Happy Slaves


I worked on a small domestic building project this week alongside some other tradesmen. Really nice guys and in many ways I have so much respect for them compared to many other people in society.


However there is a part of me that feels they are their own worst enemy. It saddens me to witness and listen to their mindset. To an extent they are indeed happy slaves.


One guy boasted to me he ‘LIKES’ to get in two hours early in the morning so he can sort tools out in the yard before he starts his work! 🙂 Can you imagine that. He gets up at 5am out of a warm bed in the winter months when he doesn’t need to get up until after 7ish!!?? What is going on there?? I’d would kinda understand it if it was his own company. Good little obedient slave.


Then the painter told me that if didn’t have work, he didn’t know what he’d do with himself and that he’d get bored. Whaaa!! How sad. How is that for a perfect conditioned slave. His purpose in life is centered around his slavery.


When I said to him that there is a million things to do in life and that most of them you didn’t need a whole lot of money. Just simple activities like hiking, creative arts, helping others in some way, social activities and on and on. He looked at me baffled.


This same painter also said to me if he won the lottery he wouldn’t know what to do with the money. He said “Once you’ve gone out and bought four cars, you’d only get bored after that, because your out of work” I promise he said that!


When I proposed that one could spend some of the money starting up a social project, like helping young people learn life skills and trades. Or perhaps start up a charity. It threw him. He just could not relate.


I happen to think the lottery is another scam and have nothing to do with it. But this is not my point.


To him, winning the lottery was only about what he could gain out of it for selfish reasons. This is the conditioned mindset we have been trained into accepting. They have created the egosyntonic society they wanted. None of us really caring about each other, none of us looking out for each other. Self gratification and sensory needs first. I’m all right jack attitude.


And that’s the root cause why we are in such a mess.


As far as I’ve worked out; the purpose of life is two things:

(i) To make a spiritual inner connection (God/Universal spirit). To become conscious.

(ii) Serving others on a broader scale. Caring about our brothers and sisters (us) on other sides of the world. Just for the sake of caring. Pure unadulterated altruism.


After our cosy little chit chat, we both looked at each other baffled.


Two completely different mindsets. To him I was some quirky radical idealists, with impractical suggestions to improve the world. Not in the real world; whatever real is. And that was me trying not to be radical and adjust a bit to this environment. God knows what he would have thought of me had I really gone in deep with the Freeman principles, the plan of the Protocols and especially the nature of reality. My word – his head would have exploded.


Later on the topic of work (slavery) came up again and all the hours he has to work for peanuts and how it never goes anywhere. He’s right. Those of us who happen to be earning a crust, end up spending it primarily on artificial rents and utility bills…..which all go in the kosher pocket.


When I proposed the idea of working as cooperative within a team, so everyone shares the profits as opposed to working all the time for a boss, for him to reap all the profits. He just couldn’t understand where I was coming from. The concept that a team of guys all working collectively for a common goal with shared profit at the end of the contract, was just too bizarre for him. His mind just could not cope with this out-of-the-normal ideal.


I was a weirdo and that was without talking about the JWO, or chemtrails, or depopulation programmes, or occult cabbalistic tyrants, etc.


This is the level of deep-rooted conditioning we have to penetrate sometimes. This conversation could have equally happened in an office, at the barbeque with family and friends.

A part of me likes to think we are waking up and there is more levels of consciousness awakening out there now. But every now and then I/we get a reality check like this.


We could all give our own personal anecdotes of having worked alongside and perhaps at one time ourselves been happy slaves.


Ohh well, what choice have I/we got – other than carry on doing our bit to spread some Light(?) Being the weirdo, the nutter, the outsider. This is how it always has been; just a few of us quirky souls piloting new concepts, sharing Truths and trying to nudge the sheople from their engrained conditioning.


To all the happy slaves – God bless’em.


Hail to the weirdos.


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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  October 12, 2012

    Boy, can I relate to this article. And the laugh I got reading about the crazy that seems to enjoy getting out of bed at 5:00 AM. It seems the the lower one is on the job status totem pole, the earlier they are forced to start work. I always saw this early start time as one of several ways to keep the employed slug under the thumb of management. Okay for birds, but not for me.

    I get a little annoyed seeing a working stiff on the news who has won millions in the Megabucks lottery and remark on camera that they will be keeping their production or labor or clerical job. Give it up! Give the job to someone who needs it. Get a hobby, or ten. Donate time to a soup kitchen or an animal shelter.

    • Yes, I thought of these people when I mentioned winning the lottery. The word is saddos. Pure unadulterated conditioning.

      Thank you for your contribution



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