Let’s do our part

Let’s not just be neutral

Let’s pull our weight

Let’s pick up a bucket of water

Let’s do our bit

Let’s snap out of it

Let’s contribute

Let’s not be Truth hobbyist

Let’s propagate this information

Let’s be a bit selfless

Let’s make an effort

Lets not be obsequious

Let’s help out

Let’s confront these bullies

Let’s not be apathetic

Let’s be a bit altruistic

Let’s pull our finger out

Let’s at least put up some resistance

Let’s not be cowards

Let’s not stand back and watch

Let’s not succumb to total fear

Let’s not be passive

Let’s have some self worth

Let’s muck in

Let’s start saying that little word “NO”

Let’s at lest do something

Lets just have a go

Lets do what we’ve all got to do

Let’s be proactive

Let’s show some levels of courage

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get this job done

Let’s not be subservient

Let’s take a bit of risk

Let’s care enough

Let’s get cracking

Let’s not let this golden opportunity slip through our fingers

Lets not just sit back and allow this world to become destroyed because we were too scared to stand up to the bully; or couldn’t be bothered.




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