting, ventilation, cleanliness, warmth, aromas, layout and a simple thing as clearing clutter.



6/. Spirituality

I would strongly suggest that we all should try and look at our lives completely from a spiritual perspective. Every aspect of our lives is spiritual. Every argument, dispute, moment of happiness, arrangement, accident, luck are all opportunities for us to learn. To deal and evaluate our egos, attachment, greed, lust/desires, selfishness, fears, identities and separatism.

Nothing just happens by chance. Everything is ‘perfect’ timing.

We are constantly being given opportunities to develop spiritually. Every knock, every high and low, we are being provided the chance to grow spiritually. Our adversities are our life lessons in this spiritual training school. It’s just our choice on how we chose to deal with them and if want to learn from them and move on. The ultimate goal to become conscious enlightened souls.

So adapting to the spiritual life means re-evaluating our lifestyles and conditioned destructive habits. How we react in situations (as opposed to respond), how we treat others, our attitude to life, serving others for purely altruistic reasons, caring about worldly events, caring for other sentient beings (animals), controlling our sensory desires, etc.

All this has a direct effect on our health.

Please see essay links below



7/. Purpose in Life 

Having focus is vital to our well being. Where are we going in life.? What is the point to our lives, the purpose of our existence? Going to work, coming home and watching television and having the occasional selfish social event or hobby, surely is not what life is meant to be about.

Directly linked with the spiritual purpose of our existence we need to adjust to the fact that life is about serving others and not about our selfish needs and desires. Having a selfless purpose in life will inject a life-force energy into our lives, our very spirit which will charge every cell of our body. This altruistic energy will drive us through all our depressive lows. Our life has worth, we have to have self worth. This is part n parcel of our true identities…..not mammon, the labels we cling to, or our materialistic attachments.



8/.  Natural lifestyle

Again this is another area where we just don’t have full control of our lives. Everything natural is systematically being destroyed by this this judaic demonic force. But we have to resist it. We have to ask ourselves is our very existence worth fighting for? This is our opportunity. It’s all down to us.

(i) Products Domestic and Personal health care

(ii) Treatments Gentle, empowering, non-invasive health care therapy

(iii) Exercises Self-regulating, independent, gentle, self-development style exercises. Tia Chi, Chi Gong, walking, swimming, etc.

(iv) Medicine Herbs and foods, nutritional supplements, etc



9/. Hydro-therapy

Water the great healer. Considering our bodies are 70+ water, we should be able to resonate with this healing medium.

(i) Simple bath – with Epsom bath salts

(ii) A swim in an clean environment: a lake, sea, or swimming pool which has not been fluoridated

(iii) A natural spa



10/. Love and Compassion

Again directly linked with the spiritual lifestyle. To have the ability to forgive and move on is an underestimated element of our healing process. To care about other people; to have empathy for other people is an essential ingredient of being a whole being. The tyrants who run (or I should say ruin) this world are all lacking this essential life ingredient – empathy.

Obviously they just cannot have compassion for others. This unfortunately is not just the elite. This permeates right the way through the useful idiots (Gentiles). The unconscious souls carrying out the cowardly drone operations, decimating innocent people’s lives on a daily basis. Where is their compassion and empathy for others? This is a sickness. This will effect every aspect of their lives and souls.

For us to be complete human beings, we absolutely must have unconditional love and compassion for all life – our brothers and sisters, sentient beings (animals) and mother earth and even our adversaries.




1/. Alkalize

2/. Fasting

3/. Walking

4/. Meditating

5/. Environment

6/. Spirituality

7/. Purpose in Life

8/. Natural Lifestyle

9/. Hydro-Therapy

10/. Love and Compassion



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  1. aj

     /  October 16, 2012

    Digger, under hydrotherapy you might add hot + cold therapy. It’s wasteful of water but the change in temp will move your blood through your tissues and is a powerful healing modality. Sauna + cold/snow plunges are the same concept. Thanks again for the wealth of good info you provide!

    • aj,

      Great idea. I should have done as I’ve used this myself and felt the huge benefits.

      Many thanks again for support.



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